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STUDY GUIDE ­ Suki's Kimono

Story by Chieri Uegaki * Pictures by Stephane Jorisch

SPELLING WORDS ­ with the CVVC or CVV patterns create medium piano idea


radio video studio violin

duo patio rodeo pioneer VOCABULARY

trio stadium audio audience

radiate cereal Creole recreation

cloth made from soft, white fibers, that grow in fluffy bunches on the cotton plant. * I like to wear light cotton clothes in the hot summer. Festivala program of entertainment, often held annually *Our school has a Spring Festival each year. graceful beautiful in form or movement. * She is a very graceful ballerina. handkerchief -a soft, usually square piece of cloth used for wiping your nose, face, or hands * My dad always has a handkerchief in his pocket. paces several steps * The map said to take three paces to the left. pale not bright; dim * Jessica wore a pale blue sweater to the party. rhythm the natural strong beat that some music or poetry has. Rhythm makes you want to clap your hands to keep time. * The children danced to the rhythm of the drums in the band. snug ­ fitting you body closely. *That shirt is a little too snug.


approve -to think well of something to favor something * I hope dad will approve of the gift I bought mom for her birthday. ignored -paid no attention to * Jason ignored his little brother as he made faces at him. straightening -to make straight, to uncurl I am straightening the edge of my dress with an iron. kimomo -a loose robe with a wide shash * Jane wore a kimono in the Christmas Around the World program when she represented China. souvenir -an item kept as a remembrance * I bought a souvenir from the museum in New York City. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ AR Tests will be taken on Thursday of each week.

Spelling and comprehension tests will be taken on Friday of each week.

Students must review multiplication facts and be ready to take a test at anytime for a grade. We are also reviewing all skills from this year and will take grades on nearly all accelerated math assignments. They are returned in your child's binder almost daily so you can review any mistakes with them. Students to practice writing in cursive as much as possible because they will begin printing 10 sentences and writing the other 10 in cursive in language and spelling activities.


Story by Susan Kuklin * Narrative NonFiction

SPELLING WORDS (Skill/Concept: Homophones)

to too two week weak

admire custom famous mention overnight popular public twist

our hour stair stare flour

flower write right new knew VOCABULARY

their there they're weather whether

to look at with wonder, pleasure, and approval * Sally would admire the shirt in the window for a week before she was able to buy it. an old or popular way of doing things * In my family we share the custom of opening presents on Christmas morning. very well known; noted * Miley Cyrus and Koby Bryant are famous for different reasons. to tell or speak about something * Did I mention to you we needed bread and pickles? during the night * Sometime overnight, a fox tried to get into our chicken shed! liked by most people * Jamie is very popular and I think that is why she was chosen the school's Valentine Princess. of or for everyone; belonging to the people * The park is open to the public everyday of the week. a braid formed by weaving together three or more strands of hair, ribbon, or yarn * Emily wore her hair in a long braid for the ceremony. OTHER WORDS TO KNOW a different manner of pronunciation heard in different parts of the same country, or in the speech of someone speaking a language not his or her own * When I visit my Grandmother Tilly her friends tease me about my accent. to take what is offered or given to you * I accept the gift and am very thankful. letters, numbers, marks, or signs * The Chinese use many different characters in their written language. the culture and customs you get from history and family who lived before you * My family's heritage has been to work the land. We have been farmers for many generations. being able to wait calmly without getting anxious or upset * Sally was very patient while waiting for her party to begin. things that you and your family do as part of your culture and customs * One of the traditions in my family is to attend the same church as did the family that came before us.


accept characters heritage

patient traditions

STUDY GUIDE ­ Good Bye, 382 Shin Dang Dong

*Story by France Park and Ginger Park * Pictures by Yangsook Choi

SPELLING WORDS ­ Vowel Sound in ball small almost always because straw drawn also author false already

flaw sausage


applause walnut

lawn *awesome VOCABULARY

*altogether *awning

*faucet *laundry

an area used regularly by aircraft to land and take off * We went to the airport the pick up my father after he returned from his business trip. curiousstrange; odd; unusual *I ate curious food in the French restaurant. delicious- very pleasing or satisfying; delightful, especially to the taste or smell. * The lasagna that my mother made for dinner was delicious. describedtold in words how someone looks, feels, or acts; to record the most important things about a place, a thing, or an event * The witness described the accident to the police so they would understand what had happened. farewellparting; last * After the party, I said farewell to my friends as they left. homesick- very sad because you are far away from home. *The solider was very homesick while he was fighting in the war. memoriespersons, things, or events that you can remember *I have many memories of playing with my friends when I was a child. raindrops- the water that falls in drops from the clouds. *The raindrops began to fall just as the baseball game was about to begin. OTHER WORDS TO KNOW enthusiastic glumpossessionsfeeling excited and positive *John are very enthusiastic about winning the spelling bee for third grade. sad *After Amanda flew back home to England, Susie felt very glum. things that you own, that belong to you *My family packed all of their possessions into that boxes for the moving people to deliver to the new house.

