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Term: Two

Week: Six

20th May 2010

From the Principal's Desk


he teaching profession is always a great leveller. When you think `things' are going well, something often happens to bring you back to earth.

This week, several Year Two boys came to me and said that one of the other boys from their class had said that I was a `bossy boots'. My response to my wide eyed informants was, "Well, I am." They both ran away in a state of somewhat terror. This brief meeting with the boys, made me think seriously about how I relate to everyone who is part of our school family in particularly the children. As usual I googled, Ian Lillico's (Boy's in Education) website and was given some good advice. The behaviour of boys should be modified through praise - never through sanction or punishment. Punishment may contain a boy's behaviour but not modify it. Punishment can actually be a reward for a boy as this can secure his prestige in the eyes of his peers. We must endeavour to catch our son doing something right and praise him for it and (generally) try to ignore when he does things wrongly. Continually punishing or sanctioning boys can contain poor behaviour but won't change the behaviour. If you really want your son to do things better you must contrive situations which enable him to do the right thing. This is the time to praise and encourage him. This brings long-term improvement. Many parents and indeed teachers fall into the trap of continually chastising boys and punishing them when they misbehave. However, in order to have a less stressful family life and to change his behaviour, we should concentrate on positive reinforcement when he excels at being good. Home rules written as negatives such as "No this or No that or Don't this or Don't that" should change to positives. For example rules such as "No chewing gum in the house" should become "Please place gum in the bin when you enter the house". You can reinforce the second version by praising your son for putting his gum in the bin. Rules are of no value unless they can be reinforced through praise and a simple rewording into positives can bring major change in a family of boys as their behaviour can then be modified. For example "We treat everyone in this family with respect - we do this by waiting our turn at mealtimes" etc. When your son does this well you reinforce the rule and modify his behaviour. Boys who misbehave can often become heroes in front of his immediate peers. Boys who are publicly chastised both at home, in the neighbourhood or at school, often have a high peer esteem and their poor behaviour often continues to give them feedback - even if we see it as negative. Boys should never be publicly scolded as this tends to raise their peer esteem and, hence, their poor behaviour continues. Public reprimand also severs relationships between the `scolder' and `scoldee' as boys are shame-phobic and if we inadvertently shame boys in front of their friends, we frequently do more harm than good. Let's be mindful of boys' and girls' feelings and chastise them without breaking their sensitive and delicate spirits. I have used some of this advice with my two teenage boys at home especially when we are getting ready for the start of each school day. From what has happened so far this week, it will be a long process. All the best Mr Max Martin Principal

IMPORTANT DATES FOR TERM TWO MAY Thursday 20th/Friday 21st ­ School Photos Saturday 22 n d /Sunday 23 rd ­ PENTECOST SUNDAY ­ Confirmation ceremonies. JUNE


Emerald Show Holiday Thursday 3rd ­ Year 4 ­ 7 St Patrick's Athletics carnival at Marist College. Tuesday 8th ­ P. and F. meeting 7:00pm. Tuesday 8 th /Wednesday 9 th ­ Capricornia Tennis trials ­ Mr Wes Rose attending. Wednesday 9th ­ Uni of NSW Science exam Wednesday 9th­ Arts Council performance ­ `Swag of Tales' at Town Hall. Monday 14th ­ QUEEN'S BIRTHDAY holiday Tuesday 15th ­ School Board meeting 7pm. Wednesday 16th ­ Prep to Year 3 athletics carnival at St Patrick's. Monday 21st ­ Community Forum on Flying Start Green paper at St Patricks'. 6.30pm ­ 8:30pm in library. All welcome. Monday 21st to Thursday 24th ­ Footsteps Dance lessons at St Patrick's. Tuesday 22nd ­ Uni of NSW spelling and writing exams. Wednesday 23rd ­ Children's report cards sent home today. Friday 25th ­ Final day of school for Term Two.


