UTILITY LOCATOR TECHNICIAN NATURE OF WORK This is technical field work involving responding and documenting requests, from Florida Sunshine State One Call Center (SSOCOF), to locate and mark the City=s underground potable/reclaimed/storm water and wastewater utilities at various locations throughout the City=s service areas. Work involves responsibility to perform field inspections to precisely locate City owned underground utilities. Under general supervision, receives all requests for utility location services that come into the City via computerized web based ticket management software, e-mail and printouts, and is responsible for fulfilling all valid utility location requests within time requirements specified in the Underground Facility Damage Prevention and Safety Act, Chapter 556, Florida Statutes . Work requires considerable public contact and requires independent judgment be exercised within the framework of established departmental procedures. Employees in this position are expected to be able to perform any and all work tasks and comply with any work schedules or attendance or duty requirements which may be established by City rules or applicable union contracts. Work is performed under the general direction of a technical supervisor and is reviewed through conversation, the analysis of reports, observation, work performed, and the evaluation of results achieved. ILLUSTRATIVE EXAMPLES OF WORK Retrieves daily utility location requests from City computerized web based ticket management software and closes-out requests upon completion of work. Utilizes a vehicle mounted portable computer and printer in the field to retrieve electronic utility maps and drawings of the proposed excavation area. Uses electronic and/or paper utility maps, engineering plans, and other drawings to assist in determining the actual location of City owned underground utilities. Visits actual site and uses maps and plans, electronic pipe locating equipment, shovels, probing rods, and measuring instruments to field verify the location of City owned underground utilities, and marks their locations using color coated flags and/or paint. May schedule and attend meetings with contractors who have notified the SSOCOF of their intent to excavate. Marks locations of City owned underground utilities to facilitate the contractor=s excavation work within public right-of-ways and easements. Protects equipment against weather, theft, and accidents. Performs field measurements and prepares notes and sketches in both electronic and hand written format of utilities which are shown incorrectly on maps and drawings; conveys this information to technical staff who make the appropriate changes. Maintains accurate record keeping by entering notes and closing out jobs in the computer. Performs related work as assigned. DESIRABLE KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS AND ABILITIES Knowledge of construction and operation of the underground water distribution and wastewater collection systems, policies and procedures as they apply to the job.

UTILITY LOCATOR TECHNICIAN(Continued) Knowledge of underground facilities such as pipes, valves, fittings, meters, manholes, services, etc. Knowledge in the operation of computer equipment and software. Knowledge of the necessary precautions and awareness needed to prevent injury due to vehicular traffic, rough terrain, insects, heat and strenuous work encountered in the field. Knowledge of basic mathematics and field survey, including the ability to calculate slopes, elevations, and depths. Skill in the proper use, care and adjustment of electronic or manual utility locate equipment. Skill in troubleshooting and resolving problems. Ability to understand utility maps and construction drawings, and determine dimensions from scaled drawings. Ability to maintain accurate records, logs, and reports, and draw-out if necessary schematic sketches of underground pipe alignments. Ability to carry out written and oral instructions, and work independently. Ability to communicate clearly and concisely, orally and in writing. Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with employees, technical staff, DESIRABLE TRAINING AND EXPERIENCE High school graduate or GED equivalency. Some experience in the basics of water and/or wastewater utility operation, construction and underground utility locates; or the equivalent in education, training, and experience, which would provide the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities. NECESSARY SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS Possession and maintenance of a valid State of Florida driver=s license.

Date Issued: 6/05 City of St. Petersburg



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