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The Good News of St. John soars like an eagle! St. John's United Church of Christ Allentown, Pennsylvania

Volume 08, Issue 04

April 22, 2008

I love this time of the year. I love to see the trees bud up and the spring bulbs break through the ground. And although I am not much of a gardener - just to be outside on a warm sunny spring day I might actually consider getting the garden at home cleaned up and ready for the new season, (well, maybe). I saw my first robin this year way back in February during a warm spell and it seems to have taken so long since then for spring to finally arrive. It is like God is calling on the natural world of plants and animals to show us humans what "new life" means at this time of the year, and to give thanks. I believe God calls us in many, many ways and many times over our whole lifetimes so that we keep as the focus of our faith the Resurrection. We celebrate the Resurrection especially on Easter but also every Sunday. One of my favorite contemporary theological writers is Barbara Brown Taylor. She is an ordained Episcopal priest who has done everything from writing, parish ministry and teaching. When I was in seminary and was taking the preaching class we had to read a book of hers called The Preaching Life. It is mostly geared toward those who are considering ordained ministry but it has many wonderful words of wisdom for all to read and to hear. I have felt compelled to re-read her book over the last few weeks and recently completed the chapter entitled, "Call" in which the issue of being called many times over is given its due. I think it is very fitting not only for a preacher but also for a community of faith going through a time of transition. From her book I quote the following: "God does not call us once but many times. There are calls to faith and calls to ordination, but in between there are calls to particular communities and calls to particular tasks within them ­ calls into and out of relationships as well as calls to seek God wherever God may be found. Sometimes those calls ring clear as bells and sometimes they are barely audible, but in any case we are not meant to hear them all by ourselves. It was part of God's genius to incorporate us as one body, so that our ears have other ears, other eyes, minds, hearts, and voices to help us interpret what we have heard. Together we can hear our calls and together we can answer them if only we will listen for the still small voice that continues to speak to us in the language of our lives." Soon it will be summer and the "budding" time will be over for this year. But that doesn't mean there will be no more new life to spring forth or nothing more to remind us of the Resurrection until next spring. I get the feeling that we have been called to be together at this time and this place and we are called to remind each other through our relationships and our many eyes, ears and voices of that very new life that we can experience each Sunday just by being together. If you have not been to St. John's for a while maybe it is because the call that you are hearing right now is "barely audible." Come and join us. Add your voice to ours, your eyes and your ears and your heart too. I have always marveled at the fact that the one body is so dependent on many members in order for it to keep its oneness. Only God knows how that works. But thank God that it does. Come and celebrate the Resurrection this week!

Apr 27 ­ (6th Sun. of Easter) Acts 17:22-31; Psalm 66:8-20; 1Peter 3:13-22; John 14:15-21 May 1 ­ (Ascension Day) Acts 1:1-11; Psalm 47; Ephesians 1:15-23; Luke 24:44-53 May 4 ­ (7th Sun. of Easter) Acts 1:6-14; Psalm 68:1-10, 32-35; 1Peter 4:12-14, 5:6-11; John 17:1-11 May 11 ­ (Pentecost Sunday) Acts 2:1-21; Psalm 104:24-34, 35b; 1Corinthians 12:3b-13; John 20:19-23 May 18 ­ (Trinity Sunday) Genesis 1:1-2:4a; Psalm 8; 2Corinthians 13:11-13; Matthew 28:16-20 May 25 ­ (2nd Sun. after Pentecost) Isaiah 49:8-16a; Psalm 131; 1Corinthians 4:1-5; Matthew 6:24-34


Apr. 26 ­ PNEC "Come to the Well", 9:00 am to 3:30 pm at Dryland UCC in Nazareth, PA. (page 8) Apr. 26 ­ Community Health Fair 11a ­ 3p on Chew St. btw. 6th and 7th (page 4) May 2 ­ Cityspace Block Party (page 9) May 4 ­ Youth Sunday (page 2) May 11 ­ Pentecost and Confirmation of class of 2008 (page 3) May 16-17 ­ Hot Dog Wagon benefit for Elevator (page 10 May 18 ­ Car Wash at St. John's (page 4) June 1 ­ Graduation Sunday and Sunday School Teacher/Volunteer Recognition Day (page 2) June 8 ­ First Sunday of Summer Schedule. No Sunday School. Hour. Worship at 10:00a at St. John's. Outdoor worship at 11:30 am followed by All-church Picnic at Emmaus Community Park. (page 7) June 23-27 ­ Vacation Bible School ­"Under Construction" (page 10)

There is a place for everyone at St. John's each Sunday morning-won't you join us?

