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Action Verbs and Linking Verbs

Remember, verbs that tell what the subject of a sentence does or did are action verbs. Verbs that tell what the subject of a sentence is or is like are called linking verbs.

Read the paragraph below. Circle each action verb. Underline each linking verb.

Last summer my friends and I invented a game called "Quick Changes." In this game we write the names of real or imaginary creatures on slips of paper. Each player takes a slip. For ten minutes, each player is the animal on the slip. For example, I was a seal one morning. I flopped around in the wading pool. I barked. I splashed water at my friends.

Use a form of the linking verb be to complete each sentence. 1. José and I ____________________ eager to play the new game. 2. "Oh, boy! I ____________________ an eagle!" says José. 3. "____________________ you ready for your turn?" asks Sara. 4. Maria ____________________ a bat, hanging from a tree branch.

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5. Some of my friends ____________________ really silly. 6. "This ____________________ a very strange game!" says José's sister.

Write two sentences about a game you and your friends enjoy. Use at least one action verb and one linking verb.

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Action Verbs and Linking Verbs

Answer Key

Action verbs: invented, write, takes, flopped, barked, splashed; Linking verbs: is, was. 1. are 2. am 3. Are 4. is 5. are 6. is Sentences will vary.

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