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Documentaries & Bios · Fiction · Non-categorized · Photography · Reference · Technical Titles are listed in alphabetical order excluding any leading "A" or "The" in the above categories. Many titles have been entered without review. If any title is improperly categorized, feel free to submit your correction recommendation. Documentaries, bibliographies & biographies: Australian Surfriders Association Rulebook by Alan Atkins; Australian Surfriders Association Basics of Surfing (The) by Alan Atkins; Australian Surfriders Association, 1986 (softcover) Beaches of Kaua'i and Ni'ihau (The) by John Clark; University of HI Press, 1989 (softcover) Beaches of Maui (The) by John Clark; University of HI Press, 1989 (softcover) Beaches of O'ahu (The) by John Clark; University of HI Press, 1977 (softcover) Beaches of the Big Island (The) by John Clark, University of HI Press, 1985 (softcover) California Surfriders by John H. "Doc" Ball Mountain & Sea, 1979 (reprint of `Surf Riders of California, 1946, hard & softcover) Competitive Surfing: A Dedicated Approach by Brian Lowdon; Movement Pub., 1988 (hard & soft cover) Complete Surfing Guide for Coaches (The) by Dr. Bruce Gabrielson Da Bull: Life Over the Edge by Greg Noll & Andrea Gabbard Bangtail Press, 1989 (softcover); N. Atlantic Books, 1989 (softcover, 2 ed) Da Kine Talk: From Pidgin to Standard English by Elizabeth Carr; University of Hawaii Press, 1972 Decade: Ten Years of Great Longboarding by Herbie Fletcher; 2002 Duke Kahanamoku, Hawaii's Golden Man by Joseph Brennan; Hogath Press, 1974 (p/b) Duke: Life Story, B.C. Duke: The Life Story of Duke Kahanamoku by Joseph Brennan Ku Pa'a, 1994 (hard & softcover) Greats of the Australian Surf by Graham Cassidy; Lester Townsend Pub. 1983 (hardcover); 1989, second edition (hardcover) Hawaiian Surfriding: The Ancient and Royal Pastime by Thomas Blake Northland Press, 1961 (softcover) Hawaiiana: The Best of Hawaiian Design by Mark Blackburn; Schiffer Pub, 1996 Hawaii's Secret Beaches by John Clark; (softcover) Illustrated Discography of Surf Music (The) by John Blair, 1986 (first edition, hardcover) Illustrated Discography of Surf Music 1961-1965 (The) by John Blair; Popular Culture, 1995 (3 rd ed., hardcover) Lifeguards (The) by Robert Baxley; Sunset Cliffs AP&P Society, 1998 (softcover) Let's Go, Let's Go by Rosie Clark; Harrison Clark, 1997 (hard & softcover) Lopez: The Classic Hawaiian Surfer by Carlos Lorch Mark Richards: A Surfing Legend by David Knox; Angus & Robertson, 1992 (hardcover) Mr. Sunset: The Jeff Hakman Story by Phil Jarratt, Gen X Pub., 1997 (hardcover & Quicksilver ed.) Nat's Nat and That's That by Nat Young New Zealand Surfing Guide (The) by Mike Bhana; Heinemann Reed, 1988 (softcover) Oceans: Our Last Resource (The) by Wesley Marx; Sierra Club Books, 1982 (hardback) Surfing: Hawaii's Gift to the World of Sports by Fred Hemmings, Jr.; Zokeisha Publ., 1977 (hardcover) Surf's Up by Mark Blackburn; Schiffer Books, 2001 (hardcover) Wild Water, the Surfriding Way of Life by Laurie McGinness & Peter Crawford; Rigby Ltd., 1977 (hardcover) Technical: Ding Repair Scriptures (The) by George Colendich; Village Green Pub., 1986 (p/b) Fiberglass Ding Repair by Franklin Pierce; Prince's Principals, 1993 (p/b) How to Ride Just About Everything (Except a Horse) by Paul Dupre; Greatlakes, 1975 (softcover) How to Surf by James Wagenvoord & Lynn Baily (p/b) Stoked-n-BoardTM Page 1 of 11 Literature.wpd

