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Pastor: Rev. Brendan Dalton Msgr. Edward Strano, [Retired], Assisting Msgr. Patrick F. O'Toole, [Retired], Assisting Rev. Mr. Lou Starzinski

SEPTEMBER 13, 2009

Schedule of Masses: Daily Mass: 8:00 a.m. Saturday Vigil Mass: 4:00 p.m. Sunday Masses: 7:30, 9:00, 10:45 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. Confessions: Saturdays: 3:30 p.m. to 4:00p.m. or by appointment. Parish Office: [954] 432-5313 Parish Fax: [954] 432-5344 Hours: Monday--Friday: 8:30 a.m. to 4:00p.m. Parish Secretary: Mrs. Penny Gambino Parish Office: Mrs. Melba Santilli School Office: [954] 432-7022 Website: Principal: Mrs. Michele Sanders Secretary: Mrs. Marsha Duska Religious Education Office: [954-432-6300] Coordinator: Mrs. Stacey Stettner. Baptisms: Arrangements must be made two months in advance. Baptismal Class--Third Sunday and Baptism--Fourth Sunday of month. Marriages: Arrangements should be made at least six months in advance by calling the rectory office. Adoration Chapel: Open seven days a week. From 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Outreach Ministry: [954] 432-5313 Mrs. Lee Giardino Pastoral Ministry: [954] 432-5313 Ms. Mary Cartaya

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September 13, 2009

24th Sunday in Ordinary Time

LISTENING AND RESPONDING There are three interwoven themes in today's readings: listening to God, faith vs. good works, and losing our life in order to find it. How are they related? The Suffering Servant of Isaiah undergoes much distress and ridicule, but is able to bear it because he has listened to the promptings of God day after day. The psalm tells us that God listens, too. God hears our prayers for help and is always ready to save us. As our faith deepens, so does our desire to do the works of justice and charity that build up the reign of God. God directs our actions in ways we often cannot see, and we don't always see the results. We are called upon in faith to trust that what we do is enough, and that willingness to listen to God's promptings will lead us in the right way. © Copyright, J. S. Paluch Co.

Twenty-fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time--September 13, 2009 The Lord GOD is my help, therefore I am not disgraced. -- Isaiah 50:7

TREASURES FROM OUR TRADITION In this country, we don't name our churches "The Fourth Avenue Catholic Church," but rather seek a patron saint or mystery of faith. We inherit this tradition from an old Roman custom via medieval England. Interestingly, that has not been the practice elsewhere, and parishes abroad often do carry just the name of the neighborhood. In Ireland, the Roman (English) practices didn't take hold, and so churches are known simply by the street they are on, or by a nickname. Saint Francis of Assisi in Dublin is often called "Adam and Eve" after a pub in the same street. The pub sign is an interesting carving of our first parents, so they become patrons by default. Increasingly in the United States, we are seeing a familiar European pattern emerge when a few churches, each bearing the name of a patron saint or mystery, are gathered into one parish that bears a different name. Thus, we might hear of a parish of "Midvalley City" comprised of Saint Mary, Saint Francis, and Saint Ursula churches. Once a church has been consecrated, its name may not normally be changed. Therefore, when parishes are merged, a new name is given to the parish, which may or may not be that of a heavenly patron, but the church buildings retain their names. In the process, we have lost sight of some worthy patrons of old, but have also seen new parishes open dedicated to twentiethcentury saints like Edith Stein, Katharine Drexel, and Blessed Mother Teresa.

--Rev. James Field, © Copyright, J. S. Paluch Co.

A Prayer for Priests In this Year of the Priest, O God, We ask Your Blessings on those You have called to priestly ministry. May they, above all, be faithful and passionate Followers of Your beloved Son, Jesus. May they be compassionate, as Jesus was, Toward all who seek spiritual comfort and forgiveness. May they open wide their hearts to all in need of Your merciful embrace. May they be teachers, as Jesus was, steeped in Your Word and teaching, on fire with it, and breaking it open for all who are hungry for Your holy and transforming Word. May they be prophets, as Jesus was, speaking courageously for what is right and true, proclaiming Your kingdom to all in need of Your grace and giving voice to all Your children, especially the poor and marginalized. May they be prayerful, as Jesus was, Hearts burning within them and set upon You above all. From the rising of the sun to its setting, May they be the voice of praise and thanksgiving, and of faith, hope, and love to all in their care. St. John Vianney, beloved priest of God, Pray for us and for all your brother priests, Amen,

24th Sunday in Ordinary Time

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OUR LADY OF LOURDES GIFT SHOP Many new items are now available.


