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Issue 10 | 7 April 2011 FROM THE HEADMISTRESS

one of the last things Jesus said to his disciples the night before he died: "Love one another. As I have loved you, so must you love one another." I see this commandment reflected in so much of what our girls do every day in school. Their respect, love and support for each other, their strong sense of community and ethos of giving is heartwarming. We are blessed in so many ways, and to see the girls appreciative of those blessings and mindful of sharing them with others makes me very proud of this wonderful group of young women who will one day be leaders in our society. I wish you God's blessings over the coming break, and look forward to regrouping for Term 2 in three weeks' time. This week we launched our short film on our website. We hope it will give visitors to our site an insight into life at St Catherine's. If you haven't yet seen it, please log on to and see our home page. Alternatively, it can be accessed on YouTube. It is a touching, honest and uplifting picture of a truly beautiful school.


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3 5 Dr Julie Townsend As we break for the Easter holidays, I thank all the girls, staff and parents who have made Term 1 so memorable. We have had some incredible sporting successes, in many cases eclipsing previous records. We have had beautiful music and drama events, camps for most year groups, swimming carnivals and Clubs & Choirs. And on March 5 we celebrated 155 years of education at St Catherine's, over which time we have grown into one of the finest independent schools in Australia. Alongside the successes and celebrations, our girls have also been mindful of serving others: in the last week alone our Year 10 and 11 girls prepared and sold sushi to raise money to send to Japan and our prefects ran a series of SMILE events to raise money for the SMILE Foundation. Over Easter our Year 10 and 11 girls will embark on a service education trip to Nepal, to work with the Mitrataa Foundation which educates Nepalese young women. Each girl is carrying with her five kilos of gifts for the Foundation, such as textas and T shirts, that have been donated by the St Catherine's community. It is really wonderful to see so many of our girls taking responsibility for their society. At Easter, as I contemplate the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ, I think about


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@stcatherines155 to keep up to date with the action at school!

26 Albion Street Waverley NSW 2024 Australia [email protected] telephone +61 2 8305 6200 facsimile +61 2 9369 2470 ABN 98 012 260 628 CRICOS provider no 02322K

Prefects packing SMILE lollie bags

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Mrs Deb Clancy

Exchange students

This week has been an exciting one for a group of Year 9 students. Over the course of the last week or so, Ms Mitropolous (Year 9 Mentor) and I have spent a great deal of time reading the girls applications to be part of the cultural exchange program to Royal High School (Bath), Wells Cathedral School (Somerset) and St Philip the Apostle School (Buenos Aires). With a large number of strong applicants it was certainly a difficult process. Late last week we interviewed each student and on Monday the successful students were informed. In total, we are sending the following students to Bath: Marie Kambouroglou Ruby Powell-Hughes Zoe Rael Somerset: Holly Berckelman Miranda Hill Morgan Howard Isabella Sheridan Argentina: Madison Bartlett Brodie Clark Francesca Earp Kate Reoch Jessie O'Malley The girls are most excited, and looking forward to the next phase of planning, meeting their exchange sisters and booking their flights.

10 in the Isabel Hall Wing. This allowed particular faculties to be in individual rooms and was well received by both staff and parents. We will continue with this for the upcoming parent teacher nights, and do encourage you and your daughters to leave 5 minutes between your appointments to allow movement time between rooms.Year 8 parent teacher night will be held in Week 2 of next term and the girls should be bringing home booking sheets shortly.

Year 6 in the Senior School

Term 2 promises to be an exciting one, especially for Year 6 who spend a day in the Senior School in Week 2. During this day, the Year 6 students experience classes as they would in the Senior School. Ms Woolf will be sending out a letter explaining the process this week. This event is always successful and allows the girls in Year 6 to develop confidence as part of their transition into the Senior School. With the first term drawing to a close, I would like to encourage our students (and their families) to find time to spend together to reflect on Term 1. Many of our students would have set goals for the term or for the semester and it would be timely to check their journey towards these. What is working well, how can we improve it even further, what is not working well, and what strategies can students employ to address these issues. With many year groups in the Senior School coming back to a busy assessment period, the holidays are a good opportunity to ensure that they are ready and organised for the coming term.

