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HB RETROPHONIC COCKTAIL kits boast a 1967 sound and price. The company offers an attractive Natural Birch Lacquer­finish kit (also available in Sea Foam Lacquer), though its wrapped finish kits are even less expensive than these remarkably inexpensive drums. The cocktail kits feature 6.5mm, 6-ply birch shells with retro-style lugs and badges. 16" x 24" vertical bass drum includes a reverse-action chain-drive pedal and internally muffled Mylar heads. The 8" x 5" snare comes with a real throw-


off so it can double as a small tom. There's another dedicated 10" x 5" tom as well. This kit also includes 12" hi-hats, a 10" splash, a small cowbell, sticks, and even a set of cases! List price is from $349­$479, depening on if you want PVC wrap or lacquer finish. Customizable shell depth, lug option, and bearing edge angles. Made in the USA.

HB Drums 714-899-1090

NEXT UP IS the Peace Manhattan kit, which might have gotten its name from the fact that you could easily transport it around the Big Apple via the subway or taxi. This stylish take on the Cocktail kit features a full-sized 14" x 5.5" snare drum, a 14" x 18" bass drum, and Peace's Velocity reverse-cam chain-drive bass drum pedal and two cymbal arms for mounting your hi-hats or cymbals. These cleverly mount via two of the floor tom brackets, which also hold the snare drum in place. A matching 10" x 5" tom is mounted on the far side of the kit from the third pair of brackets.


Since the snare is mounted directly over the bass drum you can't have the drum double as a floor tom. Peace separates them with its Iso-Facto muffling disc to minimize sympathetic snare buzz. It comes in a variety of finishes (including Red Flame and Blue Sparkle) PVC finishes. The Manhattan's full-sized snare may prove to be a more comfortable adjustment for drummers who play a lot of brushes. Price $1,409.

Peace USA 626-581-4510


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