Documentaries & Bios · Fiction · Non-categorized · Photography · Reference · Technical How to Surf by Midget Farrelly; Sphere Books Ltd., 1968 (softcover) How to Surf Your Best by Nick Carroll; Surfing Magazine, 1995 (softcover) Making a Surfboard, The Complete Manual by Howard Jennar; Mason Stewart, 1985 (p/b) Observing and Forecasting Ocean Waves by Pierson; Dept. of the Navy, 1955 Surf Survival by Jim Bradley; Mason Stewart Publishing, 1987 (softcover) Surfboard Builders' Manual by Steve Shaw, rev 1965 Surfboard Design and Construction by James Kinstle; Natural High Express Co., 1975 (softcover) Surfboard Riders Repair Manual (The) by Noel Jamieson, Perigian Beach SS, 1982 Waves and Beaches by Willard Bascom Waves in the Ocean by Paul LeBlond; Elsevier Scientific Pub., 1978 (softcover) Waves of the Sea (and Other Water Waves) by Vaughan Cornish; Open Court Pub., 1910 Waves, Wind and Weather by Nathaniel Bowditch; Daniel McKay Co., 1977 (hardcover) Wind Waves at Sea, Breaker and Surf by Henry Bigelow Pub #602, U.S.N. Hydrographic Office, Wash., DC, 1942, 1952 (hardcover) Wind Waves: Generation & Propagation on Ocean Surfaces by Blair Kinsman; Prentice-Hall, 1965 (p/b) Photo: Book of Waves (The) by Drew Kampion; pub Surfer Mag, 1989 Photo: Grannis Surfing's Golden Age 1960-1969 by Brad Barrett; Surfer's Journal, 1998 (hardcover) Pictorial History of Surfing (A) by Frank Margan & Ben Finney; Paul Hamlyn, 1970 (hardcover) Surf Riders of Hawaii (The) by A.R. Gurrey; Honolulu Bulletin Publ., 1914 Surfers - Photographs by Patrick Cariou by Patrick Cariou Powerhouse Books, 1997 (hard & softcover) Ukulele: A Visual History (The) by Jim Beloff; Miller Freeman Books, 1997 (softcover) Reference: Art of Body Surfing (The) by Robert Gardner; Chilton, 1972 (softcover) Aloha Spirit - Hawaiian Art & Popular Design by Douglas Congdon-Martin; Schiffer Pub., 1998 (hardcover) California Coastal Access Guide by Joanne Ginsburg; University of Cal., 1991 (softcover) Complete Book of Surfing (The) by Peter Dixon Ballantine Books, 1966 (p/b) & Coward-McCann, 1967 (revised ed, hardcover) & Ballantine Books, 1969 (enlarged, revised ed, p/b) Cowabunga Avon Trade, 1991, (p/b) Groundswell Society Annual Publication by Glenn Hening; 1997 (softcover) Guide to Surfriding in New Zealand (A) by Wayne Warwick; Viking Seven Seas, 1979 (hardcover) Noses: Custom Long Board & Gun Selector by Don Okey; Mega Surf Design, 1996 (spiral bound softcover) Noses: Custom Short Board & Mini-Gun Selector by Don Okey; Mega Surf Design, 1996 (spiral bound softcover) Peoples Guide to Mexico (The) by Carl Franz Surf Lingo - A Complete Guide by Mitchell McKissick; Coastline Press, 1987 (softcover) Surfer in Hawaii: A Guide by R. Grigg & R. Church; John Severson Publ., 1963 (softcover) Surfers Guide (A) by Mike Higgins; Windsor Associates, 1992 Surfer's Guide to Costa Rica (A) by Mike Parise; Surfpress Pub., 1996 (softcover) Surfer's Handbook (The) by Cameron Kirk & Zack Hanle; Dell Pub., 1968 (p/b) Surfing, A Handbook by William Desmond (hardcover) Surfing: A Handbook by William D. Nelson; Auerbach, 1973 (hardcover) Surfing and Health by Dorian Paskowitz; self-published, 1998 (spiral bound softcover) Surfing California by Bank Wright, pub Mountain & Sea (1976) Stoked-n-BoardTM Page 2 of 11 Literature.wpd