Parent teacher night

Last week we trialled our parent teacher night for Years 9 and

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Ms Sarah Guy

Staff news

Many of the girls will know Mr James Aslanis who does a lot of work in the Junior School maintaining our lovely ground and facilities. James is to be married on Saturday and we wish him and his bride the very best for a beautiful wedding day. Mrs Silvie Falk who teaches French to our K-2 girls is taking long service leave in Terms 2 and 3. We wish Mrs Falk a wonderful time of relaxation and refreshment as she enjoys this well-earned break. Mrs Falk has planned the teaching programs for the next two terms. She will be replaced by Miss Elizabeth Keogh who we look forward to welcoming next term.

Safety around the school

Please be mindful of parking restrictions, road rules and road signs when using the Leichhardt and MacPherson Street carlines. The parking rangers will book you if you are not adhering to the road signs. Similarly, we ask that all drivers exhibit courtesy and respectful behaviour to our neighbours and other drivers by not blocking roundabouts or parking across driveways or parking in the disabled car space (unless you have a sticker which allows this). Following these regulations will help to ensure the safety of our girls and other drivers.

Investigations in Year 2

Last week I thoroughly enjoyed visiting the Year 2 classrooms to see the girls engaging in an investigation of the school's history and their own history. In a previous lesson the girls were given the task of designing a new school uniform. I was delighted to see some rather spectacular and detailed designs! In true Robert Burton style, some girls designed several mix and match pieces, while others designed a complete range from swimwear to headbands. With an introduction from Mrs Robitnytskyj on creating dressmaker patterns, the girls eagerly embraced the challenge of translating their drawings into items of paper clothing to dress a cut-out St Catherine's doll.

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Easter break

Working with children, watching them learn and experiencing their enthusiasm and laughter is a great joy. Children, like adults, need time to rest, opportunities to select activities they enjoy and lots of time relaxing with family and friends. May the next couple of weeks be a time of refreshment for us all after a very busy first term. I wish you all a joyous Easter and a wonderful break from the usual school and work routines. Please note that the girls return to school in their winter uniform.

Year 6 Maths Day

Mrs Bidwell provided a stimulating day of hands-on maths problem solving for Year 6. She was ably supported by four Year 6 students who had attended the recent AIS Maths Camp. Activities included Dome building where each group had to create a large dome consisting of a range of 2D shapes; and Mouse where girls looked at a triangle and sought to find many solutions and problems of a mouse entering each mouse hole and how many different paths it could take, whilst also trying to identify as many patterns as possible. The response from staff and students alike was overwhelmingly positive, with one student commenting "During Maths Day I learned to persevere in every activity, teaching and learning for myself. I learned to think outside the box." Another student stated "I really enjoyed Maths Day and all the challenges. I think that the next Year 6 would enjoy and benefit from this experience as well." A big thank you to Mrs Bidwell for such an inspiring and enriching day.

Representing St Catherine's

Congratulations to Claire Begg in 6C who recently competed at the Equestrian NSW Interschools Championships together with her sister Angela Begg in Year 8 and Maddie Plant in Year 10. With almost 500 competitors taking part over the four days, Claire competed in Showman on her horse Maxamillion which consisted of a dressage test, a ridden workout and a led workout.

Correspondence sent home

Years 3 and 5 NAPLAN

Tip 10

The last of the Top Ten Tips is `be happy with yourself'. No one is perfect, and never will be! We should all aim to be better, of course, in any way we can but without being too hard on ourselves. Unfortunately the world is not perfect either. However, we each have to live in the world, with one another, and at times the world and its people will disappoint us. Let's all be reasonable about what we expect from others while always maintaining high personal standards in the way we treat others and in the attitude we bring to work and play. We also need to remember to celebrate what is right with the world! There is a lot to celebrate.