Today is my Birthday. It has such great significance for me, the feast of the Triumph of the Cross. It is the day I was born, the day I began my journey of life. A BIRTH-DAY is that day on which I came alive to the reality of Jesus. Birthdays are mile-markers on the way to Eternity. A Birthday is a time of thanksgiving for the fullness of life. A Birthday celebrates my uniqueness in all the world. A Birthday is as significant as the life I have lived. A Birthday is a day of remembering all those who have given me birth. A Birthday is the opportunity to see where I stand in relation to grace and self-will. A Birthday is a reminder in time of my pilgrimage to the Father. A Birthday is growing in the knowledge that God is the Giver of Love and the Giver of Life. A Birthday marks the passing of another year...a growing towards....LIFE. Each Birthday is a special chance for me to start anew and to think about the things I have done and those I want to do. A Birthday is a time for me to keep in touch with my family, my friends, my past, my future. A Birthday is a time to put aside the worries I have known and count all my joys and thank God for everything. A Birthday is an opportunity to begin again. A Birthday is my opportunity to say to God, Abba, You are real wonderful, full of love for me. I hope to celebrate my Birthday with you for all the fullness of life. A Birthday is the celebration of how much I have grown in wisdom, age and grace. A Birthday is saying to God, "Thank you for life, health, peace and family". Another Birthday is Jesus saying to me again, "Don't you know I love you?" [Walking with Jesus.......Everyday--Rev. Brendan Dalton ]

Beautiful gifts for wedding and all occasion are also available. Free Gift wrapping. Master Card and Visa welcome. ADULTS BECOMING CATHOLICS Attention--all prospective adults who wish to become Catholics. R.C.I.A. instruction begins Wednesday, Sept. 23rd, at 7:30p.m. Adults learn the Catholic faith through our Catechumenate program, also called RCIA [Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults]. This program can benefit:

Unbaptized persons who want to become Catholics. · Baptized non-Catholics who want to join the Catholic community. · Adult Catholics who have not yet received First Communion or Confirmation. We invite you to our RCIA Program: Are you interested in learning more about your Catholic faith? Yes______ Have you received all your sacraments of initiation, Yes_______, No_________


NAME:____________________________ ADRESS:__________________________ City________Zip______Phone:________

Please fill out this form and drop it in the collection basket or stop by the parish office.


DATES TO REMEMBER: Sunday, September 20th, 10:15--11:45am CCD Begins Wednesday, September 23rd, 7:30pm R.C.I.A. Starts Saturday, April 24th, 2010--- at 5:30p.m. SACRAMENT OF CONFIRMATION Sunday, April 25th, 2010--at 12:30p.m. FIRST HOLY COMMUNION

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September 13, 2009

24th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Open Enrollment: -- Pk4--8th Grade---- for the 2009-2010 school year continues. Visit or call School Office: 954-432-7022. Website:



Father's birthday is on September 14---We Wish Him the very best of good health and God's blessings. School pictures will be on Tuesday, September 17th, 2009, for all students and the graduating class will have their pictures taken in caps and gown. Mary Model for Men and Women For all time Who are the role models for today's youth? That's the question. And do we really want to know the answer? Experts, however, tell us not to worry. Most young people want to be like someone they already know--somebody who has given them love and security and attention. That outstanding person is usually a grandmother or a mother, a father or an older brother or older sister. They are the people who set the pattern the next generation will use as a guide. And count on it: You are one of those unsuspecting role models. For starters, you can work on being the best role model you can be. And just as people on a diet devise a "plan" to help them achieve their goal, good role models need a plan to keep themselves on track. Here is one, with practical steps to consider: For each day of the week, practice a virtue--be more temperate in speech: be kind, even in small things [like being on time as a courtesy to others]; practice justice; give love and don't just wait to receive it. Mary stood by Jesus even to the end......and His resurrected life. Mary gave her heart once and forever..... She never let Him down.







24th Sunday in Ordinary Time

ATTENTION: .... BINGO will resume on Thursday, October 8th,....... See you then.....

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God, Our Father, Creator and Lord of the Universe, you have set the earth on its foundation and all the elements of nature obey your command. We humbly beseech you to keep us safe from all dangers and to calm the storms that threaten us. May we be secure in your loving protection and serve you always with grateful hearts. We ask this through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God forever and ever....Amen

Watch for the "Baby Bottle Campaign" to be held the weekend of September 26th and 27th, at all the masses, to

Benefit the Respect Life Ministry

LEGION OF MARY: Meets Wednesday at 6:00p.m. in the Daily Chapel. JUNIOR LEGION OF MARY: Mondays between 3:00 and 5:00p.m. CHARISMATIC PRAYER GROUP: Join us

CCD: 954-432-6300

Department of Religious Education: Classes begin Sunday,

every Tuesday, at 7:30p.m.--­in church. Praise songs, scriptures, teachings, prayer........... Everyone is invited!!

