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REMINDER: 02 June - Grandparents / Godparents Day 11-14 June - Mid term break

Vision Statement St Vincent's College is a Catholic educational community dedicated to developing confident, independent women. We are inspired by the tradition and values of the Sisters of Charity, including Generosity of Spirit Hope Justice Respect Service of the poor

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From the Director of Faith Formation and Mission

On Wednesday we recognised the healing that is calling our nation - a call to reconciliation. This call on National Sorry Day is like the call given to the first members of our Church over 2000 years ago at Pentecost. At that time, things were taken from them, people were hurt, lives were challenged and a group of people gathered to mourn something they lost. Like Sorry Day, a spirit came amongst these people and gave them hope. Gave them wisdom. Gave them life. It was the spirit of God that came and touched the followers of Christ. As Easter is a time of solemnity and then jubilation, Pentecost is a time of confusion and then celebration. It is a time of praise and strength as the Holy Spirit comes amongst us and blesses us with gifts to take out into our world. These gifts were beautifully shared by the indigenous students of the College throughout the week in a number of ways. We ate wattle seed ice cream, `roo' burgers with bush food preserves. We danced to Christine Anu and traditional indigenous women. We listened to stories of this land, shared by Kim Hill. Every tutor group prayed for our Indigenous brothers and sisters who have experienced loss due to past wrongs of the people who now share this land with them.

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For me, there were two moving moments during the week. The first occurred on Tuesday when the rain stopped for fifteen minutes for the College to partake in a 12 smoking ceremony. Uncle Max never doubted that he would be able to cleanse us through the traditionally healing smoke of the eucalpyt and sage trees. The College was silent as the tress gently blew the smoke around the paved area. We allowed 13-14 the smoke to wash over us, inhaling the calm, ready to embrace the week ahead.

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Important Dates:

04 June - Boarder Parents Association BBQ 6pm 04 June - HSC & Careers Expo 05 June - Semi finals/play off sport 07 June - Year 12 Drama Showcase 5pm 17 June - Open Day 18 June Friday night Athletics 21 June - St Vincent's Performs

`The Love of Christ Impels Us' 2 Cor 5:14

(motto of the Sisters of Charity of Australia chosen by Mary Aikenhead)

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From Faith Formation and Mission (continued)

The second moment was at Thursday's assembly when Natahlia Holten bravely stood in front of the College to share what reconciliation meant to her. The facts of our history, the hurt of the past, the immediate impact on her family was laid bare. Silence filled the hall, it was a silence of solidarity, that the pains of the past are now shared. We acknowledge the hurt inflicted and now walk together for greater understanding of the richness of this culture. There is much to learn from the indigenous culture. We are encouraged to be still, listen to the land, our hearts and our spirit. We are encouraged to care for the land, give back to her and walk gentle where we tread. Patrick Dodson, an elder of this land, wrote beautifully of our need to connect to land.

Reading: A reading from Patrick Dodson (source unknown)

Land is a living place made up of sky, clouds, rivers, trees, the wind, the sand. And the spirit has created all these things, The spirit that planted my own spirit there, My own country... The sacred places are not just simply geographically beautiful. They are holy places.

I know I have drawn strength from the courage of the indigenous students at St Vincent's. Their pride in family, community, culture and celebration is infectious. The courage of the indigenous students in all Year levels emphasised for me how lucky we are to have them as members of our community. I offer thanks to Kim Hill who has led this week with such grace and fortitude, to the students for their resilience and sharing and to the indigenous guests who came to share their wisdom. May we all dare to be as courageous as our indigenous brothers and sisters have been and find the holy in our beautiful places.

Ms Rachel McLean Director of Faith Formation and Mission

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Page 3 Please make a note of these dates and times in your diary. Information Evening for Parents and Students in 2011 and 2012 On a wet and windy night last Wednesday the College hosted an information night for families who will be joining us in 2011 and 2012. The meeting was well attended and I would like to thank the staff for their contribution. There were displays from subject areas and presentations from Mrs Waygood, Ms Ugonotti and Ms McLean. The parents who attended were very impressed and felt that this night has confirmed their choice of St Vincent's College. The College is interviewing students for these years. If a current family knows of friends who are seeking enrolment please encourage them to make an appointment with our Registrar. Foundation News The Foundation Board of the College is a body who has been established for many years. Its function is to assist in raising funds for the growth and benefit of the College. The Foundation has in the past raised money for the restoration of the Garcia building and the black and white room. The building fund which is added to the term accounts is an opportunity for parents to give to the College so that we can plan some further improvements to the buildings. The Foundation Board has employed a Development and Fundraising coordinator who commenced this week. I would like to welcome Mrs Lyn O'Neil who has experience in fundraising and connecting with the community. Mrs O'Neil will be assisting me with the breakfasts for Year 7 parents. Yours truly,

Principal's Message

Pride of Workmanship The award of Pride of Workmanship is given by the Rotary organisation. It recognises the way in which a member of staff shows respect and care for others in their work. It is awarded to a newer member of staff who is a credit to the organisation and shows initiative. I nominated Mr Blake Harvey who is a technician in our ICT Department. Blake has been a member of staff for the last twelve months and has been a very friendly and obliging colleague. He was honoured at the dinner held at the Holiday Inn in Kings Cross. The Rotary Club of Kings Cross is a very welcoming club and has asked if they can support students in the many Rotary projects there are for youth.