After school visual arts

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Reverend Alex Koch

I love Easter. I love Easter for lots of reasons: I love chocolate. I'm sure it has something to do with my Swiss heritage. I love hot cross buns. I'm still not sure exactly why people only have them around Easter time, because to me they taste good all year round. I love Jesus. While I also love Jesus all year round, I particularly like the fact that it's a time of year when our community remembers that Jesus died on the cross for our sins and was raised to life again for our salvation.


Is this the year that you and your family to take time to consider exactly how significant the events we celebrate at Easter are, and what difference it might make to your life today? If so, why not try visiting church this Easter? There is any number of great places you could go, but if you're not sure where to go, why not try a church around school? St Matthias at Paddington (471-475 Oxford St) is having a 10am Easter Service followed by an Easter Picnic and Fair in the church grounds until 1pm. St Luke's at Clovelly (cnr Arden and Varna Streets) is having an Easter service at 4pm and will be looking at how Easter still makes sense in light of the many recent natural disasters we have experienced around the world. St Stephen's at Bellevue Hill (Bellevue Park Road) will be having a family friendly Easter Service at 9.30am including an Easter Egg hunt. Maybe you'd like remember this Easter for more than just the copious amounts of chocolate that gets consumed in your household?

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BEYOND THE CURRICULUM See the Beyond the Curriculum handbook on the school portal and website.

Mrs Jackie Gilson Director Extra-Curricular

weather the camp will be held indoors in the sports centre). Cost: $195 for the week Contact: [email protected] or Alison ­ 0418 200548 Study skills: During this two day program, students will be taught learning strategies that are simple, easy to understand and to apply. These strategies will help to break down the study process into smaller more manageable chunks. As well as learning study techniques, these young adults also learn life-skills such as self-discipline, goal setting time management, respect towards others and a need for positive attitudes. Age: Years 9-12 When: Monday 11 April ­ Tuesday 12 April Where: St Catherine's School, 9am-3.30pm Cost: $150 Enrolment: On the portal in Beyond the Curriculum holiday programs Contact: [email protected] or 8305 6331 Foundations of leadership: Teenagers are always excited to be selected for positions of leadership. The challenge in developing these students is to harness their enthusiasm such that they make a positive impact on their peers and school community. This one day workshop will build on these skills by focusing on education (knowledge and understanding), experience (practical and interactive) and enjoyment (fun and exciting). Within this context, student leaders will understand their role, the skills needed to be effective leaders and the dynamics of working in a team. Age: Years 8-9 When: Wednesday 13 April Where: St Catherine's School, 9am-3.30pm Cost: $80 Enrolment: On the portal in Beyond the Curriculum holiday programs Contact: [email protected] or 8305 6331 Beyond the Curriculum will be launching further new programs in the winter school holidays. These programs will include multi-activity, sport specific, educational and residential stays. Specific details on what will be on offer will be advertised on the website and portal prior to the holidays. Early and late clubs will also extend the day from 7.30am-6.00pm at an additional charge to assist busy working parents.