Documentaries & Bios · Fiction · Non-categorized · Photography · Reference · Technical Surfing Dictionary (The) by Phil Jarratt; Sun Books, 1985 (softcover), MacMillan, 1989 (2 nd ed., softcover) Surfing East Coast & Gulf Coast by Bank Wright, pub by Mountain & Sea (1979) Surfing Fundamentals by Laurie McGinness; A.H. & A.W. Reed, 1978 (hardcover) Surfing Guide to Southern California by Stern and Cleary, pub by Mountain & Sea (c 1964) Surfing Hawaii by Bank Wright, pub Mountain & Sea (1976) Surfing Made Easy by Ted Masters & Hobie Alter; Masters-Graham Pub., 1962 (softcover) Surfing Mexico & Baja by Brian Alexander, pub by Mountain & Sea (1979) Tails: Custom Long Board & Gun Selector by Don Okey; Mega Surf Design, 1996 (spiral bound softcover) Tails: Custom Short Board & Mini-Gun Selector by Don Okey; Mega Surf Design, 1996 (spiral bound softcover) Young Sportsman's Guide to Surfing (The) by Ross R. Olnev Scholastic Press/T. Nelson & Sons, 1965 (hard & soft cover) Where the Surfers Are: Guide to the World's Surf by Peter Dixon Coward-McCann, 1968 (hardcover) & Ballantine Books, 1968 (p/b) Fiction: A Native Son of the Golden West by James D. Houston, Ballentine Books, 1972 (p/b) Affairs of Gidget (The) by Greg Kohner; Bantam, 1963 (p/b) Ants on the Melon by Virginia Adair; Random House, 1996 (hardcover) Barbie's Hawaiian Holiday by Bette Maybee; Random House, 1963 (hardcover) Beach Bums (The) by Jack Owen; Coward-McCann, 1959 (hardcover) Beach Queen Blowout by Patrick Morgan; McFadden-Bartell, 1971 (p/b) Boy with the Golden Surfboard by D. Bateson, 1973 Busting Down the Door by Wayne Rabbit Bartholomew & Tim Baker Harper Collins, 1966 (softcover) California Girls by Ann Martin; Scholastic Inc., 1990 (p/b) Cher Papa by Fred Kohner; Putnam, 1960 (hardcover); Bantam, 1961 (p/b) Cute and Deadly Surf Twins by Patrick Morgan; McFadden-Bartell, 1970 (p/b) Dawn and the Surfer Ghost by Ann Martin; Scholastic Inc., 1990 (p/b) Deadly Group Down Under by Patrick Morgan; McFadden-Bartell, 1970 (p/b) Death Car Surfside by Patrick Morgan; McFadden-Bartell, 1972 (p/b) Fast Times at Ridgemont High by Cameron Crowe; Simon and Schuster, 1982 (hard & p/b) Freaked Out Strangler by Patrick Morgan; McFadden - Bartell, 1973 (p/b) Ghosts of Morning (The) by Richard Barre; Berkeley Publishing Group, 1998 (hardcover) Gidget by Fred Kohner; Putnam, 1957 (hardcover); Bantam, 1958 (p/b), reprint 1961, 1962 Gidget Goes Hawaiian by Fred Kohner; Bantam, 1961 (p/b) Gidget Goes to New York by Fred Kohner; Dell Pub., 1966 (p/b) Gidget Goes Parisenne by Fred Kohner; Dell Pub., 1966 (p/b) Gidget Goes to Rome by Fred Kohner; Bantam, 1963 (p/b) Gidget in Lover by Fred Kohner; Dell Publ, 1965 (p/b) Gidget Must Die Girls Night Out by Kathy Lette; William Morrow & Co., 1987 (p/b) Good Things Love Water by Chris Ahrens; Chubasco Publishers, 1994 (softcover) Green Lantern / Silver Surfer: Unholy Alliances by Ron Marz; DC Comics, 1995 (p/b) Gremmie (The) by Fred Kohner; Pyramid Pub., 1965 (p/b) Hang Dead Hawaiian Style by Patrick Morgan; McFadden-Bartell, 1969 (p/b) Hawaiian Gecko Adventures on the Island of Maui by Edward McCall; Hawaiian Service Inc., 1995 (softcover) Heart Breaker by Francine Pascal; Bantam Books, 1986 (#8, p/b) Honolulu by Arthur Moore; Pocket Books, 1976 (p/b) Malibu Summer by Jane C. Miner; Scholastic Inc., 1995 (p/b) Stoked-n-BoardTM Page 3 of 11 Literature.wpd

