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461 CIVIL ENGINEER II NATURE OF WORK This is responsible civil engineering work involving the planning, investigation, location, design and construction of municipal engineering and public works projects. Work involves the application of professional and technical engineering techniques in the design, evaluation and construction of water, wastewater and storm drainage systems and other public works and municipal engineering projects. An employee in this class is generally assigned responsibility for all engineering related activities on large, relatively difficult projects and may be required to exercise lead supervisory responsibility over other technical and professional employees assigned to a specific project. Work requires the exercise of considerable judgment and initiative and the application of professional engineering knowledge in evaluating the cost effectiveness, safety and practicality of alternative construction methods, with the more difficult technical or policy problems being discussed with a supervisor prior to implementation. Work is reviewed by a professional supervisor, principally for determining general progress and adherence to departmental policies and regulations, through conversation, inspection, analysis of reports and evaluation of results achieved. ILLUSTRATIVE EXAMPLES OF WORK Prepares design plans for complex civil engineering projects; participates in project design, specifications, revisions and cost estimate preparation for water, wastewater, recreational facilities and other public works or municipal facility projects. May perform lead supervision over professional and technical employees and participate in the complete design of a variety of projects relating to municipal improvements from the preliminary planning stage to the completion of plans and specifications. Prepares work estimates, computes quantities and makes a variety of decisions requiring technical and professional knowledge of engineering principles, methods and techniques. Coordinates the review of plans and specifications of public works projects involving Public Utilities activities. Confers with inspectors on construction work progress. Reviews contractor submitted shop drawings for adherence to plans, specifications and for quality of materials and workmanship. May perform information processing related duties on a CRT and/or PC terminal, including using available statistical packages or programs, encoding data, data entry and retrieval, routine terminal operation and/or programming. Performs special management, technical and professional assignments as assigned; prepares special reports on construction, maintenance and public works problems; participates in the planning of future engineering activities. Calculates assessments; makes other calculations using trigonometry or analytical geometry; tabulates frontage; compiles varied statistical reports. Prepares alternative project designs; reviews work permit applications from public utilities and the public for accuracy and completeness; attends public hearings involving street assessments. Performs related work as assigned.



DESIRABLE KNOWLEDGE, ABILITIES AND SKILLS Considerable knowledge of the principles, techniques and practices of civil engineering construction and design. Considerable knowledge of modern methods and techniques as applied to the design, construction and maintenance of public works projects and municipal facilities. Skill in the use and care of engineering and drafting instruments and apparatus and a CRT and/or PC computer terminal. Ability to plan, assign and supervise the work of any assigned professional and technical employees. Ability to gather, organize, interpret, modify and compile relevant civil engineering information and data to provide a basis for sound decision making. Ability to communicate clearly and concisely, orally and in writing. Ability to perform advanced mathematical calculations, to include trigonometry and calculus. Ability to detect omissions or errors in construction drawings and specifications and make corrective recommendations. Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with contractors, property owners, the public and employees as necessitated by the work. Ability to prepare clear and concise technical reports on engineering work assignments. DESIRABLE TRAINING AND EXPERIENCE Graduation from an accredited four year college or university with major course work in civil engineering or possession of a valid Engineer in Training Certificate granted by the Florida State Board of Engineer Examiners. One year professional level civil engineering experience. NECESSARY SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS Possession and maintenance of a valid State of Florida driver's license. Date Revised: 5/88, 8/97 Date Issued: 1/79 City of St. Petersburg


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