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St. Raphael Parish Pastoral Council Meeting Minutes March 20, 2012 In attendance Mike Kramer, Andy Bunten, Ramona Berry, Lee Ann Myers, Tammy Langley, Karen Chancler, Elaine Johnston, Mimi Lesniak; Lisa Brose, Nancy Kelly. Opening prayer led by Mike Kramer. Review / approval of minutes previous meeting Approval of February minutes: moved by Karen Chancler, seconded by Lee Ann Myers. Reports a. Pastoral Administrator (Lisa Brose) Lisa started her report discussing the Lenten Day of Reflection March 31st with Nancy Hanson. Both men and women are invited. There is a luncheon potluck planned as well. Stations of the Cross each Friday have been led by different groups each Friday; and has been successful in bringing in newer parishioners to Stations. Religious Education classes (candidates) will be ending soon. She discussed the reason behind the different readings during Sunday morning mass (tied into the teachings). Discussion followed. April's Super Saturday is scheduled for a later date due to Holy Week activities. Confirmation Retreat will be at Lost Lake April 20-22nd. There are 16 candidates. ACYC this is year will be June 4th -7th. Further information will follow for this event. Lisa noted the new lighting over the sanctuary, installed and donated by Mark Terhune. Discussion followed. Lisa then detailed Fr. Kaspar's upcoming Pilgrimage to Poland. Fr. John Hinsvark will be celebrating our weekend masses while Fr. Kaspar is gone. b. Finance (Nancy Kelly) Nancy started her discussion with February's financial statements: Our parish is showing a profit for the entire fiscal year to date. For the month of February we had a loss relating to fuel costs (two fuel deliveries) and CSF assessments. The CBNA quarterly assessment was paid as well. Other minor expenditures as well as reduced donations contributed to the loss. $5,000.00 was transferred from General Checking into our Designated Building fund savings. Next Fiscal year's budget: Nancy discussed the calendar changes requested by the Diocese for future budget preparations. In the future, the goal would be to have Finance Council meet in Januarys to formulate the upcoming budget. This change would then result in a submission of said recommended budget(s) to Parish Council in February of each year. Due to the fact that we are a self-supporting parish, we have never submitted our budget that early to the Diocese. Elaine Johnston asked what specific amounts are paid to the Diocese from our parish. Nancy notated that we paid the Catholic Schools assessment 10 months out of the year, as well as a quarterly Parish assessment. The specific accounts were detailed. Nancy then discussed the Budget worksheet as presented. She discussed the differences between the two columns of numbers: the first being the work of Finance Council, and the second change updating the actual Catholic Schools assessments as well as the Parish assessment. Our parish had not received the correct assessment amounts prior to the Finance Council meeting. Nancy then went on to explain how the Finance Council worked through the budget worksheet. She noted that revenues were down for the annual Religious Education appeal, Hall Use Fees, Fund Raisers/Bazaars. The projected Sunday/Holiday collections were reduced to a realistic goal. All projections made by the Finance Council were realistic with the current economy. Nancy then discussed

expenditures and how the Finance Council worked through each budget line item. Actual figures (when known) were used as well as projections for the other accounts. Staff salaries were increased with the anticipation of hiring a partner for Lisa. Nancy detailed and explained the additional accounts down the budget account listing. Religious education expenditures were discussed in detail. Nancy noted that the Property/Liability insurance budget line item is a guess at this point as we have not received any current costs from the Diocese. All other budget line items were reviewed. Fund raising and revenue options were also discussed. The FY 2012-2013 Annual Budget was then approved of and signed by the Parish Council members. Old Business a. Pie Social - Lisa Brose discussed the Pie Social details as well as the volunteers slated to run the event. The plan is to increase the amount of "auctioned" pies for additional revenue. Minor admission fees will be charged as well. Nancy Kelly noted the revenues for the past two socials. b. Community Garden ­ Mike Kramer updated the council on the plans for the next Garden Committee meeting. He will have further information for the bulletin announcement. Discussion regarding location and other issues followed. Meeting date has yet to be established. New Business a. Budget was approved (see Finance above). b. Parish Picnic: Scheduled for June 10th. We have reserved a pavilion at Pioneer Park. We plan on having mass outdoors like we did last year. Fr. Kaspar will ask for a special dispensation from Bishop Kettler to do so. It will be a potluck bbq and the parish will purchase hot dogs, hamburgers and buns. More details to be worked out. c. Holy Week: Lisa Brose discussed the changes over last year. Palm Sunday procession will be changed to reduce the congestion into the church. The Knights will help with traffic flow, and have the parish to enter through the Banquet hall instead of the front doors. Once into the church, the Hospitality Committee will be asked to assist with seating. Further discussion followed. Lisa also detailed plans for Reconciliation Service (March 29th); Holy Thursday (washing of the feet); Good Friday includes Stations of the Cross at 4:00 pm (led by the children and will start outside weather depending). Easter Vigil starting at 8:00 pm with the fire outside by the grotto and then moving into the church. Easter Sunday masses will be at 9:30 and 11:30 am as in years past. d. Suggestion box: Lisa stated that Fr. Kaspar was interested in feedback from parishioners regarding Holy Week activities. Discussion followed. Approaches for answering parishioners' concerns were also addressed: for example, having Parish Council review suggestions and initialing each one to show that it was discussed within the PC meeting. It was also suggested that during announcements our parishioner's contact a PC member directly to voice concerns. The issue could then be discussed at the next PC meeting. Mike Kramer then opened the meeting up for members to discuss various subjects. Discipleship; building issues (walkway lighting) were discussed briefly. Lisa said the final prayer: "The Knot Prayer". Meeting was then adjourned.

Next meeting April 17th, 2012.



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