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Stormsaver commercial rainwater harvesting systems

Welcome to Stormsaver

Stormsaver is the UK market leader for commercial rainwater harvesting. Our core values are quality, honesty and building relationships with our suppliers and customers. Our approach is to focus firmly on your sustainability requirements and to develop an effective solution that will satisfy your needs. UK owned, we work with a wide range of clients, such as HM Prison Service, the Ministry of Defence, major supermarket chains, Local Authorities, schools, colleges, universities and private companies. Our rainwater recovery systems are developed in accordance with BS8515: 2009 for rainwater harvesting and the Water Regulations Advisory Service (WRAS) guidelines.

About rainwater harvesting

Water is a valuable resource and rainwater harvesting plays an important role in sustainable development. Because of this, Stormsaver's rainwater harvesting systems are increasingly included in the standard specification of new buildings. Rainwater harvesting is a beautifully simple concept: collect the rainwater that falls on your roof, store it on site, filter and re-use it in place of mains water. The result is equally as simple: you REDUCE your mains water consumption, REDUCE your mains water bill and REDUCE your environmental impact. Rainwater is free, sustainable, soft and free of limescale and the use of rainwater harvesting helps mitigate local flooding. On the other hand mains water is increasingly expensive, in short supply, unlikely to meet future demand at peak times, subject to restrictions on usage ­ particularly during the summer months and a contributor to carbon emissions. There are many applications in which harvested rainwater can be used. For example, WC and urinal flushing, irrigation and landscape watering, vehicle washing, laundry, cooling or with fire sprinkler systems. Stormsaver rainwater harvesting systems are found in a diverse range of buildings, from offices, shops, museums and visitor centres through to universities, schools and colleges, even industrial facilities, like warehouses and factories. Hospitals, care homes, prisons and apartment blocks can benefit from having a rainwater harvesting system installed. For domestic properties, Stormsaver has developed Monsoon® - a system specifically designed for residential installations.

Accreditations and awards

Members of the UK Rainwater Harvesting Association and winner of many awards for innovation, Stormsaver is incredibly focused on the ongoing development of product excellence and the highest levels of customer service. By being exceptional at what we do, we make sure you can deliver on your promises. Our systems are approved by the Water Technology List for the Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) scheme through HM Revenue & Customs.

Stormsaver products & services


As the market leader in rainwater harvesting solutions we offer a broad range of systems.

Pressurised: Standard filtration

This system is designed for clients working to a tight budget where a header tank cannot be accommodated and rainwater is supplied directly to points of use, making it ideal for smaller projects.

Education package and monitoring

Stormsaver's unique, comprehensive package for schools, includes a monitoring unit and an Activity Pack for teachers, featuring an information booklet, activity plans, badges and educational support material relating to the National Curriculum.

Combi system: Automated filtration

A unique control system combining back up storage, automated cleaning filters and energy efficient variable speed booster pumps can provide a pressurised water supply for commercial applications.

Additional products

All Stormsaver systems are developed to suit site conditions. Options are available to enhance the standard systems, including above or below ground tanks, UV disinfection, additional tank management equipment, duty and standby pumps, booster sets, additional fine levels of filtration, BMS connections and bespoke header tanks.

Standard Combi Non-pressurised: Automated filtration

Our unique processor unit, with its automatic filter cleaning system, connects to a header tank for back up and failsafe protection. As above but without automated filtration, making the system more suited to clients working to a tight budget.


Whatever you need, Stormsaver can help. From site surveys, quotations, design advice, site-specific drawings and manuals and pre-commissioning visits. All this is backed-up by guidance from our specialist support team.

Above or below

The majority of Stormsaver's systems feature an underground storage tank but should a building require it, we can supply a system with an above ground tank.

Pressurised: Automated filtration

Our unique processor unit, with its automatic filter cleaning system, connects directly to the point of use without the need for a header tank, making it ideal for smaller projects.

Monitoring units

We offer a selection of high quality monitoring units suitable for commercial, retail or industrial sites to demonstrate your organisation's achievements in water conservation. These units are suitable for any building entrance including schools, where they can be used in conjunction with our Education Pack.


All commercial systems come with a 2 year warranty.

Non-pressurised: Standard filtration

This system is designed for clients working to a tight budget and sees the underground tank linked to the header tank through two stages of filtration.