Blake Harvey accepts his award

Ms Gurr with Kings Cross Rotary Representatives

Dates to Remember for 2010 The dates for this year were advised through the fold out calendar at the start of the year. The final day of classes is 3 December but the staff and I have been working on other dates for the final term. One of our obligations under the funding arrangement with the Federal Government we will be offering another parent/teacher interview for students in Years 7-10. Also our Speech Day will be in the last week of classes, but will not be the last day of classes. The College will also be having a final community Mass to which all parents are invited. The dates for Term 4 are the following:


Ms Fay Gurr Principal

In Sympathy The College community offers its condolences to the following who have lost loved ones recently: Edwina Foschini (Year 9) grandmother.

SPEECH DAY will be held in Week 8 on 26 November from 9.30am. PARENT/TEACHER INTERVIEWS will be held at the College 12 October from 3.45pm-7.00pm.


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Social Justice News

The Caritas Christi student committee Caritas Christi is a student committee at St Vincent's College for students interested in reflecting and acting on social justice issues. The committee is run by the Social Justice Captain, Sarah Newman and representatives from Year Groups. These representatives in 2010 are: Year 11: Annie Gunn, Neneh McGuire, Claudia Pasfield Year 10: Kiani Alarcon, Maya Swift Year 9: Casey Lowe, Evie Melrose Year 8: Stephanie Roydhouse Year 7: Rebekah Dalghiranis The committee is a voice which communicates social justice concerns and raises awareness within the student body. To do so, the committee organises guest speakers to present to students. The Committee meets at lunchtime every alternate Thursday Day 4 to select relevant issues and organise events. All students and staff are welcome to the guest speaker lunchtime events. Father Sacha's Visit detention centres. I was shocked to find out that Tanzania, being a developing country, takes so many more refugees than Australia. Annie Gunn, Year 11 It was really interesting to hear the talk on asylum seekers by Fr Sacha. I didn't really know much before; for example, that on Christmas Island there is only one school and its full so a lot of kids are not getting any education. I didn't realise how lucky I am compared to some children my age. Rebekah Dalghiranis, Year 7 The JRS Youth Award Fr Sacha's visit also launched the 2010 JRS Youth Award for students at St Vincent's College. The Jesuit Refugee Service is an international Catholic organisation with a mission to accompany, serve and defend the rights of refugees and forcibly displaced people around the world and in our own Australian community. The JRS Youth Award was launched in 2009 with the aim of highlighting the plight of refugees around the world as well as the work undertaken by JRS both in Australia and abroad. The competition is open to students of all Australian schools in Years 9 to 12, and is divided in two categories: Years 9-10 and Years 11-12. Working in groups of three to five, students are required to engage with the broad topic of refugees and asylum seekers in the following ways: Research into the plight of asylum seekers/refugees both in Australia and abroad. Interviews (face-to-face, via telephone or email) with asylum seekers/refugees in the community.

For the first event for 2010, on May 19 Caritas Christi welcomed Father Sacha (pictured with the group) to speak about his work with the Jesuit Refugee Service. Fr Sacha is an eloquent and passionate advocate for · refugees in Australia. His stories and experiences no doubt influenced the many students who came to hear · him speak.

· Creation of a multi-media project that summarises the The one story I noticed the entire room react to was the group's findings, provides analysis and offers possible fact that when children come to Australia as asylum resolutions. seekers and are sent to places such as Christmas Island where they will often stay for most of their childhood. This Students interested in taking part in this challenge should means they will know nothing but the inside of one of obtain further details from Ms Rachel McLean. these centres. This is hard for us to believe or consider what it would be like. Sarah Newman, Year 12 Miss Adele Walker I really enjoyed Fr Sacha's visit. My favourite part was Social Justice Coordinator hearing the stories of people and families he visited at the

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Page 5 Profile Information: Control who can see your profile and who can post to your Wall Contact Information: Control who can contact you on Facebook and see your contact information and email Applications and Websites: Control what information is available to Facebook (enhanced applications and websites) Search: Control who can see your search result on Facebook and in search engines (this includes finding you through google)

From the Director of Welfare

At the end of Term 1 I wrote to all parents about the College's updated appendix to the Welfare Policy which outlines the College's response to bullying. Recent media coverage surrounding the tragic death of the young woman killed after going to meet two men she befriended on Facebook has again highlighted the need for open dialogue around the safe use of social networking sites. This includes discussing matters of privacy and the disclosure of personal details, not sharing passwords, and how one represents oneself online.




