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Sports Trivia Championship 2010 Questions and Answers

ROUND 1: Ol' Abner's Done it Again

QUESTION #1: In 1969, this Chicago Cub hurler pitched a no-hitter against the Atlanta Braves. It was the first no-hitter in major league history in which the pitcher registered no strikeouts. Name him. ANSWER: Ken Holtzman QUESTION #2: Name this major league baseball player who played in the 2009 All-Star Game and also had a Major League Baseball All-Star father. ANSWER: Prince Fielder QUESTION #3: What post-1900 MLB pitcher has the most wins without having notched victory number 300? ANSWER: Tommy John with 288 wins QUESTION #4: For what Negro league team did Hank Aaron play immediately before signing with the Milwaukee Braves? ANSWER: Indianapolis Clowns QUESTION #5: TIEBREAKER: There are seven teams in the Major League Baseball that have not participated in the postseason since the 2000 season. Name four of them to answer this question correctly. Additional correct answers will be added to your tiebreaker score. ANSWER: Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Washington, Toronto, Baltimore, Kansas City, and Texas QUESTION #6: The Major League Baseball All-Star Games have ended with a home run three times. Name two of the three players to be the hero. ANSWER: Ted Williams in '41, Stan Musial in '55 and Johnny Callison in '64 QUESTION #7: What major league record set by Stan Musial did Nate Colbert witness as a child and duplicate as a player? ANSWER: Five home runs in a double header QUESTION #8: This player holds the "post-1900" record of seven hits in a nine-inning game during a 22-0 win over the Chicago Cubs. ANSWER: Rennie Stennett QUESTION #9: On June 23, 1971, this Philly threw a no-hitter against the Cincinnati Reds AND hit two home runs in the game. ANSWER: Rick Wise QUESTION #10, WITH LIVING LEGEND ADAM WAINWRIGHT: Adam Wainwright came to the Cardinals from the Atlanta Braves in December of 2003 along with Ray King and Jason Marquis. What two Cardinal players were sent to Atlanta in return? ANSWER: Eli Marrero and J. D. Drew 1

Sports Trivia Championship 2010 Questions and Answers

ROUND 2: Rules of the Game

QUESTION #1: A batted ball hits the pitcher's plate (rubber) and ricochets into the visitors' dugout without being touched by a player. What is the ruling? ANSWER: Foul ball QUESTION #2: Missouri State pulls off the upset of the century by defeating the University of Texas 30-27 in an NCAA football game. It is later discovered that the Bears used an ineligible player, giving the Longhorns the win by forfeit. How is the score recorded in the record books? ANSWER: 1 ­ 0 QUESTION #3: How many game officials are there for a regular season NBA game? ANSWER: Six--three on the floor, one official timer, one official scorer and one assistant timer for the shot clock. QUESTION #4: A horse that runs in all the three of thoroughbred racing's Triple Crown races will have run a total of how many furlongs? ANSWER: 31½ QUESTION #5: A player is standing on first base. Besides a base hit and a walk, there are six other ways he could have gotten there. To answer correctly, name four other ways. Additional correct answers will be added to your tie-breaker total. ANSWERS: Error, Fielder's Choice, Dropped Third Strike, Catcher's Interference, Hit by Pitch and Pinch Runner QUESTION #6: What is the official distance between the uprights of a goal post in the NFL? ANSWER: 18 feet, six inches QUESTION #7: What is the minimum weight to be officially classified as a middleweight in Boxing? ANSWER: 160 pounds QUESTION #8: By Official Canadian Football League rules, how many points are awarded for a "rouge"? ANSWER: One QUESTION #9: What is the official length and width of an NHL Ice Rink? ANSWER: 200 feet long by 85 feet wide QUESTION #10 WITH LIVING LEGENDS STEVE RALSTON AND LORI CHALUPNY: In an official international soccer match played under the auspices of FIFA, how many substitutes are allowed to each side in a match? ANSWER: Three


Sports Trivia Championship 2010 Questions and Answers

ROUND 3: Seconds, Anyone?

