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Saint John's Baptist Church

August 21, 2011

"You are a stranger but once"

Contact Information

Church Fax: 427-5284 Website: Church Email: [email protected] Website: Pastor's Cell Phone: 418-1243 Pastor's Email: [email protected] Associate Pastor's Cell: 235-0826 Email: [email protected]

Dr. Bob Pipkin, Pastor

Rev. Emilie Morrison, Associate Children/Youth

2300 Holland Road Virginia Beach, VA 23453 (757)427-5309

Offering Received Last Week General Fund Building Fund Designated Funds $ 3,595.00 $ 1,950.00 $ 180.00

Welcome to St. John's Baptist Church

Prelude Chimes Call to Worship Invocation Hymn of Praise Children's Church Pastoral Prayer Offertory Hymn Offertory Music Doxology Sermon


Worship Team Elsie Benson

Dideum Family


As summer ends and the new school year begins, it's time to begin the "Project Beach Bag". Last year you, the church, provided over 2700 children with enough food for a weekend, and we only started in January. Thank you from the bottom of their stomachs. With the economy in the state it is now, there will be an increase in the number of children that will be hungry for the weekend. It only takes approximately $10 per child to provide breakfast, lunch and dinner for the weekend. Our goal last year was 25 students every other week. This year our goal is 30 students every other week. That will be $600 per month. STJBC is up for the challenge.

"It Came Upon the Midnight Clear" Grades K-4


Rev. John Dean "There Is a Fountain" "Holy Is He" #224 Choir #668 Not Dressed for the Wedding Matthew 22:2-14 "Jesus, Keep Me Near the Cross" "How Great Thou Art"

(Chorus Only)

Rev. John Dean

Hymn of Invitation



Closing Hymn #6

Please pray for our church family members:

Arlen Eidson Bill Gibbs Bob & Gerry Harrison Connie Timberlake Dave Rockwell David Rosenberg Don & Mildred Hall Edith Thomas Gene Dozier Henry Swanner Jean Bryant Jo-An Mosley Justin Bush Lois & Richard Thompson Judy Christian Lowe & Mary Norman

Margie & Norris Shirley

Opportunities for Service

Deacon on Duty for the Month of August is Pat Oates Time Event

Ice Cream Social/Movie Night 9:30 AM Sunday School Community Worship FRG 136 Meets Youth Small Group Adult Bible Study Deacon's Meeting Outreach GriefShare Youth Group Worship Team Practice Properties Youth Praise Band AA Meeting Adult Choir Practice Zoe Fitness 11:00 AM 2:00 PM 5:00 PM 5:30 PM 7:00 PM 7:00 PM 6:00 PM 5:30 PM 6:00 PM

Mary Fannin Mary Sawyer Pam Smith Rebecca Tague


Please pray for our extended family and friends:

Bev Akmens (David & Sue Fetty) Brandon Mulcahy (Karen Traub) Charlene Gauvreau (Lisa Wright) Cheryl Bedenbaugh (Karen Traub) Doris Goldman (Lucile Purefoy) Edie Gardner (Karen & Adam Traub) Elsie Hostman (Judy Christian) Emily King (Millie Poston) Ernie Seneca (Judy Christian) Greg Douglas (Sawyer Family) J. Curtis Payne (Dick Cockrell) Jennifer Duncan (Shirley Duncan) Jimmy Montrue & Kathy Roudabush Kindra Schaffer (Cliff & Brenda Smith) Laura & John Bryant (Richard & Darlene Bryant) Mary Moreno (Bill Siverd) Mavis Knight (Steve & Betty Knight) Melissa Siverd-Rocha (Bill Siverd) Michael Kilgore (Karen Traub) Micia Moses (Cheryl Bush) Mildred Fry (Ruth Bush) Greg Mytych (St John's Family) Nina Craddock (Ruth Bush) Ray Matter (Mildred Hall) Sharon Gronendyke (Steve & Betty Knight) Steve Perry (Pam Gray) Susan Hannegan (Darlene Bryant) William Coppola (Pamela Huynh)


8/22 8/23


7:00 PM 7:15 PM 8:00 PM

Please keep our military in your thoughts and prayers

Aaron Law, USS Enterprise Anthony Cartwright, Deployed Ed Plott, Navy War College Hayden Italiano Jason Hudson, USS Enterprise Jimmy Strait, Kuwait Joe Greer, Kuwait Joe Lindsey, Deployed Crew & Family of USS Ramage Mike O'Neal, Kuwait Cpl Joel Kevin Crook, Afghanistan Sarah Peterson , Okinawa Japan Scott Harris, Kuwait Stock Dinsmore, Afghanistan (Linda Gazaway) Maria Las Dulce Zachary Norman Brian Wong, Afghanistan Josh Andrews, Afghanistan (Cheryl Bush)

8/25 8/27

7:00 PM 10:00 AM

Sunday School Promotion Christmas in August Service 9:30 AM 11:00 AM 5:00 PM 5:30 PM Sunday School Community Worship Youth Small Group Adult Bible Study


Church News

From the Choir

We are about to start working on our Christmas programs for the Children and Adults. If you are in the 1st ­ 5th grade, see Bill Siverd or Mary Easter. If you are an adult and want to sing in the Christmas Musical, see Kathy Eaton for your book and practice CD. All ages may come and enjoy the fellowship of the music ministry. Watch your bulletin and newsletter for practice times. EVERYONE IS WELCOME.

New Deacons

At our business meeting on 8/3/11, St. John's elected as our new Deacons Bill Sawyer, Bill Siverd and Bob Thomas. Also Shane and Vicky Faircloth along with Tracy Nelson were elected and will be ordained at a very special service on September 4th. Please offer congratulations to these new Deacons as they begin their service for the Lord as Deacons at St. John's Baptist Church. Please keep them and all the Deacons in your prayers. At this time we would also like to thank the Deacons who will be going off active duty for their service to our Lord. They include Cliff Smith, Frank Day, James Bush, and Steve Knight. Also a big "thank you" to Pat Oates who filled in for Steve Knight when he moved to Chowan County.


Our next GriefShare classes will start Tuesday August 23 at 6:00 P.M. If you are interested or know someone who would be interested to attend these classes, please call Joe or Sue Norris @ 757-426-1426. You can email [email protected] or call the church office to register. Please keep this ministry in your prayers as well as those who have lost loved ones and friends. Thanks and may God bless you all.

Hat Sunday

I recently received an e-mail with some interesting information concerning hats. Did you know that in times of great strife (depressions, war, 9-11) fashion becomes fashionable -- it is like an elixir, soothing the hearts and souls of those who strive to feel happy. Happy people buy and make hats. During the great depression, if a woman was down, the answer was, "Go buy a hat; it will lift your spirits." So all of you ladies who have been saying for awhile, "Why don't we have a hat Sunday, and all the ladies wear hats?" now is your chance. Sunday, September 11, is officially declared Hat Sunday. So, make a hat, buy a hat, or borrow a hat -- but please arrive at church with a hat on your head and a smile on your face. Let's be happy people! Mary Norman

"Each person should do as he has decided in his heart ­ not out of regret or out of necessity, for God loves a cheerful giver." 2 Corinthians 9:7 With another church year on the horizon and the adoption of a new budget, let us examine God's word (and our hearts), that we will give to support the ministries of St. John's Baptist Church in the manner that our God has instructed us to give, not out of regret or out of necessity, but with a cheerful heart! Wouldn't it be great if everyone gave cheerfully every Sunday!

Media Library Hours

We are open Sunday mornings from 9:00 until 11:00 and 12:00 until 12:30.


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