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Subscribers of FinPlan Divorce Planner® Software: Enclosed are the CD and Online User Guide (if new user) for the latest version of FinPlan Divorce Planner and Divorce Math Calculations software applications. The license agreement permits you to use these software applications on 3 computers. A firm-wide license agreement is available for larger installations. Both software applications contain context sensitive help with use of the F1 key. What's New in 2009 Software Changes · Federal and State Tax Tables updated through 2011. · Added automatic child support to Massachusetts Divorce Planner. · Optional arrearage calculator available in Divorce Math (Sales 1.800.328.9352). o Added more features. · Updated the Online Help. · Improved navigation using a directory tree and allowing multiple screens to be open at one time. · Added tooltips to each of the case facts fields. · Link to documentation now directly from within the software. · Ohio Child Support Worksheet updated. · This release includes a revision in the AMT. *** New *** Sign up for instant notification of interim software updates and Federal Tax Rate adjustments. Sign up for free product information notification where you'll receive a notification message each time the page has been updated. Point your browser to the following address: Tax Changes Taxes have been updated to reflect the latest rates and tax brackets available. Child Support Changes Ohio. Updated the custody worksheets. Massachusetts. New child support state. Help Aids Use the Start/Programs from your desktop to get to all the latest FinPlan PDF documentation. From your Desktop click on Start/Programs/FinPlan/DivPlan Version IL (state name) (year) to see: · Divorce Planner User Guide · Input Worksheet and State Tax formulas · Child support write-ups for the 16 states in which West's FinPlan calculates child support · Training Case Exhibits and documents for telephone training

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Other Documents to Print includes using Case Transfer and Quick Start Guide QuickStart ­ never get lost again in Divorce Planner

It is important that you read the User Guide and other documents provided with your software! These documents are readily available to you and designed to answer your questions on the software through the Start/Programs from your desktop. If you have purchased a version which has child support guidelines automated (CT, CO, FL, GA, IL, KY, MA, MD, MN, MS, NY, OH, OR, PA, VA, WI), be sure to read the material on how to use the automatic feature under Child Support Write-ups (Name of State PDF Doc, see above). Divorce Math Calculations Divorce Math Calculations uses the latest life expectancy tables (1992). Be sure to change the interest rate used in the pension, retirement planning and present value reports to reflect current market rates during the year. In addition, be aware that the Lump Sum Property vs. Periodic Alimony analysis is only an estimate. Many more individuals are going to be impacted by the Alternative Minimum Tax, which is not reflected in the Alimony Analysis reports of Divorce Math Calculations. Financial Affidavit Program FinPlan Assets+ software is available for CT, FL, NY and a generic version for other states. Assets+ prepares financial affidavits (listing income, deductions, living expenses and assets/liabilities). Information on Assets+ is included in your user manual. Equal Shares Program Equal Shares assists in dividing the assets between the parties. It has a visual orientation (including several graphs). Training Case The Online user guide contains a complete Case Study covering all features of the software and should be much easier for new users than strictly following the guide. This Case is the way Divorce Planner was normally taught in live training sessions. Use a Worksheet on Every Case Blank Divorce Planner worksheets are provided (see above). The software will be much easier to use if you fill out a Worksheet on every case prior to data entry. Customer Service

Issue General or technical questions Telephone training Content questions General questions about your West account Resource Call West Customer Technical Support 1-800-953-4357 Call West Telephone Account Managers 1-800-328-0109 Call West Reference Attorneys 1-800-953-4357 Call West Customer Service 1-800-328-4880

Thomson Reuters/West January 2009

Material No. 40810022


Microsoft Word - FinPlanDivorcePlannerShippingInsert2009.doc

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