QUESTION #1: This team hit a record .338 but still lost a World Series. Name the team and the year. ANSWER: The Yankees in 1960 QUESTION #2: Since the open era in tennis began in 1968, two men have lost in the men's singles finals at Wimbledon four times. Name them. ANSWER: Jimmy Connors and Boris Becker QUESTION #3: What country finished second in two straight soccer World Cups--losing to Italy in 1982 and Argentina in 1986? ANSWER: West Germany or the Federal Republic of Germany QUESTION #4: How many times has Saint Louis University lost in the finals of the NIT men's basketball tournament? ANSWER: Three (in 1961, 1989 and 1990.) QUESTION #5: Floyd Patterson lost a heavyweight boxing title bout six times to four different boxers. Name two of his opponents. For tie-breaker points, name the other two. ANSWER: Sonny Liston and Muhammad Ali, to whom he lost twice, and Ingemar Johannson and Jimmy Ellis. QUESTION #6: Although he averaged .360 over one eight-year stretch of his Major League career, he did not win his league's batting title during that time. Who is he? ANSWER: Ty Cobb (from 1920-27) QUESTION #7: Who has finished second at the PGA's US Open the most times? ANSWER: Phil Mickelson, five times (in 1999, 2002, 2004, 2006 and 2009) QUESTION #8: Aside from the Vikings and the Bills, this is the only team to lose four Super Bowls. ANSWER: Broncos QUESTION #9: This college football powerhouse went undefeated in 1968, 1969, 1973 and 1994, yet did not win the NCAA Division 1-A national championship in any of those years. Name the college. ANSWER: Penn State QUESTION #10 WITH LIVING LEGEND DAN DIERDORF: In the 1971 NFL Draft, Dan Dierdorf was selected in the second round by the St. Louis Cardinals. What Cornerback was chosen by the Cardinals in the first round of that draft? ANSWER: Norm Thompsom of Utah


Sports Trivia Championship 2010 Questions and Answers

ROUND 4: "Topps" in Sports

QUESTION #1: Name the player featured on this trading card.

ANSWER: Nellie Fox QUESTION #2: Name the player featured on this trading card.

ANSWER: Ken Boyer


Sports Trivia Championship 2010 Questions and Answers

QUESTION #3: Name the player featured on this trading card.

ANSWER: Len Dawson QUESTION #4: Name the player featured on this trading card.

ANSWER: Sonny Jurgensen


Sports Trivia Championship 2010 Questions and Answers

QUESTION #5: Name the Cardinal on this card to answer the question correctly. One Tie Breaker point will be awarded for naming each of the other two pitchers.

ANSWER: The card features Ray Sadecki; TIE-BREAKER ANSWERS: Larry Jackson and Juan Marichal QUESTION #6: Name the player featured on this trading card.

ANSWER: Bert Blyleven.


Sports Trivia Championship 2010 Questions and Answers

QUESTION #7: Name the player featured on this trading card.

ANSWER: Moses Malone. QUESTION #8: Name the player featured on this trading card.

ANSWER: Mike Mussina.


Sports Trivia Championship 2010 Questions and Answers

QUESTION #9: Name the player featured on this trading card.

ANSWER: Dan Pastorini QUESTION #10: Name the player featured on this trading card.

ANSWER: Stan Mikita


Sports Trivia Championship 2010 Questions and Answers

ROUND 5: One of These Things is not Like the Others

Answers in red. QUESTION #1: Who is the only NHL player on this list who is not in the NHL's top 10 all-time for games played? Scott Stevens Larry Murphy Dave Andreychuk Al MacInnes Alex Delvecchio Ray Bourque QUESTION #2: On which of these teams was Reggie Sanders never a rostered player? San Diego Padres San Francisco Giants Atlanta Braves Arizona Diamondbacks Florida Marlins Kansas City Royals QUESTION #3: Who is the only player listed here that is not in the top 20 in career rebounds for the NBA and ABA combined? Patrick Ewing Robert Parish Bob Pettit Wes Unseld Charles Oakley Buck Williams QUESTION #4: Who is the only golfer on this list that never won multiple US Open Titles? Walter Hagen Retief Goosen Lee Trevino Lee Janzen Curtis Strange Raymond Floyd QUESTION #5: This is the only team on this list that never played the Dallas Cowboys in a Super Bowl. For tie-breaker points, name the two teams that have played the Cowboys in a Super Bowl at least twice. Oakland Raiders Miami Dolphins Baltimore Colts Pittsburgh Steelers Denver Broncos Buffalo Bills TIE-BREAKER ANSWER: Pittsburgh and Buffalo QUESTION #6: Who is the only MLB player on this list to win more than four Cy Young Awards? Greg Maddux Randy Johnson Steve Carlton Sandy Koufax Jim Palmer Tom Seaver QUESTION #7: Not including the season that just ended and not counting the Houston Texans, what current NFL franchise presently has the all-time worst winning percentage? New Orleans Saints Arizona Cardinals Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cincinnati Bengals Atlanta Falcons Detroit Lions


Sports Trivia Championship 2010 Questions and Answers

QUESTION #8: What is the only sport on this list that is not currently sanctioned by the NCAA? Rodeo Skiing Bowling Rifle Fencing Track and Field (Indoor) QUESTION #9: What is the only school on this list that is not a member of the Mid-American Football Conference? Kent State Buffalo Eastern Illinois Akron Temple Eastern Michigan QUESTION #10, WITH LIVING LEGEND ROGER WEHRLI: Which one of these Defensive Backs is not a member of the NFL Hall of Fame? Willie Brown Lem Barney Everson Walls Mel Renfro Ken Houston Darrell Green