Mother's Day Program

This year, Mother's Day is May 11th. The Board of Christian Education wants you to start searching through your old photo albums for our intergenerational program in the Trinity Room on the 11th during Sunday School at 9:30am. Bring a picture of Mom and a story to share. The story does not necessarily have to be about the picture, however. Parents, encourage your children to be part of this program by helping them find a picture and get excited about telling a story about Mom!

Youth Sunday 2008

Come to the Adult Forum each Sunday and enjoy the friendship and fellowship of a group of people with very diverse interests and backgrounds. We are a lively and participative group. But don't let that scare you off. If you would rather be more passive and just listen and learn, that is OK too. Consider coming for the upcoming Forums in the list below and join us for coffee, conversation, and sharing of joys and concerns at 9:30. Our program starts promptly at 9:45. See you there! April 27--Bob Bechtel will do a review of Marcus Borg's Heart of Christianity. Borg is a well-known and controversial theologian. May 4--Dorothy Sechler, member of Ziegels UCC, will bring a guide dog she is training and explain the training program to us. This dog is very sweet-tempered, so don't be nervous! May 11--Intergenerational Mother's Day program May 18--Bonnie Falla will do our last Bible study of the season May 25--Most likely a video, to be announced June 1--Our last Adult Forum of the semester when we traditionally do our "brainstorming" for next year's program ideas. Please be there. We need your ideas!

Volume 08, Issue 04

The Youth will lead worship on May 4th. We hope that everyone will plan to come and support their efforts! Pastor Alice gets to sit and enjoy the service too!

Recognition Sunday

June 1st, during worship, the Board of Christian Education will be calling up all the Sunday school participants, teachers, and volunteers to be recognized for the contribution they make to St. John's. Please plan on attending!

Looking for Graduates

We are looking anyone in our St. John's family that will be graduating this spring or has graduated since last spring. We need you to fill out the information form on page 7 in this Disciple and to return it along with a picture to Becky Bronfenbrenner, Bonnie Falla or the church office as soon as you can. St. John's is always pleased to highlight the accomplishments of those who graduate from school. We want to share in your stories of struggles, and cheer for your successes. We will honor all our graduates during the worship service on Graduate Sunday, June 1st. We hope you will be able to be at the service.

April 22, 2008


Pentecost and Confirmation Sunday, May 11th

May 11 is a big day. On the Christian calendar it is Pentecost Sunday. On many church calendars this day is also marked as Confirmation Sunday and on our day to day calendar's it is Mother's Day. At St. John's we will celebrate all three in one way or another. We are especially happy to confirm 4 young people this year. The "Class of 2008" includes: Thomas "Tommy" Dannenhower, the youngest son of Paul and Cindy Dannenhower is 15 years old and has been at St. John's all of his life. He is a student of Palisades High School where he is involved with track, cross country, and the high school percussion band. Tommy has been involved with the youth at St. John's for the last 4 years and is looking forward to going to the UCC Regional Youth Event in July. Tommy has 3 older siblings who have all gone through Confirmation at St. John's. Kelsey Merkle is the daughter of Jenna Onuschak and Antonio Vidal. She will be 15 in October and has been at St. John's since 2006. Kelsey is a student at William Allen High School and her favorite subject is math. Kelsey likes being at St. John's and especially likes the Stained Glass Windows. Kelsey has younger siblings and we look forward to seeing them in Confirmation class in the coming years. Gabriel "Gabe" Sablich is the youngest son of Byron and Cindie Sablich. He will be 15 in August and has been at St. John's all of his life. Gabe is a student at William Allen High School and he loves baseball. Gabe credits St. John's and Confirmation as helping him to learn "how to handle myself in certain situations." Gabe has 4 older siblings who have all gone through Confirmation at St. John's. Jared Saylor is the only son of Jim and Brenda Saylor. He is 16 years old and has been at St. John's all of his life. Jared is a student at William Allen High School. He loves to go bowling and he recently had his first game over 200 (212) this year. (Way to go Jared!) Jared says that St. John's is great. It has been a pleasure to help teach these four young people. Each one has contributed something special to the class in her or his own way and has given this church much in the way of their time and energy. We are looking forward to having them continue at St. John's as "full-fledged members" and to being part of the journey of this church as we engaged the future as part of the one body of Christ. Please join us on May 11th as we gather with them and their families to share the joy of this celebration.