Documentaries & Bios · Fiction · Non-categorized · Photography · Reference · Technical Muscle Beach Party by Elise Lee; Lancer Books, 1964 (p/b) Natural Adventures of a Surfing Super Stud (The) by B. Newton; Mayflower, 1978 North Shore by William Phelps & Randal Kleiser; Pipeline Prod., 1987 (movie script, softcover) Phantom Surfer (The) by Carolyn Keene; various publishers, 1968 (mystery series # 6-#30 hardcover or p/b) Paumalu, a Story of Modern Hawaii by Rus Calish, Paumalu Press, 1979 (p/b) Puberty Blues: A Surfie Saga by Kathy Lette; Wideview Books, 1982 (p/b) Queen of the Surf by Douglas Dee, Saber Tropic Books, 1967 (p/b) Scarlet Surf at Makaha by Patrick Morgan; McFadden-Bartell, 1970 (p/b) Silver Surfer by Stan Lee; Marvel Entertainment Grp., 1988 (hardcover) Silver Surfer and the Ultimate Cosmic Experience (The) by Stan Lee; Simon and Schuster, 1987 (hardcover) Silver Surfer: the Enslavers by Stan Lee; Marvel Entertainment Grp., 1990 (hardcover) Silver Surfer's Parable by Stan Lee; Marvel Entertainment Grp., 1988 (hardcover) South Swell by Patrick O'Conner; Ives Washburn Inc., 1967 (hardcover) Surf Monkeys by jay Leibold; Bantam Books, 1993 (p/b) Surf Patrol Kiss of Death and Other Stories by Cathy Lester; Windjammer Pub., 1996 (p/b) Surf Patrol Stories by Cathy Lester; Windjammer Pub., 1995 (p/b) Surf with Me by Carli Laklan; McGraw-Hill, 1967 (hardcover) Surfer Boy by Gael Mustapha; Island Heritage Pub., 1998 (softcover) Surfer Girl by Frances Latz; Berkeley Pub., 1983 (p/b) Surfer Girl by Kate O'Brien; Pan Macmillan, 1993 (p/b) Sweet Ride (The) by William Murray; Signet Books, 1967 (hardcover & p/b) The Girl in the Telltale Bikini by Patrick Morgan; McFadden-Bartell, 1971 (p/b) Three Little Hawaiian Pigs and the Magic Shark by Donivee Laird; Barnaby Books, 1982 (hardcover) Through a Liquid Mirror by Wayne Levin; Editions Limited, 1997 (hard & soft cover) Thunder Over the Reefs by Prestige Books, Inc., 1967 (p/b) Too Mini-Murders by Patrick Morgan; McFadden - Bartell, 1969 (p/b) Topless Dancer Hangup by Patrick Morgan; McFadden-Bartell, 1971 (p/b) Wilbur Kookmeyer and Friends by Bob Penuelas; Yipes Pub., 1990 (softcover) Non categorized: Above the Roar Adventure Sports: Surfing by John Conway; Stack Pole Books & Salamander Books Ltd., 1988 (softcover) After January by Nick Earls; University of Queensland Press, 1996 (p/b) Aqualusions by Marc Grabinsky; TruArt Publ., 1996 (softcover) Art of Wave Riding (The) by Ron Drummond; Closter Press, 1961 (softcover) Ask Bu by Bu La'ia; Keefah Prod., 1995 (softcover) Australian Surfrider (The) by Jack Pollard; Kenmore Press Pty. Lid., 1963 (hardcover) Australians at Play by Phil Jarratt; 1984 Bad Rad Not to Forget Way Cool Beach & Surf Descriptionary (The) by M. Anderson; Oceanside Printers, 1988 Baja Book IV Beach Boys (The) by Dean Anthony; Crescent Books, 1985 (hardcover) Beach Boys Silver Anniversary by John Milward; Doubleday, 1985 (softcover) Beach Boys Southern California Pastoral (The) by Bruce Golden; Borgo Press, 1981 (hardcover) Beach, Street and Strip - The Albums by S. McParlang Beach Stuff by John H. "Doc" Ball; Self publ'd, early 1940's (spiral bound) Beach town: Early Days in Ocean Beach by Ruth V. Held; 1975 (hard or softcover) Beaches and Coasts by Cuchlaine King; Edward Arnold Ltd., 1959 Beaches: Their Lives, Legends and Lore by Robert Manley; Chilton Book Co., 1968 (hardcover) Beginning Surfing by Tony Freeman; Children's Press, 1980 (hardcover) Stoked-n-BoardTM Page 4 of 11 Literature.wpd