I would like to thank those students and parents who · Block List: Control who can interact with you have recently come forward with information on the on Facebook. inappropriate use of social networking sites, including the posting of undesirable comments and photos. I have been working with Heads of Year to resolve these matters as efficiently as possible. With the support of A reminder of the invitation that is extended to all parents parents, these students' behaviour has been challenged to attend the Australian Communications and Media and appropriate consequences have been served. Authority's (ACMA) Internet Safety Awareness presentation we are hosting in the College hall at 6.30pm I urge all parents and students who suspect or have knowledge that their daughter is a victim of cyberbullying on Tuesday 15 June. or that technology is being used inappropriately to please contact the respective Head of Year so that we may respond vigilantly. College Winter Uniform Below are some further reminders that I encourage you to speak to your daughters about as you talk to them about their use of Facebook and other social networking sites:

· ·







Don't do or say anything online you wouldn't offline. Be aware of everything you post online: Facebook is very public and everything you contribute leaves a Ms Marina Ugonotti digital footprint for all to see. Director of Welfare Do not post anything you wouldn't want friends, enemies, parents, teachers, or a future employer to see. Be responsible with who you `friend' online. When you accept a friend, you are letting them into your world, and potentially into your friends' worlds. Check what your friends are posting/saying about you. Even if you are careful, they may not be and may be putting you at risk. It is acceptable to disagree with someone else's opinions, however, do it in a respectful way. What is inappropriate in the classroom is inappropriate online. If you run across inappropriate material that makes you feel uncomfortable, or that is disrespectful, tell your parents straight away. Check your privacy settings. You need to manually configure your privacy settings. You can customise your preferences so that only select friends can see certain information/photos of you. I highly recommend configuring every one of these and think long and hard about who you want to share your life with.

I would like to clarify for all what has been recently reminded to all students with regards to the winter uniform. Blazers must be worn to and from the College. Cardigans or vests may be worn under the blazer, but the uniform policy as published on page 24 of the College diary clearly states that blazers must be worn to and from the College during winter.

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Year 7 Cyber Bullying Workshop

This week a company named `The Bamboo Theatre' came to St Vincent's College to run a workshop about how cyber bullying is the most common form of bullying among today's youth. It took place on Wednesday 19 May and they delivered three performances which were held in the hall for all of Year 7. The aim was to use interactive methods to demonstrate the various ways in which people can be bullied and to suggest strategies on how to cope with bullying.

Year 9 News

Year 9 have had a busy couple of weeks. They conducted themselves well for the NAPLAN assessments and were well organised in bringing the correct equipment each day. By the time this Bulletin is printed we will have had our second dance lesson. As well as rehearsing the dances learnt in Year 8 the girls have been taught the Cha Cha and, despite the early start, everyone picked up the steps quickly and easily. The girls are now looking forward to the social dance at Joey's on 4 June. At the request of staff at St Joseph's the girls are to be in full College winter uniform. To ensure the collection of the girls is as efficient as possible for all concerned, could I please request that you are at our College by 9pm on the evening of 4 June. Over the last two days the girls have also participated in the Back Off program and Reflection Day. I am sure the girls will have taken away many ideas and thoughts for consideration from both days and I would encourage you to discuss the outcomes of the days with your daughter. As advertised in previous Bulletins we are offering all parents an opportunity to listen to a presentation on Cybersafety.

The performances showed us just how serious cyber bullying can be, and how something can evolve from being small into a very serious issue within the legal system. We were also shown how silly mistakes can not just affect us but also the people around us, especially loved ones.

The Cybersafety Outreach--Internet Safety Awareness presentation is thorough and non-technical. It covers a range of issues including:


the ways children use the internet and emerging technologies potential risks for children online, such as cyberbullying, identity theft, inappropriate contact and exposure to inappropriate content tips to help children stay safe online.



The presentation is conducted by an ACMA Cybersafety trainer and is free of charge. The presentation will be held on the evening of Tuesday 15 June between 6.30pm and 7.30pm with an opportunity for questions afterwards. In the meantime further resources can be found at . We have all been pleased to welcome Mrs Jo Tardo back to our College community and as of the beginning of Week 7, Mrs Tardo will be resuming her role as Head of Year 9. If you have any issues concerning any Year 9 student please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Tardo at the College ([email protected] ) Ms Tracey Stancliffe Acting Head of Year 9

They also taught us about resolving conflict in order to prevent friendship difficulties as it are these problems which often lead to cyber bullying. On behalf of Year 7, we would like to thank `The Bamboo Theatre' for educating us on cyber bullying and the dangers associated with the internet. Edwina Waters and Edwina Watson (Year 7 Students)