Sports Trivia Championship 2010 Questions and Answers

ROUND 6: Pop Warner to Kurt Warner

QUESTION #1: Who holds the NFL record for most consecutive games with at least 100 yards rushing? ANSWER: Barry Sanders with 14 QUESTION #2: Kurt Warner now holds the Cardinals record for most TDs thrown in a regular season with 30. Name the two QBs to share the previous record of 28. ANSWER: Charley Johnson in 1963 and Neil Lomax in 1984 QUESTION #3: Despite holding the NCAA Division 1 record for TD passes in a career, this player was not drafted by an NFL team and signed with the Saskatchewan Rough Riders of the CFL in 2009. Who is this Collegiate great? ANSWER: Graham Harrell of Texas Tech QUESTION #4: What NFL team was the first to score 50 or more points in a single Super Bowl? ANSWER: The San Francisco 49ers in January 1990. QUESTION #5: Steven Jackson moved into third place on the Rams list of all-time leading rushers. What player did he pass to reach this milestone? For tiebreaker points, what other three players rank in the Rams top five? ANSWER: Lawrence McCutcheon TIE-BREAKER ANSWERS: Eric Dickerson, Marshall Faulk and Dick Bass QUESTION #6: Who holds the record for most pass receptions in a regular season NFL game? ANSWER: Brandon Marshall with 21 QUESTION #7: What running back holds the NFL record for most consecutive years scoring at least 10 rushing touchdowns? ANSWER: LaDanian Tomlinson QUESTION #8: With what two teams did Charles Haley win his five Super Bowl rings? ANSWER: The San Francisco 49ers and Dallas Cowboys QUESTION #9: What quarterback-receiver combination holds the NFL record for most passing touchdowns? ANSWER: Peyton Manning and Marvin Harrison with 112 QUESTION #10, WITH LIVING LEGEND CONRAD DOBLER: Conrad Dobler went to the Pro Bowl for three consecutive years from 1975 to1977. What other two Cardinal offensive linemen joined him there all three years? ANSWER: Dan Dierdorf and Tom Banks


Sports Trivia Championship 2010 Questions and Answers

ROUND 7: HappenStance

QUESTION #1: The St. Louis Cardinals had back-to-back Rookie of the Year winners for the 1985 and 1986 seasons. Name them both. ANSWER: Vince Coleman and Todd Worrell QUESTION #2: The Cardinals had two MVP winners in the decade of the `70s. Name them both. ANSWER: Keith Hernandez and Joe Torre QUESTION #3: A gap of 13 years separated this National League Batting Champion for 2003 and the previous Cardinal to win that title. Name both players. ANSWER: Albert Pujols and Willie McGee QUESTION #4: This player ranks third all-time in games played by a Cardinal third baseman. Name him and the two Cardinals that rank ahead of him. ANSWER: Terry Pendleton, Ken Boyer and Ken Reitz QUESTION #5: This Cardinal won a Gold Glove every season from 2000 to 2005. Name him and the other two Cardinals that won at least three Gold Glove awards during that period. For Tie-Breaker points, name the two other Cardinals to win Gold Gloves during those years. ANSWER: Jim Edmonds, Scott Rolen and Mike Matheny TIE-BREAKER ANSWERS: Fernando Vina and Edgar Renteria QUESTION #6: In 1987, Andre Dawson was the National League MVP, finishing just ahead of two Cardinal players. Name them both. ANSWER: Jack Clark and Ozzie Smith QUESTION #7: In 1990, this Cardinal handled 681 chances at second base and made only three errors for an astounding fielding percentage of .996, the highest in Cardinal history for a second baseman. Who is he? ANSWER: Jose Oquendo QUESTION #8: In 1999, this player was one of only two Cardinals selected to the National League All-Star Team. Name both players selected. ANSWER: Mark McGwire and Kent Bottenfield QUESTION #9: In 1988, this player was traded to the Minnesota Twins. Name this Cardinal and the player for whom he was traded. ANSWER: Tom Herr and Tom Brunansky QUESTION #10 WITH LIVING LEGEND DARYL STRAWBERRY: Daryl Strawberry hit five homeruns, had 10 RBI and batted .458 off this Cardinal 20-game winner, who won 163 games in his Cardinal career. Who was the pitcher? ANSWER: Bob Forsch 12

