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Magnetic Teleportation Systems


T.G. Skeggs

© July 13, 2003

*** Temporary Draft Version -- Revisions Will Follow ***

"The truth about physical objects must be strange. It may be unattainable, but if any philosopher believes that he has attained it, the fact that what he offers as the truth is strange ought not to be made a ground of objection to his opinion." --Bertrand Russell.


This article is an abridged version which will appear in my new book regarding what's commonly known as teleportation. The book will discuss in detail my work on the Star Chamber design. The current version is more akin to a "stargate". [StealthSkater note: earlier drafts of Tom's Star Chamber are archived at doc pdf URL ] The book will also explain such novel methods as non-physical forms (i.e., "relative state" teleportation) and naturally-occurring forms of biological spontaneous teleportation occurring within ephemeris time. Plus some methods on how to induce the condition will be proposed. This article focuses on a single form of teleportation based on superluminal rotating magnetic fields.

Basic Descriptions

The model that I plan to construct basically consists of a modified electronic resonance circuit. "Time machines" usually function in accordance with General Relativity theory which is based on 3 spatial dimensions plus 1 time dimension. This form of teleportation requires the use of a complex 8dimensional model of space-time. When the device is switched 'on', the interior is isolated from its surroundings by the superluminal rotating magnetic field and octahedron antenna. Any object within the device is no longer a part our Universe. [StealthSkater note: more on the 8-dimensional TGD model of Dr. Matti Pitkanen is archived at doc pdf URL ] From an exterior observer's point of view, the contents of the device cannot be measured accurately. So the object would exist in a superposition. Say that 2 devices -- 'Alice' and 'Bob' -- are used and are connected together using standard telecommunication equipment. If a mass object was placed within 'Alice' and the device then switched 'on', it can technically exist within both 'Alice' and 'Bob' simultaneously because both exist as a superposition of states. When 'Alice' is switched 'on', it can send a message via a modem over a telephone line to 'Bob'. For example, 'Bob' is told that 'Alice' has been switched 'on'. 'Bob' then

switches its system 'on' and sends a message to 'Alice' to shut down. The object will appear in 'Bob' because when both machines were switched 'on', they consisted of 2 completely isolated and identical space-times. This can trick the object into being in two places at the same time or even jump from 'Alice' to 'Bob' due to the interiors of both machines being isolated from the surrounding Universe. This device also includes a psychoenergetic component which performs a vital role within this resonant circuit. Many scientists believe the human mind acts like a quantum computer where calculations are carried out in parallel instead of a logical sequence. I tend to like John von Neumann's basic definition that the human mind operates like a digital-to-analogue converter where Q-bits are computed in parallel and then converted using Feynman's sum-over-histories into a singular history with linear sequence. [StealthSkater note: Pyschotronics was also used in the fabled Montauk Project => doc pdf URL ] The psychoenergetic component consists of an operator applying the action of intent to alter the probability amplitudes of states within the machines 'Alice' and 'Bob' allowing a mass object to jump or "tunnel" from one machine to another. Using this psychoenergetic component eliminates the need for a quantum computer as you can use an individual's mind instead. [StealthSkater note: this insight gives a new interpretation of the purpose of the alien headbands that Col. Corso found in the Roswell debris. It would seem to be so much more than navigation by thought-control doc pdf URL .]

Detailed examination

I will explain some of the basic math involved in the operation of such a device. This design uses a resonance circuit which consists of a resistance load R, inductance L (coils) and capacitance C (capacitors). The resonant frequency commonly found within a resonance circuit can be described as Z = R + I [L - 1/ C] (1)

where the impedance Z is usually described as Z2 =R2 +X2 , R is the resistance, I is the current flow, and X is the reactance. But if the resistance [i.e., soil] R, inductance [i.e., coils] XL and capacitance [i.e., C metallic-dielectric layers] X are in series then the impedance Z is described as


R 2 (X L XC ) 2 .


The reactance caused by capacitance for a resonant circuit is XC = ½ f C where X=reactance and f is the frequency. And the reactance caused by inductance is XL =2 f L. The model consists of a 3 sets of Helmholtz coils 'X', 'Y' and 'Z' arranged to form a cube-shaped structure known as a triaxial cube. The purpose of this system is to cancel out the effects of the Earth's geomagnetic field. The triaxial cube consists of pairs of identical coils facing each other. The 'X' and 'Y' coils form the sides and 'Z' coils make up the top and bottom. The magnetic field strength as a function of input currant is B=8NuoI/5 3/2 R . (3)

