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The Acer 1:1 Solution - Breaking the barriers between people and technology

Acer's approach to the Education market is to look at each individual customer's needs, not just simply from a product point of view, but from understanding your schools issues and objectives on a ONE to ONE basis. We strongly believe that the path to real success in any relationship is based on the understanding and knowledge of the partners involved. This knowledge is used to provide the services necessary to assist our customers to meet their objectives and goals through a partnership. We call this Our Customer Specific Approach and we believe that this is the reason our customers have made us the number 1 supplier in the Education and Government markets in Australia. Acer builds on its strengths by providing Education customers with: ·Valueformoney. ·Qualityandconsistency. ·AcerAuthorisedServiceProvidersthroughoutAustralia. ·On-timedeliveryoforders. ·Tailoredsystemstosuitspecificneeds. ·LocalAcerAuthorisedEducationResellerswhospecialiseinsupportingschools. ·Warrantyservicesrelevanttoaschoolenvironment. Quality Assurance Acer'sstrongfocusonproductqualityreducesannoyingtime-consumingproductreturnsandsystemfailures.For example,Acer'sPCfailurerateislessthan0.4%,comparedtoanindustryaverageof1.4%.EachAcerproduct passes through three quality control checkpoints before being shipped to our customers. ·AllcomponentsinAcersystemsaremanufacturedunderISO9001andISO9002qualitycontrol standards. · Acer performs secondary quality control audit at its Sydney assembly plant. · Acer Integration Centre conducts a third quality check to ensure all products will easily integrate into your existing software and hardware environment. Our commitment to Education includes Sponsoring selected Education specific conferences, like John Paul College in Queensland, and events where delegates have the opportunity to network with like minded IT peers, listen to expert speakers as well as discover the latest trends and directions in IT for Education. · Partnering with leading software and hardware providers to develop specific Education solutions to enhance the learning and teaching experience. · Working closely with our channel and Education partners to demonstrate the benefits of new technology in the classroom.

Your whole school benefits from

Acer Notebooks


Students Ask For Lightweight Longbatterylife Cool design Runsallprograms Easy to use Huge range of free software Acer Provides Thin&lightnotebooksunder2kg 8+ hours of battery life in selected models Modern & fashionable designs Based on the Microsoft Windows platform MicrosoftWindowsisusedby95%ofpeoplewhousecomputers MicrosoftPhotostory,WindowsLiveMovieMaker,WindowsDVDMaker,tonameafew


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Teachers Ask For Fewerclassroomdisruptions Access to learning templates Multiple applications

Acer Provides Solid & reliable hardware backed by fast warranty support Microsoft provides learning templates in Microsoft Word Software Microsoft has more applications than any other platform

Parents Ask For Fewernon-warrantyrepairs Lowcostofrepairs

Acer Provides Acer's robust design reduces the incidence of breakage Acer's tollgate pricing reduces costs associated with breakage

No-fussnon-warrantyrepairs Acer'sTravelGuardInsuranceprovidesprotectionagainstnon-warrantyrepairs

IT Teams Ask For Easy to deploy Reliablehardware Solid hardware Flexibleserviceoption Vendorreliability

Acer Provides Schoolimagecanbepre-loadedpriortodelivery Fewerfaultscomparedtotheindustryaverage Fewernon-warrantybreakagesthantheindustryaverage FastturnaroundtimewithSwapN'Go/Reliableonsiteservice(NextBusinessDay) DependableserviceandestablishedtrackrecordinK-12Schoolsnationally

Principals Ask For

Acer Provides

Students,ParentsTeachers& Acer is a leading manufacturer with a proven track record in meeting all stakeholders' needs IT Teams needs are met "Green" Solutions Acer'splant-a-treeprogramsupportsinitiativestooffsetcarbonfootprints


