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Teaching the Sissy Maid to Work

By Madam Rebecca It seems like a given that the maid should know how to work but its not the case. Its not just a matter of scrubbing the floor or serving coffee, its all in how it is done. There is a huge difference in the way I, for example, would bring someone a cup of coffee and the way I expect my sissy maids to serve a cup of coffee and those ways will change with various circumstances. The first step is proper appearance. The sissy maid MUST always be sissified in his appearance no matter what the task but that sissification will change according to the task at hand. For example. If the sissy maid is to do heavy house cleaning they should be attired in a simple maids uniform. This is not the place for 5 inch heels or lots of lace or expensive uniforms. The sissy maid is being tasked with dirty work and a common uniform is appropriate. This does not mean that the sissy maid should be allowed to be un feminine in any way. To the be feminine in appearance, maid must always been in a properly made up and Make up must be complete lot of good to stand in front freshen up his lipstick! Nails maids don't always worry be the ultimate example of But there is a great deal sissy maid must also act stooping instead of bending

contrary, the sissy maid must always action, speech and thought. A sissy dress, no exceptions. They must be dressed as feminine as possible. and refreshed often. It does a sissy a of a mirror several times a day and must be polished, yes I know female about that but the sissy maid MUST submission and femininity. more than just looking feminine, the feminine. Limp wrist, feet together, (unless told too) sitting with legs

crossed at the knees. Walking with hips swaying and small steps is an absolute requirement. Gesturing must be feminine in nature and responses must elude to the sissies knowledge of their position in life. This means a proper curtsey at every order or command. Each entrance and exit must show the sissy understands their station in life. It will not do to have some male dressed in drag acting like a clod, oh no, the sissy must demonstrate their education in serving and respect at ever move. Being polite and subservient shows guests that this sissy knows his place and also that he accepts it. To embarrass ones owner is the ultimate sissy error and in my service will result in immediate and harsh punishment that will certainly remind the wayward sissy maid not to ever make that mistake again! Attitude is often overlooked when teaching a sissy maid proper etiquette and form. The sissy maid must be a delight, he must show the world he is happy serving as a sissy maid and never display a depressed look or frown. The sissy maid must always smile and show delight in performing his tasks no matter how menial or trivial or humiliating they may be, a smile goes a very long way in granting the sissy a pass while a frown or disturbed look shall result in a sever over the knee spanking followed by a long spell in the corner. Any smart sissy will realize the importance of his task and the tremendous privilege bestowed upon him permitting him to serve others in a proper sissy uniform and will respond appropriately with a pleasant smile and cheerful appearance. Attitude is further carried into the performance. Begin a snappy maid is important. There is no room for delays or slow work. A good sissy maid shows interest in their work and strives to accomplish it in a speed well performed manner. The loan sissy maid can practice by timing him self in his work and finding ways to increase his efficiency by working faster. Remember a sissy maids value is in how much time and work they save their owner. The sissy maid who is able to do dishes, scrub the floor etc in half the time is worth twice as much as the sissy maid who can't work that fast. Im my household a sissy maid is judged and rewarded on their entire performance and efficiency is a major part of that judgement. I know of husbands who have been transformed into sissy maids that never came to understand that and soon fell into disfavor with their

owner wife. Several of these were demoted and more skilled sissy maids soon replaced them. So a warning to any sissy maid, do not think for one second that after you wife or owner has transformed you into a pretty little obedient sissy maid that you are secure. She now understands your real place and true value and most women will not tolerate such bad conduct.

You could end up being sold or traded or at the very least demoted to a maids assistant and soon be serving a maid who is tending to your wife's personal needs. Imagine the disappointment you will feel watching another sissy maid bathe your wife, brush her hair, do her nails, hep her dress for her dates. Make no mistake about it, your service involves the entire package of being a perfect little sissy maid. Tasks are varied but any sissy maid must know how to do all of the basics, scrubbing floors, cooking, serving, ironing, dusting, vacuuming and all other menial tasks perfect for a de mailed sissy maid to perform. A sissy wishing to serve a deserving owner may practice all of these including setting th table and serving. Do as you would if your owner and a guest were present. Talk out loud as if they were there to hear you. Curtsey and wait and pretend you are actually serving. Daily practice is recommenced so that when the real thing

happens you are perfectly trained and confident in your performance. Exposure of the sissy maid to others is vital in any training program. Expose the sissy maid to friends, guests, co workers, relatives and lovers. Make sure he serves all types of groups and people. When the sissy maid is allowed to remain secluded he will not develop properly nor will others learn to accept the benefits of a sissy maid. So the purpose is two fold. First to permit the sissy maid to gain confidence in public and second to

permit the public to see the value in a sissy maid. Many others will want a sissy maid once they see the benefits and young males will develop a desire at an early age to grow up and become a sissy maid. In addition it permits others to recognize the stature of the owner of the sissy maid and forms a respect and admiration for those owners. Discipline of the sissy maid is also a crucial training routine. I am not speaking of punishment discipline but rather control of one self through the demonstration of acceptance of position. The sissy maid must learn to accept any and all commands with no resistance or hesitation. Such training as bonda ge and gaging will go along ways in helpin g the sissy accept his

position as a piece of property and learn to instantly obey or accept any task handed to him. The well trained sissy maid is a delight to have around and every effort must be made to continue the sissy maids training and improvement in service. This effort should be undertaken by both the owner and the sissy. It is no longer acceptable for a sissy to pretend to be forced. We all know that a sissy NEEDS to serve and to be trained and

disciplined and properly dressed. Gone are the days when the sissy could feign ignorance. Today's sissy is highly sought after IF they are will qualified and today's sissy must constantly undergo his own training, education and improvement to be placed into service with a prudent owner.


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