[StealthSkater note: perhaps it is a coincidence, but the 3 axes here are reminiscent of the reported 3 axes used in the Montauk Project's "Delat-T" dual-pyramid antenna.] The stationary Helmholtz coils are wired in special way so they produce a rotating magnetic field moving in a circular motion around a fixed spot located in the center of the device. X'= x cos +y sin where is the angular displacement. The above equations presume the "positive" direction to be anti-clockwise. This design is capable of producing a superluminal rotating magnetic field. This is the result of the special way the Helmholtz coils are wired and because the superluminal rotating magnetic field is mass-less. This notion is compatible with Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity which states that no object with mass can attainor-exceed the speed-of-light (i.e., v<c). And it also takes into account of Einstein's General Relativity where the effects of gravity are equivalent to the same effects of acceleration. We can briefly examine the angular velocity which is the rate of change of angular displacement with time, =d/dt. And the angular acceleration is the rate of change of angular velocity; thus =d/dt =d2/dt2 and 2 = 1 + t = 2 t + t2 / 2 22 = 12 + 2 . (5) and Y'= -y cos + y sin (4)

The laws relating to rotational motion are analogous to the laws governing linear motion. So by studying some equations for superluminal linear-like waveforms, we can postulate how such a machine would produce a superluminal signal. The superluminal signal w propagating at a distance L would be observed by a moving observer v to have crossed in time: t =[(l-w v/c2) / (w-v)] L . (6)

If this signal is hyperluminal (i.e., w > c2/v ) , then the signal would been witnessed by the moving observer to travel backward in time where t becomes negative. The equation for time reversal is t' = [t- (v/c2) x] t=1/w and x=L t = (1/w - v/c2)<0 for time reversal Solving for w yields w > c2 / v [see Note 1]. (7)

With this model, the orientation of the triaxial cube is critical. So the magnetic fields of the 'X' and 'Y' Helmholtz coils are parallel to that of the Earth`s geomagnetic field to ensure the triaxial cube can cancel out the Earth's field.

Octahedron Antenna

An octahedron antenna consists of 2 pyramids facing back-to-back. Each pyramid has a volume of 1/3 Ah where A is the area and h is the perpendicular distance from the base to the apex. The octahedron acts a dipole antenna. Its dimensions are critical and takes into account the wavelength of the propagating transverse and longitudinal waves. The dipole elements comprising the octahedron are separated by a square-shaped insulator. This octahedron-shaped dipole is made up of metallic-dielectric layers where each triangular side acts like flat plate capacitor C = A/D , is the permittivity, A is the area and D is the length between the two metal plates. And the capacitance is usually described as Q=CV where V is the potential difference, C is the capacitance (measured in Farads), and Q is the charge stored on the potential difference between the plates. We can look at this accumulation of energy Q within a standard capacitor circuit as described by Q=LT=[(-V)/r] T (8)

where V=Q/C. It's interesting to note that as the potential increases, the currant decreases thus slowing down the rate of accumulation. The charge on a capacitor will rise-or-fall exponentially with a time constant equal to RC. The actual half-life of the discharge will be 69% of the time constant. After a capacitance C is initially charged to Qo and then discharged through a resistance R, Q will vary with time t as Q(t) = Qo e-t/RC (9)

If a capacitor C is charged to potential difference V and a charge Q is stored, then the energy E stored can be described as E=½ QV=½ CV2 =½ Q2/C The potential energy U stored in a capacitor can be described as U=½ CV2 =Q2 /2c=½ QV (11) (10)

The actual dimensions of the triangular plates are critical because they also act like quarter-wave plates designed to introduce a phase-shift of ½ between a component electric field of photons into perpendicular directions. On the inside of each triangular plate are 2 narrow slots. These slots result in the formation coherent waves creating a constructive interference pattern described by D sin m , m=0, ±1, ±2, ... Destructive interference also occurs when D sin = (m + ½) (13) (12)

The m is the 'order' of the fringe. For example, if a cylindrical screen was placed inside the device, the waves will show up as vertical and horizontal light and dark lines ("fringes"). The constructive interference shows up as bright fringes and destructive interference shows up as dark fringes. This would create a check or square pattern only if the magnetic field was stationary. Constructive interference results from the superposition of 2 waves which are in phase. Destructive interference results from 2 waves which are in phase.

Inside the octahedron, any object can exist in a number of states. This can be worked out using the superposition principle. When 2 waves come together at a single point, the resulting displacement is equal to the sum of the displacements positive and negative of the waves. This can be described as

X1 = a1 sin(2 v + 1) X2 = a2 sin(2 v + 2) X = A sin(2 v + ) .


