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A Communication Vehicle of the Parish Stewardship Office, Diocese of Rockville Centre, New York

Volume 2, Issue 6 June, 2002


"...proclaim the word; be persistent whether it is convenient or inconvenient..."

A Way of Life

I n F u l l Bl oo m ...

Deacon Fred Molina, St. Frances Cabrini, Coram

During the last few weeks, we have received numerous phone calls (and pictures) from people in parishes telling us that the tulips we gave out at last Fall's Stewardship Training Days are in full bloom!

2 Timothy 4:2

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· In Full Bloom! (pg. 1) · Accountability (pg. 1) · YES! (pg. 3) · Other Half Opportunity - Religious Retirement Fund (pg. 4) · Another Other Half Opportunity Church in Latin America Collection (pg. 5) · The Beatitudes (pg. 5) · A Stewardship Coordinator/Director is Key (pg. 6) · "Come and See - 2003" (pg. 7) · PFI Stewardship Leadership Course (pg. 8) · A Night of Song and Prayer (pg. 9) · Gift Discovery Opportunity (pg. 9) · A Summertime Stewardship Picture Puzzle (pg. 10) · Two Tips for You! (pg. 11) · Connections: Cooperation and Redemption (pg. 12)

When we gave the bulbs out, we said that when they bloom, they will be a symbol of the beauty and joy that can come forth when a gift is nourished and cared for.

Clover Graphics, Ronkonkoma

This is like how stewardship spirituality and Christian discipleship grows and spreads! God has "planted bulbs" in all of us! These are our gifts. How do we nourish their growth?

Stewardship and Accountability

- R. Cammarata

One thing that I always find exciting is the many ways parish stewardship has evolved since it officially started here in our diocese back in 1995. Some of this evolution takes shape when parishes develop new and creative methods and ideas. At other times, the evolution is a result of our Office's enhanced vision for parish stewardship in the diocese. One thing is abundantly clear ­ the model we have for the implementation of parish stewardship today (for instance, in the Spring of 2002) has evolved greatly since we first started back in 1995. A valuable contribution my predecessor made to the Parish Stewardship Program in our Diocese was to enhance the original model for financial stewardship renewal that was first introduced here by incorporating into it an "Annual Report Weekend." The intention here was and remains to encourage parishes to provide a vehicle for accountability to the faithful during financial stewardship renewal. When the People of God are encouraged to give unconditionally and from their substance, we have an incumbent responsibility to be accountable to God and to the faithful for the ways in which we as church leaders use their gifts. One way to show this is during the financial renewal. (Other ways include different types of reporting all during the year.) In all our leadership materials since at least 1998, we continue to address the issue of the need for accountability within the Church. With the current crisis the Church is facing the issue of accountability has become even more prominent and pressing. In terms of stewardship, there are essentially two levels or kinds of accountability. Each revolves around our use of all the gifts we have received from God as individuals (personal gifts) and as a Christian community (communal gifts). At the heart of our faith and stewardship is the reality that God is the source of all we have. We trust in God in a very real way as the Source of everything. Our response to God's generosity is best evidenced when we attempt to use our gifts to live our lives as Christian disciples. We do not only do this alone;

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we do this individually and collectively within the context of the community of all the baptized. The two basic levels of accountability are: Individual accountability ­ Me to God, Me to the others. Corporate (Social) Accountability ­ Us to God, Us to others.

Individual Accountability

What gifts has God given me and how do I best develop, share, and return them in love and justice with others within the context of my family, my workplace, my community, my parish and the world? Ultimately, how am I living my life according to the teachings of Jesus in helping to establish God's kingdom? The Beatitudes serve as a blueprint or a map for the Christian life ­ our way of living (see pg. 5). If I as a baptized individual am not trying to use God's gifts in an appropriate and responsible way, I am doing a tremendous disservice to God's generosity and to myself.