Documentaries & Bios · Fiction · Non-categorized · Photography · Reference · Technical Best of Tracks: Celebrate the Riding of Waves by A. Halzone, J. Stewart & J. Grissim; Tracks Publ., 1975 (s/c) Better Surfing by Joseph Cook; Kaye & World Ltd., 1968 (hardcover) Better Surfing for Boys by Joseph Cook; Dodd and Mead, 1967 (hardcover) Between the Sets by John McLean; Out of the Blue, 1992 (softcover) Big Drop (The) by John Long; Falcon, 1999 Big Surf by Gary Dunne; Mason Stewart Publ., 1989 (softcover /magazine) Big Surf, Deep Dives & The Islands by Dr. Richard & Ricky Grigg; Editions Ltd., 1998 (hard & softcover, Quicksilver hardcover box set: 300 total) Big Wednesday by Dennis Aaberg; Bantam Books, 1978 (p/b) Big Wipeout (The) by Casey Brady; Random House, 1996 (Jr. Lifeguard Baywatch, #4, p/b) Black Beach by Doris Hiller; Children's Press, 1996 Blue of Capricorn (The) by Eugene Burdick Houghton Mifflin, 1961 (hardcover); Fawcett World Library, 1961 (p/b) Bodysurfers (The) by Robert Drewe; Farber and Farber, 1983 (p/b) Bombora by Tegan Bennet, 1996 Book of Waves (The) by Drew Kampion; Arpel Graphics, 1989 (limited signed & numbered hardcover & softcover) Breaking Free by Tony Lingard; Ocean Press, 1987 (softcover) Broderick by Edward Ormondroyd; Houghton Mifflin, 1969 (hardcover); Parnassus Press, 1969 (softcover) California and the West Coast by Martin Dunford; Prentice Hall, 1989 (softcover) Capsized by Lee Daniels; Lynx Books, 1989 (Surf City series #5, p/b) Capturing a King's Calabash by John F. Cowan; Paradise of the Pacific, 1934 (hardcover) Caught Inside by Jack Finlay; Stormy Weather Publ., 1992 (softcover) Caught Inside: A Surfer's Year on the California Coast by Daniel Duane; North Point Press, 1966 (both h/c & s/c) Challenge Answered: A History of Lifesaving in Western Australia (A) by Edwin Jaggard; 1979 Cholos and Surfers by Jack Lopez; Capra Press, 1998 (softcover) Coolangatta Gold (The) by Richard Butler, 1984 Come `n' Try Surfing by L. Bennet, 1985 (softcover) Coming of the Surfman (The) by Peter Collington; Alfred A. Knopf, 1993 (hardcover) Conquering the Surf: Lifesaving and Surfboarding by Henry Pohl; Hoffman-Harris, 1944 Continental Kick (The) by Fred Kohner Cosmic Coastal Chronicles: A Wanderer's Adventures on the Pacific Coast by M. Fisher; Eclectic Press, 1997 (s/c) Couples Beach Party by M.E. Cooper; Scholastic Inc., 1987 (p/b) Coyotes, Lobsters & A Surfer Named Steve by Lloyd Kahn, 1998 Crest of the Wave (The) by Willard Bascom; Harper and Row, 1988 (hard & softcover) Da Kine Beach Book of O'ahu Water Sports by Bob Gleason; Cocojoe's, 1979 (softcover) Dancing the Waves and Other Poems by Steven Curry; Anoai Press, 1998 (softcover) Death and Life of Bobby Z (The) Dogs of Winter (The) by Kem Nunn; Scriber, 1997 (hardcover) Duke of Hawaii by Joseph Brennan; Ballantine Books, 1968 (p/b) Early California Surfers by John H. "Doc" Ball Pacific Publishing, 1995 (reprint of `California Surfriders', 1975, hardcover) Economic Effects of Surfing Activities in Hawaii by Mike Markrich; Univ. of Hawaii Sea Grant College, 1988 Ed "Big Daddy" Roth - A Retrospective by R. Hussong; New Langton Arts, 1990 Ei Nei, You Remembah Too by Armitage; Press Pacifica, 1984 (softcover) Eigernorwand (The) End of Endless Summer Endless Wave by John O'Brien; Ashton Scholastic, 1993 (p/b) Essential Surfing by George Orbelian; Orbelian Arts, 1982 (softcover) Fantastic Four Redemption of the Silver Surfer by Michael Jan Friedman; Berkeley Blvd., 1998 (softcover) Fear Nothing by Dean Koontz; 1998 (hardcover) Stoked-n-BoardTM Page 5 of 11 Literature.wpd