On Sunday morning there are approximately 40 students from St Patrick's who will be celebrating the Sacrament of Confirmation, they are as follows: Bridget Young Lily Lloyd-Jones James Thorogood Riley Comiskey Dan-Niel Shilvock Grace Lewis Alessandro Parlato Joe Gallagher Madeline Sanchez Caiden Dwyer Callam Moriarty Nicholas Burt Angus O'Sullivan Ellysa Kenny Thomas Case Lauren Colwell Lucy Heinemann Chloe Quinlan Robert O'Keeffe Thomas O'Regan Max Schulze McKennan McIndoe Connor Ongheen Ebonie Hall John Finau Liam Fielder Aaron Moore Chelsea Wright Libby Schwarz Declan Sandilands Hamish Whittaker Tayla Larcombe Benjamin Howard Hayley Stewart Charlotte Curran Daniel Muldrew Cleo Barraclough Darceigh McCoy Connor Bryant Bridget Barrett I would like to ask our school and parish community to keep these students and their families in our prayers during this very special time. If you had a go at the Bible quiz in last week's newsletter, here are the answers: 1) Moses 2) Turning water into wine at the Wedding at Cana 3) A calf 4) Tax collector 5) Noah 6) Barabbas 7) John 8) 3 9) Saul 10) Egypt. I hope you passed. Have a great week. Rebecca Lang APRE BISHOP BRIAN HEENAN VISITING OUR PARISH The bishop of the Rockhampton diocese, Bishop Brian Heenan will be visiting Emerald this Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd May. Bishop Brian will be celebrating both the weekend masses at St Patrick's and the Confirmation liturgy after at 9.30am on the Sunday. There will be a shared meal with Brian after 6pm mass on Saturday. All are invited to attend and are asked to bring something for tea. SCHOOL BOARD MEETING This week our school board meet for their monthly meeting. At this meeting, the following was discussed: The draft mobile phone policy which was passed and is on display in the front office for your perusal. The school's uniform policy. The school's overall master plan. The board next meets on Tuesday 15th June at 7pm. SECONDARY SCHOOLS' CROSS COUNTRY Well done to Aiden Wallace from Year Seven who came fifth in the C.H. secondary schools' cross country last Friday. Big effort, Aiden. DEVELOPMENT CUP The next game for St Patrick's in the Development Cup will be against Moranbah East State School. This will take place on Tuesday 25th May at 1pm in Clermont. The winner of this game will then go onto Rockhampton to play in a quad series against the best schools from the Far West, Rockhampton and Gladstone. Training for the St Patrick's team will be held this Sunday again at 4pm at McIndoe Park. YEAR TWO NET VALIDATION Next week, our Year Two teachers, Mrs Susan Payne, our learning support coordinator and Mr Clinton Honor, our assistant to the principal curriculum will be conducting the Year Two NET. The Year 2 Diagnostic Net is a process of assessment and intervention to support children's literacy and numeracy development during the early years of schooling in Queensland. It identifies and provides additional support for, those children who are experiencing difficulties in literacy and numeracy. The Year 2 Diagnostic Net involves a four-step process in which Years 1, 2 and 3 teachers:

OPENING AND BLESSING OF NEW BUILDINGS The opening and blessing of the library, performing arts room, A block refurbishments and Administration refurbishments will be held on Friday 11th June 2010. A morning tea will be held after this ceremony for all invited guests, community members and parents who attend. If you would like to contribute a morning tea food item such as slice, biscuits, cake, or assist with serving for this please contact me in the school office by Friday 4th June. Thank you in anticipation for your contribution to this morning tea. Rebecca Lang CRAZY HAIR DISCO Friday 21st May P - 3 5:30pm - 7pm 4 - 7 7pm - 8:30pm HOT FOOD AND DRINKS TO PURCHASE $2.00 per person $5.00 per family

observe and map children's progress using a developmental continua for literacy and numeracy; involve identified Year 2 children in specifically designed assessment tasks and identify children who require intervention; provide support to children requiring additional assistance; report to parents about their child 's development in literacy and numeracy.

TERM 2 LITURGICAL ROSTER Week 6 Thursday 20th May Year 1S Friday 21st May Prep Blue (PB) Week 7 Thursday 27th May Year 4O Year 7Y Friday 28th May Week 8 Thursday 3rd May Year 7D Friday 4th May Prep Maroon (PM) Week 9 Thursday 10th June Year 3T Year 5 Forgiveness Friday 11th June Week 10 Thursday 17th June Year 6C Friday 18th June Year 3D Week 11 Thursday 24th June Year 1M Year 6H Whole school Friday 25th June end of term liturgy. BLANKET DRIVE St Patrick's will again be collecting blankets for the Neighbourhood Centre to distribute to those in need this winter. Containers for collection have been placed in the library for you to place any blankets you can spare this winter. Please ensure these blankets are in good condition. We are also collecting any winter clothing for St Vincent De Paul to distribute. If you have outgrown your winter woollies and would like to donate them they can also be placed in a box in the library. We thank you for your support of this important cause. ST PATRICK'S SCHOOL Presents


