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June 2011

The Newsletter of St. James Episcopal Church

Volume 11, Issue 6

Protecting the Past and Building for the Future

Many of you know that for years we have experienced a water problem and damp conditions in the basement of our parish hall where we have Sunday School classes. I attended Saint James as a youth in the late 70s to mid 80s and remember the same water issues. I can also remember when we had to replace the floor tiles due to water damage about seven years ago, but the water problem is still ongoing. A few years ago the church received a donation from the estate of Annie Moody for the purpose of capital improvements which we have titled The Moody Fund. With the availability of these funds, the Vestry decided to see what would be necessary to address the water problem and also to improve our facility. Bruce Schick was asked to research the needs of the parish hall and to recommend a consultant to help fix our problems. Three architects were consulted, and it was during this phase that we learned of the necessity to remove the large tree to protect the building's structural soundness from further root damage. After being presented with the materials from the interviewed architects, the Vestry chose to work with Bruce Wardell from BRW Architects in Charlottesville. He has much experience in working with congregations and came highly recommended from other churches. His input has proven to be an invaluable help. We have also received a monetary gift from an existing member to help defray the expense of his services. After several meetings, including a three hour meeting with the architect and some of the Sunday school teachers for their ideas and desires, we now have a plan to present to the congregation. The Vestry feels strongly that this plan will, first and foremost, fix our water issues; secondly, better utilize the Sunday school space, and finally bring our parish hall basement into the 21st century with a newer and more up to date facility. Mr. Wardell will be in church on June 5, 2011 to worship with us at 9:30. Following the service, during the coffee hour, he will make a presentation to the congregation, complete with plans and 3D architectural drawings that help to visualize the new space and, along with the Vestry, to answer questions. We hope to see as many of you as possible at this meeting. The Vestry, Sunday school teachers, and Mr. Wardell have worked hard to meet the challenges that have faced us, and we look forward to presenting the project to the congregation and hearing your feedback. Thank you, and God bless. Thomas L. Filer, Senior Warden


email: [email protected]

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CONGRATULATIONS! St. James' 2011 Graduates

Members: High School Graduates:

Emily Walton David Wesley Dylan Wratchford

College/Graduate School Graduates:

Karen Boxley University of Colorado in Denver with a Masters of Arts with Concentration in Reading & Writing Curriculum Instruction Hamilton Garnett - University of Richmond T.C. Williams School of Law Amanda Page George Washington University with a Masters in Museum Science

Other High School Graduates of Church Members

Meg Grubbs, daughter of Amy & John Schick Connor Martin, son of Jeff & Marie Martin

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Did you know St. James has something called "The Book of Remembrance"?

Here is a wonderful way to honor the memory of a loved one: the diocesan ECW has a fund called THE BOOK OF REMEMBRANCE. The St. James ECW sends the name of any church member or immediate family member with a donation at the time of the death; however, anyone may send the name of any deceased person at any time. There is an actual book; it is open for display at the diocesan ECW open board and annual meeting. All money donated goes to a scholarship fund for which any student who is an Episcopal communicant in the diocese may apply. Forms to send a name for The Book of Remembrance with a donation of any amount are on the parish hall bulletin board. There is also a GIFT OF LIFE BOOK. Names are sent for this book to honor the birth of a child or to honor any person at any point in life. The St. James ECW sends a donation with the names of children born to St. James members; however, anyone may submit a name for any reason with a donation of any amount. A few examples could be our recent graduates, someone who has a special achievement, a wedding anniversary - the reasons are limitless! The money from this book also goes to the scholarship fund, and is on display at the two open meetings of the diocesan ECW. The same form can be used to send a name for both of these books. If you need more information or assistance with sending names for either book, please contact Patty Driskill.

An Inside Glimpse into the ECW...

In the spirit of serving and supporting, the ECW has used its treasury, time, and talents to prepare a lunch for each of the eight Sunday School teachers. The group also prepared the annual Mother's Day Bake Sale, which more than offset the $500 sent to areas of devastation in Japan and Glade Spring, Virginia. On Sunday, June 26th, the ECW will place flowers on the altar to the glory of God and in thanksgiving for our church treasurer, Pam Stone, and for Anna Lou and Errol Flynn. Pam is nearing her 15 year mark of using her professional skills to perform the many duties connected to pledge, plate, and all offerings, as well as the paying of bills. She provides valuable general information, always preserving the confidentiality of individual congregants, to the vestry and the finance committee. Anna Lou and Errol generously open their office to Pam for the generation of monthly and year-end financial statements, the documents posted on the parish hall bulletin board. Anna Lou and Errol assist Pam with their accounting experience and supply her with paper and the use of their office equipment. The ECW is placing the beautiful floral arrangements in the setting of our worship in support of their years of faithful professional service to our church.