Maintenance and service contracts

Available for all sites with six month, annual, multiple site or bespoke contract options for single or multiple year options. | 3

The result is equally as simple: · REDUCE your mains water consumption · REDUCE your mains water bill · REDUCE your environmental impact

National coverage

Stormsaver's systems can be found in buildings across the UK. From Lands End to John O'Groates, we can help you lower your water bills, save money and minimise your impact on the environment. Our systems are found in everything from commercial offices, shopping centres and supermarkets through to visitor centres and horticultural sites. Capturing rainfall and using it to flush toilets or supply sprinkler systems and laundry rooms allows our clients to put the environment at the centre of their planning applications and mitigate many of the problems associated with conventional drainage solutions.

The education sector is undergoing a massive new build and refurbishment process ­ including Building Schools for the Future (BSF) ­ which encourages the use of rainwater harvesting. Our ever-popular Education Pack, not only reduces spending on utilities, but also enhances learning opportunities through the National Curriculum. We also deal directly with PFI projects for schools. It's obvious but if you're operating in an industrial setting and use a lot of water, rainwater harvesting can have a major impact. Vehicle washing, transport depots, warehouses, manufacturing sites and agricultural operations have all benefited from installing a Stormsaver system. Rainwater isn't just for industrial settings, our systems are perfect for healthcare installations, such as hospitals, health centres and care homes.

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The Stormsaver rainwater harvesting system

How we size your system

All Stormsaver rainwater harvesting systems are developed to meet your site-specific requirements. We take into account a number of factors, including:

· The roof area of your building · Local rainfall (based on 40 years of MET Office figures) · Water demand and occupancy levels · Any existing specification or site-specific requirements · Filter co-efficient · BREEAM requirements · Your budget

The individual requirements of the system will be based on supply and demand rates being calculated as part of the building design. | 5

Stormsaver offers a choice of systems:

Non-pressurised system

Rainwater is channelled from the roof into the storage tank, passing an integrated filter to remove large debris, leaves etc. Water enters the tank via an inlet calmer preventing disturbance to fine sediment on the base of the tank. Excess rainwater flows out of an overflow which has a one-way valve and rodent protection; also skimming surface particles. Inside the tank are sensors and a submersible pump which on demand take water from the cleanest part of the tank through a floating suction filter suppling filtered rainwater to the break tank. This tank gravity supplies water to point of use, it is possible to have the break tank at any level in the building when combined with a booster unit sized for the specific building requirements. During periods of low rainfall a WRAS compliant mainswater top-up provides a continuous failsafe supply. More than one break tank can be used in a system - our team can offer design assistance to ensure the most economic solution is applied.

Pressurised system

This system may be required in buildings with low water consumption, where roof space for a header tank is limited or where a pressurised supply is required for applications. Rainwater collection and flow within the pressurised system follows the same process as the non pressurised system - the main difference being that water enters the control system and flows via a pressurisation unit as a direct supply to points of use. In periods of low rainfall a WRAS compliant mainswater backup activates, providing a continuous water supply. This tops-up a percentage of the underground storage tank. This type of system is only recommended within certain applications and it is best to discuss your individual requirements with our sales team.

Combi system

This is a unique control system combining the benefits of both a gravity-fed header tank system and the pressurised supply of a boosted water system. As with our other systems, rainwater follows the same journey until it reaches the control unit. Instead of the normal control unit a Combi unit is fitted, where water is stored awaiting distribution by the energy efficient variable speed booster; providing water at pressure to a range of applications without the need for large header tanks. The system also features mainswater back-up and WRAS compliant air-break to provide a continuous water supply All of the Stormsaver rainwater recovery systems will make the most economic use of the local rainfall with predicted water consumption. It is recommended that you speak to our expert staff to help you choose the correct type of system for your application and that you choose low water consuming products to complement the system, furthering a reduction in overall consumption.

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What equipment is included?

Storage tank

· Underground single chamber tank. 1,000 ­ 150,000 litres, incorporating an integrated Vortex Filter · Above ground sectional tank. 1,000 ­ 200,000 litres · Above ground single piece tank either vertical or horizontal. 1,000 ­ 150,000 litres To create larger capacities tanks can be linked together with the fittings supplied. All tanks come with an integrated Vortex Filter, a 180 micron floating suction filter, inlet calmer, pre-molded inlets and outlets located and orientated to suit local site drainage, a back pressure valve, rodent guard and lockable cover.