4. Explore how honest I am in my relationships (with God and with others: my spouse, family, workplace, community, church)? 5. Think about how the words and actions in my everyday life do or do not reflect gratitude to God. 6. Live more simply. Remove at least some obstacles I have in my life that keep me from good relationships with God and others. 7. Make a plan as to how I can use my gifts. Stewardship renewal time in the parish is a wonderful opportunity to do this. 8. Review my plan. Note achievements. Work on failures. 9. Make an honest assessment of myself first. Be reluctant to judge others. 10.Imagine how I can celebrate what God has done for me. Then do it. Corporate (Social) Accountability: 1. Reflect on the shared gifts we have been given by God. This includes our money (for instance, the parish collections), our time, our talents ­ all the treasure we have been given. 2. Consider: How all our gifts are being used. How is our money spent by the community (the parish, diocese, or other institution)? Are purchases appropriate and responsible? Are there excesses that can be eliminated? Are there systems, policies, or conditions that need to change so that we may exercise better stewardship over the resources we have been given? 3. Examine: How is power exercised? How can power be shared? How can people be empowered? How can the proper use of power be good stewardship? 4. Ask: Is there a plan in the parish, diocese or institution? If not, how do we go about making one? 5. Discern: Do we regularly revisit the plan, make necessary adjustments, and incorporate new visions or ideas? 6. Think and pray about the ways can we use our shared gifts to reach out to those who are poor; those who are oppressed, marginalized, vulnerable and exploited. Then act. (An example of this would be regular parish tithing to certain charities.) 7. Know that the parish, diocese or other Christian institution should explore the best means of reporting to the community the ways in which gifts are being used and shared (money, possessions, talents, skills, time, etc.). For instance, the annual report we recommend during financial stewardship renewal is one way to report to parishioners how gifts of time, talent, and treasure are being used in the parish. 8. Look at our record keeping. Are our records accurate? What systems do we have in place to help ensure accuracy and fairness? Is our operation efficient? 9. Pray and discern: Have we created an environment where people feel welcome and a place where, because of our responsible use of shared gifts, people would want to share their gifts with us? If not, come up with a plan that will help make this happen. 10.Imagine how we can celebrate what God has done for us. Then do it. Accountability is clearly a vital component of good Christian stewardship. Let's pray for its increase in our Church!

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Corporate (Social) Accountability

What has God given us as a church community and how do we collectively develop, share, and return those gifts in love and justice with the larger community (the diocesan or local church, the universal church, the global community)? How does the church community live the teachings of Jesus? Again, the Beatitudes can be used as a framework ­ perhaps a litmus test - for the life of the church community. Corporate accountability in terms of Christian stewardship includes being accountable for the many ways gifts are developed and used in all aspects of parish, diocesan, and universal church life. It includes the appropriate use of money given the fact that we are a Christian community and institution. It calls upon all church leadership (religious, lay, and clergy; parish, diocesan and universal) to make prudent and wise decisions in light of Christian discipleship. It challenges each Christian community and institution to reflect, to evaluate and reevaluate, to make necessary changes that are responsible, based upon Christian love and charity, and help express the reality of our God. If we as the Christian community and a Christian institution are not trying to use God's gifts in an appropriate and responsible way, we are doing a tremendous disservice to God's generosity and to God's people.

Becoming More Accountable

What are some things we can do to become more accountable, both individually and corporately? Individual Accountability: 1. Discern what gifts God has given me. Pray and think about ways I use my gifts: my time, my speech, my talents, my work, etc. Am I using these gifts in the way God intends for me? 2. Pray and think about how I use my money, my possessions. How do they use me? Do I really need four televisions in my house? 3. Ask myself, "What changes in my life can I make that will better reflect what I say I believe?

Volume 2, Issue 6

In a similar way to how parishes ask the faithful to pray and reflect on their commitment to Stewardship as a way of life, we also ask our Pastors to pray and reflect on the parish's commitment to stewardship. Each year the Pastors and Administrators of our diocese are invited to consider formal involvement in the Parish Stewardship Program for their parish. This year, as in the past, there are two levels of Commitment: 1. A commitment to Ongoing Stewardship for those parishes who are continuing to foster Stewardship as a way of life, which involves every aspect of the Program including written commitments Courses/Workshops/Presentations at various Parishes/Centers. · Stewardship Leadership Formation Course (see ad on page 8). · On-site Stewardship Topics (Modules--your choice). · Fall and Spring Stewardship In-Service Training Days. · Collaborative Workshops. New Materials for Annual Renewals Fall: Treasure Renewal (Financial). Spring: Time and Talent Renewal. · Spiritual brochures. · Personal reflection exercises. · Bulletin inserts. · Graphics (Clip Art) and Posters. · Take-A-Step Planning Guides. · Videos. · Homiletic Helps. Computer Training and Support Regional and on-site assistance for stewardship related efforts. · PDS, Data Management. · MS Word, MS Access. · MS Publisher, MS Front Page, etc. Shared Resources · Videos. · Books. · CD's. · Articles. · National resources (e.g. ICSC).