10 yrs Boys' High Jump 8.50am ­ 10am 10 yrs Girls' High Jump 10am ­ 11.10am

11yrs Girls' Long Jump 8.50am ­ 10am 11yrs Boys' Long Jump 10am ­ 11.10am Thursday 27th

9yrs Boys' High Jump 9.15am ­ 10.20am 9yrs Girls' High Jump 10.20am ­ 11.30am

12/13yrs Boys' Long Jump 9.15am ­ 10.20am 12/13yrs Girls' Long Jump 10.20am ­ 11.30am Friday 28th 800 metres event at Marist College for 9yrs to 13 yrs boys and girls, commencing at 9.15am. For the 800 metres, our children will be travelling to and from Marist College with Emerald Coaches, leaving at 8.50am and returning by 11.15am. CONGRATULATIONS TO YEAR 2H Well done to Year 2H as their sunflowers have finally come out. These have been planted in a garden near the Year 2H classroom and have been well looked after by Mrs Holmes and her children. ASSEMBLY WEEK EIGHT In week 8 this term, we will be having our assemblies on Monday 31st May and Friday, 4th June. The change to Friday is due to the Years 4 to 7 athletics carnival being on Thursday 3rd June. INVITATION TO ALL FAMILIES AT ST PATRICK'S SCHOOL An invitation is extended to all parents and carers in Emerald to discuss the future of education in Queensland. Learn more about the planned reforms to Queensland schools outlined in the State Government's discussion paper, A Flying Start for Queensland Children, at one of the special forums in our community. Date: Monday 21 June 2010 Time: 6.30pm ­ 8.30pm Location: St Patrick's School (Emerald) 41 Yamala Street Emerald Items on the agenda include the Government's plan to integrate Year 7 into secondary school in 2014 and other initiatives such as the "Queensland Ready Reader" volunteer program. The State Government wants to know your views on a range of proposed education initiatives and it is important that parents and carers provide feedback. Don't miss out on having your say. Secure your spot at the forum by emailing your RSVP to [email protected] or free call 1800 452 056. For more information about the discussion paper, A Flying Start for Queensland Children, visit the Queensland Government website at SACRAMENTAL NEWS Confirmation families are reminded that mass times for children to be presented their stoles are as follows: Saturday night at 6:00pm and Sunday morning at 8:00am. If you have not returned the form indicating which mass you will be attending to receive your stole, please do so tomorrow. The Confirmation Blessing / Liturgy will commence at 9:30am on Sunday, and families are asked to be at the church by 9:15. Please note this is not a Mass, but a blessing only. Children are reminded to wear their stole and Confirmation pin and bring along their pink work booklet and Confirmation name card (received with their stole). All families are invited to stay after the blessing to share in our Confirmation Cake and morning tea. If you are able to bring a plate for morning tea it would be appreciated. We look forward to sharing this special event with you. Please contact me if you have any further questions. Rebecca Lang MISSING JACKETS Some children have lost their winter school jackets. Could you please check the names on all school uniforms and return any items that may not belong to you to the school office.


Movie Premiere Thursday 24th June Drinks and Hot Food from 6pm Movie to start at 7pm Tickets cost $16.00

YEAR TEN MARIST WORK EXPERIENCE This week, we welcomed Miss Bianca Butler and Mr Jack Johnson to St Patrick's. Both are completing their Year Ten Work Experience and they have been working with Mr Tom Reddy and Mrs Kylie Heinemann doing PE lessons. Hopefully they have enjoyed the experience.

