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Charlotte's Web Quiz CH. 10-13

1. Chapter 10 is called The Explosion. What event leads to the egg exploding?

2. Chapter 11 is called The Miracle. What happens in this chapter that is so amazing?

3. What's the logic or reasoning behind Charlotte's web-making efforts?

4. What was the purpose of the meeting held by the animals in chapter 12?

5. Who was the only animal not at the meeting? When did he actually arrive?

6. What job did Charlotte give Templeton?

7. What was the second thing written in the web?

8. Where is Wilbur going on September 6th?

9. When Wilbur asks Charlotte to tell him a story (to help him sleep) what story does she tell him?

10. What is an aeronaut?

11. What does Charlotte do at the end of chapter 13?


Quiz Chapters 10-13.PDF

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