ECW Event Dates to Remember:

September 10th, a Saturday, at 8 am - The ECW will cook for the men of the church. October 8th, a Saturday - Annual St. James Fall Festival (This year we will feature crafters from St. James only. If you would like a space to showcase your handiwork, please contact Patty Driskill.)

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A huge St. James "thank you!" is extended to all our Sunday School teachers: Samantha Byrd, Jen Downey, Laura Early, Jenny Filer, Carol Hall, Marie Martin, Rachel Reutinger, Amy Shiflett. ...and our nursery workers and volunteers: Liz Blanchard, Laura Early, Patty Madison, Jean Mallory, Keri Tifft, Susan Zamski and, of course, Miss Shelby!

Clockwise: Laura Early, Samantha Byrd, Carol Hall, Amy Shiflett.

Your ministry to the children of St. James is Clockwise: Rachel Reutinger, Jen among the most important of any ministry at the Downey, Jenny Filer, Marie Martin. church. We don't know what we would do without you, and you impact our children in a positive way for the rest of their life. You are just the greatest! THE CHRISTKETEERS


The KFC Crew and THE CHRISTKETEERS, in a combined youth group gathering, wrapped up this year with a fun afternoon on the lake hosted by Mr. and Mrs. Grutzius (Chuck and Jean). We enjoyed food, the yard, the dogs, and most of all the lake. It was a little cool that afternoon but that did not deter our folks from getting in the water and riding the boat. Good times had by all!!! We extend a big KFC and Christketeer thank you to our hosts! John and Missy Agee will be stepping down from leading Kids for Christ next year and we will miss their leadership, but we are SO grateful for their two years of service. They've done a great job! As they wrapped up this year, they wrote: Another great year with our young members has come and gone. We enjoyed our monthly gathering and discussions and most of all the playing. I would like to thank those that prepared meals, prepared programs, or in any way gave time or attention to our young folks. We appreciated it. TBTG _______________ A special thank you is also extended to Dona and Mike Breen who allowed their home to be the gathering place for The Christketeers, our older youth, throughout the year. Month in and month out these young adults thoroughly enjoyed all the yummy food Mrs. Breen prepared and the fun that was had by all playing pool and shooting hoops during breaks in study time. Their home and hearts are amazingly hospitable and welcoming! Thanks so much!

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Welcome to Our New Members:

St. James welcomes Scott and Keri Tifft and their children, Emily and Brannon, who are transferring to St. James from All Saints Church, Woodbridge, Virginia. We also welcome Schuyler Pugh as an official member of St. James. She has been coming to St. James for several years with her Aunt Samantha Byrd and grandmother, Jean Mallory, and has now transferred her membership from St. Thomas Church, Orange, Virginia.

"Tend the sick, Lord Christ; give rest to the weary, bless the dying, soothe the suffering, pity the afflicted Prayer List

Church Members: Holly Kane, Wes Harvey, Libby Marshall, Frank Drumheller, Ed Whitlock, Clara Briggs, Olive Caldwell, Lynn Guilford and Liz Walton Oestreich and Marga Pettey For those in military service and for those serving the military, especially: Jan Shultis, Kristin Jones, Brent Harty, Jon Geiser, Hunter Family of Church Scot, Charles Valentine, Members: Logan MacDonald, Alex Nettie Trainum, Erna Rogers, Karen Hoh, Judy Barron, Sarah Barron, Kuranda, Betsy Needham Jim Gehle and their families. and John Breen Friends of Church Members: David Huddleston, Mary Hall, Larry Kavanagh, Jessica Rigsby, Betty Hopkins, Ira Wallace, Gwen Owens, the family of John Sladen, Yvonne *Please Remember, we leave someone on for a month. If your loved one has been removed from the list and you would like for him/her to stay on, please call the church office to make the request. 1 4 5 6 8 10 11 12 14 17

...shield the joyous;

Those Celebrating June Birthdays and Anniversaries

Holly & Greg Kane Taylor Sale Taska Parker Abigail & Allyson Reutinger Jackie & Frank Drumheller Celia Agee Graven & Kelly Craig Pat Gehle Warren & Pat Gehle Libby Sale Kate Hussman Beth Page Don & Chris Shultis Mary-Frances & LaVahn Hoh Bruce Schick Jean Mallory Marie Martin Carter Cooke

20 24 27 29

...and all for Your love's sake."

