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Sterno® Butane Product Line

It only makes sense that the #1 brand in portable fire now brings you the best butane culinary collection in the business!

Sterno® Butane ActionStationTM Stove

· UL/cUL listed for consumer safety · 7000 BTU per hour output for high volume cooking · Premium-quality, stainless steel styling Item No. ST06004 Case Pack 6/case Gross Weight 30 lbs. Case Cube 2.19 cu. ft. Pallet Quantity 20 cases/pallet

Sterno® Butane Product Line

Sterno® Butane Stove

· ETL certified · 9925 BTU per hour output · Sleek, black enamel-coated design Item No. ST06001 Case Pack 6/case Gross Weight 31 lbs. Case Cube 2.70 cu. ft. Pallet Quantity 20 cases/pallet

Sterno® Professional Culinary Torch

· Innovative anti-flare design · Immediate shut-off function · Safety switch Item No. ST06003 Case Pack 10/case Gross Weight 6 lbs. Case Cube .7 cu. ft. Pallet Quantity 81 cases/pallet

Sterno® Brand Butane Fuel Cartridge

· UL/cUL listed · Lasts for 2 hours on high setting -- 4 hours on low/simmer in portable stove · Works with all butane stoves and culinary torches accepting 8 oz. fuel cartridges · Odorant added for scent detection Item No. ST06000 Case Pack 12/case Gross Weight 10 lbs. Case Cube .35 cu. ft. Pallet Quantity 108 cases/pallet

Profit from Perfection! Event-Enhancing Essentials from Sterno®

Sterno® Disposable Butane Lighter

· Perfect lighter for all Sterno® Brand Chafing Fuel and Decorative Lighting products · Extended neck for all lighting needs · Safety button Item No. 897 Case Pack 12/case Gross Weight 3 lbs. Case Cube .17 cu. ft. Pallet Quantity 220 cases/pallet 877.478.3766 999 East Touhy Ave., Suite 450, Des Plaines, IL 60018

Perfection under fireTM 877.478.3766 999 East Touhy Ave., Suite 450, Des Plaines, IL 60018

Perfection under fireTM

© 2009 Sterno L59

Put a Pair of Top Performers to Work for You!

Get a Piece of the Action

According to catering industry trend-setters and forecasters alike, chef-attended Action Stations are hotter than ever,1 reinforcing what one of America's most prestigious restaurant groups calls the Top Trend of 2009: Interactive Events. Formal seating affairs are giving way to casual lounge-like settings,1 and Action Stations are a perfect fit for this more social and engaging experience. Event guests love customizing dishes to satisfy personal tastes, watching the cooking process, asking questions of the chef -- and enjoying delicious, freshly-prepared foods. You'll love the creativity Action Stations provide in menu planning and event theming, the cost efficiency of smaller portions and less food waste -- plus, the sales advantage they offer you over the competition. And to help give you the edge, Sterno® Brand now brings you a UL/cUL listed, professionally designed portable butane stove to ensure the best cooking performance, classic style and safety of guests at any event!

Own the Perfect Finishing Tool

Chefs who demand perfection know the importance of professional-grade culinary tools they can depend on to help make every dish a work of art. Now Sterno® offers a premium-quality butane torch that gives you a hand with the the cosmetic aspects of cooking, and saves valuable time in the back of the house. Plus, with the flick of a switch you can impress guests with delicious flaming tableside desserts!

Sterno® Professional Culinary Torch

Now... UL/cUL Listed

Works wonders on crème brûlées, au gratins and meringues -- great for caramelizing, melting, browning, crisping, skinning vegetables, and creating beautiful ice sculptures.

· Innovative anti-flare design · Piezo ignition for instant start-up · Immediate shut-off function · Adjustable flame · Safety switch with locking coupler mechanism

Sterno® Butane ActionStationTM Stove

Perfect for popular and profitable made-to-order stations featuring omelets, pastas, crêpes, international cuisine, regional fare and more -- as well as tableside, outdoor and off-site cooking.

· Now...UL/cUL listed for consumer safety · Made for high volume cooking · Long-textured grates for greater stability · Adjustable flame for all cooking needs · Classic, professional-grade stainless steel design -- with durable carrying case · Key safety features include: ­ Piezo ignition with safety lock ­ Automatic shut-off pressure sensor

Sterno® Butane Fuel Cartridge

Made to fuel all Sterno® butane essentials.

Now...UL/cUL listed


Source: Simply Divine Events, 1/10/09

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