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Beechland Farms Inc. & Others

tuesday 1st March ­ 2011 @ 10:00 am elberon, Va (close to surry & smithfield, Va)

Directions: Being on Hwy. 10, 4 miles east of Surry, turn onto Goldenhill Rd (616), go 3 miles, sale site on left. sale site aDDress: 2200 GoldenHill Rd., elbeRon, Va 23846 Aiming for hp ­ look @ this 8730.

Sale Held Rain oR SHine

E.B.Harris, 6:15AM - 9:59PM ......(252) 257-2140 E.B., mobile.....................................(252) 430-9595 Office Fax ........................................(252) 257-1035 Fate, nights.....................................(252) 443-4079 Fate, mobile...................................(252) 813-5852 Shane Harris ..................................(252) 432-4026 Shane, Nextel ID .............................150*32627*1

3200 NC Hwy. 58 Warrenton, NC 27589

"The Complete Auction Service"

NCAL 1468 NC#C 4264 VAL 146 SCAL 3895

Visit for updates.


`89 Ford F250 XLT Lariat, 4X4, 8-cyl gas engine, automatic transmission, ps, power Case IH 7250, 4x4, SN-AJB0081882, brakes, am-fm radio, LT265/75R16 tires, powered by 225 hp 6-cyl diesel engine, 133" wheel base, showing 59,594 miles. 18-speed w/powershift transmission, `67 Ford cabover w/18' dump bed. differential lock, ps, 1000 pto, (3) sets dual remote hydraulic outlets, cab, air PEANUT radio, 16.9R30 front tires, 20.8R42 dual EQUIPMENT rear tires, front weights, 5584 hrs, good Amadas M9077-7 peanut combine, SN A28598, 4-row, 750 pto (run w/1000 rubber ­ good condition. Ford 8830, 4x4, SN- A927542, powered shaft & rpms on the engine back to 750), by 165 hp 6-cyl diesel engine, 18-speed flotation tires. w/powershift transmission, differential Amadas M9097-712 Peanut Combine, lock, ps, 1000 pto, (3) sets dual remote SN A29270, 4-row, 750 pto (run w/1000 hydraulic outlets, cab, air, radio, 16.9-28 shaft & rpms on the engine back to 750). front tires, 20.8-38 dual rear tires, front Amadas M9097-112 peanut combine, weights, showing 5712 hrs, fair rubber, SN A32632, 4-row, 750 pto (run w/1000 shaft & rpms on the engine back to 750). 700 hrs on rebuilt engine. Ford 8730 4x4, SN-A930141, powered Ferguson 6-row peanut lifter, 18', 540 by 150 hp 6-cyl diesel engine, 18-speed pto, 3-pt. w/powershift transmission, differential Ferguson 2-row peanut lifter, 540 pto, 3-pt. lock, ps, 1000 pto, (3) sets dual remote Ferguson 4-row peanut digger, chain hydraulic outlets, cab, air, radio, 16.9- type, 1000 pto,3-pt. 28 front tires, 20.8R38 rear tires, front Hobbs 6-row peanut lifter, hydraulic weights, 6852 hrs., new in crate motor, wing fold, 540 pto, 3-pt. KMC 4-row peanut digger, hydraulic approx. 200 hrs. Ford 5000 tractor, select-o-speed drive, 3-pt. transmission, 4 cyl diesel engine (for parts). KMC 4-row peanut digger, 540 pto, 3-pt. `95 Dodge Ram 2500, 4x4, 8-cyl Ferguson 4-row peanut digger, star type, gas engine, automatic transmission, 1000 pto, 3-pt. (parts) 33x12.50R16.5 tires, 218,083 miles, fair Ferguson 4-row peanut digger, star type, 1000 pto, 3-pt. condition, Reese hitch. `92 Ford F450, 7.3, 8 cyl diesel engine, 5- (60) Peanut drying trailers, (45-tandem speed transmission, cab lights, ps, power axle, 15-single axle) Long, Roanoke, brakes, am-fm radio, west coast mirrors, Benthall, Harrell. LT265/75R16 tires, dual rear tires, 9' service (4) Long 6-hole plenum, 48" fan & heater. body, Reese hitch, unknown mileage.

(2) Roanoke 6-hole plenum, Aerovent fan & heater. Long 4 hole plenum, Aerovent fan & heater. Benthall 4-hole plenum. Aerovent fan & heater. Long 4-hole plenum, needs fan Long 6-hole plenum, needs motor (2) Long heaters & fans.


Kewanee 1175 , 72-blade, 24' hydraulic wing fold disc, 9" spacing front & rear, tandem wheels, trailer-type. Kewanee 1020, 56-blade, 20' hydraulic wing fold disc, 8 ½" spacing front & rear, tandem wheels, trailer-type. John Deere Mdl. BW. 44-blade, 14' disc, 7" spacing front & rear, tandem wheels, trailer-type. 4-row cultivator, w/Danish tines, 3-pt., (4) 36 or (6) 30 (3) 8-row cultivators, w/Danish tines, hydraulic wing fold, 3-pt. 16-shank chisel plow,16', 3-pt. Harrell 3606 switch plow, 6-bottom, w/ gauge wheels, 3-pt. KMC 24' field cultivator, w/double baskets, 3pt, hydraulic wing fold, 24'. Unverferth II rolling harrow, 27', hydraulic wing fold. John Deere 3-shank subsoiler, 3-pt.. King 4-row bedder, hydraulic row markers, 3-pt. John Deere 1720, 8-row planter, vacuum, stack fold, 3-pt.