Acer has a solution for everyone's needs

A SolutIon for EvEryonE

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The Acer Education Advantage AceristhefastestgrowingPCbrand:Rankednumber1notebookvendorinAustraliaandrankednumber2 overall(source:IDCAsia-PacificPCQuarterlyTracker,Q1,2010). Whether you decide on a model where your students take their notebook home, or leave it at school, or you decide that desktops is the right choice for your school, Acer has a solution to cater for all needs and requirements. Acercanofferthefollowingservicescustomisedtoyourschoolsneeds: ·Highlyportablenotebooksmodelstosuitatakehomenotebookprogram. ·Largescreennotebookstosuitaleave-at-schoolnotebookprogram. ·Avarietyofdesktopsolutions. ·FlexibleconfigurationofPCs,NotebooksandServerandstoragesystemsthrough authorisedAcerEducationPartners. ·DedicatedEducationsupportteamsareavailabletotalkdirectlywiththeschooltoassessyourneeds. ·Expansiveserviceandsupportcoverageformetropolitanandregionalareas. ·ServiceLevelAgreementstomeetthedifferingneedsofindividualEducationalinstitutions. ·Localintegrationcentreandcallcentreforabetterunderstandingofyourlocalrequirements.


A SolutIon for EvEryonE

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Aspire One 55X - The 10.1" Aspire One helps you to


engageinonlineactivitieseasierandlongerwithanamazing 10-hourbatterylife.

Aspire One 75X - Play high-definition content on the

10.1" large11.6"LED-backlitdisplayandenjoyamazing5.1-channel audiowithDolby® Headphone. Groundbreaking advancements give you a fantastic multimedia learning experience.

Aspire 1830T

The 11.6" Aspire 1830T is super-light and less than 1" thin, while sporting a full-size keyboard. It also boasts Intel® processingpower,HDgraphicsplussuperbsound,optional3G connectivityandInternet-centricapplicationstokeepyouready for anything while on the go, and best of all 8hrs battery life*.


TravelMate 4740 / 5740

15" 14" The TravelMate 4740 and 5740 are powered by the latest Intel® CoreTM processors and excellent graphics solutions for great performance. These solid notebooks also offer ample avenues for wireless connectivity, as well as a range of security features to keep your school running smoothly at all times.

TravelMate 8172T / 8372T / 8472T / 8572T

TheexcellentperformanceofanIntel®Coreprocessor combines with advanced graphics, industry-leading securityfeatures,andreliablemanageabilityinanecofriendly platform. To top it off, these thin, light notebooks boast 8 hours of battery life, perfect for schools who prefer students to keep a notebook with them.

*Actual battery life varies by usage, settings, and operating conditions.

14" 13" 11.6"



A SolutIon for EvEryonE

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Acer Veriton 200, 400, 600 and Z Series

Acer'sVeritonrangeofdesktopPCsofferavarietyofformfactorsrangingfromtheultrasmall formfactorLseriesatjust3litresinvolume,allthewayuptothehighlyscalableSseries,allof which can be tailored to suit any of your requirements. TheVeriton400and600seriesisequippedwiththelatestinIntel®CoreTM i processors and fast DDR3memory.TheAcerVeritonPCsofferperformanceandvalueformoneywhilehelpingto reducecarbonemissionswithinbuiltPowerSaverTechnologies.


Acer adding ongoing value to your purchase

not JuSt A computEr purchASE

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K- 12 Buyers Guide TheAcerK-12Buyer'sGuideisatechnologybuyersguideandispublishedatthebeginningofeachterm.Inside youwillfindAcer'scarefullyselectedrangeofschoolspecificproductsincludingDesktops,Notebook,Servers, Storage and Accessories at prices you will find attractive. Acer Privilege Program TheAcerPrivilegeProgramisaprogramdesignedtorewardschools,fromkindergartenthroughtoYear12,for purchasing Acer products. Based on the quantity of Acer products purchased through Acer Authorised Education Resellers,schoolscanearnpoints,whichcanbeusedtoclaimmerchandisefromourRedemptionCatalogue.The and register your school. Acer Privilege Newsletter ThepaceofchangeintheITindustryissometimesoverwhelmingandtheAcerPrivilegeNewsletterisdesignedto keepyouuptodatewiththeadvancesinAcertechnologyforK-12Schools.Thenewsletterissentouttwiceper yearandcontainsinformationonthenewtechnologybehindnewmodelsofAcerNotebooks,Desktops,Servers andDisplayproductslikeProjectorsandMonitors.


lEAdIng thE fIEld In EducAtIon tEchnology

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HaveyougotquestionsaboutpurchasingnewPCsforyourschool?Acerhastheanswers.WiththeAcer1:1 program,weensureyou'vegotallgroundscoveredsoyougetthemostoutofyournewPCs.