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Year 10 News

From the Family Liaison Co-Ordinator

May has been a very busy time for Year 10. The students SEASONS OF GROWTH GRIEF PROGRAM are working very hard preparing for assessment tasks but at the same time many students are taking advantage of Learning to live with change and loss other opportunities occurring outside the classroom. Change and loss are issues that affect all of us at some stage in our lives. At St Vincent's College we recognise Recently, seven students attended a weekend at that when changes occur in families through death, Stanwell Tops Conference Centre sponsored by local separation, divorce or related circumstances, young Rotary Clubs. RYPEN (Rotary Youth Program of people may benefit from learning how to manage these Enrichment) is a program for young people aged 14 to 16 changes effectively. We are therefore offering a program years who show qualities of decency, courage, called Seasons for Growth which will commence in Term persistence, sincerity and application in everyday life. 3. RYPEN seeks to broaden each participant's horizons, providing the inner foundations for a strong future. The students all enjoyed the weekend and found it a worthwhile and fulfilling experience. This program is facilitated in small groups and is based on research which highlights the importance of social support and the need to practise new skills to cope effectively with change and loss. The program focuses Many of the Year 10 students have been taking part in on issues such as self esteem, managing feelings, the Performing Arts events held each lunch time and also problem solving, decision making, effective showed great enthusiasm for their respective Houses by communication and support networks. competing in numerous events at the annual athletics carnival. It was pleasing to see the support and The Seasons for Growth Program runs for eight weeks encouragement they show each other in these activities. and each weekly session is 40-50 minutes. The program concludes with a 'celebration' session. Later in the year each group will have the opportunity to meet for two We wish the students going on the Duke of Edinburgh walk and those taking part in the Gifted and Talented further sessions to build on their earlier learning. Days at Ascham College success and enjoyment in these As a trained companion, I will facilitate the Seasons for worthwhile learning experiences. Growth Program. If you think your daughter would benefit from the program we would encourage you to talk Please check that the important dates listed below are to her about this, and if you wish your daughter to marked in your diaries (more information will be participate please contact me at the College by 30 May forwarded to you closer to the date). I always look (contact details below). Or, if you would like to know more forward to meeting as many of the Year 10 parents as about the program please feel free to contact me on 0459 possible at these events. I thank all of you who 148 801 or email me at [email protected] . supported the family Mass and BBQ and the Mothers Day Liturgy and Breakfast held recently.

15 June Parent evening presentation on "The Cybersafety Outreach - Internet Safety Awareness"

An information session for parents / carers who would like their daughter to participate could be held later in 24 June 3:30pm to 7:30pm Parent/Teacher interviews May, if helpful. 25 June 8:30am to 1pm Parent/Teacher interviews 28-28 July Careers interviews for students 2 August Year 11 (2011) Information Evening

Anne Taylor rsc Seasons for Growth Site Co-ordinator (Family Liaison Co-Ordinator)

If you have changed your email address recently, please let the College know as some parents have not received recent information sent electronically. Mrs Jennifer Crittenden Head of Year 10


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Alicia Miller in Year 11 is currently studying Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. In order to learn more about Engineering as a future course of study and career, Alicia applied for and was accepted into the The Bilfinger Berger Australia Autumn School of Engineering (BBAASE) run by Engineering Australia. She tells of her experiences in the following paragraphs. In the last week of Term 1, I went on a week long engineering course run through Engineering Australia, which immensely furthered my interest in the field. The week was filled with university visits, excursions to a range of engineering companies and a careers dinner.

experiences. Students must undergo a selection process commencing with sponsorship by a Rotary Club. The forum is conducted in Canberra or Perth during the January holidays. Details are available at http:// Without exception, every student from the College who has returned from this highly prized twelve day event has described it as a turning point in their lives. Applications closed on 30 May. We wish the best of luck to those students seeking selection. The Science Experience This event involves three days of hands-on Science in universities and tertiary institutions in and around Sydney for Years 9 and 10 students. Each program is designed to provide students who have an interest in Science with an opportunity to engage in a wide range of fascinating Science activities under the guidance of scientists who love their work. Last year seventeen students from the College participated. Their words describe the experience quite well...

The Science Experience was so much fun and really opened our minds to the different types of Science. We strongly recommend it to those in Year 9 this year who have a passion for Science, whether you're The twenty three eager Year 11 students travelled around Sydney and Newcastle to visit Sydney University, good at it or not. UNSW, UTS and Newcastle University, each venue Details and applications can be accessed at http:// giving us an outline of the courses they provide. The most appealing aspect of all of the engineering courses offered is the large amount of time allocated to internships at external engineering firms. In our The University of Newcastle discussions with current engineering students we were Summer School for Year 9 Girls assured that this experience was very useful in their studies and also proved helpful when finding a job after This is a residential school from graduation. Sunday 5 December to Friday 10 December 2010. The school is The careers dinner on our overnight stay in Newcastle specifically for students: presented an opportunity to talk with practising engineers about their careers and possible university courses. It was a really worthwhile week, improving my understanding of the various branches of engineering and the possibilities of career opportunities. from remote or regional areas · from low socio-economic backgrounds · with disabilities Alicia Miller, Year 11 student · from non-English speaking backgrounds · who are experiencing exceptional circumstances. There are quite a few opportunities currently on offer for Students will experience life just like a real `uni' student students, like Alicia, who have a passion for Science and and be involved in a range of interesting and fun activities who are maybe considering a career involving Science. with the 180 participants. They should have an interest If students are interested in any of the following they and potential to do well in Maths and Science and be should speak to their Science teacher for application willing to be challenged, experience new things and details. explore new opportunities. The cost is minimal and applications close on 2 July. National Youth Science Forum Please contact me at the College at Students studying Science and/or [email protected] if you require Mathematics currently in Year 11 are further information about these great opportunities. eligible to apply for the 2011 forum. This