Volume 2, Issue 6

for both the Fall and Spring Renewals and; 2. A commitment to Stewardship Orientation and Formation, which is perfect for new parishes or for parishes who wish to rebuild or revitalize their Stewardship effort. This level includes all aspects of the program with the exception of written commitments during the renewals for the 2003 Fiscal year with a plan for full renewal beginning Fall 2004. The fee this year for participating parishes is .3% (.003) of the prior year's collections with a minimum of $1,000. Just what do you get for this fee? Well, here goes (and this is just a partial list!):

Resources for Stewardship Directors/ Coordinators and other Parish Leaders · For Pastors looking to hire. · For candidates looking for jobs. · Job descriptions. · Salary scale recommendations. · Personal support. · Resource Center. Regular Communications with Parish Leaders and others. · Weekly Faxes. · Newsletter. · Web Site (General and Special Leadership Section). · "Give-A-Ways" that help spread "the word." "Support Gathering" Groups For Stewardship Leaders. · Meet every two months. · Rotates parish/regional locations. · Pray, share ideas, make plans, share resources. Parish Leadership Guides For the Fall and Spring Renewals · Theological background. · Detailed plan of action. · Sample letters and announcements. · Sample witness talks. · Resources listing. · Helpful hints and other resources. · Planning resources and presentation aides.

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The "Other Half"

By Kathy Mulvey, Director, Bishop's Annual Appeal

sponsorship of countless ministries and institutions. Until recent decades, "Today, however, the care of elderly members elderly members was ensured, since women far outnumber and men who entered those Religious religious life provided financial and human who earn salaries resources for care of their or stipends in the elderly. Today, however, workplace." elderly members far outnumber those Religious who earn salaries or stipends in the workplace. Health care costs have skyrocketed and the number of elderly religious in assisted living or nursing facilities is on the rise. A recent study projected an increase in retirement needs over previous years due to increases in average cost of care and longer life expectancy. The Religious Retirement Fund in our Diocese was launched in 1985 when it became obvious that retirement plans for local religious orders were significantly under-funded. Today, retired Religious receive a minimal sum in Social Security benefits, well below what the average individual receives. Some religious communities address retirement needs by selling property. They also have depleted assets that had been earmarked for ministries. The Religious Retirement Fund assists our Religious by providing an annual subsidy to the participating communities in the Rockville Centre and Brooklyn Dioceses. Please consider sharing your gifts by donating a portion of your other half when the Collection for Religious Retirement is taken in your parish on the weekend of June 1/2, 2002. Thank you and be assured of a remembrance in prayer from these Religious Communities.

Religious Retirement Fund

"Reading, writing and arithmetic"

When we hear this "These Steward phrase we think of disciples of time learning. We think of and talent found those people and places that were and still are themselves in a instrumental in our crisis situation." education - our parents, a local library and of course our schools and our parish. For many of us learning, to some extent or other, meant contact with the Brothers and Sisters of Religious Communities in our area who were called by God to dedicate themselves to serving others. These Steward disciples of time and talent found themselves in a crisis situation. The crisis became evident in the early 1970's. Until that time, Catholic religious orders, which had been involved in the ministries of education, health care, and social ministry, as well as contemplative religious life in cloistered monasteries and convents since the earliest days of the country's founding, had placed little or no emphasis on saving for retirement needs. Contributions and stipends earned by the Sisters and Brothers were earmarked primarily for good works and new ministries. Religious communities supported and trained their members for ministry and provided financial

Volume 2, Issue 6

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Another Other Half Opportunity!

