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CRC (Cold-Rolled Channel) 1-800-275-2279

Materials a) Light gauge steel meeting the physical and galvanization requirements of ASTM A-653 or equal. b) Shape and Dimensions shown at left. c) Length - 10'-0" and 20"-0". Special lengths are available. d) Sizes - ¾", 1½", and 2". Installation a) Suspended Drywall Ceiling erection- install "CRC" 48" on center as the main carriers and within 6" of walls. Secure with 8 ga. or 9 ga. STEELER hanger wire (saddle tie). Splices- interlock flanges and overlap ends 12" and secure with 1 strand of 16 ga. or 2 strands of 18 ga. tie wire. b) Suspended Plaster Ceilingapply ¾" CRC across at right angles to 1½" CRC. Space 12" to 24" depending on type of lath. Saddle tie to 1½" carriers with tie wire. c) Walls- Refer to page 51 of our ICBO Report for bridging applications.

Consult with your engineering firm before using this product. 10023 Martin Luther King Jr. Way South, Seattle, WA 98178 - (206) 725-2500 (206) 725-1700 FAX

Document: ST-CRC Steeler and Steeler, Inc. are registered trademarks of Steeler, Inc. Copyright 2003 Steeler, Inc. All Rights Reserved. November 6, 2003

STEELER, INC. provides standard "CRC" coldrolled channel made from 16 gauge. CRC is used for furring walls and ceilings and suspended ceilings. Also used for laterally bracing in steel stud wall systems and ornamental lathing. Available in galvanized per ASTM A-653 or equal.


Microsoft Word - 2003-11-06 Cold Rolled Channel Info.doc

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