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The Cross Stitch

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The cross stitch is the basic stitch for samplers. These were made by young girls as a leisure activity to demonstrate their sewing abilities. They were in fact samples of their work. Examples of samplers exist from as early as the 15th century and these were often the work of young women from wealthy families. Included in the resource pack are examples of 'binka' and perforated plastic for practicing cross stitch using the needles and thread provided. Resources for sewing including binka, needles and threads can be found on TTS Design and Technology catalogue at: make the needle threading easier. Each child should create a short section of cross stitch in the form of their initials. When children are proficient using binka they can move on to Activity 2 using the embroidery frame and fine calico. A leaflet is included explaining 'How to do cross stitching' Download: Cross stitch film

Initials sewn in cross stitch on binka

Activity 2 Cross stitch using calico

Sewing cross stitch using an embroidery frame and binka material

Activity 1 Cross stitch using binka

Begin by watching the short film demonstrating cross stitch. This activity can be carried out using the binka squares or the perforated plastic depending on individual ability. A needle threader is also included to

Cross stitch using the embroidery frames and calico material. This activity is an opportunity for those children who would like to take cross stitching a stage further by using a fine calico material as the base for their cross stitch work.

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Video: Cross stitch film Video: Back stitch film

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Evaluation `I Can Do' Record Sheet

The Cross Stitch


This is an introduction to making a sampler and the task should be to create their name in cross stitch. An extension of this work could be to use back stitch which is demonstrated in a short film included in the resource. Download: Back stitch film


I can do record sheet Download


Cross Stitch

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