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Industrial-Organizational Psychology

Master's Program at St. Cloud State University

I would like to introduce myself. I am Dr. Daren S. Protolipac, incoming coordinator of the I-O program (Spring of 2008). This year we welcomed another exceptional group of students. I extend a warm welcome to all students! We are in our 6th year of development and currently have 17 actively enrolled students. I thank Dr. Illies for his dedication, planning, and exceptional efforts as the I-O coordinator for the past 5 years and for developing his vision into a nationally recognized I-O program.

Meet the new coordinator

Greetings from St. Cloud State University and welcome to the second installment of the SCSU I-O Psychology Program Newsletter. Last academic year was productive. We hosted two speakers: Cory Protolipac, Tyco (St. Louis, MO), spoke about Design for Six Sigma and Michelle Weitzman, Lominger Limited, Inc. (Minneapolis, MN), spoke about working as an I-O practitioner. In the spring, first-year students participated in the annual consulting challenge hosted by Target Corp. (Minneapolis, MN). In April, students and faculty attended and presented research at the Annual SIOP conference in New York City. The culminating event of the year, of course, was the graduation of our third class in May.

Message from the coordinator

We look forward to many exciting experiences this year, including the organizational consulting challenge (see article in this issue). We are also in the process of developing an I-O consulting group that will include I-O faculty and graduate students. We have submitted 6 faculty and student symposium/poster presentations to the annual SIOP conference in San Francisco (April, 2008). Finally, here are some program highlights. We employ the scientistpractitioner model where students learn to apply theories and research to organizational problems. We follow the SIOP guidelines of core competency courses and utilize experiential learning techniques where students apply their knowledge to real-world problems. Our cohort model helps increase student group cohesiveness. Joint faculty/student research is strongly encouraged. Opportunities for networking are provided via a guest speaker program and by our local, regional, and national affiliations.

I am excited about the direction in which the SCSU I-O program is headed. Feel free to send feedback and suggestions. Daren S. Protolipac, Ph.D. (320-308-5750)

The current year is turning out to be just as eventful. Most notably, Dr. Daren Protolipac will be succeeding me as I-O program coordinator in the spring. He will bring new ideas and renewed energy to the program. Also, in the fall eight new graduate students coming from seven different states began our program, and we welcomed several new members to our program advisory board (see articles for details). Finally, this spring we will be conducting an informal review of the I-O program to ensure that we continue to offer one of the top programs in the country. Enjoy the newsletter, and don't hesitate to contact me with questions about the I-O program. Jody Illies, Ph.D. (320-308-5772)

The I-O program welcomes new and returning advisory board members! The board, established in 2005, is composed of area human resource professionals. The advisory board meets twice a year to discuss issues related to the I-O psychology graduate program. The board's feedback helps improve the curriculum by tailoring the program to fit the needs of today's business community.

Advisory board

The two-year term of the first advisory board members ended in May, 2007. We are grateful to Jeffrey Nelson (Wolters Kluwer) and Dave Waage (St. Cloud Hospital) for their two years of service. We are happy to welcome back several board members who will be continuing their service: Donna Croatt (SCSU), Gail Johnson (Merrill Corp.), Greg Koenigs (Coborn's Inc.), Jennifer Thorsten (Stearns County), and Linda Yozamp (MN Job Services). We are also excited to announce that we have four new members starting two-year terms this year: Chandra Attiken (Creative Memories/Antioch), Mike Begley (Midwest ISO), Mardi Noyes (Catholic Charities), and Loretta Trulson (Stearns, Inc.). If you have questions about the advisory board, or are interested in serving as a future member, please contact Jody Illies. I-O Psych Newsletter

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An interview with Mike Begley

Interview: Brianna Olson, editing: Jody Illies Mike Begley is the manager of Recruiting & Development at Midwest ISO where he has been for the last 6 years. He also works closely with colleges and universities (19 in total), to bring in knowledgeable interns and employees. In fact, Mike notes that one of the most enjoyable parts of his job is working with college students and seeing their fire and eagerness to learn. Mike has also recently joined the Advisory Board of the I-O program. Mike reports that MISO has had four interns from the SCSU IO Psychology Program: Jenny Merriam (2005), Tracy Kinsella (2006), Briana Olson (2007), and Mary Wald (current). Current and future projects with which the I-O interns will be involved include creating, administering, and analyzing a customer service survey, working on weighted job evaluations, reviewing the hiring process, and creating a system to track all recruiting expenses. When asked what benefits I-O students receive when interning with MISO, Mike was quick to state that there were many, including practical application of classroom knowledge. Mike noted that I-O interns are mentored and allowed to attend weekly learning sessions that provide overviews of each MISO department. Finally, Mike emphasized that the relationship is mutually beneficial. MISO has tripled its workforce in the past three years and continues to expand its customer base. This growth has created many HR and organizational development opportunities where an I-O intern's training can prove useful. Mike notes that he appreciates the quality of the SCSU I-O curriculum, which is reflected in his hiring of a former program intern. other researchers, students, and practitioners). A researcher also has to spend considerable time reading the scientific literature (a form of continuing education) to keep up in his or her areas of interest. Dr. Kulas' research findings can be found in the "Tidbits" section of this newsletter or in professional journals such as the Journal of Business and Psychology, Social Justice Research, Organizational Research Methods, the Journal of Psychology, or the Journal of Applied Measurement.

