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Demonstration Speech Organization

Introduction Body (flavor and juiciness) Conclusion "BURGER" Organization

I. Introduction A. Hook (Say or do something interesting to get your audience's attention.) Ask a question Example: What would you do if you were awakened in the night by an intruder trying to break into your home? Use a startling statement Example: American Medical Association figures indicate that twelve people in this room will one day suffer a fatal heart attack!" Personal experience Example: "Six years ago, I was diagnosed with high blood pressure. My doctor said that I was on the road to a heart attack. That scared me into a major lifestyle change. I went on a diet, began a program of regular exercise, and when I had my most recent physical I was found to be in excellent shape for a man my age." Appropriate joke Be careful of this one. The joke must relate to your topic and must not be offensive. B. Thesis (State your purpose; announce your topic, tell what you're going to demonstrate.) C. Experience/Expertise (Establish credibility in regard to the topic.) D. Relevance/Usefulness (How will knowing about your topic benefit your audience?) II. Body A. Materials 1. a. Use a., b., etc. if you'd like to add more specific information in relation to your materials b. 2. materials B. Steps 1. 2. a. b. 3. III. Conclusion A. Restate Thesis ("I have just demonstrated how to ...") B. Remind Audience of Benefits C. Closure/Call to Action

Sample Demonstration Speech Outline

How to Make a Balloon Dog I. Introduction A. Clowns ­ to some, they're scary. To others, they're hysterical. Regardless, everyone admires a clown (or a person) who can quickly twist a balloon into a dog, a giraffe, a sword, or a flower. B. Today I'm going to show you how to make the simplest of balloon animals ­ the dog. [Show finished product.]It's the simplest of balloon animals, and once you've mastered the basics of twisting the balloon, you can make just about anything. C. Most of what I've learned, I've learned from Internet sites. A few years ago, I taught a class on balloon art to middle school students. D. Listen carefully! With this skill, you'll be the hit of any party. In fact, you may even be able to make some extra cash twisting them up for people's kids. And guys, remember Rule #110 from Wedding Crashers: "Make sure your magic trick and balloon animal skills are not rusty. If the kids love it, the girls will, too." II. Body A. Materials 1. 160Q or 260Q balloons in a variety of colors a. 160Q = 1" in diameter and 60" length b. 260Q = 2" in diameter and 60" length (this is what I have) 2. Balloon hand pump B. Steps 1. Using the hand pump, blow up a 260Q balloon, leaving 4-6" of unblown balloon at the end. 2. Tie a knot at the end of the balloon. 3. Make a twist in the balloon about 2" from the tied end. Do not let go. 4. Make two more twists about 1" apart from each other. Make sure not to let go of the

balloon. 5. Twist the two smaller bubbles together. These will be the ears. (With a little adjustment, you'll see that you've already made your dog's head.) 6. Make three more twists that are about 2" apart. 7. Twist these new sections together. These will be the neck and front legs. 8. Make three more twists, one for the dog's body, and two more that are about 2" apart for its back legs. 9. Fold and twist the two smaller sections together. 10. Twist the legs down and you'll see that you've just made a balloon dog. III. Conclusion A. I have just shown you how to twist a balloon into a dog. B. Once you've learned how to make this basic balloon animal, you can lengthen or shorten the distances between twists and make a mouse [show example] or a giraffe [show example]. It's an inexpensive hobby, and you'll be the hit of any party! C. The next time you're at Hobby Lobby, Target, or Wal-Mart and you walk past the party section, pick up a pack of balloons and a pump. Go home and Google "balloon art" and you'll have hours of fun!


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