Header tank

Stormsaver supplies a range of header tanks suitable for the non-pressurised system. · The tank has been designed to be compliant with the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999 to protect the integrity of the mains water supply · WRAS compliant non-corrosive tanks · Pre-installed insulation 25mm as standard ­ 50mm/ 75mm on request · Single piece tank. Standard or bespoke dimensions in 100 ­ 10,000 litres as single piece or 1,000 ­ 200,000 litres installed as sectional design · Tanks are fitted with level sensors, inlet valves and supplied with a mains water failsafe control valve to provide continuity of supply if power fails · Tanks can be fitted with multiple sections for drain down/ maintenance · Multiple header tanks can be incorporated into the building design to suit the non-pressurised system

Processor unit

· Self-contained unit incorporating automated filtration and system control · Automated self-cleaning filter unit to 50 microns · Pre-wired electrics for ease of installation · Pre-plumbed pipe work for easy connection · Option to connect to a variety of Building Management Systems to provide information about the system, such as how much rainwater or mains water has been used and details of pump operation and filter cleaning. · Instructions inside the panel for ease of installation and operation · Option to connect to multiple tanks and multiple header tanks


· Stainless steel submersible pumps for 0.8 ­ 18 litres a second at a maximum of variable head, with stainless steel lifting rope, run dry protection and silent, anti-drumming design · Duty and stand-by or duty assist systems available · Other pumps are available for specialist site specifications

Full data sheets and technical drawings are available on request.

Recovered rainwater is classified as a category five risk as defined in the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999. The Stormsaver system complies with WRAS guidelines relating to system design and protects the integrity of the mains water supply. | 7

Our educational unit is colourful and child-friendly and shows how the rainwater system works. Our commercial unit is offered in a sleek, contemporary design, suitable for any entrance or reception area.

Booster sets

Supplying rainwater from our processor unit at direct pressure over a long distance or to a substantial height may require a booster set. These systems can be sized on application to meet site-specific requirements.

Building Management System connections

Remote access and monitoring of Stormsaver systems is easily achieved through our BMS connections. A common fault alarm comes as standard with extra connections available for clean filters, zero flow, low tank content and any pump error. We also provide indicators for flow detection, mains water and rain water usage as well other bespoke requirements.

Duty and standby pumps

One submersible pump is supplied as standard with our tank management equipment. We offer the option to include a duty and standby arrangement where the pumps operate in sequence to extend their life and to give a back-up in the unlikely event of a single pump failure.

Enhance your system

Stormsaver's standard systems will ensure you save money by saving water day in, day out. We offer a range of additional features, such as monitoring units and building management system connections, to enhance our systems and meet specific needs of clients in commercial and education sectors as well as those needing remote access.

UV disinfection

In cases where filtered rainwater may create an aerosol, we always recommend additional disinfection. This is also advised in buildings where occupants may be regarded as at risk due to their susceptibility to infection, such as the young, elderly or those with low immune systems. Other sectors ­ such as the prison service, vehicle wash units or the healthcare sector ­ should consider health implications and include disinfection. Our intelligent UV disinfection units can connect to your BMS and can accommodate flow rates of up to 5.8 litres a second. Larger flow rates can be achieved with bespoke units or by installing the units in parallel. As an alternative to UV disinfection, we can offer automatic dosing systems ­ dependent on site-specific requirements.


All clients benefit from a dedicated technical account manager, who provides tailored advice and guidance throughout the installation process. You will receive a comprehensive package of working drawings and an installation manual. The system components will be delivered to suit your schedule and everything will be pre-assembled and tested by Stormsaver before it arrives on site. All you have to do is provide interconnecting pipe work and cables. During installation, it is critical to test the functionality of the system. Stormsaver will work closely with the ground workers during the tank installation and continue to assist the mechanical and electrical contractors as they put the final connections together prior to commissioning.

Monitoring units for commercial and educational buildings

Stormsaver offers a unique selection of monitoring units, perfect for receptions, communal areas or meeting rooms. These informative displays show how much rainwater has been saved today and the overall amount of rainwater and mains water used since the system was commissioned.

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Stormsaver education pack

At Stormsaver, we appreciate the importance of educating future generations about water conservation and sustainable development. This is why we have developed a comprehensive education pack, which we offer to schools that feature a Stormsaver rainwater harvesting system. Developed with support from Local Authorities and primary school teachers, the education pack is aimed at Key Stage 2 pupils. However, many of the activities are also useful for Key Stages 1 and 3 and even youth clubs. There are two parts to Stormsaver's education pack: the monitoring unit and the educational activities book.

Once installed, Stormsaver will offer a free pre-commissioning visit to check that the installation is correct. We will then fully commission the installation. Once operational, you will be provided with a commissioning report and a full operation and maintenance manual in digital format. All systems come with a two year warranty. A summary installation guide and information on maintenance contracts are available from Stormsaver on request.