An Order for Compline, The Book of Common Prayer p.134

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Stuff to Note


There will be a special 9:30 service at St. James on Sunday, July 3rd. In celebration of July 4th, ours will be a service of Readings and Patriotic Hymns for Independence Day. Adapted from the efforts of the Reverend Ernest Cockrell, former rector of St. Andrew's Saratoga, this unique worship service will have readings from significant voices of the past coupled with patriotic hymns from our hymnbook. Representing the concerns and passions of the moments in which they were written or spoken, they also touch upon present concerns. Spread the word...and invite a friend!

After the Men's Group made breakfast for the women of St. James

Speaking of our fabulous men... DID YOU KNOW? The men of St. James have gifted St. James with a wonderful portable communion set for use by our newly commissioned Lay Eucharistic Visitors: Patty Driskill and Bob Richards. This soft-sided case with small sterling vessels inside will transport the Eucharistic elements to those who are ill or shut in. Given the many counties that our members homes include, these lay ministers will be a great help to our rector in covering large distances when several people need the sacrament. The generous gift of the Men's Group that has made this extended ministry possible is deeply appreciated. THANK YOU!

we received this lovely note to share...

I would like to take this opportunity to "THANK" everyone who was responsible for having such a delicious "Mother's Day Breakfast". Everything was presented in such a colorful, appetizing way, and more than tasted wonderful. I really enjoyed the tasty food...and the coffee was just right~!!! However, thanking everyone responsible is not the ONLY reason I asked my son, David Parker, to send me your e-mail address...and while it is true that you fed my physical body with delicious food...I want you to know how the members of your church fed my spiritual body as well. I just couldn't have been treated any better...more kindly...than I was that Saturday morning by EVERYONE who was present. Everyone made me feel "so welcomed"...and that was as "HEART-WARMING" to me as all the delicious food. Whoever is reading this "THANK YOU" e-mail...I would appreciate it if you would please pass my "heart-felt thanks" onto all those who purchased, prepared, and presented the wonderful breakfast. Sincerely Thanking All, Your sister-in-Christ, Mrs. Sharon Parker

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Vacation Bible School

Vacation Bible School for age 3 through 6th grade will be held June 26th ­ 30th! The week will kickoff with a picnic on Sunday, the 26th, at St. James about 12:30. All are invited to attend, it's not just for the kids. Please bring a covered dish, salad or dessert. Hotdogs and drinks will be provided. Monday through Thursday will be held at the Louisa United Methodist Church from 8:45 am ­ 11:45 am. Mark your calendars and make plans to come and learn stories of Jesus' childhood adventures as we visit Hometown Nazareth, where Jesus was a kid!


As you know, "Miss Shelby" is here each Sunday in our infant nursery tending to our youngest members while Mom and Dad are in church. Nationwide church policy is that two adults are to be present with children at all times for everyone's protection and help. With summer months upon us, complete with vacation plans, volunteers from the congregation to assist Miss Shelby are in shorter supply. The following Sunday dates are in need of an adult volunteer helper (age 18 or older) during the 9:30 service: June, 5, 19, 26; July 17, 24, 31; August 7 and 28. If you can be a loving, helping presence in the nursery during this service on one of these Sundays, you can either sign up on the sheet on the board in the nursery or contact Laura Early, Nursery Coordinator at 434-589-1962. Some volunteers come to worship at the 8:00 service and stay to help at the later one. Will you help?

Do You Have YOUR Calendars Marked???

St. James will be participating in two big events this summer:

The Relay for Life 2011 June 11-12.

If you're interested in participating or making a tax-deductible donation, please contact Lin Kogle 540-894-0239.

St. James Summer Mission, July 11-16th.

We are planning, along with other churches, to participate in the Bear Mountain Mission Camp with the Monacan Native People. Learn more about he Monacan people online at

Our commitment: Walk with God P.O. Box 1216 Louisa, VA 23093

At church, just like at your house, bills don't take a vacation during the summer. Thank you for remembering your financial support for St. James even when you are away!

St. James Vestry 2011

Our commitment: Walk With God

No regularly scheduled vestry meeting in June Church office email address: [email protected]


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