by Sr. Catherine Kelly, Director, Diocesan Office of Missions Bishop Murphy, responding to the ever increasing needs of the Church in Latin America, has inaugurated a separate Diocesan Collection as an other half opportunity to share our treasure with our brothers and sisters in Latin America. As a former member of the Bishops' Committee on the Church in Latin America, Bishop Murphy has traveled extensively throughout the region and seen for himself the great needs of the Church. There is no shortage of the gifts of time and talent among our brothers and sisters but the treasure that the people share so generously is truly the `widow's mite'. The collection is scheduled for the weekend of July 5th and 6th. For the last three years, the needs of the church in Latin America had been incorporated into the combined American Missions Collection. Coupled with the time, talent and treasure we have shared through our own missionary presence in our diocesan mission in the Dominican Republic for over twenty years, the Diocese reflects the growing solidarity with our brothers and sisters. It should be noted that a separate collection for the Church in Latin America has been an ongoing reality in many dioceses throughout the country since 1966. Since then, over $100 million has been raised. Last year alone, Catholics in the United States contributed more than $6.3 million to the Collection, which provided grants to 350 projects in 21 Latin American and Caribbean countries. The money raised through our combined collection was allocated to this effort. Recent grants distributed through the Bishops' Committee included: Ongoing hurricane relief to six countries which were ravaged by Hurricanes Georges and Mitch ($500,000) Participation in World Youth Day 2000 activities in Rome by 256 youth from ten countries in Latin America ($210,000) Training lay people to be missionaries in the Amazon region and throughout the Diocese of Quizada in Brazil ($6,000) Pastoral work among abused women in the Diocese of Bucaramanga, Colombia (15,000)

Volume 2, Issue 6

We as Church stand ready to assist those who are in need ­ not because the poor need us to help them, but rather because, we need the poor to enable us to carry out Christ's mission of loving service to all people, especially the poor. We do this generously as more and more we become aware of just how much God has gifted us! The very presence of the Church in these places is a beacon of hope. Drawing on the time and talents of the people they serve, they reach out to those in need and do a great deal to keep hope alive. In those communities where treasure is lacking due to the abject poverty of its members, the Church turns to us, their universal family in faith for assistance.

The Beatitudes:

· Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. · Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted. · Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth. · Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for justice, for they shall be satisfied. · Blessed are the merciful, for they will receive mercy. · Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God. · Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God. · Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness' sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are you when people revile you and persecute you and utter all kinds of evil against you falsely on my account. Rejoice and be glad, for your reward will be great in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you. (Mt. 5:3-12)

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Sr. Louise Cullen, R.S.M., St. Rose of Lima, Massapequa in our efforts to come into the One of my which we present at these next century. There is always favorite sayings gatherings. Basically, we use this more to be done but Terry has about opportunity to share hospitality, used his expertise to help us Stewardship is: and to encourage those who are keep our site going and "Stewardship is new in the parish to get to know improving. everything that each other and get involved. you do after you Two parishioners, Mary Beth Just recently a parishioner say that you Petraco and Vincent Rocarro, spoke to me about getting the believe." I am a present the Gift children involved in Sister of Mercy Discovery Workshop. specific projects. The and after "Contact This workshop helps Red Cross had just spending many years at Our Lady with people, people to discover or asked for donations of Mercy Academy, I was ready for is key rediscover their gifts of school supplies for a different ministry. I didn't know to my and to find a ministry the children of too much about stewardship but I that is compatible with Afghanistan. The philosophy had a desire to work in a parish their gifts. The children collected the setting. I had taught many of a response to this then students from St. Rose so I had a stewardship supplies,and workshop has been very counted sense of the community when I coordinator." separated them to be positive. People young applied to be the Stewardship and old enjoy the sure to have the right Coordinator. After taking the PFI interaction and the discoveries amount for the chest. Terry put stewardship course, I had a better that come from the sharing. One a link to the Red Cross on our sense of the various components of the difficulties is getting people web site. This gave people in a stewardship program. When to make the time commitment. We additional information on the I arrived, in August 1997 a do not use this solely as a conditions in Afghanistan. I committee was already in place. I recruitment tool. I am firmly saw this as an important relied heavily on their input and convinced that any one who contribution to the project. suggestions as we tried to participates will be a better integrate stewardship One of the most important person, whether or not with the many activities "Just aspects of stewardship is trying they have time to commit already in existence. I hearing to respond to the needs and to the parish ministries. see my role as a suggestions of people. I have those One of the younger facilitator and as the found in my interaction with the mothers said that it was an words person who keeps things various groups that if I show an uplifting experience that moving through followwas a interest and give them some helped her find some inner up. joy to assistance when possible, they peace. Another my heart." said that she St. Rose is a parish wasn't doing with a registration of anything different but she over 6,000 families. It can be was doing her chores with overwhelming to try to get to a different attitude. Just know people. I felt this difficulty hearing those words was when I first arrived so I can relate a joy to my heart. to the feeling of new parishioners. We have established a Welcome I would definitely Gathering, which introduces the describe myself as "Web families to our parish and to Site Challenged." I am stewardship. Phil Westerman, particularly grateful to one of our committee members, Terry Mitchell, who has created a power point helped us immeasurably presentation on stewardship, (Continued on page 7)

Volume 2, Issue 6 Page 6

El Cercado, Dominican Republic

"You are invited to come and see how Christ lives in our Diocesan Mission."