Have you considered the following?

Why Windows as an operating system? Acer machines are easy to manage, all standard with industry compliant and compatible operating systems. AcerPCscomewithMicrosofttechnologiesandsolutions.Windows7givesstudents,staffandadministrators greatercontrolovertheirPCsandenablesthemtogettasksdonemorequickly.AcermachineswithaWindows 7operatingdeliversvalueby: ·Makingiteasiertomanageandkeepdatasecure. ·Takingadvantageofarangeofconnectivityoptionsanddigitaluserdevices. ·Providingwebbrowsingexperiencesthatsupportallthewebhastooffer. ·Helpingtoprotectusersfromhackers,malwareandotherformsofInternet-basedthreats.

Does Microsoft add value through software applications? Microsoft®Officeprovidesanintuitiveuserexperiencethatletsstudentscreate,manageandpublishprojects easily.Microsoft®Officemakescollaborationonprojectseasyaswellasprovidingteachersandadministrators witheasy-to-usetools. Microsoft also provides complimentary downloads such as Teacher Tools, Microsoft® Worldwide Telescope, Microsoft DreamSparkTM, Windows® Live Writer, Microsoft PhotosynthTM and Microsoft Kodu, giving your students access to the latest technology to enhance their learning.


lEAdIng thE fIEld In EducAtIon tEchnology

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How does Acer provide an integrated hardware and software solution? Acer's Empowering Technology platform is an integration of IT hardware, software and services designed to giveyourschoolsITstaffeasy-to-use,dependableandcompletetechnologysolutions.ArangeofEmpowering TechnologyutilitiesshippedwithallAcerVeritonDesktopandTravelMateNotebookPCsandcanbeaccessed using a dedicated key on the keyboard or remote control or from an icon on the Windows desktop. Theseutilitiesinclude: Acer eDataSecurity Management.Keepyourdatasecurefrompryingeyes. Acer eLock Management.Preventunauthorisedaccesstoyoursystem. Acer ePerformance Management.ManagethehealthandperformanceofyourAcerPC. Acer eRecovery Management. Back up and restore with versatile archive tools. Acer eSettings Management. Configure your notebook or desktop with simple, powerful controls. Acer ePowerManagement. Optimise the battery life of your Acer notebook. Acer ePresentation Management. Easily connect your Acer notebook to external data projectors and switch screen resolution to suit. Acer eAcoustic Management.BalancecoolingfanandprocessorspeedsonyourAcerdesktopPC for a quieter work environment.


