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2413 Single

2418 Double

2419 Dbl w/Legs

2415 Triple

2417 Triple w/Legs

Repl Fuel Bottle

These Butterfly brand stoves all have removable fuel bottles. This allows you to refill the kerosene fuel while you are cooking. Available models include the #2413 Single Burner, #2418 Double Burner, #2419 Double Burner with Legs and Shelf, #2415 Triple Burner, and #2417 Triple Burner with Legs and Shelf. All of these stoves include steel grates that are specifically designed to work with the Butterfly Oven (#2421). The grates fit up inside the bottom of the oven and hold it securely in place. Each burner uses a single woven fiberglass wick. All burners are 7,000 btus. One fuel bottle contains enough fuel to burn one burner for 12 hours or 2 burners for 6 hours each. (Pictured above in order:) #2413 - Single Burner - $70. 12" square and 10" tall. #2418 - Double Burner - $115. 30" wide, 10" tall and 12" deep. #2419 - Double Burner with Legs and Lower Shelf - $130. 30" wide, 30" tall and 12" deep. #2415 - Triple Burner. $135. Approx 40" wide with fuel bottle, 10" tall and 12" deep. #2417 - Triple Burner with Legs and Lower Shelf - $150. 40" wide, 30" tall and 12" deep. Replacement Fuel Bottles - $12 for 1, $21.60 for 2, $40.80 for 4 Replacement Fiberglass Wicks - $3 for 1, $5.40 for 2, $10.20 for 4, $19.20 for 8

#2421 Oven - $69 - Now with Heat-Tempered Glass

Size is approximately 13x13x13. Can be used on top of any of the kerosene stoves on our website. Read the details on the stoves to see how well the stove will work with the oven. The bottom of the oven is open, and many of the stoves have steel grates that are designed to fit up inside the bottom of the oven to securely hold the oven in place. Inside dimensions are 10" high, 11" deep and 12" wide. The door opening is smaller, approx 11" wide and 9" high. The oven will accomodate a 10x10 pan, with a little air space around all sides to allow for more even cooking. Oven includes two adjustable shelves and double wall construction with air pockets to support heat convection and more stable oven temperatures. Includes heat-tempered glass and fiberglass rope gaskets.

#2412 Brass Kerosene Pressure Stove - $59 (2 for $106.20)

See the video on YouTube at, or just go to and enter "2412 Butterfly" . This is a solid brass stove that can be disassembled and carried in a backpack. Like all pressure stoves, it must be preheated using a couple teaspoons of denatured alcohol. Once heated, the kerosene fuel will vaporize and the stove will burn the vapor. It is highly efficient and has almost no odor at all. 1-888-395-1164 [email protected]

St. Paul Mercantile Catalog


16-Wick #2487

22-Wick #2698

22-Wick Aluminum A822

#2688 Sockwick

#2648 Double

10-Wick #2641

Multi-Wick Stoves - Multi-wick stoves contain 10 to 22 cotton wicks arranged in a circle. The wicks all go up and down at the same time to adjust the

heat output. Wicks generally last at least six months per set and cost between $2 and $4 for a set of replacement wicksets. Stoves are pictured in the order described below:

#2487 16-wick - $50 our MOST Popular stove. 10,500 btus, 12" square and 9" high. 2.5 liters, 9 hour burn time. Works with Oven The "Combo" - $115 Includes the #2487 16-wick stove (above), 4 replacement wicksets, plus the #2421 Oven #2698 22-wick - $75 our HOTTEST stove. 14,000 btus, 14" round and 12" high. 5.5 liters, 11 hour burn time. Great canning stove. Can be used with the

oven because of its large top surface, but the grate on this stove does not fit up inside the oven, as it does with the #2487. #A822 22-wick - $80 ALL ALUMINUM stove! 14,000 btus, 14" square and 12" high. Holds 3.1 litres, burns 6.2 hours. This stove is used in restaurants in third-world countries. Works great with the #2421 oven. #2688 Sockwick - $70 Uses a circular, woven cotton wick, similar to those used with kerosene heaters. Adjustable flame. Roughly 12.5" wide and 12.5" high. Holds almost 1 gallon of kerosene and burns up to 13 hours on a tank. Removable spill tray. Can be used with the #2421 Oven, but the grate does not fit up inside the oven to hold it securely in place. #2648 Double Burner 10-Wick - $65 our ECONOMICAL 2-BURNER stove. 7,000 BTU burners. Assembly required. Holds about 2.5 liters of fuel and burns up to 18 hours (1 burner). Works great with the #2421 Oven. #2641 10-Wick - $39 ENTRY-LEVEL stove. 7,000 btus. Great for making coffee, or cooking with a small skillet during a brief power outage. Holds 2.5 liters of fuel and burns up to 12 hours. Does not work well with the #2421 oven.

