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Drawn Brass Rod

Alloys C360, C345, C353, C385, C377

Sizes & Lengths

Drawn Rounds Hex Squares Rectangles 5/64" 0.125" 3/16" - 2.50" - 2.00" - 2.00"

0.394" min x 1.4" max Thickness to width ratio must be below 1.5 12' length standard



Properties Tolerances O61 Annealed; other tempers available upon request According to latest revision of ASTM B-16 According to latest revision of ASTM B-249 1/2 of ASTM tolerances available ASTM/ASME SB Bundles or wooden cases available Plastic Wrapped 111. Mil-Spec compliance All 3/8" diameter and below in wooden cases



Drawn Brass Rod.xls

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