BuIlt-In protEctIon

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How can I protect against theft? What's Computrace® OneTM? AcercanhelpyouprotectagainsttheftwithnotebooksoftwaresuchasComputrace®OneTMbyAbsolute®. TheComputrace®OneTMsoftwareallowsyoutocentrallymanageyourITassetswithinasingleinterface.You can identify any computers that have gone missing, enforce software policies, and maintain a fleet of optimally runningdevices.IntheeventoflossortheftComputrace®OneTMcanhelpyourecoveryourcomputer. Intel anti-theft protection Intel®Anti-TheftTechnology(Intel®AT)candisableaPCifitislostor stolen. The technology can be used with or without a connection to the Internetoracorporatenetwork: ·Detertheft.RemovethetemptationtoloseorstealaPCwhichwillsoonceasetooperate. ·Guarddataassets.ProtectlaptopdatabyblockingtheOSfromloadingand/ordisabling ·access to encryption keys. ·Customisedetection/reaction.ControlhowandwhenaPCwilldetectithasbeenstolen ·and what actions will be taken. ·Restoreoperationeasily.Re-enablerecoveredlaptopsquickly,withnodamagetoPCordata. ·Personalisedrecoverymessage.Displayapersonalisedrecoverymessageonyourscreen ·to aid in laptop recovery. What if the Notebook crashes? eRecovery Partition populated with the Schools default image AcerisabletopopulatetheAcereRecoverypartitionwiththeschoolssoftwareimage.Thismeansthatifthe software gets corrupted the original school image can be restored quickly and easily by the student. How can I prevent damage to PCs? Acer makes life easy upon deployment of your schools brand new Acer notebooks. All newly purchased Acer notebooks can be provided with a satchel carry back to ensure your staff and students safely transport their new hardware to and from school. Vinyl Skins for surface protection AcercanincludetheoptionofpurchasingVinylSkinsthatcanbeattachedtothe lid of the notebook to add that extra layer of protection across the surface. This is to help reduce the damage caused by the constant use of the product over the 3or4yearswhenit'sinthehandsofthestudent.VinylSkinscanbecustomised with the school logo, the students name or if you want to encourage ownership, the skins can be personalised using a design provided by the student.


Customising Deployment to your needs 1:1

thE AcEr EducAtIon AdvAntAgE

page 10

Planning Projects in Partnership - Acer and your schools IT team 1:1 There's more to our commitment to Educational institutions than just providing the highest quality desktops, notebooks, displays and server and storage systems. At Acer, we have a dedicated Education team who work closely with customers in each state to develop real and innovative IT solutions that accelerate the learning process and set new benchmarks in Educational standards. 1:1 Business model ­ ensuring the customer is at the centre piece At Acer, we place customers at the centre of our business and surround ourselves with dedicated, quality partners. At Acer, we bring together partners in channel, business and service. Our established network of Channel Partners helps us deliver award winning service and support while our eCommerce infrastructure streamlines business transactions. This model strengthens Acer relationships with supply chain speed and flexibility, information and service delivery with no single point of failure. ByworkingcloselywithChannelPartners,Acercanleveragetheirexisting infrastructure such as supply chains and distribution to minimise costs to the customer and effectively meet your business needs. Acer has establishedstrategicallianceswithleadingITvendorssuchasHitachiData Systems, Intel and Microsoft to ensure continuous innovation is part of the value we bring to the customers. "Our vision for Acer's sustainability is to be a global leading IT company, empowering our customers and vendors toward sustainable development through a responsible, innovative, profitable, efficient and sustainable Channel Business Model. Acer will continue to fulfill its mission to breaking the barriers between people and technology. The pillars on which we must base our actions include: value-creating, customer-centric, ethical and caring. The way we must act should be: innovative, fast and effective." Acer Group CEO & Acer Inc. Chairman, J.T. Wang.

The Acer 1:1 Advantage

·Customerchoice. ·Partnership,alliancetoservecustomerneeds. ·Notjustatransaction,apartnershiprelationship. ·1:1relationship. ·Supplychaintoofferspeedandflexibilityonalltouchpoints. ·Productdelivery,informationandservicedeliveryhasnocompromisethrougheachchannel. ·Nosinglepointoffailure.

St Michael's Collegiate


cASE Study

page 11

St Michael's Collegiate School, Tasmania a partner of Acer Computer Australia, commented in a case study on the partnership between theschoolandAcer: "Acer has as its vision, `empowering people' and in that way the two organisations are completely in tune with each other. A feature of this partnership is the responsive, excellent service and technical support. This partnership with Acer Computer Australia helps us to create a truly effective learning environment where we are able to integrate technology into the learning process. Today's students need to be fully prepared for the exciting challenges of the new century.Havingup-to-datecomputerequipmentisanessentialpart of that experience. How students learn and interact today becomes a great model for how they'll work in the future." (Casestudy:StMichaelsCollegiate­PartneringwithAcer.AvailableontheAcerAustraliawebsite)

