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Guide to using a Prayer List

Building a Kingdom based prayer life ­

Experiencing God answer prayers according to the way He works, instead of asking God to answer prayer based on the way we work.


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How do I build an effective prayer life? "This, then, is how you should pray:

"'Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name, your will be done heaven. bread. your kingdom come,


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Using a Prayer List

Building a dynamic prayer life is a rewarding aspect of your spiritual life. You are what you pray and you shape who you will become based on how you pray. A prayer list will help you organize you prayer life so you can pray effectively. What you pray is what you become: A good prayer list can help you pray in a way that you gain God's heart for your life. As you meet with God in prayer, He begins to transform you and motivate you towards Kingdom visions and purposes. "Thy Kingdom come" + "Thy will be done" in my life A prayer list will help you map your life and allow you to begin to see God change you through prayer. Begin to connect Kingdom priorities, Heart Attitudes, personal development and needs of self and others in prayer. A prayer list uses the Lord's Prayer as a framework that gives direction and purpose to your prayer life. God can use the prayer list to help you see how people, places and things that you are praying for fit into the larger picture of God's plans. The prayer list is always in process, just as we are. It is organic. It should be growing and changing around how God is growing and changing you. Like a carpenters tool, your prayer list must be sharpened continually to be useful. Your prayer list will need to be adjusted as you and your life changes. As God changes your heart, passions and calling the format of your list should change as well.

on earth as it is in Give us today our daily

as we also have forgiven our debtors. temptation, but deliver us from the evil one.'

Matt 6:9-13

Forgive us our debts,

And lead us not into

Through prayer God begins to kneed the gospel into our soul and reflect it in our lives by our daily actions. He begins to place a passion in our hearts for the things that are important to Him.

Kingdom Priorities and Principles

Arrange your prayer life according to priorities modeled in the Lords Prayer and Biblical principles to bring personal transformation Model

Our Father Holy is your name Kingdom come Will be done Daily bread Forgive us Lead from temptation

Freedom of a Prayer List

· You have freedom to

pray for the priority / column you are burdened for on any particular day


Adoption Worship Evangelism Lordship Dependence Unity Protection


Personal relationship Open & Honest life Needs of others Give / Rec'v correction Support God's work Right relationships Stay under authority


· Frees you from a rigid

schedule. Pray through one column & make a mark at the top of the column to know where you have been. The list will help you pray through all the priorities in a balanced way.



Using the List · Pray for people more than things or circumstances · Pray for personal transformation more than a ·

e g

change in circumstance Pray to hear from God and His heart, What would his response be? What would He do? What is the good in this situation? What principle, or priority is He building in my life or the life of others?

· Allows freedom to set

the list aside on days you are led to simply seek and worship God in other ways.

Evidence of Spiritual transformation

d .

Is there a growing desire for the things of God? Is the attitude of your heart becoming more like the attitude of His heart? Pray for spiritual and character growth in your life and that your heart will long for the values of His Kingdom ­ the goal is heart transformation.


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incorporating God's priorities into your life

Prayer at The Bridge

"A church that advances God's mission in the community, the city and world, and defends itself against the opposition to the gospel by grounding itself in prayer." "A place where the disciples prayer life and the church prayer life feed into each other, bringing transformation to people, relationships, the community and city."

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