September 20th, 2009, 10:15--11:45am.

If you have not registered, please contact the office. CCD office hours: Tuesday through Thursday. From 8:00a.m. to 2:30p.m. Feel free to call. CATECHIST COMMISSIONING MASS: SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 20TH--9:00AM

The commissioning of the catechists is an important way for our parish to recognize and affirm the volunteers who share their faith with the children and youth of St. Bernadette Catholic Church in the Religious Education Program. We thank them for using their gifts to teach the faith, working unselfishly to help others recognize the gifts God has given to them. May the Lord bless them with wisdom, patience and understanding, and strengthen them for their work. Parish Registration and Change of Address If you are new or have moved to a new address in the Parish area, or if you are planning to move, please fill out this form and drop it in the collection basket or return it to the Rectory.

at 7:30 p.m. in the church.

JOIN THE CHOIR--COME SING TO THE LORD: We meet for practice every Wednesday Divorced? Separated? You don't have to go through it alone. Find Help...Discover Hope... Experience Healing....Divorce Care is a weekly seminar and support group for people who are separated or divorced. Thursday 7:00p.m. in the "Meeting Room" outside the north entrance to the church. For more information call Jean Duda: 954-525-5157 x1142 or Becky Stokes: 954-3362820. Divorce Care--Let us help you put the pieces back together again. Catholic Scripture Study Reminder--Don't Forget: Our first CCS class begins on Monday, September 14th at 8:45A.M. in the St. Bernadette's Meeting Room adjacent to the Church.

Name: _______________________________ Address: _______________________________ _______________________________ Phone: __________________________

Please check: ____Address Change ____New Registration

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September 13, 2009

24th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Anthony Abisso Karlene Magnus Edmund Ellison Austin Shooks Lupa Delgado Anne Shea Patrick Glasso Tom Catalano Anna Altieri John Pagliarulo Marie Urfalino Joyce Carey Rachel Allen Virginia Samad Dorothy Cassie Mary Murtha Bertrand Chouinar Maria Pons Virginia Musial Alice Gilday Duke Wollschlager Iraida Diaz Walter Quigley James Brodmerkel Bobby D. White Mat Swalling Linda Swalling Alexis Ippolito Please notify the Parish Office at 954-432-5313 if you know of a parish family member who may be unable to join us for Mass or has been hospitalized. The Church In your Will Have you Remembered your Church in your will? After your loved ones, it is a beautiful gesture to remember your church by setting aside a portion of your estate for the benefit of your parish so that it might continue, in your memory, to serve the community. To observe the best methods of naming the Church in your will and/or trust, please ask your attorney to use the following terminology: To Archbishop John Clement Favalora or his successor in office for the exclusive use of St. Bernadette Church and/or School. Thank you...........

COLLECTION YEAR--2009 SEPTEMBER 6TH, 2009 -- $ 7,413.00


Did you know that your parish envelopes are used not only to record your contributions for tax purposes, but also to verify your attendance at Mass? If you wish to have your child baptized or to be married here at St. Bernadette's, or if you wish to receive a letter of recommendation to be a sponsor at Baptism or Confirmation, or have a tuition card signed from one of the local High Schools, your attendance at Mass will need to be established. This can only be done if we know that you attend Mass regularly through your use of the parish offering envelopes system.

DO YOU REALLY LOVE ME?? Then, Come to Me Visit Me before the Blessed Sacrament Our Adoration Chapel Is open seven days a week 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Parish Retreat How many times have we heard in the scriptures how Jesus drew away to spend time with his Father? St. Bernadette Women's Retreat is coming up at Our Lady of Florida on September 18--20th. The men's retreat is to be held on September 25 through 27th. The theme this year seems especially relevant--We Walk by Faith. Wouldn't it be great to take the time to draw away from the world and spend some time with God? Pray about it, if you've never been to the Retreat Center, it is a place just perfect to spend time with God and with other wonderful Christian Women. Feel free to call [for women's retreat] Becky 954437-2975, Gloria Schmidinger 954-6805565 for more information and for the men's retreat: Deacon Lou: 954-438-8024.

LIFE IN THE SPIRIT SEMINAR St. Bernadette Church Starting on Tuesday, September 29, 2009, from 7:30 to 9:30p.m. It will last seven weeks -- Themes to follow: 9-29-09 God's Love 10-06-09 Salvation 10-13-09 New Life 10-20-09 Receiving Gifts 10-27-09 Baptism in Spirit 11-03-09 Growth 11-10-09 Transformations Priest: Fr. John Fink Come and join us...

24th Sunday in Ordinary Time

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