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Grazing Agreement

Property Owner: Name: Tracey Blair 63 Tangimoana Beach RD RD3 Palmerston North (06) 3248956 Horse Owner: Name: Address: Ph No#____________________________

Ph No

This agreement is made between Tracey Blair herein referred to as the property owner and herein referred to as the horse owner. 1. Fee: Rates are $ area. per horse, per week for grazing and use of arena and covered stable and tack -00 please

Payable per weekly in advance to Account name: T Blair, Acc no: 0 use horse's name as reference. 2. Standard of Care:

Unless specific arrangements are made with the property owner, all care including hard feed, supplements, hay, shoeing, worming and grooming of the horse shall be the sole responsibility of the horse owner. The property owner will oversee turnout times and paddock management in accordance with sustainable farm practices. The horse owner is required to undertake a regular worming program (that implements worming procedures of not less than an 8 week cycle). The property owner has the permission of the horse owner to request a veterinary visit, or request the services of a farrier if the need arises urgently. This will be done at the horse owner's expense.

All veterinary costs are additional to the grazing fee. Any veterinary charges are the responsibility of the horse owner, who will be billed directly by the veterinary clinic for any charges. 3. Termination: A written notice period of 4 weeks, submitted to the property owner, will be required to terminate the grazing agreement. The property owner reserves the right to terminate the grazing agreement with 4 weeks notice.

. 4. Abandonment: If a horse or property is left on the premises beyond the termination date, or after 14 days of failure to pay grazing fees the horse or goods will be determined abandoned. (Within this 14-day period the property owner will make every effort to contact the nominated person. This person is responsibly for the horse if the horse owner is no longer able to make decisions regarding the horse. However after the 14 day period and with out any response from the nominated person, the property owner will have sole say on how the horse or goods are to be disposed. If an abandoned horse is to be put down or requires veterinary services, any expense will be billed directly to horse owner. An abandoned horse or property on the property owner's premise will be deemed the property owner's. The property owner may sell any abandoned goods or horse. Nominated Person: Contact details:

5. Damages: The horse owner will be financially responsible for any and all damages or loss caused by the horse or themselves to the property and equipment used. Any damages to the property must be reported as soon as noticed. The property owner is responsible for the employment of any contractor or repair work needed on the property. Repair or replacement costs incurred by the horse or the horse owner are the responsibility of the horse owner, who will be billed directly by the contractor. 6. Liability: The horse owner is aware that this is a working farm and there are the usual hazards on the property as to be associated with this type of property. The property owner will take all reasonable care to ensure the horse remains free of injury while on the property owner's premises. However, the property owner is not liable for injuries to the horse or horse owner while said horse and owner are on the premises of the property owner. The horse owner must take all reasonable care when on the premises of the property owner. The property owner will not be responsible for any injury or death to a horse whilst on the property. 7. Other: NO dogs are to be brought onto the property by the horse owner. The horse owner must tidy the property owner's equipment and premises after having used it. Manure around the arena and stable blocks is to be cleared promptly and placed in piles directed by the property owner, any manure in drive is be removed asap. Suitable manure management of paddocks is require and paddocks are to left clear of manure on termination of tenure. If hay is to be carried to paddocks in bags. Please use car parks designated by property owner.

8. Agreement Executed this _____________ day of __________, 2011

Horse owner:

Property owner:





ATTACHMENT 1. Horse Information Name: ____________________________ Age:___________ Sex:________ Colour: __________________ Breed: _______________

Horse owner's veterinarian: (name and number) ________________________________

Horse owner's farrier: (name and number) _____________________________________

Special requirements __________________________________________________

Last deworming: ___________________ product: ________________ Last dentistry treatment: _____________________________________

Horse owner: ____________________________

Property owner: ____________________________



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