Providing your school with customised solutions

Acer can provide a fully project managed solution for the deployment of new equipment and the decommissioning of old equipment. We provide a single point of communication and accountability that drives the services across alllocations,deliveringaconsistentandhighqualityservice.WehavehadourmanagementsystemforProject ManagementcertifiedtoISO9001standards. Wecantailorselectionanddeploymenttoyourschoolsneedsandwantswiththefollowingoptions: ·Flexible configuration of PCs, Notebooks and Server and storage systems through authorised Acer ·EducationPartners. ·Dedicated Education support teams are available to talk directly with the school to assess your needs. ·Expansive service and support coverage for metropolitan and regional areas ·Service Level Agreements to meet the differing needs of individual educational institutions. ·Local integration centre and call centre for a better understanding of your local requirements.


The customised deployment services Acer offers to schools


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SOE Image loading Acer owns and operates a local purpose built production facility that configures and loads standard or customised images in the assembly process.Thecapacityofthisfacilityis500notebooksperdayinasingle shift. Acer can customise each machine to your schools requirements in the production process with assistance in the preparation of a standard operatingenvironment(SOE)orsoftwareimagethatisloadedontoeach notebook product prior to deployment to the student. AcerisabletopreparetheimageonabootableDVDifrequired(ortypicallythiscomprisesofmultipleDVDs). Acer back up manager All Acer notebooks come with a flexible data management solution that can be set to your schools needs and requirements. This includes the scheduling of quick, secure backups and simple restorations to ensure system integrityforaworry-freeoperation. Asset Tagging Acer can apply an asset tag to the device and insert the asset tag number into the BIOS. This asset tag number can also be printed on a label that appears on the outer carton. It can then be scanned into an asset register or asset management system. Acer can provide details of all asset tags and serial numbers on a separate report on demand, when your IT department requires. Joining the device to your domain Acer is able to provide a service that joins all student devices to the domain before they leave the Acer facility. This is achieved by Acer using an Integration Centre that enables you to hand the devices to the students without any additional work being carried out on the units at the school prior to delivery.



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Student directed "Care and usage" training It is important that the students are aware of the correct usage of the device to reduce the incidence of accidental damage. Acer is able to provide classroom or online based "care and usage" training to the students at the point of handover. The "care and usage" training also includes the correct way to condition the battery before fist use and how to maximise the battery's useable life. The results of the online based training can be provided in a report that you can use to measure or reward the students after it is completed. Acer's eAcademy Acer has developed an online training facility that can be customised to suite your requirements. This facility has multimediatraining(video,illustrationsandsound)thatcanbeusedtotrainstudentsonjustaboutanytopic. The system can asses students through a series of multiple choice questions. Each student is asked to sit the assessmentandachieveatleastan80%passresult.Thesystemcanhaveseveralquestionsetssostudentsdon't memorise the answers and up to 3 tests can be attempted. Customised Handover Process Eachschoolisdifferentandtheagreement(orcontract)thatstudents(orparents)signwhentheypickupthe machine from the school is also different. These agreements can be customised so that the schools particular requirements are taken into consideration. Examples can be provided on request. The handover process could include: · Customised forma and handbook inside the box before delivery. ·Acerpresentationtoparents(initialandduringthecare&usage). · Student agreements and parent contracts. · Itemised list of accessories provided. · Acknowledgment of receipt. Battery protection and care All new Acer notebooks and netbooks come with a list of battery care instructions, including what to do on first use, general tips to extend your battery life and steps you can take to ensure that you get maximum performance. Theseinclude: ·Breakinginnewbatteries. ·Keepingyourbatteriesclean. ·Exerciseyourbattery. ·Removingthebatteryifnotbeingused.