News from our alumni

Corinne Carlson (class of 2007) recently began working in Human Resources at the St. Cloud Hospital. Her work includes HR policies and paperwork, selection and recruitment, and employee surveys.

Jeni Hess (class of 2005) is the HR Manager at St. Cloud Truck Sales. Jeni works with employee benefits, recruitment and selection, and training. Grace Hirte (class of 2005) is working for Employers Association, Inc (Plymouth, MN) as an Organizational Development Coordinator. Her job duties include survey development, data analysis, and preparing training materials.

Tracy Kinsella (class of 2006) has been working at the Midwest ISO (St. Paul) as a Qualification/Re-Qualification Coordinator in the Real Time Operations-Technical Training Department for the last three years. Tracy gave birth to her first daughter, Madison on June 18th of 2006 and is happy to announce that Madison will become a big sister in January of 2008. Congratulations, Tracy! Josh Kuehler (class of 2006) is a Business Operations Associate at eLoyalty in Chicago. Josh is engaged in many research activities, including collecting data, analyzing data, and creating metrics.

Focus on applied research

Interview: Tim Rysavy Dr. John Kulas has held an appointment within the SCSU Psychology Department for 5 years. According to Kulas, applied research can be tricky because the researcher lacks control, and frequently needs to assert control statistically, rather than methodologically. This means that research takes a lot of planning, especially with regard to "what is measured." It is often a challenge to gain access to appropriate field samples, especially when a researcher's tendency is to "measure everything" (for later statistical control) whereas the participating agencies want to limit what is measured (for equally important time-based considerations). Designing a good study and gaining access to an applied sample is only half of the battle - publishing (typically the ultimate goal of doing the research) is highly competitive. Most manuscripts are rejected. Eventually, however, quality research emerges from such a highly critical "negative correcting process." You need to be persistent and have a thick skin to be successful and eventually get your research published (where it is accessible to

Jenny Merriam (class of 2005) recently started a new job as a consultant with the St. Cloud Area School District 742. Her main responsibilities are data management and analysis, initiating data warehouse coordination, and acting as the District's Integration Planning Coordinator. Rupsmita Rajkhowa (class of 2007) is living in Connecticut with her husband and working as a Business Analyst in a pharmaceutical company.

Sangeeta Shrestha (class of 2006) is employed by ICF International in Fairfax, VA as an Organizational Research Associate. Sangeeta's project include workforce planning, competency modeling, testing and evaluation, benchmarking, and quantitative and qualitative analysis. Sangeeta can't get enough of playing with her one year old son Arnav.

Paul Stiles (class of 2006) is currently an Account Executive and Product Developer at Lominger International (Minneapolis). About 10% of Paul's time is devoted to research while his remaining responsibilities include working with clients to help them implement Lominger products (e.g., high potential identification and development, competency modeling, strategic effectiveness and succession planning). King Yii Tang (class of 2007), or Lulu, recently finished her thesis on physical attractiveness and selection decision making. Lulu is currently working at Lominger International (Minneapolis) as an assistant researcher. I-O Psych Newsletter

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From left to right:


class of 2008

O'Neal Hampton III received his undergraduate degree from the University of Wisconsin-River Falls where he was a McNair Scholar. He has presented his research on perceptions of sexual harassment at the APA (August, 2006) and SIOP (April, 2007) conferences. O'Neal enjoys movies and TV, reading, sudoku, and sports. In the past, he has worked at a training camp for the Kansas City Chiefs and has also recently worked in Admissions at SCSU. Adam Bauer is from the St. Cloud area and received his undergraduate degree from SCSU. He loves outdoor activities such as hockey, roller blading, and snowboarding. Adam has recently completed an internship at the Clara City Nursing Home working on employee surveys.