Holiday programs

A variety of holiday programs are offered to the students of St Catherine's and the local community over the Easter holiday period. These programs cater for both boys and girls between the ages of 5 and 18. I.C.E dance provides fun and creative activities specifically for junior students. These activities keep students fit, active and social during the school holidays. Age: Year K-6 (St Catherine's students only) When: Thursday 14 and Friday 15 April, 8.30am-3.30pm Where: Drama theatre, St Catherine's School Additional Childcare hours: 8.00am-8.30am and 3.30pm-5.30pm Performance: Friday 15 April Early Bird Special: Receive 10% discount when booked before 1 April Contact: [email protected] Tara - 0433 269604 Kick it soccer coaching clinic is all about having fun, making new friends whilst playing the best game in the world. Girls that attend always have loads of fun. It is a great introduction to soccer if you have not played before, or is an opportunity to learn new skills in preparation for the new soccer season. Age: Years K-6 When: Monday 11 April ­ Thursday 14 April, 9.00am-3.00pm Where: Queens Park playing fields, Carrington Road Waverley Cost: 1 day-$75.00, 2 days-$140.00, 3 days-$175.00, 4 days-$210.00 Contact: [email protected] or Mark - 0412 979599. Red Rocket tennis camp is five half days filled of tennis fun. Girls can work on their forehands, backhands, serves and volleys as well as enjoying fun competitions and tournaments. There will be 1 instructor per 8 children in graded groups. There are games and prizes to be won. Age: Years K-6 (St Catherine's students only) When: Monday 11 April ­ Friday 15 April, 9am-1pm Where: St Catherine's School tennis courts (In the event of wet

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Mrs Marilyn Rickard Director Community Relations Tel: 8305 6238 [email protected] The response to filling the Casserole Crises roster has been absolutely wonderful and such testament to the St Catherine's community. Thank you all so much ­ this now means we should only need to call on everyone once or twice a year to provide a meal. We are now seeking applications from the community to fill a part time role to support Colleen Starr in the Uniform Shop. The position is for Fridays 10am ­ 4pm term time only with possible additional days during peak times. This role will particularly encompass the second hand uniform stock. Should you be interested please submit your application together with the names of two referees to [email protected] with Uniform Shop in the subject line. Applications close Friday 29 April 2011. On Monday this week our archivist Evangeline Galettis had a visit from Mark and Miriam Barker, descendants of Frederick Sydney Barker, husband of our founding Headmistress Jane Barker and the second Anglican Bishop of Sydney. They were amazed to see the rich history that Evangeline has gathered about Jane's life and were able to share some of their findings with Evangeline as well. Every good wish to you all as you recharge your batteries over the holidays.

St Catherine's School


You are warmly invited to a

P&F Mother's Day breakfast

for mothers and their daughters who are currently attending St Catherine's School.

Girls may also like to bring grandmothers, aunties or someone special to them. Wednesday 4 May 7.30 - 8.15am on the quad lawn Tickets are $15.00 per adult and $7.50 per child, available via aspx?eid=9184

Bookings close Sunday 1 May 2011.

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Sports news

Sport department contact details for all enquiries

Mr Ryan Cameron Director of Sport Phone 8305 6282 Email [email protected] Lana Edser sports administrator

You can motivate by fear, and you can motivate by reward. But both those methods are only temporary.The only lasting thing is self-motivation.

Homer Rice

Senior School

Tennis finals

Congratulations Team 3 for beating Monte 5-3 at Monte in a hard fought final to become premiers!

St Cath's News | 9

Term 2 Competitive sports trials (grading days)

All Term 2 sports teams have been graded. Teams, training times and venues will be available soon on the sPortal. It is important to note that teams are provisional until the first round of play. The first game is so valuable for coaching staff to finalise teams. Once teams are finalised students and coaches will negotiate the most appropriate training sessions accommodating the student's commitments with consideration to their own time restraints along with field/court availability.

Basketball St Catherine's competition finals results

Senior 1 Senior 2 8/9.1 7.1 7.4 lost 12-17 won due to a forfeit won 24-22 lost 17-27 lost 20-30 B&F Brittanie Miles B&F The team B&F Lily Hardwick B&F Leila Excell

