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The concern and anxiety you may feel after being told you need an operation can be added to by the worry that you may have to wait for your treatment. Many of us would, if given the choice, opt for private health care but don't because we think it would be too expensive or that going private is only possible if you have health insurance. The good news is that with fixed cost treatment from St. Hugh's Hospital, private care is now within your reach. Not only will your treatment be provided by a dedicated team of professionals in the comfortable surroundings of St. Hugh's Hospital at an inclusive guaranteed price, you will also know that your care is being provided by an organisation with a 60 year history of quality assured, sympathetic care, treating you as an individual.

St. Hugh's Fixed Cost Treatment Your Questions Answered

What are the benefits? There are many, but perhaps the most important is that you can avoid what otherwise may be a long and uncomfortable wait for treatment. When you're ill or in pain, or have difficulty getting about, not knowing when you're going to get relief only adds to your burdens. Private treatment allows you to choose when to have your operation - either immediately, or scheduled to fit in around your lifestyle. Being able to plan for your absence from work is especially important if you're self employed and have no-one to cover whilst you're away. Whatever your treatment requires, there are all the benefits of a private hospital, consultant of your choice, your own room, visitors whenever you want, and the highest quality care. Who is eligible for St. Hugh's Fixed Cost Treatment? St. Hugh's Fixed Cost Treatment is designed for those people who do not have the benefit of private medical insurance. It is also available to those whose insurance cover excludes certain treatments, for pre-existing conditions for example. The offer of Fixed Cost Treatment is subject to consultation and a written offer from the hospital.


Fixed Cost Treatment


What treatment does it cover? A wide range of surgical procedures are available, including: Y Hip and knee replacement Y Cataracts Y Varicose Veins Y Hernia Y Tonsillectomy Y Hysterectomy Y Gastroscopy For a list of available treatments, please refer to the price guide or telephone the hospital. How much does it cost? Probably less than you'd think! The price guide gives full details of our fixed price treatments and the exact cost will be confirmed when you agree your treatment. What's included in the cost? The cost you are quoted includes consultant's and anaesthetist's fees, all your medical and nursing care, the cost of your private room and meals, operating theatre fees and any drugs or dressings you need while in hospital. And the price is fixed even if your stay with us is longer than initially expected: you won't have to leave until your consultant believes you are fit to go home. Please refer to the enclosed terms and conditions and the price guide for specific information. What's not included? The cost of the initial outpatient consultation and outpatients tests and the cost of follow-up consultations. If you choose to stay on after the consultant has signed your discharge form, standard hospital charges will apply.

Every patient room has its own direct dial telephone and the cost of any calls made during your stay will be added to your bill. Personal expenses will be charged extra, for example, any meals that your friends and relatives have while they are visiting you. Is the Consultant employed by St. Hugh's Hospital? No. Any consultant concerned with your care is selfemployed and provides his or her service direct to you. Your consultant's fees will be collected by the hospital, but acting only as a fee collection agent for the consultant. How do I pay? Payment can be made in cash or by cheque. Payment is required in full prior to admission. Please note when paying by cheque a clearance period of five banking days is required.

What's my next move? If you would like to discuss fixed cost treatment, please contact the hospital. If you know which operation you need, we should be able to give you a quote for most operations immediately or at least within 24 hours. If you're unsure of the treatment you require, discuss it with your GP: he or she will then decide if you need to be referred to a consultant. At any time before your treatment you are most welcome to visit the hospital to take a look around the facilities and accommodation. Please call us and we will be happy to make arrangements. A brochure is enclosed giving more information about the hospital, its facilities and accommodation.

How do I get referred for fixed price surgery? Firstly you need to visit you GP who holds your full medical records and he/she will then refer you to a consultant at the hospital, passing on any relevant medical history. Your consultant will then see you as an outpatient to discuss your case and arrange surgery at a time which is convenient for you. Following this initial consultation you will be given a fixed price for your treatment.


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