program encompasses a range of activities, including formal dinners, forums, Mrs Jo McGrouther lab and industry visits and a range of mind broadening Head of Science

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From Learning Enrichment


Peak is an enhanced study skills program designed to equip gifted senior students (Year 10 and above) with the expertise to handle the rigorous final years of school successfully. In one day, students learn the neuroscience behind how they learn, effective time management, the application of different study methods, stress management, and other effective tools to help them achieve outstanding results. Students take home knowledge and resource materials to assist them in developing an effective, personally tailored approach to learning. The study skills program has been developed by the Gifted Education Research, Resource and Information Centre (GERRIC) at The University of New South Wales (UNSW). Topics for the day include: BRAIN POWER - Understanding the psychology of talent development - Neuroscience: implications for exceptional learners PREPARATION - Planning for assessments; preparing assignments - Effective strategies to excel in major exams STUDY FITNESS - Relationship between health, fitness & focus - Establishing habits for academic success STAYING ON TRACK - Managing distractions, stress & workload - Building skills & developing resilience SPACE & TIME - Imaginative ways to use limited time effectively - Achieving academic demands & having a life Michele Juratowitch Director: Clearing Skies Cassandra Morrison Experienced HSC marker and teacher A recent successful HSC student and Scientia Scholar BOOK NOW AND SAVE: EARLY BIRD $375 FULL PRICE $395 Register at: Thank you. Mrs Robyn Roffey Head of Learning Enrichment

AIMING FOR THE PEAK - Attaining excellence: planning & achieving goals


50% discount on blazers, senior skirts, pinafores, winter blouses, Speedo swimwear, scarves, stockings. Shop hours are: Tuesday 8.00am-4.00pm 10.00am-4.00pm 8.00am-4.00pm

Presenters include: Professor Miraca Gross Director: Gifted Education Research, Resource and Information Centre (GERRIC)

Wednesday Friday

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From the Performing Arts Department

The first week of the Performing Arts Eisteddfod has been wonderful. Congratulations to the students who were awarded finalists in each of the following categories: Junior Instrumental Solo Stephanie Campese Year 9 Vincentia Ella Harkin Year 9 Ignatius Senior Instrumental Solo Naomi Vilar Year 12 Vincentia Gabrielle Fahy Year 10 Carmel Senior Piano Solo Georgia Coverdale Year 11 Carmel Isabella Spinolo Year 12 Ignatius Senior Vocal Group Greer Renshaw Year 10 Carmel, Rebecca Watters Year 10 Aikenhead and Charlotte Benhiam-Cusack Year 10 Aikenhead Lara Millington Year 10 Vincentia, Sarah Sheekey Year 10 Carmel and Gabrielle Fahy Year 10 Carmel Senior Vocal Solo Katie Harkin Year 10 Carmel Danni Broad Year 11 Vincentia Senior Vocal Duet encouraging the performers from each house and supporting each performer as much as possible. All students have been invited to participate in the House performance ­ showstoppers. The theme this year is Myths. The idea is to get involved, have lots of fun and win points for your house.

St Vincent's College Presents

St Vincent's Performs

Eisteddfod finals

Monday 21 June 2010 7:00pm Venue: College Hall Ticket: $5:00

The house with the most points from participants in each event, house performance, audience participation at St Vincent's Performs and the winners and runner ups in each category will produce the winning house of the Performing Arts Eisteddfod. The winner of the House performance will also be announced and awarded at the St Vincent's Performs concert.