Year 8 9 Team 1 Premiers

The competition on Wednesday night was fantastic. Each team played with unbelievable commitment and enthusiasm. Year 7 Team 1 and Team 4 contested in the finals and rose to the occasion by playing their best basketball of the season. Their improvement was demonstrated in the score as they narrowed the gap on their opponents. It is great to see their love of basketball flourish as they learn new skills and tactics. Years 8/9 Team 1 played yet another heart stopping match. The crowd were on the edge of their seats jumping up and down with excitement the whole match. The girls played superbly and their team work and determination shone through right up until final hooter. Special congratulations to each girl in this dedicated team. Winning the premiership was very well deserved. Congratulations! Senior 2 was undefeated the whole season and came prepared to take out the premiership. However sadly the opposition did not show. Obviously our team's reputation preceded them! The team played very skilfully and enthusiastically all season. Well done girls. Of special note is that a number of the members in the team have been premiers every year since they were in Year 7. Senior 1 has had a very successful term of basketball, also being undefeated all season. This unfortunately came to an end with a very competitive and intense match against Ascham 1. All the girls remained positive and showed good sportsmanship throughout the whole game. Each team member should be congratulated on their consistently supportive approach to each other. Well done to all basketball players who played during Term 1!

Year 7 Team 1 Runners ups

Year 7 Team 4 Runners ups

Senior 1 Runners up

IGSSA team selection

Congratulations to the following students on their selection into IGSSA teams. This is an outstanding achievement and the sport department wishes you all the very best in your quest to progressing further down the representative pathway!

Senior 2 Premiers

St Cath's News | 10

NSWCIS swimming IGSSA swimming team and contest NSWCIS championships on the 28 and 29 April: Lara Molle, India White, Lucy McJannett and Ashley Stone. NSWCIS soccer Aidaan Stathis who was selected into the IGSSA soccer team as the goalkeeper to contest NSWCIS championships next term.

CIS primary girls football trials

On Monday 28 March Kristie McDowell, Isabella Lucas, Erin Davidson and Annalise Dayeh represented both St Catherine's and IPSHA at the CIS Primary Girls Football Trials held at Mamre Anglican College, Erskine Park. Well done to the girls who played extremely well in their round robin matches against girls of a high level of football from throughout NSW. Special mention goes to Isabella who made it through to the final round of selections in the Possibles vs Probables. Thank you to Mrs Carter for accompanying the girls to these trials.

Junior School

Competitive sport

Our Junior School softball team played against Roseville at UTS Linfield on Saturday morning and the result ended up being a draw and Amy Sanders was named as best and fairest.

Junior School inter-house football competition

The inter-house football will took place on Thursday 31 March from 1.30-3.00pm in the Sports Centre. It was for all girls in Years 5 and 6 and the winning house was Bronte.

Junior School football - Round 8 2 April

6 Victory 6 Glory 5 Roar 5 Fury 5 Dynamite 4 Jets 4 United drew 1-1 won 1-0 won 2-0 won 5-0 won 5-0 lost 0-3 lost 1-3 B&F Harriet Robertson B&F Annika Ledet B&F Ellie Peppas and Georgia Appleton B&F Ursula Thomas B&F Gabrielle Polsey and Ashleigh Lawson B&F Macy Moore and Abbey Gibbs B&F Ava Carmont and Tamzin Heywood

Snow sports ­ Junior and Senior School

Anyone who is interested in being part of the St Catherine's Snow sports team which competes in the inter-schools competition in the last week of the July holidays should come and see Mrs Cairns in the sports office before the end of term. They will be issued with the information about the competition and can then take it home to discuss with their parents over the holidays. Students of any age can compete but they will need to already be competent on the snow.

Congratulations to all girls for a great term of dazzling football skills and fantastic teamwork. Special mention goes to Year 5 Teams Fury and Dynamite who went undefeated throughout the whole competition. Also, a big thank you to all parents for your support and cheering on the sidelines this term. We look forward to more fun action next year. CIS football primary girls trials

Term 2 sport

The dates when Term 2 sport will start are below and all sessions will take place on the turf outside the Sports Centre: Years 4, 5 and 6 hockey training - Thursday 28 April 7-8am Please note that this is the first day back to school but it is essential all girls attend this session as they will have their first hockey match on Saturday 30 April. All girls in Years 4-6 playing hockey must have a hockey stick, shin guards and a mouth guard. Years 4-6 netball competition Monday 2 May 3.15-6.00pm Year 3 hockey program Wednesday 4 May 3.15-4.30pm Year 3 hockey players must have a mouthguard and shin guards and a stick if possible otherwise we can lend them a school stick.

