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Weekly Updates From the MET Project Video Team

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Find answers to this week's most common questions about video capture.

March 22, 2010

What's New?

Learn about updates to the capture software and the online resources.

Need More Help?

Contact Teachscape at 1-877-562-3093 or email [email protected]

What's New?

· Teacher review and commentary online tool is launched at! · SPC dashboards (for viewing capture progress) are launched at! · MeT Video Teacher Online Learning Center is now accessible at

Login Quick Reference


Username: teachscape Password: learning

MET Video Site SPC username: SPC SPC password: panoramc! Teacher username: Teacher Teacher password: vdeo!

Coming Soon...

· Onlinerosterverificationtools,accompaniedby related training resources · Software and information related to the handheld videocaptureprocessforremediationinspecific capture situations

METVideo Online Tools

(teacher commentary and more) Username and password are individualized. Users will receive an email with a self-registration link.


Visit to check out these new updates and more!

Did You Know?

Teachscape is offering incentives to SPCs who meet or exceed their district's capture goals. SPCs who complete all required captures by the district's deadline will receive a $100 Amazon gift card. SPCs who complete all required captures at least two weeks before the district's deadline will receive a $200 Amazon gift card (in lieu of the $00 card) and will be entered in a drawing to win an iPad!


Weekly Updates From the MET Project Video Team

March 22, 2010

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I log in to

You will receive an email from Teachscape with a registration link and instructions for creating a MeT Video password.Whenyoureceivetheemail,clickonthelinkandfollowtheinstructionstoregister.Yourusername will be the same as your email address (be sure to use the same email address at which you received the registrationmessage)andyouwillcreateyourownpassword.Afteryouhaveregistered,youwillbeabletouse this information to log in to the system at If several weeks pass and you do not receive thisemail,orifyouhavedifficultyregistering,contactTeachscapeSupport.

How do teachers view videos and enter commentary?

The teacher review and commentary tool has been launched at after teachers register for the site,theycanlogin,viewcompletedcaptures,andanswerreflectionquestions.Detailedinstructionsforcompleting this process can be found in the MeT Project Video Teacher Online Learning Center ( html/ts/metvideo/teacher/gp003/index.htm,username:Teacher,password:v1deo!).AprintableQuickGuidethat you can share with participating teachers is available in the Teacher Online Learning Center and in the Resources section of the SPC Online Learning Center.

I uploaded a capture last night, but it isn't showing up on my dashboard. What's wrong?

Nothingiswrong.Duetovideoprocessingtime,itmaytakeafewdaysforuploadedcapturestoappearonSPC andteacherdashboards.Teachscape'sgoalistomakecapturesreadyforreviewwithin48hrs.However,ifmore thanfourdayspassandyourcaptureisstillnotvisibleonyourdashboard,contactTeachscapeSupport..



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