Volume 08, Issue 04


Wear RED Day

Pentecost Sunday and Confirmation Sunday fall on the same day. It is fitting to celebrate Confirmation on Pentecost because that is the day many people consider as the "birthday" of the Christian church. The first century church added many members to its ranks on that day as the Holy Spirit dramatically came upon them as a "violent wind and divided tongues as of fire" (Acts 2:1-4). To help commemorate this time in our ancient past wear something that has the color of red in it to symbolized the Holy Spirit coming as fire. I want to "see red" on Pentecost/Confirmation Sunday, May 11th. And I want to see you too! Pastor Alice

National Youth Event,

July 23-28, 2008 University of Tennessee... How can you help?

We have 11 youth attending this event this summer and Cassidy Bell is going as the adult chaperone. The event is being held at the University of Tennessee July 2328th. Participants: Please fill out your registration forms and return them to the conference office by April 30th. Also, the first payment for the trip is due to the church office as soon as possible. Congregation: The event cost is $515 and is being subsidized in half by the Peifly Fund. Each youth is raising money for their remaining cost through the Rent the Youth fundraiser but time is running out. They need your help. Spring has arrived and you probably have lots of yard work and maybe some spring cleaning to enjoy now. If you could use a little help with raking, mowing, planting mulching, washing windows, etc., please call on our youth. Sign up in the Great Hall. If you don't have anything for the youth to do but want to assist in sending them to Tennessee, you can make a donation in the name of a youth OR a general donation to be split between all those participating. Donations can be given to Janet Quinn, put in the offering plate or directly to the church office. Please make your intentions clear in the memo whether the money is for someone specific or to be evenly distributed.

We Give Thanks!

Alex Cloak is working on becoming an Eagle Scout. As part of his effort to achieve this goal, he has been organizing and doing work around the church. Thanks Alex for your work around the church and also to those you have recruited to help, donating many hours to improving our appearance

April 22, 2008


Youth Calendar:

April 26 ­ 5 of you are going to Come to the Well at St. John's UCC in Nazareth from 9am to 1pm. We will meet in our church parking lot at 8:40am to car pool. Don't be late! April 27th ­ We will be practicing for and putting the final touches on our Youth Sunday service. Come at 9:30am ready to work because May 4th is just one week away (from the 27th that is)! May 4 ­ Youth Sunday

St. John's CAR WASH... MAY 18, 2008

IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING WORSHIP in our church parking lot!

Worship with us on May 18th and get your car washed before you leave church!! The youth attending National Youth Event this summer will be working hard to wash the `winter' off your car! Donations will be accepted to benefit the 12 people traveling to the National Youth Event in July 2008 at the University of Tennessee!! Can you help with the St. John's Car Wash on May 18th? If you can lend a helping hand, sign up in the Great Hall.

Youth Group Meeting and Youth Sunday

The Youth will meet on Sunday April 27th during the Sunday School hour. The main focus of this time will be continued planning for Youth Sunday. Youth Sunday is May 4th. The youth are writing and developing the worship service from beginning to end! Members of the Youth Group will welcome us, call us into confession, inspire us with a sermon and wish us well with a benediction.


If you're planning to attend the National Youth Event, don't forget to check the Rent-The-Youth sign up sheet on the table in the great hall and sign up for the work requests you are interested in doing.

Summer Sunday School and Children Messages

Summer Sunday School will run for 6 weeks this summer from July 13th through August 17th. How does it work? The children are called up near the beginning of the worship service for a children's message. After the message, they will go as a group upstairs for the remainder of the service. The theme this summer is the Sermon on the Mount. Let's teach our children about the GOLDEN RULE. The summer class is for children ages 3 through 7th grade (just completed). We like to see different members of our congregation dazzle us for the children messages in the summer. It is fun to see new faces interact with us and the children on a Sunday Morning. Won't you consider leading a short children's message this summer? Pick one Sunday between July 13th and August 17th! Sign up in the GREAT HALL in May.

Shop for the Food Bank

Remember to add some food items to your grocery list for the Allentown Ecumenical Food Bank each time you go shopping. They are always in need of jell-o, pudding, any kind of canned or dried beans (baked, white, kidney, garbanzo, etc.), soups, spaghetti, jars of baby food, and Enfamil. Bring the items to church and put them in the box marked Food Bank in the Great Hall.