Replacement Wicks - Wicks typically last for six months or more of daily use.

Pricing: For #2641 and #2648, 1 for $2.50, 2 for $4.50, 4 for $8.50 or 8 for $16. For #2487 and #2628, 1 for $3, 2 for $5.40, 4 for $10.20 or 8 for $19.20. For #2698, 1 for $4, 2 for $7.20, 4 for $13.60 or 8 for $25.60. Sockwick is 1 for $8, 2 for $14.40, 4 for $27.20

Lanterns - The two leftmost pictures are both the #828 Kerosene Pressure

lantern. It is extremely bright - between 300 and 400 Watts. Shade is included. Shown next is the replacement glass globe, then a dozen replacement mantles. We also have three sizes of hurricane lanterns - the #285 Jumbo and the #255 Standard,

#828R Pressure Lantern - $89 Includes shade, 3 mantles, wrench, parts kit. Chrome-plated steel with brass fuel rail and rapid-start feature. Parts kits available on website. Replacement Globe - $10 Dozen Mantles - $11 Globe plus Dozen mantles - $17 Preppers Kit - $29 ($48 if parts purchased individually) #285 Jumbo Hurricane Lanterns - 3 for $43 14.8" tall, .75 litre tank, burn 33 hours. Each lantern includes installed wick plus 3 replacement wicks. #255 Std. Hurricane Lanterns - 3 for $25 12.2" tall, .3 litre tank, burn 20 hours. Each lantern includes installed wick plus 2 replacement wicks. #235 Junior Hurricane Lanterns - 3 for $21 9.6" tall, .2 litre tank, burns 14 hours. Includes installed wick plus 2 replacement wicks. Hurricane Wicks - 3 for $3, or special 12 for $6 1-888-395-1164 [email protected]

St. Paul Mercantile Catalog


Family Emergency Kit - $439, a savings of around $200 Compared to buying items individually.

We've put together a very successful kit that includes everything you'll need to cook, bake, light your home, make drinkable water, and get the news. Kit includes ALL of the following: #2418 Double Burner stove with spare fuel bottle and 8 extra wicks. #2421 Oven. #2412 Brass pressure kerosene stove. #828R Pressurized kerosene lantern plus 12 spare mantles. 3 #255 Hurricane lanterns. KA009R crank and solar-powered radio with AM, FM, Shortwave, Emergency and Weather bands, LED light and Cellphone charger. A Crank-powered 3-LED flashlight. An F1 Mr. Funnel that removes water from kerosene, and a water filter with two ceramic candles that will remove bacteria from collected water.

Economy Family Emergency Kit - $236, a savings of around $100

For smaller budgets, we have an economical version of our Emergency Kit. Kit includes ALL of the following: #2487 16-wick adjustable wick kerosene stove with 4 extra wicksets, #2421 Oven, 3 #255 Hurricane lanterns,

KA009R crank and solar-powered radio with AM, FM, Shortwave, Emergency and Weather bands, LED light and Cellphone charger, a Crank-powered 3-LED flashlight, and two ceramic Doulton water filter candles and a spigot (add 2 5-gallon buckets, purchased locally, and you have a world-class water filter. Instructions on website.)

Water Filters to Remove Bacteria - You've probably heard about the Doulton and Berkefeld

(Big Berkey) water filters. They use ceramic filtering elements, called "candles" to remove bacteria from water. These filters have been used by missionaries and relief organizations all over the world since the mid1800's to make safe drinking water. The initial cost is a little higher than other types of water filters, but these filters last a long time and can be cleaned and reused. Plus, these filters remove bacteria - something most filters cannot do. The left-most picture shows the stainless steel filter body. Next is the food-grade plastic filter body made by Aqua Cera. The third picture is a bucket water filter (we supply the ceramic candles and the spigot, you supply 2 buckets). The last picture shows the actual ceramic candles that remove the bacteria and make the water safe to drink.

