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Vel Satis Initiale (Carminat+Cabasse) Phase 1 2002-2005

Aux-in cable in 15 minutes

Alexander © 2010 [email protected]

The cockpit of my Vel Satis Initiale Phase 1

I bought a Vel Satis Initiale from 2002 I ordered a cable from Ricardo Martinez in Barcelona. You can also braze it yourself, but I didnt want to. Name: CableCBS, Price: 25 + 7 delivery to Europe, delivery time 5/6 days

Cable CBS from Ricardo in Barcelona: 25

Alexander © 2010 [email protected]

I watched this movie on YouTube about how to install an aux-in with the cable but in a different Renault: I went to my car and opened the rear doors.

I had to find the amplifier under the rear bench, just behind the driver`s seat.

I had to tear the black felt away, but there are screws.

Alexander © 2010 [email protected]

Under the rear seat, just behind the drivers seat, into the amplifier, thats where I had to fit my cable. I fold the bench aside, and had to get rid of the black felt. But there are screws and there are these other clips.

These are complicated screws, that brake easily.

Only ca. 1/2 turn, than lift the inner screw-like part and pull the entire piece out.

Actually, this isn`t a screw at all.

1/2 turn with a coin or something else, than lift the inner part. Only if that part is lifted you can pull the screw out. I did lift it with a small screw driver. Actually it isnt a screw.

There are also standard clips which you have to lift slowly and cautioulsy

Alexander © 2010 [email protected]

All screws and clips taken away, I could lift the black felt board and see the amplifier.

I could lift the entire black board.

And here it is: the amplifier!

Alexander © 2010 [email protected]

The amplifier has all the cables on the back, towards the rear of the car, but you can reach them easily.

That`s how the amplifier is fitted under the bench.

I had to concentrate now on this section of the amplifier.

Alexander © 2010 [email protected]

The black bracket has to be turned in order to loose and lift the red jack, where all the cables are bundled. Under the light-grey plastic casing, thats the place where you had to plug the spanish cable in.

I turned the black bracket over a lightgrey plasctic casing.

I pulled the red jack, in order to understand how I can get rid of the light-grey top-casing.

Alexander © 2010 [email protected]

There are 2 slots in the red jack. Normally the one closer to the amplifier case is empty, but in my case there was some mobile phone component installed from the pre-owner. I unplugged this white part and fitted my cable with its small red cable on the very outer right side.

That`s how it looked like when I had replugged the red jack without the light-grey top.

I unplugged the white bar - some mobile phone thing from the pre-owner - and changed place with Ricardo`s cable. Done!


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