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1212 East 59th Street ! Chicago, IL 60637 ! Voice 773.702.3418 ! Fax 773.702.1195

Office of the Reynolds Club & Student Activities THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO

Encouraging Student Involvement at The University of Chicago IDA NOYES HALL ROOM DETAILS

Ida Noyes Hall, located at 1212 E. 59th Street, is an 82,000 square foot facility originally designed to be a women's gymnasium and social center at the University of Chicago. Over the years, the facility has undergone modest changes and has hosted many events large and small for the University community. Daily, Ida Noyes hosts numerous student organization meetings, recreational practices, departmental events, films, receptions, dinners, and a wide variety of other events. As a branch of the Office of the Reynolds Club and Student Activities, the central goal of Ida Noyes Hall is to provide facilities and services to student organizations and University departments. Student organizations and University departments may make space requests by phone to 773-702-3418, by email to [email protected], or in person. For more information on making space requests, call the Scheduling Office at 773-702-3418. The following is a description of the rooms that are available in Ida Noyes Hall and their different functions: Courtyard (Off west entrance, Woodlawn Street side) Ideal for outdoor receptions and picnics. It is required that you reserve a rain location as well.

Suggested capacity: 100 Kitchen access: Yes

Cloister Club (1st Floor)

This 39,000 square foot room is ideal for large gatherings. It can dwarf receptions of 100 or less.

Lounge (1st Floor) This room is most often used for standing receptions, with the central table often serving as a place for food display. The heavy, valuable furniture should not be moved without INH permission and assistance.

Capacity: Sit-down reception: 80 Stand-up reception: 100 Theater style: 100 Kitchen access: Yes

Library (1st Floor) This partially furnished room is perfect for receptions and presentations. Often events will pair the Library and Lounge. Please do not move furniture without INH permission and assistance.

Capacity: Sit-down reception: 100 Stand-up reception: 100 Theater style: 100 Kitchen access: Yes

Capacity: Sit-down reception: 250 Stand-up reception: 300 Theater style: 300 Kitchen access: Yes

Max Palevsky Cinema (1st Floor) Used by Doc Films every night of the academic year, this space is available for reservations only during the day. It is ideal for lectures and presentations rather than performances. No food or drinks are allowed in the Cinema or Cinema Lobby.

Seating capacity, lower level: 173 Seating capacity, upper level: 310


East Lounge (2 Floor)

Ideal for small meetings and presentations, it is too small for most receptions. Can also serve as a conference room.


West Lounge (2 Floor)

This room has the same dimensions and capacity as the Library below it. Better for meetings and presentations than receptions because of the lack of a kitchen. Capacity:

Theater (3rd Floor)

Our second largest space, it features a beautiful mural. The room also contains a stage, which can be used for performances.

Capacity: Sit-down reception: 80 Stand-up reception: 80 Theater style: 80 Kitchen access: No

Capacity: Sit-down reception: 100 Stand-up reception: 100 Theater style: 100 Kitchen access: No Sit-down reception: 140 Stand-up reception: 250 Theater style: 250 Kitchen access: Yes

Room 216/217

Conference room that contains a large conference table with seating around it. The room also contains a dry erase board. Seating capacity: 20 Please take note of the following:

Ida Noyes Hall, with the exceptions of the Cinema and room 216/217, is NOT air-conditioned. Air conditioning and/or pedestal fans may be available for rental upon request ­ please contact us directly for more information. Sit-down reception numbers are based on 60" rounds with 10 people per table.


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