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What suggestions do you have concerning the ways we celebrate the Mass and other liturgies? Are there things you would like to see changed, added, or eliminated?

The current Church building has now been in use for about eight years. To what extent do its physical layout and environment enhance or detract from your experience of the Mass, the other Sacraments, and other celebrations? Would you be in favor of moving the Tabernacle from its current separate chapel to the main Church? Are there other changes, not requiring major reconstruction, that you would like to see?

Do you believe that the current weekend and weekday Mass schedule meets the needs of the Parish community? Would you suggest other times for weekend and weekday Masses?

Would you use small child care if it were offered during weekend Masses? Would you be willing and able to assist in providing such child care?

To what extent do you believe the pastor to be carrying out his responsibilities, including those of teaching (including preaching), administering, and promoting the sanctification of our Parish? Are there areas that you believe to be in special need of improvement?

To what extent do the Parish administrative and religious education staff meet your needs and those of other parishioners? What suggestions would you make to improve their service?

Do you have any suggestions for improving our Religious Education programs for children and teens? Would you participate in adult Religious Education opportunities, if they were offered? What kinds of adult opportunities would attract you? What would be the most convenient times?

If a Pastoral Council were established for our Parish, what do you believe to be its appropriate responsibilities and the ways its members should be chosen? Would you be interested in serving on a Pastoral Council, or on the Parish Finance Council, Liturgy Committee, and Religious Education Board?

To what extent do you consider our Parish to be welcoming to visitors and newcomers, especially those who might be interested in joining the Catholic Church? Can you suggest any ways to enhance our hospitality to them and to regular members of our Parish?

To what extent do you believe that we, as a Parish, respond to the needs of the poor and the demands of social justice? Do you have any suggestions for accomplishing this?

What do you believe to be the three most important issues or challenges facing our Parish?

Please offer any other thoughts, reflections, and observations that you might have about the life of our Parish, and suggestions for improving the quality of our Parish life?

Thank you for completing this survey!


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