Documentaries & Bios · Fiction · Non-categorized · Photography · Reference · Technical Fielding's Surfing Indonesia by Leonard Lueras; Fielding Worldwide Pub., 1996 (softcover) Focus de Glisse by Alexandre Hurel Freud and the Nazis Go Surfing by Bill Green; Pan Macmillan Publ., 1986 (p/b) Fright Wave by Frank Dixon; Archway Paperback, 1990 (Hardy Boys series #40, p/b) Fun on an Island by Helen Gray Pratt; Charles Scribner's & Sons, 1948 (hardcover) Generation Glisse by Alain Loret Girls Can't Do It by Peter Filichia; Avon Books, 1990 (p/b) Gladiators of the Surf by Barry Galton; A.H. and A.W. Reed, 1984 (softcover) Glide (The) by Chris Bystrom; Duranbah Press, 1998 (hard & softcover) Glisse (La) by Yves Bessas; Fayard (France), 1982 Golden Girl by H. Erskine Gone for a Wave by Neil Jameson, Longman, 1995 Goofy Foot by Charlotte Marchand; Goofy Foot Productions, 1989 (softcover) Great Surf & Rock Instrumentalists of the `50's & `60's (The) by Alan Clark, 1995 (softcover) Great Waves: Tsunami (The) by Douglas Myles; McGraw-Hill, 1985 (hardcover) Guide du Surf by Nicholas Dejean Guide to Surfing in Britain (A) by Chris Power; British Surfing Assoc., 1983, 2 nd 1988, 3 rd 1993 (p/b) Guide to the Surf Beaches of Victoria (A) by Richard Loveridge; Globe Press, 1987 (softcover) Haole Substitute (The) by Walt Novak; Cypress House, 1994 (p/b) Hawaii by Nick Carter; Charter Books, 1997 (p/b) Hawaii: Aloha Surf Hawaii Guerriers des Vagues by Gilles Lhote; Editions Filipacchi, 1988 (hardcover) Hawaiian Hawaiian Canoe (The) by Tommy Holmes Editions Ltd., 1981 (limited koa-bound edition, and hardcover); 1993 2 nd edition (hardcover) Hawaiian Eye by Frank Castle; Deli Pub. Co., 1962 (p/b) Hawaiian Holiday by Larry Barretto; Dodd, Mead & Co., 1938 Hawaiian Prophet: Alexander Hume Ford by Valerie Noble; Exposition Press, 1980 Hawaiian Sea Hunt Mystery by Andy Adams; Grosset and Dunlap, 1960 (hardcover) Hawaiian Shirt (The) by H. Thomas Steele; 1985 (hardcover) Hawaiian Surfboard by Thomas Blake; Paradise of the Pacific Press, 1935 (kapa bound, with or without illustrated surfers, black print) (non-kapa bound, w/surfers: black or gilt print; w/o surfers: black print) Hawaiian Surfriders 1935 by Thomas Blake; Mountain & Sea Pub., 1983 (hard & softcover) Hawaiian U.F.O. Aliens by Mel Gilden; Penguin Books, 1991 (p/b) Heros and Villains - The True Story of the Beach Boys by Steven Gaines; New American Library, 1986 (h/c) Hidden Reef by Lee Daniels; Lynx Books, 1989 (Surf City series #4, p/b) History of Surfing (The) by Nat Young History of Torquay Surf Life Saving Club by Ken Pollard; Torquay SLSC, 1996 (hardcover) Hitting the Lip: Surfing in South Africa by Cornel Barnett; MacMillan, 1974 (hardcover) Hold My Hand - Or Else by Margaret Clark; Random House, 1995 (softcover) Hopi's Big Secret by Julie Gilbert; Heinemann Ed. Publ., 1996 (p/b) How fo' Surf wit' Palaka Joe by Patrick Ching & Jeff Pagay; Naturally Hawaiian, 1995 (hardcover) How to Body Surf by Nelson Dewey; Saltaire Pub., 1970 (softcover) How to Ride a Surfboard by Jack Pollard; Pollard Pub., 1976 Illustrated Swimming, Diving and Surfing Dictionary by Diana Gleasner; Prentice-Hall, 1980 (hardcover) Impact Zone (The) by Ray Maloney; Delacorte Press, 1986 (hardcover); Dell Pub., 1986 (p/b) In Sports (The) by D.S. Halacy; MacRare Smith Co., 1966 (hardcover) Indo Surf and Lingo by Peter Neely; Peter Neely Pub., 1990 (softcover, several rev. ed.) Inside and Out; A Surfing Improvement Handbook by R.E. Abreau, 1974 (p/b) Stoked-n-BoardTM Page 6 of 11 Literature.wpd

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