-Sr. Catherine Kelly, Director, Office of Missions

Over the past year or so we have been sharing with you Sr. Catherine's stories and experiences of our Diocesan Mission in the Dominican Republic. You have also read about the experience of one of the participants of 2002 and perhaps attended the special workshop at our Spring Stewardship In-Service Training Days. Now is when the experience of 2003 begins. If you are feeling the call to visit our Diocesan Mission and take part in this lifechanging on. In an effort to accommodate the growing interest in this experience there are four opportunities for you to "come and see" whether or not the 2003 immersion journey

is for you. The dates for the next experience are tentatively January 28 through February 6, 2003. The initial meetings will be held at the Pastoral Center in Rockville Centre on: Wednesday, June 12 at 2:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. Monday, June 24 at 2:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. Interested parties need only attend one of these meetings during which the application process will be explained. Please call (516) 6785800 ext. 201 to reserve a place at one of these meetings. Also, if you would like to read a little more about the Immersion Experience, see our June, 2001 Connections Newsletter.

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are more willing to cooperate and respond to the stewardship appeals. Contact with people is key to my philosophy of a stewardship coordinator. I share with a Small Christian Community Group, as well as committee members from different ministries. The most rewarding part of being a stewardship coordinator is the relationships with the parishioners and the opportunities to bring ministries and people together in a positive atmosphere. An author once commented that a few caring people can change the world. The St. Rose Stewardship Committee consists of a few members who are dedicated to bringing the stewardship message to the parish and each year they create new opportunities to meet the challenge. They are indispensable to me and I am grateful for their support and dedication.

Volume 2, Issue 6 Page 7


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ach ,

This one of a kind 35 hour course is offered for anyone involved in Leadership roles helping to make Stewardship a way of life!

During the 14 Wednesday evenings that we will be together we will cover topics like these:

The History of Parish Stewardship Theological & Spiritual Principles of Stewardship Forming & Sustaining a Stewardship Committee Parish Systems and Change The Psychology of Giving Lay Witness Talks Change and Conversion Gift Discovery Stewardship and Liturgy Gifts Celebrations Annual Renewals of Time, Talent, & Treasure Stewardship for Children and Youth Stewardship, Evangelization and the Missions Financial Stewardship

And more...all taught by a team of experts - religious, laity, and clergy from our own Diocese!

Dates and Location:

St. John the Baptist High School, West Islip (14) Wednesday Evenings 7:30 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.

October 16, 23, 30 December 4, 11 November 6, 13, 20 January 8, 15, 22, 29 February 5, 12

If you wish to register, please call Marcela at the Office of Laity and Families (516) 678-5000 ext 631.

Registraton is required and limited. The fee for an attendee whose parish is enrolled in the Parish Stewardship Program (for 2002-2003) will be paid for by the Office of Parish Stewardship . (PFI Graduates may elect to take this course as a "track," in which case the Office of Parish Stewardship will partially subsidize the total fee.) For all other registrants from parishes NOT ENROLLED in the Parish Stewardship Program, the fee is $275 per person. Don't know if your parish is enrolled? Ask your Pastor, or call the Office of Parish Stewardship at (516) 379-4055. If you have any questions about registration or need further information, please contact Marcela at (516) 678-5800 x631.

Registration Deadline: September 20, 2002

Volume 2, Issue 6 Page 8

The Saint Frances Cabrini Christian Coffee House is having its

Check This Out!

The Office of Laity and Family in collaboration with The Office of Parish Stewardship Presents


Saturday, June 1, 2002 8:00 p.m.

(doors open at 7:30 p.m.) St. Frances Cabrini Parish in Coram invites you to enjoy a night of music, awareness of spirit and prayer in an open non-liturgical setting. It is also our hope to foster Stewardship by targeting a portion of the evenings proceeds to charity. The recipient of this gift is chosen by the guest artist of the evening.

Our God is a most generous God! You have been "gifted" by God; yes YOU ! Come and explore the gifts God has given you !