Year 5 Team Roar

St Cath's News | 11

Music news

Peripatetic lessons

Our private music teachers have now been informed about new and discontinuing students. Rolls books have been adjusted and some new timetables are in preparation for next term. A reminder to parents that you can view the tutor timetables on the portal. Most lesson times will remain the same, but you will not automatically receive a phone call from the tutors about lesson times. Changes to times will only be made in exceptional circumstances.


It was a delight to attend the Year 5 Informance in the chapel. A very eager audience of parents, students and tutors witnessed the talents of our Year 5 girls who have been learning their new instruments for only this term ­ commencing in week 5. Congratulations to the tutors for their excellent instruction and encouragement to the girls. It is very clear to see the rapport which is built up between the girls and their tutors and the pride that the girls have for their instruments. At the end of this year, the girls will have the opportunity to progress on to have private music lessons. This is a very important next step towards membership in our ensembles. Girls will even have the opportunity of purchasing their instruments at the end of the year.

Tutors' concert

What a wonderful tutors' concert we had this year. For the first time, supporting artists for three of our music tutors were the Senior Strings and the Senior Symphony Orchestra. For both ensembles, this was the first time that either ensemble has accompanied a soloist. It was a wonderful musical learning curve for the girls and they gained valuable insight into a new performing experience.

Senior music evening

Our big musical event in Term 2, as always, is Senior Music Evening. Please keep the dates of Tuesday and Wednesday 22 and 23 June free. This is always a music event not to be missed.

Term 2 Deli menu

The deli menu is now on our website

St Cath's News | 12

Drama news

· performance is, A Midsummer Night's Dream. You are to devise a 5-8 minute original performance which takes some theme/scene/character(s) from the play as its starting point and you are to build a performance which shows a clear link with A Midsummer Night's Dream but is in itself a complete dramatic statement (ie: without a knowledge of A Midsummer Night's Dream your play/performance would still make sense). A maximum of 10 actors should be in the play, all of whom remain on stage for the duration of the performance.


Cast and crew of `Trapped' celebrate the end of a busy Term 1 by sharing a morning tea

On Friday 1 April the cast and crew of our Year 11 play Trapped enjoyed a morning tea as a celebration of the completion of their major project for this term. This was their staging of the three plays: The Shape of a Girl, Bombshells and The Cagebirds. The morning tea gave the actors an opportunity to thank people such as our theatre manager and VET Entertainment teacher, Mr Michael Linney as well as the school's communications and marketing team members who helped with publicity and promotional materials for the show. Thanks too to all of the members of our school community who supported this show! Term 2 highlights to look forward to: · Wednesday 27 April: Senior drama students to attend Ruby Moon, Sydney Theatre Company. · 4 May:Year 8 will be presenting scenes from A Midsummer Night's Dream and As You Like It in the DJSC, periods 1 and 2, to an audience of Year 6 students. · 4 May: Drama students from Years 8-10 to attend Siren Theatre performance of As You Like It at Carriageworks · 7, 8 June:Years 11 and 12 Drama to attend workshop days at the Australian Theatre for Young People. · 14 June: Interhouse Drama Festival (during an extended lunch time) · 16 June: St Catherine's Shakespeare Festival, DJSC 6.00-9.00pm.

