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Don't Scrap It.....Strip It!

Let the Strip-Tec Model 1000 Wire Stripper turn your scrap copper/ aluminum wire into cold hard cash. Will strip wire from 1/16 to 1 inch OD. GEAR driven! Has the power to strip 1 HP, 110 Volt, Single Phase Motor can be used virtually anywhere. Self Feeding! Insert the wire and it Just plug in and start profiting. It's almost like printing your own money! Strip any length of wire! Short runs, or Light weight and portable. Move from one job site to the next with no inconvenience. All parts are manufactured at our Fort Little to no adjusting is needed. Simply raise or lower top blade with handwheel for different insulation thicknesses. Worth, TX Facility. off of the reels. This machne has the POWER! comes out the other side stripped. even the most difficult wire. Blades are machined from a solid alloy steel shaft and heat treated to last for years.

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Technical Data Motor: 1 HP, 110 Volt, Single Phase Production: 50 Feet per minute Capacity: 1/16" to 1"OD wire Length: Width: Height: Weight: 30" 18" 18" 105 lbs

Turn your scrap copper/ aluminum wire into cold hard cash. The latest addition to Strip-Tec's range of production wire strippers. Designed specifically for electricians, electrical contractors, and individuals with surplus wire on hand. This machine is light weight and portable. Pre-machined holes for fastening safely to a work bench. Strip-Tec was founded by Bill Alexander, Sr. and now run by his immediate family, Ronnie, Bobby and Bill Alexander Jr., Strip Technology is based on the family's tradition of quality at a reasonable price. Driven by the demand to conserve

and noting that our world only has a finite amount of raw materials, Strip Technology was born. Recycling is not only smart, in that it conserves resources, but it's also profitable, because raw materials are not needed to produce an end product that you can recover. There is no pollution, no hazardous byproducts and no manufacturing labor involved. We are dedicated to you, the customer. Our company's no nonsense approach and `esprit de corp' attitude of our employees only enhance the kind of workmanship we place into everything we manufacture. Strip Technology has 3 patented wire strippers on the market today.

Proudly made in the United States!

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