In these equations v is the frequency, A is the amplitude, and is the phase angle and are both functions of a1, a2 , 1, 2. And represents the phase difference. A stationary magnetic field would create a check or square interference pattern measured in Planck units. But due to the Helmholtz coils being wired to produce a rotating magnetic field, the resulting interference pattern would appear as a mixture of the 2 light and dark fringes. This is a result of vorticity which describes the tendency of a velocity field to form closed loops. The energy stored within the plates making up the octahedron will result in the induced emission of photons. This forms a rotating spherical-shaped magnetic field located in the center of the octahedron. Using Cartesian coordinates, the equation of a sphere centered at the origin is x2 + y2 +z2 = r2 . (15)

The rotating magnetic field would have a approximate volume of 4/3 r3 and a surface area of 4 r2. This sphere-shaped field would actually represent a 4-dimensional space-time sphere. (And if you had 2 identical machines called 'Alice' and 'Bob', the machines would produce 2 identical 4dimensional space-time spheres). The emissions from the slots striking any mass objects circulating around the magnetic field would be subjected to irradiance. This produces the collective excitation of the electrons which make up the mass object resulting in the emission of photons. Yet earlier, I stated the superluminal rotating magnetic field was mass-less. But the interior triangular plates making up the octahedron antenna would also emit free electrons. And electrons do have mass which makes them move at subluminal velocities. Due to the interior shape of the octahedron, any emission of free electrons would spiral around in the 2 pyramids of the octahedron in the shape of a helix. Using parametric equations, each helix can be described as X = r cos t y = r sin t z = ct The c and t are constants. The free electrons would spiral in a helix pattern up-or-down inside the octahedron and would be emitted through the 2 apexes. Or there would spiral into the center of the rotating magnetic spherical field due to the centripetal force, which would create a singularity where x=0 is a singularity for y = 1/x Y2 = x3 Y2 = x3+x2 (17) (16)

Free electrons are forced into the center of the rotating magnetic field due to the centripetal force. This may create a torus-like singularity with a surface area of 2 2 R r within its center. Using Cartesian coordinates, a torus can be defined where the z-axis is the axis of rotation:



y2 R





The mass object (or person) moves from a stationary position into the spherical superluminal rotating magnetic field which is being bombarded with coherent photons from the slots. The person actually forms part of the resonance circuit resulting in the forced oscillation of the mass particles which comprise the individual. This person also produces both electric and magnetic fields and would be emitting coherent biophotons (Zero-Point Energy) which interacts with the Zero-Point Field. The emission of biophotons with electric and magnetic fields would result in the formation of a spherical-shaped Zero-Point (polarized) field surrounding the person. (More on this subjected in my book.) Here we can use the Schwarzschild radius as a starting point. R = 2GM /c2 (19)

The Schwarzschild radius is a relativistic equation. The interference is non-relativistic because the photons would be acting as 'waves' and 'particles' at the same time. Wave-Particle duality cannot be explained by classical physics. It forms a major component with Quantum Mechanics. So trying to measure the actual radius R and mass M would be impossible by Heisenburg's Uncertainty Principle. So in this model, the Schwarzschild radius would be R±= 2GM± /c2 (20)

The Schwarzschild radius would usually require a very large mass to distort the space-time. For example, a mass equal to the Earth would only produce a distorted region the size of a walnut. But the design proposed here involves using a superluminal rotating magnetic field which would inflate in size and would not exceed the physical dimensions of the octahedron. The octahedron would also produce a magnetic field of it own and would create a pitch-like (i.e., magnetic confinement) effect. When you have 2 identical 4-dimensional space-time spheres, then the mass may exist or travel from one 4-dimensional space-time sphere to another. M±= R± c2 R± /2G (21)

This creates a non-local connection between the 2 identical machines where a mass object can exist in relative states usually described as being in a superposition. To determine the actual location of the mass object would require an independent observer to make an observation, resulting in a partial collapse of the wave function by altering the probability amplitudes of states. A message can be sent over a standard phone line to switch 'off' the other identical machine. Note that no info is sent about the object -- just the data on which machine is 'active' or 'not'). At a later date, I will incorporate the effects of Lorentz-Fitzgerald contraction, Lorentz transformation, Larmor precession, and the important psychoenergetic component which is vital to the design and plays a key role in determining the probability amplitudes of (relative) events within a pair of identical machines.


The information contained with this document has been provided for information purposes only. The concept, design, and information remain the intellectual property and copyright of the author. The author cannot be held responsible for a misuse, damage, death, or injury resulting from an individual or organization who has copied the design without authority from the author. The author grants permission for this paper to be published only for non-profit use by writers, researchers, and scientists with an interest in time-travel related material. This paper is an abridged version. I have borrowed a method of data protection from Leonardo de Vinci to prevent any unauthorized duplication of my design: "My work is not incorrect -- it's incomplete."

Notes (General)

1. "Experimental Evidence of Near-field Superluminally Propagating Electromagnetic Fields", William D. Walker. Royal Institute of Technology, KTH-Visby. 2. see the updated edition of "Spontaneous Teleportation of Biological Systems" which will be published as an book sometime in the future.

Notes (Papers)

"Analysis of Causality Issue in Near-Field Superluminally Propagating Electromagnetic and Gravitational fields", William D .Walker. Royal Institute of Technology. "Experimental Evidence of Near-field Superluminally Propagating Electromagnetic Fields", William D. Walker. Royal Institute of Technology, KTH-Visby. "Propagation Speed of Longitudinally Oscillating Gravitational and Electric Fields", William D. Walker & J. Daul.

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