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Signature Cocktails

a blend of Bacardi Dragonberry rum, pineapple juice with a black raspberry sinker

Dragon Martini $9

a refreshing blend of vodka, sake, cucumber, olive

Saketini $8

Chairman's Reserve Spiced Rum, Gosling's ginger beer and a squeeze of fresh lime

Hot Ginger $9

a traditional cosmopolitan made with white cranberry juice in a sugar rimmed glass

Cosmo Bianco $8

vodka bursting with lychee and blackberry puree.

Lycheetini $10 Mangotini $8

a twist on the Long Island Tea with rum, vodka, gin, and melon liquor with sour and a splash of sprite.

Tokyo Tea $8

mango puree spiked with vodka with a cranberry sinker

Stirrings ginger liqueur and a fresh twist of orange topped with a refreshing Prosecco

Ginger Sparkler $9

A vodka martini with Tyku, cucumber, and fresh lime

Steeltini $10


Sake Flight

Hakutsuru, Black & Gold, Ozeki Karatamba $14


Full bodied with a calm aroma

Black & Gold $18/$39

crisp, clean, with hints of pear smooth, unfiltered, with hints of melon

Rock Sake $30/$55

Gekkeikan Horin 300ml $32

Bold, fragrant, dry Premium Sake

Roughly filtered, milky, full-bodied

Gekkeikan Nigori 300ml $19 Hakutsuru 300ml $15

Rock Cloud $30/$55

Tyku Sake $35/$92 Ozeki Karatamba 300ml $26 Kubota Manjui $110/$220

Clean, dry, bittersweet

Hana Awaka 250ml $17

sweet Sparkling & Fruity Smooth, dry, sparkling

Light, fresh, smooth, sweet & dry

Zipang 250ml $17

Smooth, crisp, "the world's best sake"

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Share Plates

steamed soy beans sprinkled with sea salt

Edamame $5.95

maryland style lump crab cake on a bed of mixed greens, with a wasabi cream

Crab Cake $8.95

Rock Shrimp Tempura $7.95

tempura fried rock shrimp, spicy yuzu aioli

Crispy Chicken Spring Roll $8.95

crispy chicken, avocado, bibb lettuce, red & green cabbage with a sweet chili sauce

chicken, water chestnuts, shitake mushrooms, and scallions sautéed in a sweet soy sauce, served with cool leaves of bibb lettuce

Lettuce Wraps $7.95

four skewers of chicken, beef, or a combination of both marinated in Thai spices, with peanut-chili dipping sauce

Satay $8.95

onion rings, asparagus, green beans, shiitake

Vegetable Tempura $7.95


crab, cream cheese, scallions, & garlic wontons served with smoky dipping sauce

Crab Rangoon $8.95

fresh spring rolls filled with sautéed crab, sliced mango, and jicama. With a spicy peanut-chili sauce

Crabmeat Spring Rolls $8.95

Sea Salt & Chili Pepper Calamari $9

wok sautéed with garlic, onions & three chilies with honey chili paste & ginger lime sesame sauce

pork & cabbage dumpling, served with a savory soy sauce

Steamed Dumplings $7.95

Indo-Chine Soft Shell Crab $12.95

with wok sautéed garlic, onions & three chilies, served with a spicy ponzu sauce

pork & mixed vegetables served with a traditional vietnamese dipping sauce

Vietnamese Egg Rolls $7.95

Sushi Chef Features

crabmeat, cream cheese, & avocado topped with thinly sliced strawberries & honey wasabi sauce

Strawberry Fields Roll $9

thin medallions of lightly seared tuna with ponzu sauce

Tuna Tataki $14

sticky rice, avocado, fresh lemon, spicy crabmeat, & spicy tuna drizzled with wasabi honey

Tuna Tower $16

chopped octopus, crab, shrimp & squid in a Yuzu garlic vinaigrette

Japanese Ceviche $16

thin medallions of seared tenderloin, fresh cracked pepper, razor thin jalapenos, siracha, dressed with yuzu-garlic soy sauce

Beef Tataki $15

california roll with baked scallops, crawfish or combination of both & spicy mayo

Volcano Roll $16

fresh escolar sliced & served with razor thin fresno, scallions & a yuzu garlic vinaigrette

Escolar Tataki $15

thin medallions of tuna, salmon, yellow tail, & avocado with thinly sliced jalapenos & ponzu sauce

Rainbow Tataki $14

Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions. If you have a food allergy or special dietary restrictions, please notify a manager or chef & we will try to accommodate you.