Ensure you are part of the fun ­ if not already performing come up to the MCR at lunchtime over the next few weeks and enjoy the concerts provided. Make sure you Henriette Tkalec Year 9 Carmel and Rielly Dickson Year are at the St Vincent's Performs evening concert to maximise points for your house either as a performer or 10 Carmel audience member. Your contribution to the evening may Tegan Millington Year 12 Vincentia and Millie Simes Year make or break your house winning the shield. 12 Vincentia Remember ­ it's all about celebrating the achievements This weeks events include (24-28 May); junior piano solo, of students in the Performing Arts who are representing junior vocal solo, junior Drama monologue, senior Drama your House and continuing and contributing to the monologue, junior Drama duologue and the Year 12 Vinnies spirit which is part of our College community. Soiree. House tally so far in the Performing Arts Eisteddfod: Next weeks events include (31 May-4 June); senior Aikenhead = 33 Vincentia = 183 drama duologue, senior drama group devised and scripted, junior drama group devised and scripted, senior Ignatius = 142.5 Carmel = 206.5 dance troupe, junior dance troupe and junior dance solo. The Music 1 and Music 2 students are to be congratulated for their fine performances at the Year 12 Each day of the Performing Arts Eisteddfod, there has Soiree Monday evening 24 May. In both Music courses, been a steady increase in the number of students students choose topics that reflect their own interests, attending and supporting their friends and house in the needs and abilities. As a result there was an eclectic mix audience. It is wonderful to see the MCR full of students of styles and genres performed at the Soiree; something encouraging performers. This week has been a great to suit all musical tastes! The students presented their effort from both the audience and performers alike. elective topics, giving them the opportunity of experiencing performing the majority of their repertoire St Vincent's Performs is on the evening of Monday 21 consecutively. Thank you to the many parents and June, commencing at 7:00pm in the College Hall. At this friends who attended this musical evening. Your support concert, a winner and runner up in each category will be is very much appreciated. awarded by a guest adjudicator. College ensembles and choirs will also be performing with a guest performance by our sister school St Columbus from Melbourne. It would be great to have an enthusiastic audience,

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From the Performing Arts Department

Students who participate in the Private Tuition Programme will perform in the end of semester studio recitals. Parents and friends are warmly invited to attend these lunchtime recitals, held in the MCR. Flute (Ms Sharratt) Wednesday 9 June Percussion (Mr Wakeford) Tuesday 15 June Piano (Ms Tromp) Wednesday 16 June Piano (Ms Cohen) Thursday 17 June Voice (Ms Williams) Friday 18 June Clarinet and Saxophone (Mr Nicholls) Wednesday 23 June Piano and Voice (Ms Nicholls) Wednesday 23 June Guitar (Mr Figiluzzi) 23 Wednesday 23 June Congratulations to the students who participated in the Theatre Sports 2010 Schools Challenge heat on Tuesday 25 May; Tess Hadley, Isabella De Fina, Joanna Griffiths and Rachel King. These students are competing for a place in the Theatre Sports grand final. Good Luck! The Performing Arts Faculty are pleased to announce that on Thursday 24 June, select cast members from the Australian production of the smash hit Broadway musical WICKED will be visiting the College. During this visit, the cast members will give a brief performance of songs from the show as well as provide the students with an opportunity to ask cast members questions about their involvement in WICKED. This is an excellent opportunity for our students to be introduced, if not, reacquainted with the world of musical theatre. The musical WICKED is a world renowned production that has been well received in Australia by both critics and audiences alike. To quote the Victorian newspaper The Age, "This dazzling entertainment more than justifies the hype, the glitz and glamour and smiles, the anthemic tunes and mind boggling sets. It also has a brain. WICKED has it all." If you are interested in purchasing tickets for the show please email [email protected] and an order form will be sent to you. Thank you, Ms Bernadette Bentley Head of Performing Arts



Year 12 Drama students have commenced collaborative work on their group project for the HSC and are well on their way to having interesting, thought provoking pieces for presentation. On 7 June at 5pm in the College Hall Year 12 students will be performing and I would like to welcome all students, parents and friends on behalf of this year's Year 12 Drama class. Performance is an exciting part of the Drama curriculum for both the performer and the audience and this performance opportunity provides students with the necessary experience of a live audience that they must have for the HSC marking day. Please come and support the seniors and enjoy a lively night of theatre for free. Ms Catherine Johnson Drama Teacher

The WICKED production company is offering staff, parents and friends of the College community an opportunity to see the production on either Thursday 8 July at 8pm or Sunday 18 July at 3pm or Sunday 25 July at 3pm at the discounted price of $50. This is an excellent opportunity for our College community to experience musical theatre at its very best.