Community Health Fair

This year's event is scheduled for Saturday, April 26th from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM and it is being presented as a "block party" located on Chew Street between 6th and 7th.

OOOPS... Missed Birthday

April 15th ­ Wendy Williams-Brinks. Happy Birthday!

PHOEBE DIAL-A-PRAYER: 610-794-5990 This Dial-A-Prayer line is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Each week a different Phoebe Chaplain records an inspirational message. The message is changed daily.

Volume 08, Issue 04 April 22, 2008


Phoebe Ministries Offering

Traditionally at St. John's, a special collection has been taken on Mother's Day for Phoebe Ministries. Because Mother's Day, Pentecost and Confirmation also fall on Mother's Day this year, this Special Offering for Phoebe will be taken on May 18th instead of Mother's Day. This offering supports our giving to Phoebe from our Benevolence Fund. What is Phoebe Ministries? Phoebe Ministries is a UCC affiliated long-term care agency which manages 3 nursing homes, 2 retirement communities and 8 affordable housing programs for senior citizens. The Pastoral Care program at Phoebe is responsible for providing ministry to the 1100 residents of the Phoebe community. Your contributions make it possible for Phoebe Ministries to create and environment where residents can express their talents. Writing children's books, painting, singing in choirs participating in rhythm band, holding art shows and reading poetry are all typical pursuits in an average day on every Phoebe campus. Please be generous in supporting Phoebe Ministries using the attached envelope.

Visit our web site at Elevator/Building Renovation Update

Elevator shaft takes shape

The elevator shaft began to take shape in early April. (left). At this writing, the block walls for the shaft are in place from basement to the top of the shaft on the second floor.

Mechanical nd Elevator room walls shaft from 2 floor. No more stairs

Remembering the Homebound

Celebrating birthdays is an important way to stay in touch with our homebound members and also those who have not been able to come to worship recently for one reason or another. Each month we will print the names of those who have birthdays that month to give you all an opportunity to "shower" them with cards. It is just another way to say that we miss them and that they are not forgotten. We missed recognizing two April birthdays in the March Newsletter: April 12th ­ Mary Roth, 1820 W. Chew St, Allentown, PA 18104 April 20th ­ Bernice Williams, Fellowship Manor, 3000 Fellowship Road, Whitehall, PA 18052 Those having birthdays in May are May 1st ­ May Deily, 3761 Pine St., Emmaus, PA 18049 May 18th ­ John Klingaman, 3487 Catherine Ave., Allentown, PA 18103 Your card can mean a lot.

The mechanical room off the hallway from the elevator to the social hall (right) is now enclosed and the corridor to the future entrance to the accessible bathroom is in place (below).

Elevator corridor wall in chapel Excavation for Elevator Mechanical Room in crawlspace

Entry corridor to future unisex accessible bathroom

We Get Thank You s

Thank you so much to Rev. Wendy Williams-Brinks for serving as Pastor for my mother's funeral, Janet Quinn for helping to serve food, Nancy Kramer-Moyer, Bryant Jasper, Jeff Rissell and everyone in the choir, and everybody at St. John's who helped us through this time. ­ Nancy Gardner and Family

Volume 08, Issue 04

The metal studs for the new wall for the corridor from the elevator to the existing second floor are in place (above) and the metal studs framing out the new doorway into the back of the chapel are in place New doorway at back of chapel (left). In addition, the studs for the new wall enclosing the ramp from the elevator corridor to the social hall are in place and the new doorways and corridors providing access to the old kitchen, boiler room and storage room off the social hall are nearly complete. Existing access to these rooms will be closed off by the new ramp that is being built tin the social hall. We will keep you posted of the progress with pictures in the Great Hall and in the Disciple.

Social Hall is now construction staging area.