Be with us next day - Wed. 2nd March @ Seaboard Lions Club Annual Consignment Sale 9:00 AM

Successful digging time ahead.

3 sales here ­ rip, till, plant reach assembly ­ buy what you would like.

1 call does it all w/a Ferguson digger.

So busy that you can't look yourself in the mouth when shaving, put this hay stacker to work, at least ­U'll have time wash your face.

2 KMC, hydraulic & pto, late model ­ it's all here.

This 24' Kawenee

Case IH 5500 Mulch-Till drill, 30', 52 double disc, openers, 7½" spacing, hydraulic fold row markers. KMC 12-row, strip-till, 30" rows, hydraulic row markers, vertical fold, double baskets, 30'. KMC 9-row, no-till planter, hydraulic row markers, set on 18" rows, w/insecticide boxes, 3-pt. KMC 8-row strip-till, hydraulic wing fold, double baskets, 3-pt. KMC lift assist wheels & frames. JD 7300, 8-row vacuum planters. (8) no-till coulters.


KMC 8-row hooded sprayer, hyd. wing fold, hyd. pump, electric cut off, w/2-200 gallon poly tanks. KMC VAPAM rig, 8-row, w/drag boards, 200 gallon poly tank, hydraulic wing fold, hydraulic row markers, ripper shanks. Lely 1250 spin spreader, 540 pto, 3-pt. (2) 1000 gal. poly nurse tank, tandem axle. 200 gal. poly tank on 2-wheel sprayer frame. 9-row wick applicator, front tractor mount. 8-row insecticide applicator, on JD tool bar, hydraulic wing fold, w/gandy boxes, 3-pt. New Holland 1003 stackliner square bale stacker, 540 pto. (2) GT 570 grain batch dryer, 540 pto. GT grain tank, 1500 bu. capacity, hopper bottom.

Farm Hand 810 grinder-mixer, 540 pto. 8-row flat fold row markers. 3" auger feeding system (hog house). (2) 14.9R46 used tires for sprayer. (22) Agstar stainless steel hog feeder. 20.8-38 used tire. (30) Hog Slat panels, 20' (30) Hog Slat panels, 9' 6". AUCTIONEER'S (4) 4" Auger flighting. NOTE (116) concrete hog house slats, 10' x 4', some 8'. (16) Hog Slat stainless hog feeders. Mac & his partners have decided to (4) LB White propane heater. change directions in their peanut Super Saver propane heater. operation & are liquidating their Pig- double decker hot nursery pens. peanut equipment. This equipment was shed kept & is field ready. Come EQUIPMENT with your trailer, we will be loading Rhino SR240 rotary cutter, 20', wing fold, on sale day. 1000 pto. (2) Woods 84 rotary cutter, 7', 540 pto, 3-pt. For more info call, Ford 1200 loader. Mac @ 757-651-8120, Hale Irrigation pump, 1000 pto. Bobby @ 757-647-8065, Ford 2-shank subsoiler, 3-pt. Steve @ 757-870-5647 or Bush Hog RTS62 roto-tiller, 540 pto, 3-pt. Sales Manager - David Mast Brillion culti-packer, 20', hydraulic wing @ 540-272-3023 fold, single roller, dual wheels. (10) 8" C-channel, 25' long. Butter bean sheller, w/electric motor, shaker tables, elevator. `73 Freuhauf 45' x 8' open top van trailer, tandem axle, 102" sides, 10.00-20 tires. other absolute Strick 45' x 8' open top van trailer, tandem consignments axle, 102" sides, 10.00-20 tires. 15.5-38 snap on duals, last on Ford accepted. 5000. 20.8-38 rims, snap on. call David Mast 18.4-34 clamp on duals, last on JD 4230. for details 200 gal. fuel tank, w/12 volt dc pump. Set of row markers, 8-row max-emerge. 540-272-3023 Case 2500, 11' tool bar, set up for DMI no-till ripper.

Mark my word ­ this Vapan rig is ready.

Tell all that need to know there will be 60 of these to choose from on Tuesday 1st March.

Here's a 20' worth skipping school for.

e will cut smooth.

­U- just might want to try this on the farm.

All things considered , 27' will get you home easily.

8830 got so much HP it'll make ­U- feel like you are on the down hill slide.

Some decisions are easier than others ­ to put a 7250 in the field is an easy one.

No need to come up for air ­ this 1720 puts it to the seed.

A one man show when it comes to planting.

Heard a farmer say in the `70's about no-till, the closer the better, an ear of corn never needs to see the ground,put a 12-row 30" KMC in the field.

When ­U- need to pick goobers have something to work with ­ 3 Hobbs.


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