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Recommended Reading

CONFLICTING PERSPECTIVES One of the great aspects of fanatical reading is the conflicting passions it can arouse. A perfect example of this is the novel The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Ham. I read it, and wrote a fairly sneering review about its girly pastel and glittery cover matching its contents. However, I am obviously bitter and not pretty because there have been loud demands from all age ranges of students longing to borrow this piece of mental fairy floss. Isabel has been nicknamed Belly by her brother and two quasibrothers. The nickname summarises their attitude to her; she is slightly scrawny and a source of almost constant Ms Suzanne O'Connor teasing. With adolescence comes dramatic physical changes and all sorts of emotional shifts. Isabel has to English Teacher cope with the terror of being admired by all sorts of boys and men. It is obvious that this reviewer feels great sympathy for this unfortunate girl with her perfect skin and obedient hair. The challenging Your Skirt's Too Short by Emily Maguire is a reflection on the reality of being a young woman in 2010. This book should be read by senior students who will find themselves nodding in recognition of some of Maguire's deliberately provocative assertions and perhaps yelling at the book in moments of outrage at other statements she makes. Maguire is an Australian writer so her anecdotes and factual information are very relevant to Vinnies readers. A much more calming experience occurred when I read Singularity, a series of interlinked short stories by the New Zealand writer, Charlotte Grimshaw. Most of the stories are set in modern New Zealand and concern a group of people with tenuous family ties. Grimshaw demonstrates her versatility with the ranges of styles she chooses. Her capacity to create suspense is wonderfully shown in Parahara, which begins on a lazy sunny day and concerns three children who decide to have an adventure in the form of an impulsive bush walk. They are foolishly confident of their own skills; they decide all the warning signs at the beginning of the track could not possibly be meant for them. Out of such an ordinary set of events, Grimshaw can engender in the hearts of her readers. My own version of cerebral fairy floss AND nostalgia came in the form of Sugar Sugar by Carole Wilkinson. Jackie has grown up in Semaphore in South Australia. She knows she is destined to be a world famous fashion designer. She saves up enough money to go and work in London. Sadly, her timing is a little out and she arrives in the less friendly 1970's rather than the Swinging Sixties. After two years of hard word and failure, she decides to travel to Paris and present her designs to one of her idols. She is particularly confident of her galah coat. What had been planned as a four day trip transforms into an erratic journey across Europe, ending in Kabul where she helps a fellow traveller leave the horrors of an Afghan prison. I desperately want there to be a sequel to this wonderful wallow in a time I almost remember.

From the Registrar

Open Day

Thursday 17 June 2010 1pm-3pm

Meet the College Principal Ms Fay Gurr Speak with students, staff and ex-students Tours of the College will be led by students Afternoon tea will be supplied by the P & F

Contact Ms Lesley Knight, Registrar, telephone 9368 1611 extension 203, or email [email protected].au for further details.

Bulletin : 08

Page 13 TERM 2 SPORTS EDWHA Hockey The four hockey teams competing in the EDWHA competition are off to a good start this term. They have been training hard and are improving each week. Parents are reminded to pick students up by 5.00pm from Kyeemagh on Wednesday afternoons. Buses return to the College at 5.30pm and girls who have not been picked up by that time will return on the bus. Mouth guards are compulsory for training and games. Girls are required to provide their own shin pads and hockey sticks. IGSSA Hockey IGSSA hockey trials will be held 9 June 2010 at Kyeemagh. These trials will take place instead of hockey training. Students will be catching the bus at 3.30pm from Victoria Street. Please be prompt. * Please be aware all students who have registered for IGSSA hockey must attend these trials. IGSSA Basketball and Football Term 2 competitions are well underway with several teams undefeated so far. Basketball training is held on the College courts either before or after school and is compulsory. Please see Mr Gonzaga or the Sports office if you cannot make your game or training sessions. IGSSA has stipulated that no basketball players are to wear shorts with pockets due to OH&S issues. Could you please ensure that our SVC pockets have been sewn up or fixed together with iron on tape. Soccer boots and shin guards are compulsory for trainings and games. Mouthguards are not compulsory but are recommended for safety. Trainings are held at Rushcutters Bay. Please see Mrs Cairns if you have any problems in regards to football. Cross Country The IGSSA cross country carnival was held on Friday 14 May at Frensham School. It was a lovely sunny day, with all competitors representing the College well. The St Vincent's College cross country team have been training hard since the beginning of Term 1 and as a result achieved some very good results. Special congratulations must go to our IGSSA Champion Emily Rohr in the 14 years and to Georgia McGrath who won the Bronze medal in the 17 years. We wish both girls the best of luck for the CIS championships at Eastern Creek on 17 June. Georgia McGrath (cross country captain) must also be thanked for fundraising money to buy the team the very special VINNIE'S headbands that the girls all raced in! Special thanks also to all the parents who came out to support the girls and brought yummy food on the day, and to Natasha Stenberg for coaching the girls.

Sports Report

Website details: For all draw and venue information please visit this website Interhouse Athletics Carnival The annual inter-house athletics carnival was held on Friday 21 May at E S Marks Field, Kensington. Congratulations to VINCENTIA who won the carnival overall and to AIKENHEAD for winning house spirit. Well done to all the girls who participated in the carnival especially to the girls who received age champion awards. Age Champions 2010: 12 years 13 years 14 years 15 years 16 years 17 years 18 years 18 years Lydia Ayto Nyari Morales Emily Rohr Matilda Moore Alexandra Jayes Nicole Rohr Sarah Fitch Hannah Binks Ignatius Aikenhead Vincentia Ignatius Vincentia Vincentia Ignatius Vincentia

