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Saving an email

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Notes · This procedure ap-

To effectively manage email, it may sometimes be necessary to save the contents of an email. Currently, the Microsoft Outlook Web Access client does not support automatic archiving of email. There a number of strategies that can be used to manually archive email contents: · Leave important email sitting in the inbox or other email folder · Print and file the appropriate email · Attachments, where present, can be saved or printed · Copy and paste an email's contents into a Word document and save it · Save the email as a web page on your local computer. To save an email as a web page, follow the steps below: 1. Log into the DET Portal: https:\\ 3. Open the email to be saved (by double clicking on the email in the Inbox list). 4. Click on View As Web Page icon

View As Web Mail

plies to the Microsoft Outlook Web Access (OWA) client that is displayed through Microsoft Internet Explorer 6. · Other browsers will display the basic version of OWA. This version does not support this procedure. · Saved emails can be organised into folders on the local computer. Examples of folders added to My Documents include: · Email from Principal · Class 7 · Regional Bulletins · My Homework · Teachers have an

2. Click on the My email link, on the My Portal page:

5. Click on File, then Save As...


email box of 500Mb. There is plenty of room to store many important email messages in the mail box.

Save As ...

My email



6. Locate the folder, or create a new one, in which to save the email. Double click on the folder to open it.

Create new folder

Choose appropriate folder

7. Ensure the appropriate name is written in the File name: field. Click Save.

File Name


Note: This process does not save the subject of the email, the date and time it was sent, nor the sender of the email. The name of the folder and the File name could record some of this information. Another way of including this information in the email that is saved, is to Forward the email to yourself and then follow the above steps to save this forwarded email. Once the email has been saved, it can be deleted.





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