Book Fair Blizzard

Rug up and read this winter..... This year's first Book Fair will be held in our new library during Show week. All Welcome

Year 4P It seems the harder we work, the faster the term goes. With our cloud descriptions complete, we are now working on our storm magazine articles. These will be finished by Thursday of Week 7. We are also preparing for our Integrated Unit test this Friday, our Mathematics test next week and our English test. Also this week we are working on our Religion assessment ­ A Cartoon Strip. Included in the cartoon strip are the concepts we've learnt to do with Confirmation this term. Next week we begin to learn about Eucharist. The Confirmation Ceremony will be held this Sunday. We wish Thomas Case, Alex Parlato, Callam Moriaty, Joe Gallagher, Riley Comiskey and James Spencer the very best for Sunday. Have a great week and stay warm. Miss Press and 4P students Year 4D Assessment time is coming upon us. We have already written a description about a cloud for our first English assignment, which the students did really well in. We are currently writing a magazine article on the dust storms last year. Our English test is next week and will cover various concepts including noun and verb groups, contractions, prefixes and suffixes, apostrophes, adjectives, adverbs and commas to name a few. We have also begun designing a comic strip about the Sacrament of Confirmation for our Religion assessment this is something different from a test and the students seem really to enjoy it. Our Mathematics Test is coming up next week and it will cover a variety of concepts including counting in 10's, simple addition and subtractions, patterns, simple fractions, division facts using arrays, naming angles and symmetry just to name a few. We are currently practicing our dance routines. These are looking really good. The students have put a lot of effort in which is great to see. They will be presenting their dance routines to the class next week. We have also been expanding our theoretical knowledge through some practical science experiments about weather. This week we made a tornado in a bottle. It looked quite fascinating. A reminder our sport day is still Thursday and library borrowing is Friday. Miss Dennis and 4D Year 4O Half way through the term and haven't we been busy. In Religion the class has been learning about the symbols, actions and words of confirmation and the seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit. There are many students in our class who have been preparing for their confirmation, which is on this Sunday. In literacy students had written some marvellous descriptions of different clouds and at the moment we are writing magazine articles on the dust storm which occurred last year. In maths there has been many concepts studied including number patterns, 3D shape nets, volume, time and money, subtraction, addition and multiplication. Our weather unit has been fascinating as students have been discovering the different weather patterns that occur around the world including tornadoes, cyclones, earthquakes and thunderstorms. Also we have learnt about the weather symbols that are used on maps in weather reports. Just a reminder that it is 40's turn for prayer assembly next Thursday morning and all parents are welcome. 40 and Miss O'Brien Year 5H Well, so far Term 2 has been an extremely busy one. Week 5 saw year 5 sitting the NAPLAN test on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday with all students putting in their best effort. As well as preparing for the NAPLAN we have been very busy with other activities; in our Integrated Unit ­ "Healthy Living" we have been studying a variety of different topics including; getting physical, comparing healthy choices with unhealthy choices, what breakfast is all about and why it is one of the most important meals of the day. The topic for science this term has been `Marvellous Micro Organisms' where we have investigated a variety of reactions between yeast, sugar and water and looked at the results from these experiments. This week we are going to be looking at mould and how it grows on food and why, this will also involve a class experiment followed by analysing the results