The season ends featuring the music of

Join Us at Resurrection Parish, Farmingville Tuesday, June 18, 2002 7:30 p.m. - 9:30 p.m. in the parish church R.S.V.P (516) 678-5800 ext. 631

"Three Voices, One Purpose"

Mostly original music by Laurie & Vin Whitfield and Kevin Miller, along with some old favorites too!

All refreshments are included in your $5 admission. St. Frances Cabrini Parish Hall is located at 134 Middle Country Road in Coram, 3/4 mi. east of Rte. 112 For further information and directions, please call St. Frances Cabrini Religious Formation Office at 631-698-3149 or e-mail [email protected]

Volume 2, Issue 6

Share this information with your parish staff, ministry leaders, volunteers, or anyone in the parish who wants to explore God's generosity in their lives!

Registration is required and limited. The fee for attendees from Parishes enrolled in the Parish Stewardship Program for 2001-2002 will be paid for by the Parish Stewardship Office. For all other registrants, the fee is $15 for each participant. Don't know if your parish belongs to the Parish Stewardship Program? Ask your Pastor, or call 516-379-4055. For further information or to register, please contact Marcela at 516-678-5800 ext. 631 by June 7, 2002. Page 9

A Summertime Stewardship Picture Puzzle!


+um+ F+ no tha K+ W+ Giv y+ +T



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fun! G+ th+ +um


s+ +R+ds +D t+ -w 2 T+ + d+ +

we +um+

+TRA th+

+K .

oV GOD'S + .

Some things to remember:

+E oV +st in


. .

Designed and produced by the Parish Stewardship Office, Diocese of Rockville Centre, NY

(516) 379-4055

L. Whitfield June, 2002

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Volume 2, Issue 6


We all know how important it is to backup files on a regular basis. But, wouldn't it be nice if you didn't have to think about it? There are many backup programs that automate the process of copying data (replication) and safely storing it somewhere else. In the event that the original data on your hard disk is accidentally erased or overwritten, or becomes inaccessible because of a hard disk malfunction, you can use the copy to restore your lost or damaged data. Whew! We have recently installed a backup program called Save-N-Sync from Peer Software Inc. It's so good that we had to tell you about it! Here are a few Save-N-Sync highlights: Easy to use! Only synchronizes files that have changed (save time!) Runs unobtrusively in the background Allows users to continue working even during synchronization Capable of synchronizing open documents Runs "On Demand," "At Startup," and/or "At Shut-Down" Runs on a "Timed Basis" Runs in "Real Time!" You can download a trial version from www. The trial version can be configured to operate at different levels ("Desktop", "Workstation" and others). It's a convenient feature that allows you to determine exactly the level of sophistication you need before making a purchase. Check it out!

Peer Software, Inc. 631-979-1770

*The items and vendors listed on this page are for illustration and information purposes only. Parishes should independently research any vendor to make a determination as to whether or not to use a particular service or product. It is not our business to endorse any product or service, one over the other.

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"Sin causes people to turn in on themselves; to become grasping and exploitative toward possessions and other people; to grow accustomed to conducting relationships not by the standards of generous stewardship but by the calculus of self-interest: 'What's in it for me?' Constantly, Christians must beg God for the grace of conversion: the grace to know who they are, to whom they belong, how they are to live--the grace to repent and change and grow, the grace to become good disciples and stewards.

Cooperation In Redemption

But if they do not accept God's grace and, repenting, struggle to change, God will respond like the father of the Prodigal Son (Lk 15:20). God's love is always there. The Spirit of wisdom and courage helps people seek pardon and be mindful, in the face of all their forgetting, that the most important work of their lives is to be Jesus' disciples.

From "Stewardship: A Disciple's Response" (by the U.S. Bishops--Chapter IV, pages 34)

It's a fact of life. We all sin, individually and collectively. The call to conversion is constant and we pray for God's grace to assist us. The conversion we seek is for ourselves as

individuals and is also for the larger Christian community. Living as Christians in today's world in the not easy. We sometimes fail. One of our most fundamental beliefs is the promise that God is with us. We celebrate God's gift of the Holy Spirit with us especially during Pentecost. Jesus was not just a visionary, he was a realist. He knew we would need help to live as followers of his Way. The Holy Spirit is there for us, constantly giving us gifts and calling us to conversion. Let us make a major task for ourselves as individuals and for all of us as Church the process of discerning, developing, using and sharing our gifts, so that all are transformed to Christ.


A Way of Life

If not us, who? If not here, where? If not now, when? If not for the Kingdom, why?


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