April Basarich, originally from Hibbing MN, received her bachelor's degree from SCSU. Prior to college, she spent seven years as a restaurant manager. April enjoys the outdoors and, being an avid Minnesota Twins fan, looks forward to the start of baseball season. April hopes to find future employment in the Twin Cities area.

Kevin Mlodzik's major experiences have been in clinical psychology and with the MN Workforce Center system. He loves coffee shops, working out and hanging out with his family. Kevin's future goals include applying I-O principles to corporate settings and governmental organizations, as well as aiding non-profits and religious groups. Kevin has been working as a graduate assistant in the SCSU Human Resources office.

Tim Rysavy is originally from St. Cloud and received his undergraduate degree from St. John's University in Collegeville. He enjoys playing soccer and hockey, choral singing, world travel, trivia and time with his family. Tim's predominant work experience has been in clinical neuropsychology. Tim recently completed an internship at CPP in White Bear Lake. Beth McHenry is a cheesehead from Madison, WI. She received her undergraduate degree from Hamline U. Beth finds time in her busy schedule to read novels, bowl, and watch TV. Beth has worked as an intern at CPP in White Bear Lake. She is looking forward to completing her master's degree and has thought about finding her niche as a teacher.

Mary Wald received her undergraduate degree from the U of Washington where she assisted with research on infants. She enjoys photography, cooking, camping, skiing, and playing in the snow. Mary also has experience as a vocational rehabilitation consultant working with employers, injured workers and insurance companies. She is currently working on a variety of research projects from structural equation modeling of off-thejob interactions, to meta-analysis of team performance. She has recently completed an internship with Midwest ISO. Aaron Christianson, also known as Junior, received his undergraduate degree from Mankato and plans to have his master's degree at the age of 21! He enjoys riding motorcycles, the beach, sports, weight lifting, and music. Looking forward, he wants to move somewhere warmer and possibly work in human resources.

class of 2009

From left to right: Audra Mazour (Colorado State U); Holly Carson (U of South Carolina); John Buckner V (U of Wisconsin, River Falls); Lisa Shelton (Iowa State U); John Keenan Jr. (U of North Dakota); Jill Gerber (SCSU); Vesna Champagne (Minnesota State U, Mankato); Andrea LaCompte (South Dakota State U).

Consulting challenge

Seven first-year I-O students participated in the annual consulting challenge in April, 2007. The consulting challenge includes first-years students from three I-O master's programs: SCSU, Minnesota State Mankato, and the U of Northern Iowa. Students in mixed-school teams are given three days to respond to a request for proposals from an organization that needs help solving an organizational development problem. Teams receive survey data and additional company and problem-relevant information. On the third day, each team formally presents a proposal to a panel of professionals from the host organization and faculty from the three participating universities.

Last year, Target Corporation in Minneapolis hosted the consulting challenge. Students found the consulting challenge to be very educational. The consulting challenge provides students with an opportunity to apply classroom knowledge to a real organizational problem. If you are interested in learning more about the consulting challenge, please contact Jody Illies. I-O Psych Newsletter page 3

I-O Psychology Program Psychology Department College of Social Sciences St. Cloud State University Whitney House 102 720 4th Ave. So. St. Cloud, MN 56301

St. Cloud State University values diversity of all kinds, including but not limited to race, religion and ethnicity. (full statement at TTY: 1-800-627-3529 SCSU is an affirmative action/equal opportunity educator and employer. This material can be made available in an alternative format. Contact the department/agency listed above.

Visit the I-O website online at:

Research tidbits

Differences between 360° ratings of performance (top distribution) and actual performance differences (bottom distribution; From Kulas & Hannum; Journal of Applied Measurement).

The goal of our newsletter is to foster connections between the program, the University and the community. We would like to hear from you!

Please send information or inquiries related to the Newsletter to Linda Williams, Psychology Department Office Manager ([email protected]). To make a tax deductible donation to the program, please send it to the SCSU Foundation at Alumni House, 720 4th Ave. S., St. Cloud, MN 56301. Donations should be made payable to the SCSU Foundation with a note that it is for the IO Psychology program (R75001). Money will be used to enhance student development (e.g., supporting attendance at conferences and workshops).

Level of unethical behavior exhibited in a business role-play exercise by individuals whose personal values reflected self-transcendence (e.g., welfare of others) or self-enhancement (e.g., personal gain) motives. From Illies & ReiterPalmon, The Journal of Business Ethics.

Published by the I-O Psychology Program

Editor: C. Jazwinski, Ph.D. ([email protected]) Assistant to the editor: Tim Rysavy Contributors: Dr. J. Illies ([email protected]), Dr. J. Kulas ([email protected]), Dr. D. Protolipac ([email protected]), and Brianna Olson.

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