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Beer handle takes the Hungarian market

A co-operative effort by Heineken Hungária and SEPack resulted in the beer bottle multipack, which saves both money and the environment.

Where can you find beer bottle packaging that is easy to open and carry, is water-resistant and saves money for both the producer and consumer? One of Hungary's largest breweries, Heineken, turned to SEPack in the spring of 2008. Two key criteria were specified for the design: the bottles were not to fall out or move, and the packaging should be water-resistant. Emphasis was also placed on the look of the packaging. Indeed, the decision finally rested on offset, which Heineken had already used with SEPack for its speciality packaging. "Product development took quite a long time, and there was lots of testing. We tested a total of seven different packaging models with four differently shaped bottles," explains Corporate Affairs and Communications Manager Eva Kiss of Heineken Hungária.

Four versions

The result was a multipack unlike anything the Hungarian market had ever seen: four or five halflitre beer bottles held together by a carrying handle. Soproni, Soproni 1895, Kaiser, Zlaty Bazant, Gösser and Amstel beers are sold in five-packs. Heineken got its own four-bottle packaging this spring. "The Gösser and Amstel handle is slightly different from the others. So, in all, we developed four different handles," explains Krisztian Asztalos, sales manager at the SEPack Páty mill.

Heineken is very pleased with the final result. "The bottle row sits very nicely in the refrigerator door, and you can remove one bottle without the others coming loose. The packages can also be stacked next to each other in a beer crate," says Eva Kiss. From circle to hexagon

Did you know?

that there are over 160 beer brands on the hungarian market? that the average hungarian drinks 70 litres of beer a year?

Designing even small packaging can be a multi-phase process. The beer handle is an excellent example of this. "We ended up shaving off millimetres. We noticed, for example, that the hole holding the bottle neck didn't work as a circle. So we changed it into a hexagon," explains Kiss. The other challenge was mounting the packaging around the bottles at the brewery. "Unfortunately, gluing didn't work. So we had to figure out how quickly the packaging could be mounted by hand or machine." SEPack finally developed a simple tool for manually mounting the packaging. During that time, Heineken tested the solution in a brewery environment five times.

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Beer handle takes the Hungarian market

Good for the environment One reason for developing the new packaging is naturally to save costs and the environment. "The handle saves us 44 tonnes of packaging material a year: six tonnes of plastic and 38 tonnes of paper," says Kiss. Transport needs are also reduced because there is a decreased need for plastic pallets in the delivery chain. Ultimately, these savings are passed on to the ordinary beer lover. Text: Hanna Rusila Photo: Heineken Hungária

Heineken Hungária

one of Hungary's three international brewery chains approx. 30% share of the Hungarian beer market 14 beer brands, of which the best-known are Heineken, Gösser, Amstel and local Soproni 600 employees two breweries

A strong customer base is the key to success for the Offset Plant in Balabanovo, Russia

The first offset plant of Stora Enso Packaging in Russia started operating in the spring 2008 in Balabanovo. Adding offsetprinted corrugated packaging to SEPack Russia's product portfolio made our market position even stronger. Our customers now have an excellent possibility to cover all their needs in packaging starting with flexo printed transportation boxes and ending with high-end offset printed consumer packaging from one supplier. In spite of a challenging market situation, the offset plant in Balabanovo has started to benefit from the strong customer base which has been built up throughout the past 10 years. We see excellent opportunities in the alcohol, low-alcohol, office paper, foodstuffs and other segments. SEPack's rich experience in innovative product development combined with the latest technology give us a solid competitive advantage in Russia. Already today, some of Russia's biggest brand-owners are turning to us, not only for flexo printed products, but also for offset printed consumer packaging. - Denis Lititsky, Sales Manager, SEPack Russia

Offset News

Business Development

Marek Vykydal and Adam Berc have recently started working for Stora Enso Packaging. Marek is responsible for business development in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, whereas Adam has joined the Polish sales team.

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