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Steeda Part # 555-8900 This special tool is designed to remove and install the pulley on the Ford and Eaton superchargers. Improper usage will result in damage to both the supercharger and the pulley. The removal or installation of the supercharger pulley may require the removal of several additional components in order for the puller to properly fit the pulley and supercharger. We recommend you have available a factory service manual for referencing when removing such other components. Caution:

The replacement of the press-on supercharger pulley for the Ford series superchargers (Cobra, Lightning and Harley-Davidson trucks) is a simple procedure, but

does require that the engine be completely cooled down before removal of the existing pulley or installation of the replacement pulley. The best procedure is to allow the car/engine to sit overnight before beginning the procedure

Pulley Removal

1. You must allow the engine to return to room temperature before removing or replacing the pulley. 2. Screw the two threaded studs into the u-shaped pulley plate with the Steeda logo up, make sure you use Anti-seize on the threads. The studs should be installed flush with the back side of the pulley plate. Figure 1

Figure 1 3. Slide the rectangular base over the two studs. Slip the hardened washers over the studs and screw on the two nuts. Screw the nuts on just past the end of the studs. It's critical that these two nuts be at the exact same distance from the plate to insure the pulley will be removed square. Measure and make sure they are. 4. Grease or oil the threads on the large carrier bolt and screw it into the center hole in the rectangular base. (It is important that the threads on this and the installation bolt be lubricated each time they are used.) Insert the large diameter stud of the carrier guide into the carrier bolt. Figure 2

Figure 2 5. Remove the pulley retention bolt in the end of the supercharger's shaft. 6. Fit the puller to the supercharger pulley. This may require the carrier bolt be removed and reinstalled once the pulley plate has been fitted to the pulley. Be sure the small diameter shaft of the carrier guide is inserted into the hole in the end of the supercharger's shaft. 7. With the puller assembled and fitted to the supercharger pulley, insert the torque tube into the end of the base. Make sure the tool is square on the pulley.

8. Secure the torque tube with your left had to prevent the puller from rotating. Using an 1 1/8" wrench or socket-ratchet, turn the carrier bolt clockwise to remove the pulley. The pulley has an interference fit with the supercharger's shaft and therefore may require a considerable amount of torque on the carrier bolt to remove the it. Figure 3

Figure 3

Pulley Installation

1. Assemble the pulley installer by threading the included nut on the installation bolt. Slip the bearing onto the bolt followed by the 9/16" flat washer. Make sure you use Anti-seize on the threads and also to apply a couple drops of engine oil into the bearing. Figure 4

Place 9/16" washer here.

Figure 4 2. Thread the M8 socket head set screw into the end of the supercharger shaft approximately half the length of the screw. 3. When installing a new pulley, with the engine at room temperature, heat the replacement pulley in an oven at 400o for 45 minutes or for 1-1/2 minutes with a

propane torch prior to installation. Use leather gloves to handle the hot pulley to prevent burns to your hands or other plastic components and painted items. Install the pulley immediately after removing it from the oven. 4. Slide the new pulley onto the install bolt. Thread the install bolt onto the set screw in the supercharger shaft until it bottoms against the shaft. 5. Use a 1" box-end wrench to hold the install bolt as you turn the nut to press the new pulley on. Do not press the pulley past the end of the shaft, this is what the 9/16" washer is for. Figure 5

Figure 5 6. Before starting the engine, be sure to sight down the belt to check the alignment. Insure the pulley has been installed at the correct depth and direction on the supercharger's shaft for proper belt tracking. 7. When you are satisfied the pulley is proper aligned, start the engine and observe the belt tracking. If the belt does not track true, go back to Step 6.

Thank you for choosing STEEDA. Any questions and/or comments on these instructions please contact us at (954) 960-0774 or e-mail us at [email protected]

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