Japanese Hot Rock

four thinly sliced pieces of seasoned tenderloin seared table side on a japanese river rock with a side of spicy ponzu sauce

Beef $9

four thinly sliced pieces of tuna seared table side on a japanese river rock with a side of spicy ponzu sauce

Tuna $9

Soup & Salad

white tofu, chicken, chinese dried mushrooms, eggs, bamboo shoots, green onions in a tangy broth

Hot & Sour Soup $5

miso broth with white tofu, mushrooms & scallions

Miso Soup $5

Vietnamese Chicken Cabbage Salad $8

cilantro, mint, ground peanuts, chicken, lime juice, with a ginger chili dressing

mixed greens, cucumber, Thai Basil, with miso vinaigrette add chicken or shrimp for $3

Steel Salad $6

grilled chicken in a sweet honey teriyaki glaze with mango, avocado, cherry tomatoes, wonton crispy strips, sesame seeds & sweet chili dressing

Chicken Spinach Salad $9

Rice & Noodle Bowls

your choice of white jasmine rice, brown rice or lo-mein

Crispy Beef $13

wok sautéed in a sweet hoisin sauce with scallions

Garlic Beef & Broccoli $13

wok sautéed in a garlic sauce

Chicken Teriyaki $13

with carrots & onions

Sesame Chicken & Broccoli $13

wok sautéed in a sesame sauce

wok sautéed shrimp, cabbage, asparagus, green beans, water chestnuts, onions, carrots, shitake mushrooms, bok choy

Spicy Shrimp $14

Stir Fried Vegetables $13

carrots, broccoli, bok choy, tofu, & green beans over Lo Mein Noodles

From the Land

tenderloin wok sautéed with garlic & onion, on a bed of mixed greens & cherry tomatoes dressed with a ginger vinaigrette

Vietnamese Shaken Beef $24

with wok sautéed garlic, onions & three chilies, served with a honey chili paste & ginger lime sesame sauce

Sea Salt Chicken $17

grilled beef marinated in Korean spices, served with house made kim chee & veggie pancake with scallions & baby bok choy

Korean Beef $19

wok sautéed with chili peppers & dried orange peel, with sautéed green beans

Mandarin Orange Chicken $19

6oz grilled tenderloin with wasabi mashed Potatoes & grilled asparagus

Grilled Tenderloin $24

chicken, onions, jalapeno, & lemon grass wok sautéed brown sauce & coconut milk

Lemon Grass Chicken $18

crispy fried beef wok sautéed in a sweet hoison sauce with scallions

Crispy Beef $19

shrimp, beef, and chicken with bean sprouts, eggs, & green onions

Combination Fried Rice $14

From the Sea

marinated in miso and Sake, baked & served with a miso wasabi sauce & grilled asparagus

Signature Chilean Sea Bass $26

grilled salmon glazed with a honey teriyaki sauce with grilled asparagus

Honey Teriyaki Salmon $19 Seared Diver Scallops $26 Seafood Combination $28

with sautéed spinach & black bean sauce

shrimp, scallops, & calamari with wok fried garlic, onions & three chilies served with honey chili paste & ginger lime sesame


Shiitake Mushrooms, Green Beans & Water Chestnuts $5 Grilled Asparagus $5 Wok Sautéed Broccoli $5 Wasabi Mashed Potatoes$5 Sesame Tossed Bok Choy $5 Sautéed Spinach $5


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