The educational monitoring unit allows everyone at the school to see the building's daily rainwater usage, the total rainwater usage and the total mains water usage since commissioning. This information provides a great visual display for children, parents and governors about the school's achievements in water conservation.

National Curriculum

The activities book is full of information sheets, quizzes, activities and comprehensive teachers' notes that reference everything to the National Curriculum. It incorporates key skills, numeracy, literacy, education for sustainable development and other core subjects including mathematics, science and English. There are even guidance notes on how long each activity should last and homework suggestions

Educational activities book

The core of our education pack is our exclusive 100 page book. `Molly Monsoon' guides children and teachers through a range of topics from water conservation and the value of rainwater, through to how rainwater harvesting works and how to use the education monitoring unit.


The activities have been developed so that teachers can adapt them to their own teaching styles. The pack can be incorporated into existing teaching methods or used to create new lesson plans. | 9

Our dedicated customer service is second to none. This is just one more reason why our loyal customer base comes back to us time and again.

The Stormsaver promise

· Free site visit · Design support services · Systems fully commissioned · Technical support · 2 year warranty

Stormsaver customer services

Together with our products, our dedicated customer service is second to none. This is just one more reason why our loyal customer base comes back to us time and again. As standard, Stormsaver customers enjoy:

Design support services

· accurate sizing of rainwater recycling systems · calculations and sizing to meet BREEAM requirements · fully descriptive technical drawings for all configurations · flexibility of design for site-specific limitations · attendance at design team meetings · consultancy services

Office based services

· free quotations in 48 hours · all quotations are supported with payback and efficiency information · up to date information on funding and grants · access to funding through our ECA approved system* · full online back-up and information on our website · CAD demonstrations available · presentations and demonstrations to your company or design team

Technical services

· immediate response support and technical back-up · site-specific drawings and installation manuals

Site based services

· free site visit with each order · site surveys so we understand your specific needs · commissioning to give you total peace of mind

After sales service and maintenance

For peace of mind, we can take the hassle out of maintenance with our training and range of packages based on 1-5 year contracts.

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* Subject to individual applications to HM Revenue & Customs

Regulations, funding & accreditations


Stormsaver's systems fully comply with:

· BS8515: Rainwater Harvesting Systems 2009 · Water Regulations Advisory Service (WRAS) guidelines · Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999 · Part G of the Building Regulations · Relevant health and safety guidelines, including the protection of mains water drinking supplies against potential cross contamination. · Construction (Design Management) Regulations · The IEE Wiring Regulations for Electrical Installations 17th Edition · Regulations under the Electricity Act · Control Of Substances Hazardous to Health Stormsaver follows the best practice guidelines set out by the Building Services Research Information Association (BSRIA) and the Construction Industry Research Information Association (CIRIA).

Building regulations

Part G of the regulations sets out minimum water efficiency requirements in new buildings to meet sustainability targets through saving water. Suggestions for use of rainwater harvesting systems are included within Part G.

Sustainable Drainage Schemes (SDS)

To help mitigate localised flooding, water authorities are placing restrictions on any new water being directed to storm drains. Therefore, the Stormsaver system has a central part to play in Sustainable Drainage Schemes (SDS). The installation of a Stormsaver system can, where used appropriately, minimise surface water run-off to help reduce the danger of localised flooding. More importantly, a Stormsaver system can, where appropriately sized, help the user to recycle the water that would otherwise have been lost.

Regulations (COSHH)

· The Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers Guide, codes of practice and commissioning codes. Water Regulations Advisory Scheme Information and guidance Note No 9-02-05 Marking and identification of pipe-work Guidance notes on BS8515: Rainwater Harvesting made easy available now

Enhanced Capital Allowance

The Stormsaver product range is accredited by the Department of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) under HM Revenue & Customs Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) scheme and follows the best practice guidelines set out in the scheme. The ECA scheme allows the costs of the system to be written off against an organisations taxable profits. ECAs can reduce a tax bill by £300 for every £1000 spent on the qualifying product, as well as provision of plant and machinery - which can include the cost of transportation and installation of the qualifying system.


The installation of a Stormsaver system can help you gain points for the Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM), win Eco Awards, Green Building Awards and many other local accreditation schemes. | 11

Stormsaver commercial rainwater harvesting systems

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© 2010 Copyright and information is the property of Stormsaver Ltd and subject to change without notice. All information contained in this publication is an indication of the products and services available through Stormsaver Ltd and does not constitute an offer or contract. Every effort has been made to present all information accurately, however, no liability is accepted for any inclusions or advice given or for omissions from the publication. Technical advice should be sought from Stormsaver Ltd's technical team before any purchasing or technical decision is made.


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