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Answers to skills exercises and quizzes appearing in the February/March student edition


Larry's Crossword Puzzle, page 4 Across: 1. lush 3. gale 7. expedition 8. creed 9. pried 10. elated Down: 2. stunted 4. aspect 5. reliable 6. hobbling Mystery word: maneuvered, page 27 Grammar Cop: They're, There, Their, page 5 their, their, there, They're, their, there, They're, They're, there, Their, there, They're, there, they're, they're, their, there, there Writing Rescue!: Sequencing, page 7 I think my character, Ruby, would love happy, uplifting movies. She would also probably like real-love movies. For example, I bet Ruby would enjoy The Notebook or Cinderella. I, on the other hand, love many kinds of films. I have such eclectic taste when it comes to movies. I think I like so many different ones because I can really appreciate what it takes to succeed in making a movie. Answers might also appear with the last two lines in the opposite order.

Sentence Chef, page 13 Answers will vary but might be similar to the following: Barbara Johns had a very personal reason for visiting Antarctica. Her father, Edward Nelson, was a biologist who traveled there in 1910 as part of one of the most legendary Antarctic expeditions in history, led by Robert Falcon Scott. Unfortunately, many of the men died on the journey, and Nelson had to be evacuated. Barbara wanted to visit the rustic laboratory where her father worked before he was rescued. He studied Antarctica's wildlife while working in the hut. So, Barbara wanted to honor her father and visit the place where he spent so much of his time. Micro-Mystery, page 15 The thief is a cat! The five clues: 1. A window was left open; the cat snuck in. 2. A dog keeps barking outside the window. 3. Owen is allergic to cats and he keeps sneezing. 4. The goldfish eraser has vanished. 5. The tuna from Mrs. Washington's sandwich was eaten.

The Adventures of the Word Nerd, page 23 Answers will vary but might be similar to the following: 1. My heart beats quickly when I see the girl with the blue eyes. 2. The rotten food I left in my backpack stank so badly that my friends almost fainted. Word Power, page 30 Answers will vary. No-Sweat Bubble Test, page 31 1. B (understanding main idea) 2. D (reading for information) 3. C (inferencing) 4. A (vocabulary) 5. D (reading for information) 6. C (understanding author's purpose) Critical Thinking: 1. Answers will vary. 2. Answers will vary but might be similar to the following: When the Air Jordan I was launched in 1985, Michael Jordan endorsed the shoes, but he wasn't involved in the design or any part of the business. Since then, celebrities have started coming up with ideas for their own fashion lines, often participating in the designs. Now, the stars' fashion lines reflect their own styles. Some stars even choose models for their fashion shows.

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