Doulton SS Stainless Filter with Two 7-inch Ceramic Candles - $ $178 with 2 Aqua Cera CeraSyl ceramic candles. For $233, receive the

stainless body with 4 7-inch candles for faster water production. Also avail. with Doulton candles, Doulton ATC, and black CeraCarb.

Aqua Cera Plastic Body - with 2 7-inch $138; 4 7-inch $193, 2 10-inch $148; 4 10-inch $213. See website for more configurations. Bucket Filter Kit - you supply the buckets, we supply the ceramic elements and spigot: Spigots: $7 Replacement Aqua Cera Ceramic Candles - 2 7" $55; 4 7" $99; 2 10" $65; 4 10" $119 (many more configurations on website) 7" vs 10" - 10" candles filter about 40% faster than 7". The stainless body cannot use 10", but the plastic body uses either size. Travel Filter - If you travel Internationally, you should consider the Doulton stainless steel travel filter. For travel, the top stores in the bottom, making the filter only 8" tall and less than 4" wide. It includes one 7" ceramic candle that will make up to 1 quart of water per hour. Price is $74.95, or you can buy the filter plus a replacement ceramic candle for $99.95. Fluoride/HeavyMetal Removal - 4" candles attach to the bottom of the Ceramic Candles and will remove fluoride and heavy metals - 2 for $45. Lead Removal - Also available are Super Sterasyl 7" ATC candles. ATC candles do everything the super sterasyl candles do, plus remove lead and organic compounds. $10 additional per candle. 1-888-395-1164 [email protected]

St. Paul Mercantile Catalog

Emergency Radio - Solar and Crank Powered Also runs on AC or Batteries - $44.95


The Kaito KA007L radio receives AM, FM, Shortwave, Weather and Aviation signals. Two minutes of cranking will provide up to an hour of play time. 12 hours of bright sunlight will provide 6 to 8 hours of play time. Also includes an LED Lantern built into the handle, plus an AC adapter.

Emergency Crank Powered Radio and Flashlight - $23.95

Our newest edition to our radio flashlight product line. This compact unit contains an AM-FM radio and an LED flashlight, and it never needs batteries. Just turn the crank handle for a couple minutes and you've got a working radio and LED flashlight. Dynamo never needs batteries. 3-Bulb LED flashlight. 1 minute of cranking gives you up to 90 minutes of light.

LED Crank Flashlight - $10

3 super-bright white LEDs, powered by an internal rechargeable lithium-ion battery. 2 minutes of cranking provides about 30 minutes of bright light. Operate 1 LED or 3 LEDs. Even when the battery is dead, the flashlight will begin producing light after only a few seconds of cranking.

Slimline Solar Powered LED Flashlight - $10

Suade black flashlight that is solar powered. 5.25 inches long, 2 inches wide and only 1/2 inch thick. Just set this in the sun during the day and enjoy 3 bright LEDs at your command when it gets dark. A very compact flashlight that looks great and never needs batteries.

Solar Powered 4-LED Flashlight Keychain - $2.95 with FREE Shipping

Use these as keyrings, or give one to each of the kids to teach them about solar power. A full day in the sun will give you up to 3 hours of light.

CRANK Powered LED Head Lamp - $13.95 with FREE Shipping

That's right, this one is crank-powered. Crank for one minute and you'll get up to 90 minutes of light using 1 LED or up to 40 minutes using all 3 bulbs. Adjustable headband. Operates with 1 LED, 3 LEDs, or Flashing LEDs. 1-888-395-1164 [email protected]

St. Paul Mercantile Catalog

Garden Seeds - Non-Hybrid, Sealed for long-term storage - $55


100% Non-Hybrid Long Term Storage Vegetable Seeds. 16 seed packets, each hermetically sealed triple-foil package. The packets are then sealed inside a #10 metal can. All seeds are open-pollinated to permit continuous seed replenishment (for next growing season). Includes sweet corn, peas, beets, cabbage, lettuce, cucumbers, carrots, peppers, pole beans, onions, spinach, winter squash, Zucchini, Radish, Tomato and Swiss Chard. Planting and harvesting instructions included. Will plant 2/3 acre.