1-to-1 mAIntEnAncE of your pcS

page 14

Maintenance and warranty WhetheritisanefficientandcosteffectiveNextBusinessDayresponsetoa4houron-siteattendanceforthe most critical of requirements or IT infrastructure rollouts, Acer can tailor a solution to suit your schools needs. Acerhasinplaceachoiceof2broadtypesofwarrantiestosupportschool's1:1programs. 1. On-Site with next business day response Acer provides cost effective and professional onsite services utilising our highly knowledgeable and professionally skilled group of engineers in both metropolitan and regional locations. Our proven track record combined with ourcomprehensiveservicenetworkgivesourclientstheconfidencethatwecanprovidetheon-siteserviceand response times that they require.

2. Swap N' Go Warranty As the name suggests, Swap N' Go is a new and efficient Notebook exchange program allowing the smooth transition between a defective machine and its replacement. Under the program, a student will get an immediate replacementtominimisedowntimeinlearning.Therewillbeanon-sitebufferallocatedtoyourschool,whichis managed by Acer to ensure the right quantity is available at the right time. This service is currently available for our Aspire One Netbooks though it isn't limited to this product. If you are interested in this service for another product, please contact us. How does it work? If100unitsormoreareinstalledatonesitethenabufferpoolofInstantSwapNotebooksareprovidedaspart oftheprogram.ThereforetheSwapunitisavailablealmostINSTANTLY. 3. Annual Health Check To ensure the devices are properly maintained, Acer recommends that the units are returned to a central location annually. Acer will check for major or minor damage and produce a report showing the necessary and optional repairssuggested.ThisprocessalsoprovidestheschoolITdepartmentwithanopportunitytore-imagethedevice with updated or additional software.

1-to-1 mAIntEnAncE of your pcS

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4. Acer Accidental Damage Cover Accidents are a part of life ­ but when they occur, knowing how to manage them effectively is what really matters. Acer can have you well prepared with an effective solution with our new Accident Damage Cover. YouwillhavepeaceofmindknowingthatAcerwillhaveyourequipmentcoveredformostlossesduringthese unfortunate events with a few simple steps. AcerAccidentalDamageCoverwellexceedsthestandardsofyourLimitedWarrantybysafeguardingyouagainst unintentional damage, such as liquid spills, electrical surges, accidental breakage, drops, falls and/or other collisions. 5. Acer TravelGuard and Acer TravelGuard Plus insurance Acer's TravelGuard and TravelGuard Plus insurance products give you peace of mind that you are protected against the common risks faced by notebook owners. The insurance is underwritten by Chubb Insurance Co. of Australia(ASICLicenseNo.239778),oneoftheworld'sleadinginsurancecompanies.

1 A limited sample of insurance policies has been considered for this comparison -- check the features of your own business or home contents insuranceasitmaydiffertowhatiscommonlyavailableandthesampleconsideredbyAcer.2Forthepurposeofthiscomparison,Acerhas consideredthefeaturesofbusinessandhomecontentsinsurancethataremostcommonlyavailableasatNovember2008.Ithasnotconsidered othertypesofinsuranceincludingspecialistelectronicequipmentinsuranceoroptional/additionalcoverthatmaybeavailable.3Thiscovercan sometimes be offered as a policy extension or option by payment of additional premium. Check the features of your own business or home contentsinsurance.4Thecomparisonhasbeenpreparedwithouttakingaccountofyourpersonalcircumstances,youshouldconsiderwhether itisappropriateforyoursituationandreadtheProductDisclosureStatementbeforemakingadecisionaboutTravelguardorTravelguardPlus.5 AcerComputerAustraliaPtyLimitedABN78003872768/ASICAuthorisedRepresentativeNumber275836'

1-to-1 mAIntEnAncE of your pcS

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6. Tollgate Pricing ­ Confidence through knowledge Acerprovidesschoolswithupfrontinformationonhowmuchanon-warrantyrepairwillcostthroughtheuseof TollgatePricing.Eachlevelofrepaircanbebroadlydescribedasfollowsandpricingissetupfrontsoyouknow you are being looked after. ·BasicRepair­Missingplasticsordamagetoexternalplastics. ·StandardRepair­HDDrepairoropticalDrive. ·ComplexRepair­ReplacingmainboardorLCDScreen.