Some suggestions: · An event, which brings the characters together 20/100 years before/after the events of the play. · A modern day version of the play where the lovers end up on a camping trip in a national park, which goes horribly wrong when Oberon, the Head Ranger gets one of his junior rangers Puck to try and put things right for the campers. This only makes things a lot worse. Criteria which will be used to judge the winning house and allocate points: · Clarity and dramatic coherence (ie: were the story line, the characters and the events depicted on stage clearly presented to the audience?) /10 · Quality of the script (extent to which the quality of the script contributed to the effectiveness of the final performance) /10 (script to be submitted to adjudicators on the day of the final performance) · Entertainment value (how engaging was the performance for the audience?) /10 · Acting/performance skills (could the actors be clearly heard and seen? How skilfully did they use the stage space? To what extent did they work effectively together as an ensemble?) /10 Points will be allocated in each category as follows by the judges (drama staff) 10, 9 points: Outstanding, 8, 7 points : Excellent, 6, 5 points: Good, 4, 3 points : satisfactory 1, 2 points : Minimal · Costumes, props and set items need to be kept to a minimum with actors wearing rehearsal blacks. · Rehearsals/planning sessions are the responsibility of each house. · The performance should involve a minimum of technical assistance as it should be almost completely actor based theatre however technical rehearsals for the event need to be booked by house officials with Mr Linney. · The winning house will present their performance as part of the St Catherine's Shakespeare Festival on Thursday 16 June.

2011 Inter-house drama festival, Not Quite Shakespeare A Midsummer Night's Dream

Term 2 is Shakespeare term for the drama department and in keeping with this theme the interhouse drama festival this year requires a group from each house to create a short original devised play inspired by A Midsummer Night's Dream. · The play, which should inspire your group devised

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Mrs Trish Wilson Director of Boarding and Enrolments


Enrolling your daughter, or daughters, early is the very best way to ensure a place at St Catherine's School. The selection criterion we use when offering places at the school is the date of receipt of the application, although families with siblings, who are already attending St Catherine's and are enrolled at interview time, will be given priority. Daughters or direct descendants of Old Girls are also given priority. Interviews are held eighteen months prior to the proposed year of entry for Kindergarten, and are generally conducted mid-year. Interviews for Years 5 and 7 are conducted two years prior to the proposed year of entry, generally February to April, or as needed for incidental vacancies. We have welcomed Years 5 and 7 2013 families for interview during Term 1, and Kindergarten 2013 interviews will take place mid-year. Parents who have their daughters registered for Kindergarten 2013 will receive a letter of invitation to interview in early June. Further information regarding enrolments, including the current school fees, is easily located on our website Simply click on the `enrolments' tab, which appears directly below the `Headmistress' welcome' on the top right hand side of the home page. We receive numerous applications from expats and overseas families who access their information from our website. I was told recently, "Your school website portrays a strong sense of a thriving school community with happy students. I want that for my daughter."

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Career news

UNSW Year 10 subject selection and information evenings

UNSW offers a series of popular Year 10 subject selection and information evenings for current Year 10 students and their parents. These evenings provide excellent information for students who are planning to attend university. Information on UNSW's admissions process, bonus points and course specific assumed knowledge is presented along with comprehensive HSC subject selection information from the Board of Studies NSW. In addition, representatives from all UNSW Faculties, as well as staff from the Student Recruitment Office, Admissions, Scholarships and other student support services are available on the evening to answer your questions on program options and student life at UNSW. To check the dates and locations that these evenings are offered go to Students and parents need to register on-line to attend. Details are on the website listed above.

UNSW ­ Faculty of Medicine

Below is an extract from the UNSW website regarding their Faculty of Medicine Information Evening. To register, go to Students and parents will need to search for keyword `Medicine' or search events by Term 2 and Category Medicine. Immediate registration is essential for this event, as places fill quickly. This site also has some excellent information about other events UNSW is holding for high school students and their parents.

