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St Peter and St Paul RC Primary School

· Healthy · Well behaved

S c h o o l a n d p a r e n t s ­ w o r k i n g

· Safe · Happy

t o g e t h e r D a t e o f S e r v i c e

· Well educated · Free from


School and parents--working together In order to support your children as best we can, we are committed to w orking w ith you and your family. We work closely with many different organisations, so if we don't have the expertise ourselves we usually know where to find it. If you Want Help? Just Ask · · · · · · · Behaviour Routines ESOL (English for Speakers of different languages) Parents who want to start work, or return to education Bereavement Family Support Mental and Physical health issues


Every Child Matters

Every Child Matters is a national programme that aims to make sure all children thrive. It covers five core aspects of children's lives:

Be healthy Be safe Safe from bullying Be well cared for at home and school Free from crime Eat a healthy diet Take part in regular physical activity Be Happy Learn about medicines, drugs, alcohol and tobacco Learn about growing up, their bodies and relationships

Enjoy and achieve Be ready for school in the morning Enjoy learning and school Come to school every day Have good friends Enjoy taking part in activities out of school

Make a positive contribution Behave well Have good relationships Treat people fairly Be self confident

Achieve economic well being Have things they need for school, and enjoy like; Live in decent homes Be free from poverty Learn the skills they will need for future education and work


Support for children and families in schools

If we think your child may need extra support we will discuss this with you. If you think you or your child needs help or advice of any kind, please speak to your child's teacher or ask to speak to your child's teacher. We have a team of people who work with us at school to support you and your children.

Role Acting School ­Home support worker Special Needs Coordinator School Health Advisor Bi-Lingual Community Officers Education Welfare Officer Educational Psychologist Safer neighbourhood police officer Child Protection What they do Supports families at school and home Helps children with specific needs in school Helps with health issues Sarah Frimpong Elizabeth Bonner Name Daniel Keane

Helps support parents who Contact Head for speak other languages Helps with attendance issues and lateness Helps children with learning difficulties Helps with keeping safe in P.C Stacey and Patrick the community Well being of children Daniel Keane Valerie Davis details Muzaffer Mehmet

School Social Worker

Helps families with advice and support

Iva Le­ Gourrierec


Help outside school

Pastoral Affairs (Diocese of Westminster) Director: Edmund Adamus Tel 0207 798 9363 Assistant : Catherine MacGillivray Tel: 0207 931 6064 The main work of the department falls within three areas: Pastoral Care for Marriage and Family Life--Vulnerable and Marginalised-- Dignity or the Person. DEAF SERVICE Westminster House (Diocese of Westminster) Watford Way, London NW4 4TY Working with Deaf and Hard of Hearing people of all ages Tel: 0208 202 3611 St Joseph's Pastoral Centre (Diocese of Westminster) A diocesan agency whose mission is to support people with learning difficulties, their families and friends. Tel 0208 202 3999 Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) An NHS service that provides specialist services for children experiencing a range of emotional and behavioural difficulties . You can ask school to contact us, or call us on 0207 445 8150 Parent line Plus A national helpline that provides round the clock help and advice for all parents and carers. Call 0808 800 2222 or visit Islington Families We provide one to one support to families with housing and financial difficulties, and enable them to access other services and resources. Call 0845 600 1055 or email [email protected] Call 0808 168 5717 or email [email protected]



Everychild matters

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