7. Out of hours software support (At home & during holidays) Acercanprovidead-hocsupporttostudentsfromhomeduringtheeveninghoursshouldtheyrequireassistance in connecting to a home network or printer. This support is also extended to the school holidays time and also includes hardware support should the need arise. This is a valuable service for students who may have assignments due the following day and require them to be printed out, but cannot set up their printer at home for some reason. It also reduces the strain on the IT support resources required at the school for this type of service. 8. Battery Coverage Acer can structure a warranty to cover the wear and tear association with batteries. There is also the option to include life degradation of battery.

1-to-1 WE tAkE cArE of your EnvIronmEntAl ImpAct

Acer taking care of the your environmental impact 1:1

Acer aims to minimise the environmental impact of its manufacturing and distribution processes. We can also help you dispose of older IT equipment, which often contains toxic substances, in the most secure, cost effective and environmentally friendly way possible.

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Planting 1 Million Trees AcerisdedicatedtoanoblecauseofplantingonemilliontreesinAustraliaoverthenext2years.Scientistshave warnedusthatthecurrentcarbonemissionlevelsarecausingglobalwarming.Plantingtreesisaneffectiveway to reverse the effects of carbon dioxide emissions through photosynthesis. Since 2008, we have successfully plantedmorethan54,393trees,thisequatestooffsettingmorethan9,065tonnesofcarbondioxideovertheir lifetime. As a valued Acer Education customer, with your purchase, we can help facilitate the planting of trees at your school, or you have the option to plant offsite. Green design Acer's local facility assembles, tests and packages PCs, Notebooks and Servers without using toxic chemicals orpollutants.Since1992,allAcerproductscarrytheEnergyStarlabelandaredesignedtosaveenergy.The TravelMateandVeritonrangesarealsoEPEATcertified.Inaddition,Acer'spowermanagementsoftware,ePower Management, maximises energy efficiency based on the type of work users are doing on their notebooks. Acer abides by all regulations for designated chemical substances. Our products comply with the European Union's RestrictionofHazardousSubstancesDirectiveandarefreeoflead,cadmium,mercury,hexavalentchromium, PBDEsandPBBs. Packaging and recycling All packaging for Acer products is made from recyclable materials such as cardboard and polyethylene plastics. To reduce the use of packaging and its environmental impact, we adhere to a set of principles that includes minimising packaging, using recyclable and reusable packaging materials and labelling all plastics. This reduces the volume of waste going to landfill and helps us keep down the price of our products.

1-to-1 WE tAkE cArE of your EnvIronmEntAl ImpAct

Disposal AceroperatesanAssetProcessingCentreinNSWtohelpcustomersdisposeofolderITequipmentfromAcer andothervendors.Wewouldtypically: ·Removecustomer-specific,financierassetandidentificationlabels. ·DestroyanydatastillresidingontheharddrivesorotherstoragemediausingtheZeroDatautility approvedbytheUnitedStatesDepartmentofDefense. · Test the equipment and report on its condition. 1:1 Decommissioning and end of life services Attheendofthe3or4yeardeployment,thestudentdevicewillprobablystillhavesomecommercialvalue. Acerisabletoprovideaservicethatrefurbishestheproducts,cleansandsanitisestheHDDandreturnsthe original factory default image so the unit resale value can be maximised. The net financial return can be provided back to the school in the form of additional services, product or funds for the school. The Acer asset processing centre also provides a range of end-of-life solution services, including: ·Pick-upfreightmanagement. ·Provisionofpackagingmaterials. ·Datawipingandsanitisation. · Asset and customer label removal. · Standard operating environment reinstallation. · Secure destruction. · Testing and full asset reporting. ·Resaleorredistributionmanagement.

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If you would like further information about any of these services please contact your nearest Acer AuthorisedReselleroranAcerBusinessDevelopmentManager.

Acer Computer Australia A.B.N. 78 003 872 768 5FigtreeDrive SydneyOlympicParkNSW2140 Tel:(02)87623000 Fax:(02)97642368


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