of the experiment. In our mathematics lessons we have been studying mental multiplication, subtraction and division strategies, weights and measures, fractions as well as beginning to use maps and legends. We have completed one text type this term, which was a `short story', the next text type will be a letter of complaint to a company. Year 5 has also been very busy in Physical Education honing their skills in shot put, long jump and high jump for the upcoming Athletics Carnival. Keep up the good work for the rest of the term! 5H, Miss Hardgrave & Mrs Reeves Year 5M We have been very busy this term and last week the class completed the NAPLAN testing of Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I was pleased to see the students put in their best efforts in all tests. We have been learning about `Healthy Living' in our Integrated Unit. Students have been involved in a range of activities discussing ways to be healthy and keep fit. It has been great to see everyone get involved and we have some very informative and colourful posters in our classroom for parents and friends to see. Students have also started learning Dance this term. We have learnt about the beat and rhythm. This is a very interesting unit and the students are really enjoying themselves and getting involved. Students have completed and preformed a few routines in front of the class and I am sure they would like to show off their new found talent at home. The topic for Science is `Marvellous Micro Organisms' where students have been investigating a variety of reactions between yeast, sugar and water. This week we are looking at mould and how it grows and why. Students will be investigating this throughout the week by changing a range of variables. The Athletics Carnival is coming up shortly and the class are getting very excited. They have been practicing with Mr Reddy and they completed run offs on Monday. I hope to see parents and friends there cheering the students on. The school disco is on Friday and 5M is already preparing their hairstyles. Annecia is going to spray paint her hair and join her piggy-tails together. Lachlan is putting a lot of gel in his hair and spraying it. Alice is going to have half her hair green, have a blue fringe and stick up the rest. I am sure there will be plenty of crazy hairstyles! To those going, hope you enjoy yourself. 5M and Miss McCosker Year 5O The students in 50 have continued to work impressively this term. I am particularly proud of the short stories they wrote, their commitment to learning both dance theory and skills, and the interest they have all shown in learning the content of our `Healthy Lifestyles' unit. Furthermore, the students are to be commended on the exceptional effort they put into completing their NAPLAN testing last week. The students will commence term 2 tests next week. Many students have participated in various sporting events over the course of the term including tennis and Cross-Country. The following students are to be congratulated on their sporting achievements: Finn Keogh-Byrne ­ Central Highlands Under 10s Cross-Country (first place) Tori Vine ­ Central Highlands Under 10s Cross-Country Having become experts in the field of health this term, the students have been reflecting upon their own eating and fitness habits. The students have set goals to achieve a healthier lifestyle and encourage you all to do the same! Here are 5O's tips for staying healthy and happy. Tick which ones you'll adopt this week. Keep active! Replace a passive activity such as watching TV with an active one like walking, riding, jogging or playing sport. Get 8 hours sleep a night and include some relaxation activities in your week. Read a book or listen to music. Incorporate some Low Glycemic Index (GI) foods into your diet and particularly at breakfast time. Try rolled oats or muesli instead of processed cereals! Eat healthily and include a variety of foods in your diet. Replace junk food with healthy snacks like fruit or yoghurt. Eat good fats like nuts and avocado but avoid bad fats in packaged food and take-aways. Miss Jodie Olive and 5O

YOU CAN DO IT! AWARDS ­ Sponsored by McDonald's Family Restaurant, Wendy's and Sportspower Logan Renolds (5H) - For the persistence you demonstrated whilst sitting your NAPLAN testing last week. Tori Rouse (5H) - For the confidence you presented whilst demonstrating your high, middle and low levels of dance movement. Josh Salta (5H) - For the excellent getting along skills you displayed whilst sitting in your group. Jordan Pymble (2H) ­ For persisting with your platypus descriptions Josh O'Regan (2H) ­ For persisting with your platypus descriptions Jack Goody (2H) ­ For persisting with your platypus descriptions Austin Anderson (2H) ­ For persisting with your platypus descriptions Ben Heinemann (2H) ­ For the confidence and enthusiasm you display when writing Ethan Scarpelli (2H) ­ For the confidence and enthusiasm you display when writing Eleanor Sands (1M) ­ For always being organised to start class tasks promptly Charlotte Wellingham (1M) ­ For showing persistence when writing about spiders Henry Thomasson (1M) ­ For showing persistence when writing about spiders Corbin Dendle (1M) ­ For showing persistence when writing about spiders Jayden Rainbow (1M) ­ For showing persistence when writing about spiders Griffin Keating (1M) ­ For the confidence you displayed when writing about spiders CHOICEZ MEDIA is the vision of Jonathan Doyle MLMEd and Karen Doyle R.N. who seek to empower and equip young people with the knowledge, skills and motivation to make great choices in life. Over many years Marist College has invited Jonathan to speak to students, staff and parents about values based sex education by motivating students to make great choices in life. Jonathan will be speaking at a parent information evening at Marist College on Monday 7 June 2010 at 5.30pm. We encourage parents to attend to listen to this energetic and engaging speaker. For more information please contact Meaghan Tucker at Marist College (4982 3400). The Nemesis Nimbostratus Cloud By Mikayla Graves Nimbostratus clouds are one of the many different cloud types. They can produce long lasting, steady precipitation. In Latin `nimbo' means rain and `stratus' means sheet, so nimbostratus means sheet of cloud that produces continuous rainfall. The nimbostratus cloud is found at quite low altitudes. Nimbostratus clouds are formed when warm air rises and cools enough to become liquid. These clouds form a dark, gloomy layer of cloud that looks like a grey coloured sheet covering the sky. They are so thick and grey that they obstruct the sun and moon. Nimbostratus clouds are shapeless and the edges of the clouds can not be seen. These clouds can produce steady, long lasting precipitation in the form of rain, drizzle, sleet, hail or snow. Nimbostratus clouds are classified as low level clouds and are found at an altitude of 2400 meters. This type of dark, grey cloud is not a lightning of thunder producing cloud. The type of weather found near and around nimbostratus clouds is steady, moderate to heavy rain. It is not like a hard, heavy thunder shower, but instead can last for hours or possibly even days. A sign that nimbostratus clouds are about to produce rain is when a jagged edge appears at the base of the cloud. This is usually followed by rain and cool weather. Nimbostratus clouds can cover the entire sky and are so thick and wet looking that the moon can't be seen. They are very thick, dark grey, wet and low level clouds, that can produce precipitation. The nimbostratus cloud is special because it can produce rain, hail or snow but can't produce thunder or lightning.