April 22, 2008


Thank you for your Lenten Envelope Offerings

Your Lenten offerings in these envelopes will go to the UCC for support of missionaries around the world including Barbara de Souza, our missionary partner in Brazil. Below is the fourth and final article in the series of articles presenting excerpts of newsletters sent by Barb De Souza to mission partners like St. John's. In the following excerpt from her email of November 2007, Barbara continues with her story of Marinalva., a cleaning woman at the clinic in Brazil who Barbara help to become a community health educator. In this article, Barbara tells us the hoops and hurdles that had to be jumped through and over to obtain this promotion. Barbara continues:

But now I must add that it was not as easy to obtain this deserved promotion for her because of bureaucracy and prejudice. To be a community health educator in the city's Family Health Program, for which our Association is contracted to administer, all sorts of rule changes have been made over the years. From a program started in 1999 in which the community health workers had only to live in the community, and to know how to read and write sufficiently, the city health dept. has made new rules that almost caused us to have to fire some of the women who had been with us from the beginning. The new rules are that all these health workers have to have grammar school diploma. Now this may surprise you, but in the rural area, women were never encouraged to go to school for they were to be wives and mothers only. Even in some cities, there are not enough schools; in some rural areas, children ride boats, walk or bike miles to get to a one-room school house. In the larger cities like Rio where the poor immigrants come to get better jobs, there are more schools but jobs, transportation limitations and family obligations left to the woman, make studying too difficult for them, especially if they are not school age. When this rule was imposed on us at the signing of the 3rd renewal contract with the city Health Dept. a few years ago, I was stunned--what to do? I wrote a letter to the Health Dept., explaining how we began and that I agreed this schooling was necessary, but an opportunity must be given to these women for I could not in good conscience fire them for together we had created this Association. I guaranteed that by the next contract all of our health workers would have a grammar school diploma. The contract was signed and then the struggle began to find a night school for these women. At the time only 4 of our 12 health workers had a full grammar school education. We could not find one, so with your donations, we helped these women pay the tuition for a private night school and, as I promised, all of them got their diploma. We now require this diploma for any new health educator, such as those hired in our new 3rd team. Now we come back to Marinalva. When I knew that one of our health workers was unable to continue due to health problems, I thought immediately of Marinalva as I knew she was a student of our Health Educators Course and was outstanding. So I asked her if she would like this promotion. Of course, she was excited for it is a move up and as it has been proven over the years, this not only increases self-esteem but also is motivation to go further on in education. The other workers were thrilled, too. But when I asked for the documents necessary, which included a grammar school diploma, a problem I had not counted on arose. Marinalva did not have this diploma as already explained. So to hire her caused all sorts of objections from the city health supervisors. A member of our Board, too, felt since the other health workers had this diploma, she should, too. Another wondered if a cleaning woman could become a health worker; it was a class situation. I was shocked, even shed a few tears at this attitude for it has always been part of our work here to raise self-esteem and give opportunities. We took her school papers to a local private night school and were told that she could take a test and if she passed, she could automatically get her diploma but then must continue on to high school there. She took the test and passed but will not get her diploma till after she completes her first year of high school. Once again came the objections, this time from our social worker who felt she should go through the same selective process as our newest group; that perhaps she would not pass the interviews and written tests. She did!!!!!!!!!!!!! With flying colors, even though a member of our board of directors, a social worker, who did one of the interviews, felt that we should hire someone who did not already work in the clinic to avoid criticism of favoritism. I balked for promotion is motivation and 4 of our nurses' assistants, after the required studies, had been promoted from health agents to NAs(Nursing Assistants). So it was not easy to overcome the red tape and the prejudice, but according to our Association's rules, the final decision as to the employing of staff, is the President's, thus I could hire her. Once more we have proved the value of education, even a simple health educators course whose objectives to empower, can do so and change lives. On the 5th of Nov. when she arrived in the health educators uniform, her smile was one of victory. And though she is no longer where I can hear her singing or whistling, she is out in the community visiting her patients, in a health study group or doing her patient paper work, and singing her victory! See her proud smile in the picture at right. Thank you all for your participation for Marinalva's victory as well as others for they are yours, too, due to your faithful concern and support of our health ministry. All of the employees of the clinic, Gus and I, and our Association's Board of Directors wish you a joyous holiday season. We pray with you, for a new year of peace and justice in the world. PAZ Barb and Gus de Souza P.S. Now another victory for all of us! On the 12th of Nov. the official newspaper of the city of Rio de Janeiro published a contract with our Association of Community Educators for our physical therapy program now to be a rehabilitation center. After 8 years with your help to keep this program going, the need for our work has been recognized! Volume 08, Issue 04 April 22, 2008


Graduate Information Form

Our Graduates St. John's UCC Allentown, Pennsylvania Please fill out this form to provide information for us to print in the graduation booklet to be displayed on June 1, 2008. PLEASE return this form to the church or to Becky Bronfenbrenner at [email protected] or to my address: 1835 Lehigh Pkwy. N. Allentown, PA 18103 by Sunday, May 4, 2008. Your name: Other family members: Name of school from which you will graduate:

All Church Outdoor Worship and Annual Picnic

June 8, 2008 Emmaus Community Park, Groller Pavillion We had our Luau here last year and it was so well attended and so much fun that we are going back! This is year the Board of Christian Education will sponsor a jungle/safari themed ton-of-fun picnic! Ten Things you should know about June 8th! 1. 11:30 a.m. outdoor worship service 2. 12:15 p.m. picnic lunch and fun 3. Wear your jungle or animal print shirts/outfits for our safari theme 4. Sign up next month in the Great Hall to bring a side dish, salad or dessert 5. Bring old sneakers for the creek 6. Bring a wrapped gift for a bingo prize 7. You can still worship at the church at 10am. 8. No nursery coverage for the 10 a.m. service. 9. Be prepared to have a relaxing and fun filled afternoon full of good food, bingo and kids' games!

10. Jesus is the King of the jungle!

Date of graduation:

Major area of study or your favorite class:

What next? College/career/work goals:

Don't miss the fun at the St. Johns UCC safari on June 8th! Bring your sunscreen; we've "ordered" a beautiful day! Of what are you most proud?

Search Committee Update

With what did you struggle the most? Here's an update on the Search Committee for those who missed Ralph Todd's colorful presentation on April 6. The Congregational Profile is complete and we are now ready to receive profiles from candidates interested in applying for the position of pastor. We have scheduled a "mock interview" with a local pastor to help us develop our interviewing skills, and hope to begin receiving profiles sometime in May. We will be thorough and prayerful in reviewing these profiles before we invite a few candidates for interviews. Once we identify the right candidate, we will present her/his profile to the Consistory before proceeding to set up a "trial sermon" at St. John's. The very best scenario would be for us to choose a candidate to present to the congregation by late Fall or by the end of the year. We continue to proceed with prayer and discernment and ask for the members of St. John's to pray for us as we proceed with our task. Committee members include: Cassidy Bell, Dan Collier, Bonnie Falla, Allan Kramer-Moyer, Sonya Middleton, and Paul Quinn.

April 22, 2008

Favorite memories of St. John's:

Any other information you'd like to add:

Please include a photo for us to use in the booklet. We'll return it ASAP. Come to church on June 1, and we'll be happy to recognize you and your accomplishments. We're proud of you, too! (Use additional sheets if necessary)

Volume 08, Issue 04


Notes from our Financial Secretary

The 1st quarter Giving Statements were mailed and should be in your receipt. If you feel they are not correct or have any questions please contact the church office or speak to Bruce DeLong. When donating to the Elevator/Building Renovation Fund please indicate on your envelope or check the amount to be credited. If you use a blue pew envelope for your contribution, it should be marked "elevator" for proper credit. Optional. Assist the money counters by writing your check number on the right hand side of the offering envelope just above the envelope number.. We have open dates in June and July for sponsorship of the Sunday Worship Bulletin. A donation of $15.00 is requested. You can use the Blue pew envelope by marking "worship bulletin" on it and, if you wish, indicate who it is in honor or in memory of. You may also call the church office or speak to a Consistory member. Whether you pledged or not this year, you probably had some idea of your intended contributions to St. John's during 2008. If you have fallen behind on your intended or pledged giving, please try to "catch up". Giving is currently only at 86% of budget expectations as of the end of March.

Early Bloomers puts Sunday School Lenten Offering to Good Use

Early Bloomers recently wrote a letter to the parents of children in their program telling them about the St John's Sunday School Lenten Mission Program to increase awareness of the Early Bloomers Program and include them more in our church family. We able to give a gift of $211 to Early Bloomers as a result of the Sunday School Lenten Offering. Early Bloomers has decided to spend that money on the children They recently completed a unit on the farm and because the children loved learning about farm animals, they are going to put that money towards bringing the Quiver Farm's Traveling Farm to center-city Allentown on June 12 (weather permitting. They wrote to the parents, "The outside play area will be filled with BAA BAA, MOO, COCKADOODLE DOO, QUACK QUACK, and children, not pigs, squealing!!! THANK YOU ST. JOHN'S SUNDAY SCHOOL!!! This will be the highlight of our `Down on the Farm' Day, and a great end to our unit on the farm. WE'RE GOING TO HAVE A GREAT TIME!!!"