We now have a subscription to this wonderful online information source. It includes notes on syllabus modules, as well as animations, videos and images. There are also quizzes and tests so that students can revise modules. This resource can be used at school or at home. There is a link to it from Junior and Senior School library portal pages. Each stage has its own login. Check the table below: Stage 1 2 3 4 5 Years 1 and 2 3 and 4 5 and 6 7 and 8 9 and 10 Login stcaths1 stcaths2 stcaths3 stcaths4 stcaths5 Password stage1 stage2 stage3 stage4 stage5 Subjects covered HSIE and science English and maths soon HSIE, English, maths, science and technology As above History, science and geography History, science, geography and commerce

St Cath's News | 15

P&F news

Our busy Term 1 has finally come to a close. I hope you can all have a break over the holidays and come back refreshed in Term 2. If you are traveling have a safe trip and if staying close to home enjoy the time.

Art Show news:

We are calling on parent volunteers for the upcoming P&F Art Show to help out with the fabulous creation of the Junior School art work. Assistance is required next term for Year 5 who are doing Mosaics and Year 6 who are creating textiles. Whether you are of this year group or just want to express your own creativity in helping the girls, all offers are welcome. Please e-mail [email protected] to get creative. Art for Year 5 is held on Tuesday: 5S: 9.30am - 10.30am 5B: 1.30am - 12.30pm 5BI: 1.20pm - 2.20pm Art for Year 6 is held on Monday: 6LO: 9.30am - 10.30am 6L: 1.20pm - 2.20pm 6C: 1.20pm - 2.20pm

Mother's Day breakfast

With the new term we start off quickly with the Mother's Day breakfast and stall. Please book online for the breakfast to enjoy good company and food on 4 May in the quad. Later that day the girls will have the opportunity to purchase gifts for their mums - so it will be a full day. Thank you to the Year 2 parents and Linda Burnett who have been organising this on behalf of the P&F.

Deli duty

Last week I was on Deli duty and was pleased to meet a new mother who had signed up for a turn. Please consider giving one day a term it's a great experience and opportunity to see the school from another angle. At the end of the day the other mums and I commented how polite and courteous every girl is when she asks for food at the Deli. Please let us know if you can do a day - everyone helping once or twice a year really makes a difference.

Art Show

The Art Show committee continues to meet and have planned a great exhibition for 4 November. Please note the requests for support as your time, skills or other donations help make the evening a success. This event is to showcase the creative work of the students in the whole school, so you will all want to be part of the exhibition.

Diary dates

Friday 8 April · Term 1 ends for all students · Duke of Edinburgh bronze award test (hiking) · Friday Friends JB Hall 2.00-3.00pm Term 2 Wednesday 27 April · Boarders return to St Catherine's Thursday 28 April · Term 2 commences Friday 29 April · Parents prayer meeting quiet room 8.30am Tuesday 3 May · Year 8 parent teach evening Isabel Hall Wing 6.15pm Wednesday 4 May · P&F Mother's Day breakfast quad lawn 7.30am · Mother's Day stall · Sport BBQ quad lawn 4.00-8.30pm · Inhouse music concert chapel 5.00pm Friday 6 May · Parent's prayer meeting quiet room 8.30am · Friday Friends JB Hall 2.00pm · ISDA debating Isabel Hall Wing 5.00pm Saturday 7 May · Uniform Shop open 10.00am ­ 3.30pm

Winter uniforms

With winter starting remember the Uniform Shop. There is a great range of coats, cardigans and jumpers available in the second hand shop (consider the P&F benefit from the sales of items). As you buy new items don't forget to name the clothing as every jumper or coat looks the same in lost property.


Easter is one of the major festivals of the Anglican Church, a chance to reflect on your beliefs and the meaning of your faith, so over this time please stop and think about others who are not as fortunate - in Australia and abroad. Think how you may be able to help someone else over this time - maybe one less box of eggs for your family. Many charity organisations are gearing up for the winter and are looking for second hand clothes - so consider a holiday clean-out. Take care over the holidays and see you in Term 2. If you have any questions about the P&F please contact our secretary Di Misirdjieff ([email protected]). Diana Whitton P&F President


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