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The Blessed Life #2 What Test?

February 13, 2011 Pastor Robert Morris

GETTING STARTED There are some topics that are just flat out touchy to talk about in public. Among the top three are politics, religion and money. Talk about which of these three you would rather not talk about most with others. RECAP Robert Morris talked to us from the book of Malachi about our returning ­ to God in our Faith, Family, Finances and finally about God returning to us. God challenges us to test him in this area of tithing and see what He will do. Morris gave us 3 principles about Tithing: 1) Tithing is a test. Tithing is a tenth, and the number 10 was always used as a test. 2) Tithing is Biblical. 3) Tithing is a benefit. POSSIBLE DISCUSSION QUESTIONS In Matthew 23:23 Jesus mentions tithing as though it were the first step of the norm in Christian life. · Do you think most believers tithe in today's world? Why or why not? Let's talk about one of the objections brought up to tithing. It's easy to think that tithing is an Old Testament rule of the law and we're under grace now so we don't need to consider this. Morris showed that Jesus asked us to go beyond the law to living even deeper in grace. (See Matt 5:17-20) · In keeping with this principle what are some ways we can go beyond simply tithing with our giving? How can giving 10% of your income be a benefit?

Morris says tithing is a benefit. · Morris briefly mentioned the possibility of downsizing in order to "not rob from God." That's a pretty radical commitment to tithing. · Do you think as a rule people are motivated or frustrated by the idea of radical commitment?

CHALLENGE Morris said every time we take the tithe challenge and pass test we are telling Jesus how much we love Him and how much we love His Bride. He gave the example of the three guys and sending them money to care for his wife. The challenge is for us to give ten percent to the church- His bride, showing God we love Him and respect caring for what is important to Him. If you aren't tithing maybe it's time to do more than think about it. PRAYER Ask God for a radical giving life challenge for each individual in the group and the courage a grace to say yes to that challenge. RESOURCES The Blessed Life by Robert Morris ­ available at the Resource Center Financial Peace University ­ check the lobby table for more info or call the church office 62-45560


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