The Church As A Party HQ

(excerpts from an enclosure in "The Mailing" from Toby Holleman, PNEC. He had been downtown Allentown and noticed a previously unoccupied building was now a candidates Party Headquarters(HQ). "...Curious, I walked over to see if anyone was inside. But the lights were off, the doors locked, and a sign at the entrance said something like this: Closed for now Out registering voters See you tomorrow! At first I was disappointed...this is what a political party's headquarters ought to be about! Paid staff and volunteers shouldn't be huddled together behind these four walls talking about problems out in the big, bad world; instead they should be out there in the world doing something to change that world. And being out there recruiting additional supporters to their cause is a critical way by which changes the world. (Toby goes on to say that when HQ is open thee is extravagant hospitality and no one stands around looking bored; everyone is given an important task). ...That's because they are totally committed to their candidate and to what their candidate stands for. They actually believe they have the power to change the world! ...Why can't the church or Jesus Christ, with the most qualified candidate in history of the world, and the most life affirming agenda for all of humanity, be more like a Party HQ?

Come to the Well

April 26, 2008, an enthusiastic group from St. John's will be heading to Nazareth, PA, to participate in a PNEC event. A large group of youth will go to St. John's Nazareth to be part of "Rachel's Challenge", a life changing program dedicated to the first person that was killed at Columbine High School in April of 1999. The adults will be going to Dryland UCC to "Where Did You Meet God Today?" with Wanda Craner. It promises to be an inspiring day and we will share more with you in the next Disciple after the event.

Community Bike Works

a letter from Emily Close, Program Manager of CBW I'm really excited about the summer schedule. We have tons of ideas to make this the best yet at Community Bike Works. However, currently we do not have all the resources to do all of them. We need help in three areas: transportation, sponsorship and time. Transportation may be for kids or bikes, depending on the event. Sponsorship could be paying admission to a museum, buying hotdogs for kids at a sports event...Time would be attending an event or helping with planning. If you wish to help, contact Emily at 610-434-1140.

Volume 08, Issue 04

April 22, 2008



May 18, 2008

It's back and better than ever ­ The Yummiest "Silent Auction" ever! Stop by the Trinity Room before the Service and check out our congregation's tastiest creations. Like what you see? Make your offer! Bidding begins at 10:30 a.m. The bidding will "freeze" during the Service and resume at 12:00 p.m. At 12:30 be in the Trinity Room to see if that tasty treat is yours!

Geraniums for Pentecost

Geranium orders may be placed for Pentecost Sunday, which falls on May 11th this year. Why red geraniums for Pentecost? The color red traditionally represents the "tongues as of fire" that appeared to the disciples when they were filled with the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost. The suggested donation is $2.75 for each plant. Please call the church office at 610-433-0146 no later than Friday, May 2nd to place your order. A plant may be ordered in memory/honor of someone or to the glory of God. Proceeds will support Youth Group activities. All the geraniums will be planted around the front of the church after Pentecost Sunday.

Cityspace Block Party ­ May 2nd

On May 2nd Cityspace is doing it again ­ throwing another great party! We hope many of you will join us between 3 and 5pm for the DJ'd fun, food and games. The music is courtesy of our own Jeff Rissell! We'll be in the Dubbs Memorial UCC parking lot (5th and Allen sts) celebrating our 1st anniversary in our new home at Dubbs. We've invited news crews and reporters to share in the excitement too. We hope that if you know anyone who needs a summer program for their school-age child that you tell them about Cityspace. During the school year we are limited by the schools we can transport to but not in the summer. In the summer we can accept anyone and everyone! We provide swim passes, go on field trips and participate in the Allentown School district lunch program so parents don't even have to worry about packing a lunch for their child! Bring your friends with you to check us out on May 2nd! Could always use your help to.... · Help set up at 2pm on the 2nd · Bake for our bake sale · be a cashier at the bake sale If you can help in any of these ways, please sign up in the Great Hall. If you have any questions, just speak to one of the Board members... Cassidy Bell, Karen Dopera, Janet Quinn or Doris Todd.

Family and Friends of Juanita Goldson

Nancy Gardner's mother, Juanita Goldson, 72, died Easter Sunday, March 23, 2008, in the Lehigh Valley Hospital. We send our deepest sympathy to her daughters Nancy, Denise Hicks, and Sendora Gardner; her sons Murdock and Jonathan Hicks; her many grandchildren including Alisa and Telisa Gardnerm, Jawon and Jacquacia Johnson and Jaqum Goldson.