Remove Water from Kerosene, Diesel, Gasoline with Mr. Funnels

A MUST HAVE for anyone who stores fuel. Just pour the fuel through Mr. Funnel and it instantly removes water and debris. Nothing else like it on the market. See the movie at Reusable - nothing to replace, ever. 4 sizes from $16.95 to $54.95.

50-Hour Emergency Candles - Pack of 4 - Buy as low as $2.90/candle Delivered!

Sold in 4-packs, these emergency candles each come in a glass jar. Jars are 5" tall, 2.5" in diameter, and the candles will each burn about 50 hours. Shipping is Free! Buy 1 pack of 4 for $20, 2 packs for $32, 4 packs for $50, or 5 packs (total of 20 candles) for just $58, delivered.

Cast Iron Dutch Ovens, Skillets, Griddles and Wok by American Outback - FREE Shipping

Food tastes better when cooked in/on cast iron. We have a full line of dutch ovens, skillets, griddles and even a Wok. Prices all include shipping. 4-quart Dutch Oven - $44.95, 6-quart is $54.95, 9-quart is $64.95, 12-quart is $79.95, 20-quart is $109.95. Skillets - 10.5" is $29.95, 12" is $34.95, 15.5" is $48.95. Wok with handle is $44.95. Griddles - 21" x 9" is $34.95, 14" round is $36.95. Dutch Oven Lid Lifter $18.95. Tripod for Ovens - $39.95

Respirator with 1-way Valve - $2 with FREE Shipping

Respirator has two elastic bands that hold it to your face from 4 corners. 1-way valve allows carbon dioxide and water vapor to be expelled. Foam nose bridge for extra comfort.

Stainless Steel Multi Tool - $14.95 with FREE Shipping

Stainless steel construction with nylon belt pouch. Pliers, wire cutter, knife, blade, large and small slotted screwdriver, bottle opener, can opener, file, fish scaler, hook remover, phillips screwdriver. Made by Tru Forge. 1-888-395-1164 [email protected]

St. Paul Mercantile Catalog

Pocket Survival Tool - $2.95 with FREE Shipping


Stainless steel pocket survival tool with case. Has knife edge, can opener, bottle opener, flat head screwdriver, ruler, 4-size wrench for hex nuts and bolts, butterfly wrench, saw blade and more. Thousands of uses. Approx 2 3/4" by 1.5".

Military Lensatic Compass with Pouch - $24.75 with FREE Shipping

Camouflage color. Diameter of face is 2 1/8". Has lens on side that allows you to site in your destination and read the compass heading. Includes nylon belt pouch.

Brass Compass in Metal Gift Box - $11.50 with FREE Shipping

Compass is 2" in diameter. Heavy brass case makes it a nice paperweight or desk ornament. Comes in a nice looking metal gift box / display case.

Portable Hand Saw - $5.50 with FREE Shipping

Cut through limbs, boards and even small trees with this portable hand saw. Kit includes 2 wire saws and 2 metal handles. Length is 13 3/4 inches.

Mylar Emergency Heat-Retaining Blanked - $2.95 with FREE Shipping

Mylar blankets are used in emergencies when you need to retain body heat and resist winds. They are windproof and waterproof and reflect body heat. Keep a couple in the glovebox of your car and pack some in your "bug out" bag. 84" x 52". Folds down to just a few inches.

Magnesium Fire Starter - $6.95 with FREE Shipping

Magnesium fire starters have been used by the US Armed Forces for decades. Magnesium, in solid form, is very stable and safe. Tiny shavings of magnesium, however, can easily be ignited with a single spark and they burn at temps up to 5,400 degrees Fahrenheit, which makes it an excellent material to use to start fires. Just use the included serrated striker or a knife to shave off small shards from the 3" by 1" magnesium bar. Then ignite the shavings by running the striker or knife down the flint attached to the side of the bar. Good for 100+ fires. 1-888-395-1164 [email protected]


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