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126 W. Mazon Avenue · Dwight, Illinois 60420

FATHER JAMES RICKEY Rectory: (815)584-3522 · Parish Hall: (815)584-3110 FAX: (815) 584-3518 Website*: · Facebook Page: Join us at St. Patrick's Catholic Church

*Website courtesy of Schultz Media.


Sat. 4/9 Sun. 4/10 5:00 pm Matilda Churney (M/M Wilder) 8:00 am Deceased Members of Drach and Beiswanger Families (Marcia Drach and Family) 10:30 am First Communicants Mon 4/11 8:00 am NO MASS Tues 4/12 5:00 pm Fr. Arthur Bush Wed. 4/13 8:00 am Marge Cleary (M/M Watters) Thu. 4/14 8:00 am Elizabeth Ratzmann (Joanne & Dick Hogan) Fri. 4/15 8:00 am Marie Jorgenson (Family) Sat. 4/16 5:00 pm Margaret Drinan (Kevin McNamara) Sun. 4/17 8:00 am Patricia Drach (The Jim Drach Family) 10:30 am Brent Munyon (M/M Connolly) RECONCILIATION Saturday 4:00-4:45 PM or any time by calling the rectory. Thanks to all who made a pledge to the Annual Diocesan Appeal. A gift to the ADA, no matter how great or small, can go a long way. A gift of $20 or $30 a month can add up. Even a onetime gift is helpful to the cause. To those who have contributed, we are most grateful. If you have not yet made a gift to the ADA, we invite you to do so today. There are pledge cards in the pews. Our rebates will go towards landscaping the rectory. A big thank you to Steve Fritsch as chairman of the ADA.


ALTAR SERVERS Sat. 4/9 5:00 pm Sun. 4/10 8:00 am 10:30 am Sat. 4/16 5:00 pm Sun. 4/17 8:00 am 10:30 am LECTORS Sat. 4/9 5:00 pm Sun. 4/10 8:00 am 10:30 am Sat. 4/16 5:00 pm Sun. 4/17 8:00 am 10:30 am McCoy , M. Rangel A. Brady , B. Reamer R. Gaston , K. Hogan , B. Hufffman K. Schultz , M. Weikman , G. Frazer G. Frazier, J. Krischel D. Jensen, K. Pagel, N. Schultz John Clausen John Duffy First Communicants Sharon Dial, Kevin McNamara Jackie Froelich, Tim Henson Linda Theige, Mike O'Brien

EUCHARISTIC MINISTERS Sat. 4/9 5:00 pm R. and N. McBeath, K. Glatz, T. Rieck, J Fraher Sun. 4/10 8:00 am C. Berta, G. Connor, J. and M. Drach 10:30 am P. Decker, J. Fritsch, S. Gaston, D. Gliwa, H. Boucher Sat. 4/16 5:00 pm S. Dial, G. Salzburg, R. and N. McBeath Sun. 4/17 8:00 am D. and P. Coughlin, J. Duffy, N. Lewis 10:30 am P. Gliwa, H. Novak, M. O.Brien P. Prinddville

CCD Heather Boucher, Director of Religious Education

Office phone: 815-584-3110 OFFICE HOURS Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 7:00 AM--3:00 PM Wednesday 12:30 PM--8:30 PM Closed Friday & Saturday Sunday 7:00 AM--11:00 AM CCD CLASSES Grades K-4 Grades 5-7 Confirmation Sunday Wednesday Wednesday


Thank you to Fr. Rickey for his patience, teacher Stephanie Ehrhardt, helper Mary Schultz, student helpers Josh Krischel and Nick Schultz, for all their help with the second graders throughout the year, and to all the parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, and friends ho helped in any way to accomplish this year of study. A special thank you to all in the parish who remembered us in prayer! Isabella Burkhardt Emmalyn Legner Colesie Connor Cyrus Rittenhouse Andrew Harsh Abby Rodosky Isabelle Schultz

9:00-10:15 AM 3:30-5:00 PM 7:00-8:15 PM

CCD BOARD MEMBERS Julie Schultz, President 584-5013 Angie Legner, Vice-President 584-9202 Jackie Froelich, Secretary 584-4725 Kathy Stewart 584-5032 Henry Novak 584-2874 Meetings are the fourth Monday of the month First Communion--Sunday, April 10, 2011 at 10:30 AM Confirmation--March, 2012

SAVE THE DATE !! ST. PAT'S 2ND ANNUAL GOLF OUTING August 14 Tee times start at 11:00 AM

Altar & Rosary Salad Luncheon & Bake Sale Tuesday, April 12 11:00 AM--1:00 PM At the parish hall Adults $6, children $3, under 5--FREE Carryouts available Cards will follow at 1:00


SCRIPTURE READING And when he had said this, he cried out in a loud voice, "Lazarus, come out!" The dead man came out, tied hand and foot with burial bands, and his face was wrapped in a cloth. So Jesus said to them, "Untie him and let him go." John 11:43-44

OFFICERS Linda Lovell, Co-President Heather Boucher, Co-President Evelyn Neuhalfen, Secretary Kathy Groll, Treasurer 584-1967 584-9396 584-1635 584-1444