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

A bus trip to Citizens Bank Park to see the Philadelphia Phillies vs. Pittsburgh Pirates in Friday, August 8 is being sponsored by Dubbs, Allentown. The bus leaves Phoebe Terrace at 3:45 p.m. and Dubbs Church at 4:30 p.m. Cost is $42 per person. Call Ray Lane at 610-433-0297 to reserve your seat!

March Year 2008 Year 2007

Member Contributions Year to Date Current Fund Benevolence Fund

Average Worship Attendance

$19,563 $17,400

Volume 08, Issue 04

$7,639 $7,395

April 22, 2008

110* 67

* 2008 includes Easter when 175 attended worship. In 2007, Easter was in April with 165 attending.


Elevator Fund Raisers

Save Your Redner's Receipts The Elevator Fund Raising Committee is continuing to collect Redner's grocery receipts to benefit the Elevator Fund. If you shop at Redner's, please start saving your receipts. Bring them to church and put them in the specially marked box in the great hall. We are off to a good start with well over $3000 worth or receipts collected so far. After we have collected $5,000 in receipts we will be eligible for a 1% rebate on the value of all receipts collected. Please speak to Cindy

Vacation Bible School JUNE 23-27th

We will be pairing up again this year with our neighbor up the street St. John's Lutheran for Vacation Bible School. This year we are doing Under Construction: A Habitat for Humanity Bible School for children ages 3 years through 7th grade. VBS will run June 23-27 in the evening and will be held at St. John's Lutheran at 5th and Walnut streets. Under Construction is a missions action children's Vacation Bible School designed to share the love of God and encourage the growth of Christian service habits among preschoolers and children. Under Construction was developed in full partnership with Habitat for Humanity International. The program is biblically based, uses a construction theme, and involves the children in activities that teach the value of "building" Christian community and participating in outreach service missions. A unique feature of Under Construction is how it involves children directly in service and ministry through Habitat for Humanity International, a well-known Christian housing ministry. While children do not participate in the construction of Habitat homes, they do discover the joy of serving by creating crafts that are given to Habitat partner families and volunteers. In order for the children to engage in mission, the adults of our congregation will need to invest some sweat equity ahead of time. We are looking for skilled workers and crafts people who know how to make something that will make a house more like a home. These objects will be given to families who are moving into habitat homes. If you have something you like to make ­ such as a tool box, or placemats, or doorstoppers ­ contact Janet Quinn with your idea. We'll work together to get materials and prepare work projects to make your project kid-friendly. We are also in need of people to assist in other ways, as well. If you would like to be part of a pool of volunteers for the week, please also speak to Janet. We need people to help in the classrooms and the in the kitchen. Child Information and a registration forms will be mailed to families in a few weeks!

Dannenhower if you have any questions or want more information. Thank you for your support

Purchase Cash Cards for Flowers and Gardening Supplies Barb Silfies will be selling $10 Cash Cards to be used on any purchases at Dan Schantz Greenhouse & Cut Flower Outlets. These cards will be good for up to one year. The money made on these cash cards will benefit the elevator fund. Plan to buy some to use for your gardening throughout the year.. Hot Dog Wagon at Redner's on Lehigh Street, May 16 and 17, 10a to 7p. Please come and tell your friends and family to have lunch/supper at our Hot Dog Wagon. Proceeds go to Elevator fund. Anniversaries in the coming month are listed on the calendar. But each month we want to highlight those who are having special anniversaries. Doris and Ralph Todd will celebrate their 35th anniversary on May 26th. Congratulations and may God be with you as you celebrate this and the many anniversaries still to come.

Camping Opportunity for Kids!

The PNECommUNITY Camp dates are Aug 10-13, 2008. The cost is $215. The Peifly fund will pay 1/2 the cost for each child. The camp is for children who have completed grades 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th. Those who have gone in the past have truly benefited from Unity Camp, having a great fun faith-filled time! If you have a child/children in grades 3rd through 6th, you should have received information in the mail already. If you have not received it and want the information and registration forms, there are papers in the Great Hall.

Join the group that goes brunch together after worship on the second Sunday each month at Keenan House on Sixth Street, just across the alley from the church parking lot.

Volume 08, Issue 04 April 22, 2008



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