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A Service of Ordination and Installation to the Office of Deacon

St. John's Baptist Church September 27, 2009 5:00 P.M.

A Service of Ordination and Installation to the Office of Deacon September 27, 2009 5:00 P.M.

Prelude Invocation Welcome Hymn No. 426 "O Master, Let Me Walk with Thee" Scripture Homily I Peter 4:8-11 "Gifts of Grace" Rev. Allen Laymon Hank Packman Maryton

Charge to the Candidates Laying on of Hands Deacons Being Ordained Stephen Allred Lynn Erdman Margaret Falls Ashley Maready Mark McNeill Henry Snyder Responsive Prayer of Dedication (next page) Benediction

A Responsive Prayer of Dedication

Leader: In a world where most people are already busier than they'd like to be, O God, we are grateful for those who are able and willing to serve as deacons in our congregation. We ask your special blessing on each of them as they undertake their sacred duties. Give them wisdom and health and strength for all the things they must do. Grant that all of us may support them enthusiastically as they lead and minister to us, and respond to their leadership with joy and thanksgiving. Help us to hold them up in our prayers and befriend them in every way we can. Let them know that we appreciate what they are doing, and are grateful for the ongoing work of this congregation. Show us how to be better Christians, and to be more sensitive to others and to the ministry of this church in the world. Teach us to live as Jesus lived, and to fulfill his teachings in our daily existence. Make us an easy people to lead because we are eagerly seeking to do your will. And grant that we may love one another so much in Christ that our very existence as a church will prove redemptive in our whole community. Through Jesus our Lord. Amen.





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St. John's Board of Deacons Newly Elected Deacons - Class of 2012 Administrative Deacons: Bill Claytor, Lynn Erdman, Bill Hartsell, Todd Stillerman Ministry Deacons: Stephen Allred, Jay Baucom, Julie Hammond, Mark McNeill Pastoral Deacons: Kathy Bragg, Butch Branscome, Margaret Falls, Scott Hicks, Gearlene Hoffman, Ashley Maready, Gene Poole, Henry Snyder Class of 2011 Administrative Deacons: Larry Hewitt, James Laney, Don Swofford, Ed Turner Ministry Deacons: Clarence Eden, David Erdman, Ken Hungate, Fredda Kimball Pastoral Deacons: Kim Allen, Phillips Bragg, Graham Claytor, Cathy DuFault, Bill Finger, Tom Injaychock, Melissa Millette, Ken Sanford Class of 2010 Administrative Deacons: Jason Benton, Doug Hammond, Don Hinson, Lynn Pope Ministry Deacons: Kevin Benton, Dale Johnson, M.C. Sorrell, ________ Pastoral Deacons: Tom Bryson, Teresa Franklin, Nancy Fuller, Bobbie Hinson, Ruth Jackson, Kevin Lynch, Selina Swofford, Sally Young Life Deacons Virginia Allen, Jack Allen, Joan Baucom, Lloyd Baucom, Bob Benton, Ken Benton, Marvin Carter, Wanny Hogewood, Jonnie McLeod, Ace Millsaps, Don Millsaps, Tex Sluder, Jeck Warren Deacons Emeriti Byron Bullard, Ashley Hogewood, Jr., Worth Jarrett, Henry Kearse, Roy Kendrick, Warren Lineberger, Tom Peacock, Carl Phillips


090927 - Deacon

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