MEETINGS Altar & Rosary meets at 7:00 PM at the parish hall on the second Wednesday of each month except June, July & August. CIRCLE LEADERS Circle I Diane Dornbierer, Ellen Feddersen, Millie Doran Circle II Peg Fogarty, Mary Gschwendtner, Mary Carpenter Circle III Gloria Bossert, Maureen Sand, Peg Watters Circle IV Judy Zabel, Sarah Halloran, Pat Townsend BINGO SCHEDULE Bingo meets at 2:00 PM at Heritage Manor on the second Wednesday of each month. Circle I February, June, October Circle II March, July, November Circle III April, August, December Circle IV January, May, September 2


JR. HIGH YOUTH GROUP Grades 5-7 Contact Laura Reamer at 815-584-3315 HIGH SCHOOL YOUTH GROUP Grades 8-12 Contact Heather Boucher at 815-584-3110

MISSISSIPPI MISSION TRIP June 5-11 Youth Groups meet twice a month from 7-8:00 PM at the Parish Hall. Please join St. Patrick's Church Youth Group on Facebook for all upcoming events !


CCD BOARD NOMINATIONS will be the next two weekends. If you would like to volunteer, drop your name in the box at the back of the church. There is one 3-year opening for the Board. CCD BOARD MEETING will be on Wednesday, April 20 at 4:30 PM. We would like to invite anyone who would like more information about the surveys and possible change of CCD schedule to please join us at 5:30 PM at the hall. VOLUNTEER BRUNCH at Heritage Manor --On April 13 at 10:00 AM, Heritage Manor will host a brunch for anyone who has volunteered in any way. RSVP by April 6 at 815-5841240. WOMEN'S EUCMENICAL BREAKFAST will be at the Dwight United Methodist Church on Wednesday, April 26. Please call 584-3420 for reservations at 7:00 AM or 9:00 AM. MEN'S ECUMENICAL BREAKFAST will be at the Dwight United Methodist Church on Thursday, April 27 at 7:00 AM. Tues. 4/12 Thurs. 4/14 Sun. 4/17 Tues. 4/19


11:00 AM--1:00 PMA & R Salad Luncheon 7:00 PM Bunco Food Sunday--All donations welcome! 7:00 PM Knights of Columbus Meeting



COLLECTIONS Sunday ................................................. $3210.00$ Building Fund ........................................ $695.00 Children's Envelopes ................................ $3.00 Catholic Relief ........................................ $398.00 MARCH INCOME ............................. $18,391.81 MARCH EXPENSES ........................ $27,026.95 DEFICIT ............................................... -$8,635.14 MONEY COUNTERS: --Linda Ahern, Chuck Brady, John Duffy, Mary Beth Duffy


KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS FISH FRYS April 15 Dinner 5-7:00 PM. Grilled cheese, shrimp and soup ($1 extra) will also be served. Prices are $8 for adults and high school students, $3.50 for grade school students, and FREE for preschool. Take out orders available. Eucher follows at 7:00 PM

PRAY FOR THE SICK Please remember the sick of St. Patrick's, our community, especially: Marcia Agamy, Beverly Campbell, Tom & Beth Davis, Shelby DeLong, Betty Drunette, Jessica Earing, Bill & Vivian Finn (Patti Drechsel parents), Nancy Folkers, Kathy Gearhart, Tom Haigh, Gloria Halpin, Lori Lewis, Joanie Leonie & Carol Ann Marko, James Lito, Jim Macketta, Jane Majcina, Paul Mangan, Jess Manos, Jim Montalbano, Frank Murphy, Kay Parker, Kim Schott, Catherine Schwarz, Alphaeus Sorensen, Kody Stoginski, Marcella Sulzberger, Issac Wargo, and all our servicemen & women in your prayers. PRAYER CHAIN COMMITTEE Gerry Salzburg 584-2830 Rose Carter 584-3200 Please contact Fr. Rickey if you are sick or know someone else who is sick so we can pray for them. Also please let Fr. Rickey know if you are back at home from the hospital or nursing home.

St. Patrick's 2011 Goal is $32,083 Thanks you to everyone who pledged so far. Envelopes are ADDRESS IS: FR. RICKEY'S still in the pews. # Families Pledged--22 Tantur Theological Institute Amount Pledged-- $ 5,050 PO Box 19556 91194, Jerusalem, Israel

RICHARD RABE FUND 1/1/2010 Beginning Balance $424,943.00 Interest Earned 2,796.09 Capital Gain 52,569.56 Capital Loss 21,326.11 Expenses including: General Expenses 14,800.00 Tithe to Diocese of Bukoba 4,200.00 St. Paul Grade School 19,000.00 12/31/2010 Ending Balance



ST PAUL BOOSTER CLUB CHICKEN DINNER FUNDRAISER April 17 11:00 AM--2:00 PM At Rentze's Tap in Odell Adults $7.00, K-8 $5.00 and PreK FREE Mr. Edward Condon, Principal 3


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