WORKERS OF THE WEEK Prep Blue Tess Winten For the excellent effort you have been putting into our number book and for working really hard to write your name correctly and being successful in achieving this. Keep up the fantastic work Tess! Prep Green Mary Esplin For being a mature, organised and thoughtful member of Prep Green. You set a great example for your class mates. Prep Maroon Oscar Collis For the great improvement you have made with writing your name. Keep up the good work. Year 1M Henry Thomasson For the excellent effort you put into sounding out your words when writing about our `Bug Talk'. It is great to see you trying so hard to complete your work independently. Well Done. Year 1N Abby Sullivan For the exceptional effort you put into writing about your imaginary superhero. I enjoyed learning about Heart Girl and her special powers of friendship. Year 1P Heath Hawkins For trying your best in everything you have been doing over the past two weeks. It is lovely to see you putting in such a big effort. Well done and keep working hard. Year 1S Eli Bran For always trying his best, and being so enthusiastic about the Minibeasts that we are learning about. Keep up the great work. Year 2G Declan Campbell For the consistently high results you achieve in your spelling tests each week and the diligent attitude you show towards your homework. Well done Declan. Year 2H Matt Banks The effort you are putting into your spelling homework this term is amazing. Keep up the great work Matt! Year 2M Molly Boland-Green For being a wonderful friend to lots of your classmates. Well done. Year 2V Sineth Jayawardana For the great effort you have put into writing our information report. You did an excellent job of describing the wombat and included lots of detail. Year 3D Grace Dendle For working extremely hard to add more paragraphs into you short story. Thank-you for your persistence in the classroom. Keep it up. Year 3M Hamish Clarke For listening well in class and working independently on all activities. You are eager to become involved in class discussions and always work on your fast finisher tasks with enthusiasm. Keep up the great work Hamish. Year 3T Gemma Smith For learning your number facts every week. Congratulations you are our new Maths Champion! Year 4D Chloe Gosper For trying your best in all aspects of classroom activities. I am glad to see you becoming more persistent by attempting work even if it is hard. Keep up the great effort. Year 4O Archie Fenner For your effort you have been putting into completing tasks this week. Keep up the good work. Year 4P Skye Gilbert For settling in so well to our classroom routines. It's great to have you in our class. Year 4W Hayley Stewart You have beautiful manners and always quietly do your class work to an excellent standard. Keep up this wonderful effort. Year 5H Anna Holmes For the excellent effort you applied in your NAPLAN practise tests. Keep up the wonderful work Anna. Year 5M Hayden Smale For the amount of time and effort you put into your assessment pieces and homework. It is greatly appreciated. Year 5O David Walters For the quiet and confident way you work to complete tasks. Your work is always of a high standard. Great work David. Year 6C Jack O'Sullivan For having a "light bulb" moment during our maths lesson. Keep up your great effort. Year 6H Elanah Stewart For the mature and responsible way you approach every activity. I appreciate your willingness to learn and your thoughtful contributions in class. Thank you. Year 6P Carmela Ngo Your bookwork is of an exceptionally high standard and you have merged seamlessly into the current work. Congratulations on settling so readily into our class this week we are so happy to have you! Year 7D Jayden Cook For being a fantastic classmate and having a cheerful and positive attitude throughout all school activities. Year 7S Bailey Jackson For approaching all tasks with a positive attitude and continually showing great leadership skills within the class. Keep up the great work Bailey. Year 7Y Jamie Saunders for outstanding effort she puts into all her class work and the way she treats her peers with respect.


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