Students must review multiplication facts and be ready to take a test at anytime for a grade. We are also reviewing all skills from this year and will take grades on nearly all accelerated math assignments. They are returned in your child's binder almost daily so you can review any mistakes with them. Students to practice writing in cursive as much as possible because they will begin printing 10 sentences and writing the other 10 in cursive in language and spelling activities.


SPELLING WORDS (Concept/Skill: vowel sound as in ball) thought fought bought taught caught walk cough talk daughter ought sought brought trough chalk stalk sidewalk distraught afterthought overwrought beanstalk

bakery batch boils braided dough

ingredients knead mixture

VOCABULARY WORDS a place where bread, pies, cakes, and pastries are made or sold * My mother and I went to the bakery before she dropped me off at school. a quantity of something made at the same time * My mom made a batch of chocolate chip cookies! causes liquid to bubble and give off steam by heating it * I do not like it when my mom boils hotdogs. I'd much rather have mine baked. woven or twined together * My sister had her hair braided and tied with ribbons. a soft, thick mixture of flour, liquid, and other things from which bread, biscuits, cake, and pie crust are made * I helped my grandfather roll the dough before we cut out the biscuits. the parts of a mixture * When all of the ingredients were in the bowl we mixed them with a spoon. to press or mix together dough or clay into a soft mass * We had to knead the bread for a very long time. It was fun to mash and push it into a ball. a mixed condition * Different nuts mixed together create a mixture.

OTHER WORDS TO KNOW grated tofu ground off in small pieces * The cheese was in one big block so my mother grated it into smaller pieces. food somewhat like cheese made from the curds of the milk of ground soybeans * I thought my mother was crazy for asking me to eat a tofu burger! But after I tried it, it wasn't so bad. a metal cooking bowl used for stir-frying * My mother found her wok mixed in with her other cooking pans. in particular * I loved the cookies, especially the oatmeal raisin ones. having to do with nations all over the world * There was a meeting of international baseball coaches in Europe. Coaches from at least ten different countries attended.

wok especially international

Story by Natasha Wing * Illustrations by Antonio L. Castro * Realistic Fiction


SPELLING WORDS (Concept/Skill: Suffixes ­y, -ish, -hood, -ment)

rocky foolish rainy childhood selfish treatment movement neighborhood childish parenthood crunchy bumpy payment sleepy shipment assignment livelihood stylish environment guilty


cardboard feast fierce flights pitcher ruined stoops treasure

a stiff material made out of layers of paper pulp pressed together, used to make cards, posters, boxes, and so on * Our book order arrived yesterday in a big cardboard box! a big meal for a special occasion shared by a number of people * On Easter, my family has a feast for everyone. wild and frightening * The mother hyena became fierce when she thought the lion was getting too close to her babies. sets of stairs from one landing or one story of a building to the next * I was so tired. The elevator was out so I had to walk up ten flights of stairs! a baseball player who throws the ball to the catcher * My brother was pitcher for our hometown baseball team. destroyed or spoiled something completely * Sam ruined my favorite shirt when he spilled that can of paint. porches or platforms at the entrance to a house * We sat outside on the stoop and watched it rain. any person or thing that is loved or valued a great deal * Thank you for the necklace. I will treasure it always.

constellations counselors vendor conductor conversations platform

OTHER WORDS TO KNOW groups of stars that form patterns * The only two constellations I recognize are the little and big dippers. instructors or leaders in summer camp * Every two cabins at camp had to share the same counselors. person who sells something or provides a kind of service * The ice cream vendor forgot to leave my favorite type of popsicle. a person who collects fares or tickets on a train or other public transportation * The conductor waved to the people stopped at the railroad crossing. discussions or talks between two or more people * There were too many conversations going on in the classroom. It was difficult to hear what he was saying. a raised floor at a train station from which you can enter or leave a train * Be careful on the platform. It has been raining and the floor may be slippery. Story by Claire Hartfield * Illustrations by Jerome Lagarrigue * Realistic Fiction


STUDY GUIDE ­ Suki's Kimono

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