Sports Trivia Championship 2010 Questions and Answers

ROUND 8: Nothing but Net

QUESTION #1: This American tennis star died in 2009 at the age of 88. He won a combined six singles and doubles titles at Wimbledon and the U.S. Championships in 1946 and 1947. Wilson sells a tennis racquet bearing his name. ANSWER: Jack Kramer QUESTION #2: The Rockets of the NBA moved to Houston in 1971. In what city did they previously play prior to the move? ANSWER: San Diego QUESTION #3: What Detroit Piston player had a games-started streak of 436 games at the start of the current season, at the time, the longest in the NBA? ANSWER: Tayshaun Prince QUESTION #4: What NBA star led the league in double-doubles in the 2008-2009 season with 65? ANSWER: David Lee QUESTION #5: Five NBA Players have a career playoff scoring average of 28 points or more. To answer this question correctly, name three of them. Additional correct answers will be added to your tie-breaker score. ANSWER: Michael Jordan, Allen Iverson, LeBron James, Jerry West and Tracy McGrady QUESTION #6: Who is the only head coach to lead both an NBA and a WNBA team to championships? ANSWER: Paul Westhead, who coached the L. A. Lakers in 1980 and the Phoenix Mercury in 2007. QUESTION #7: Who holds the career mark in the N-B-A for most three pointers made? ANSWER: Reggie Miller QUESTION #8: NBA Hall of Famer John Havlicek was drafted by what NFL team? ANSWER: Cleveland Browns QUESTION #9: Name the only school from the state of Illinois to win the NCAA Division I Men's Basketball Championship. ANSWER: Loyola University Chicago in 1963 QUESTION #10 WITH LIVING LEGEND JIM COURIER: In 1992, Jim Courier ascended to the numberone ranking in the world after winning two of the four Grand Slam events. Which two did he win? ANSWER: The Australian Open and the French Open


Sports Trivia Championship 2010 Questions and Answers

ROUND 9: On Frozen Pond

QUESTION #1: What two teams played in the inaugural NHL outdoor hockey game in 2003? ANSWER: Edmonton and Montreal QUESTION #2: What NHL team made the playoffs for the first time last NHL season (2008-2009)? ANSWER: Columbus Blue Jackets QUESTION #3: The NHK Trophy is an International Figure Skating Competition held in what country? ANSWER: Japan QUESTION #4: Who was the Coach of the 2004 Stanley Cup Champion Tampa Bay Lightning, and what team does he now coach? ANSWER: John Tortorella now coaches the New York Rangers. QUESTION #5: In order, who are the top three players on the St. Louis Blues Career Points list? For tiebreaker points, name the other three players in the top six. ANSWER: 1. Bernie Federko, 2.Brett Hull and 3. Brian Sutter TIE-BREAKER ANSWER: Garry Unger, Pavol Demitra, and Al McInnis QUESTION #6: Although Billy Smith of the Islanders was the first NHL goalie to be credited with scoring a goal, he was not the first goalie to actually put the puck in the net. Who was? ANSWER: Ron Hextall QUESTION #7: According to the World Curling Federation Rules, what is the maximum weight (within two pounds) of a Curling stone? ANSWER: 44 lbs, so 42 through 46 are acceptable answers. QUESTION #8: Who holds the NHL record for goals by a rookie? ANSWER: Teemu Selanne with 76 QUESTION #9: Who are the Head Coach and Team Captain of this year's U. S. Men's Olympic Ice Hockey Team? ANSWER: The coach is Ron Wilson and the captain is Jamie Langenbrunner. QUESTION #10, WITH LIVING LEGENDS THE HANSON BROTHERS: In the movie Slap Shot, what was the name of the League in which the Charlestown Chiefs played? ANSWER: Federal League


Sports Trivia Championship 2010 Questions and Answers

ROUND 10: From Out of Nowhere

QUESTION #1: In what year was the first PGA Masters tournament played? ANSWER: 1934 QUESTION #2: In Rugby Union, a "try" scores how many points? ANSWER: Five QUESTION #3: The 2010 Commonwealth Games will be held in what country? ANSWER: India QUESTION #4: The Sultan Azlan Shah Cup is an event held in Malaysia. It is an International competition in what sport? ANSWER: Field Hockey QUESTION #5: The 2009 Preakness Stakes was won by a filly. To answer this question correctly, name this horse. For tiebreaker points, name the winners of the 2009 Kentucky Derby and Belmont Stakes. ANSWER: Rachel Alexander TIE-BREAKER ANSWERS: Kentucky Derby - Mine That Bird, Belmont - Summer Bird. QUESTION #6: "Bandy" was a demonstration sport in the 1952 Olympics. It is an older version of what current sport? ANSWER: Ice Hockey QUESTION #7: This Spaniard was the winner of the 2009 Tour de France. ANSWER: Alberto Contador QUESTION #8: In Snowboarding, what is the term used for a 180-degree rotation? ANSWER: Alley Oop QUESTION #9: In 1987, this driver was the first rookie to line up in the first row of the Daytona 500. ANSWER: Davey Allison QUESTION #10: What living legend hails from St. Louis and earned over $5 million on the PGA Tour? ANSWER: Jay Williamson



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