The IGSSA athletics team will be training on Mondays and Wednesdays. Mondays at Rushcutters Bay Park 4pm-5pm Wednesdays at E S Marks Rushcutters 4pm-5pm The athletics teams are as follows; Junior Annaliese McCauley Emily Rohr Nyari Morales Tara Milross Verity Welch Lydia Ayto Kelsey Tobin Elli-Ann Smith Meg Downes Samantha Bannister Rose Phillips-Kirkwood Isabella Strawbridge Senior Sarah James Meg Davis Georgia McGrath Sarah Fitch Teagan Millington Olivia Samman Naomi Vilar Hannah Binks Alemka Davis Nicole Rohr Georgia Shaw Liz Duffy Olivia Miley-Dyer Intermediate Grace Strawbridge Yvie O'Connell Gaby Fahy Alex Jayes Isabella Cleaver Tilly Moore Karleigh Ryan Erin O'Brien Georgia Whitten Liz Grey Tenae Leitch Isobel Locke

Bulletin : 08

Page 14 Ski Team 2010 Planning has begun for the NSW Interschools Competition. Race dates are as follows: Sunday, 11 July - cross country at Perisher Monday, 12 July - Scots Cup at Perisher Blue * Tuesday, 13 July - SCEGGS Redlands championships at Thredbo * Wednesday 14 July - snowboard X and snowboard GS at Perisher Thursday 15 July - Moguls at Perisher Friday 16 July - Skier X (Div. 1, 2 and 3) at Perisher Saturday 17 July - Alpine (Div. 1, 2 and 3) at Perisher

Sports Report (continued)

The results from the day are also utilised by the PD/H/PE staff to award age champions for cross country for St Vincent's College and the winners are: 13 Years - Natalia Saule (Year 8) 14 years - Emily Rohr (Year 8) 15 years - Ruby Tyson (Year 9) 16 years - Lucy Ford (Year 11) 17 years - Georgia McGrath (Year 11) 18 years - Olivia Miley-Dyer (Year 12)

Cross Country Team 2010

The SCEGGS Redlands Invitation Snowsports Championships and the Scots Cup are good lead up races for the Interschools event. These races help to develop confidence through race practice.

Emily Rohr Leading the 14 years

Anyone wishing to participate should see Ms Jacobs or Mr Doyle as soon as possible, as entries will be closed shortly.


Sarah Gallagher ­ Year 9 Sarah was selected in the U15 NSW side and competed in the Nationals in Albury during Easter. Her team won three out of their five games. Since then she has been selected in the NSWCIS U19 side. She is playing in a tri series tournament with them on the June long weekend.

Georgia McGrath

Ms Jacinta Jacobs and Mrs Abby Moar Sport Co-ordinators

15 years team

Bulletin : 08

Page 15 informed and feeling they had been listened to. The P&F committee is appreciative of the enthusiasm and active engagement from all those who attended the meeting. YOUR HELP IS NEEDED Grandparents and Godparents Day is being celebrated at St Vincent's on the morning of Wednesday 2 June. The College requires the assistance of parents to help serve morning tea to the guests. This is a day of great significance for our students and their extended families, so if you have some time between 9.15am and 12.00pm noon to help out it will be greatly appreciated. We also need helpers to serve afternoon tea at the next Open Day to be held on Thursday 17 June from 1pm-3 pm. Please advise by return email to Sharon O'Sullivan P&F President on [email protected] or 0409 248 804 if you can assist at one or both of these events. Major Fundraiser ­ Trivia Night 28 August Due to the success of the Trivia Night last year it is on again in 2010. It is the P & F's only major fundraiser for the year so please put this date in your diary. Invitations will be sent out early in Term 3. * Please note: The date for the Trivia Night has been changed from 21 August (as in the College calendar / diary) to 28 August due to venue availability. We are looking for donations of goods and services from parents, anything is greatly accepted, eg. gift vouchers from trades or shops - eg. plumbers, beauticians, hairdressers, holiday house weekend accommodation, free dental consultations, etc. Please contact your P&F parent cocoordinator if you can assist. Michael Collins - Year 8 Parent P&F Vice-President [email protected]

P & F Association News

P & F Term 2 update The second P & F meeting of the year held on 10 May provided another excellent forum for open dialogue between parents, friends and the College Executive. Discussion at the meeting included the following: Discussion on the improvements made to the study resources for Year 12 students. Ms Ugonotti informed the meeting that every Year 12 student now has access to a desk and computer in the learning resource centre, on a timetable basis. Ms Gurr took the meeting through the reasons for programming all the College's outdoor education activities into one week. It is expected that by focusing all activities into one concentrated period will maximise staff resources, and minimise disruptions to teaching and learning. An update on the review of the College's `Social Justice Program'. Ms McLean discussed with parents that the aim of the review was to find the safest and most practical ways to create a more holistic program. Minutes from the meeting are circulated via email to the parents who have supplied us with their email address, and at the next meeting. If you would like to receive the minutes and we don't currently have your email address, please contact the P & F Secretary, Phil Madden at [email protected] Hopefully those attending the meeting went away better

Bulletin : 08

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Markus Zusak to visit St Vincent's College

We are pleased to announce that Markus Zusak will once again visit St Vincent's College. Markus is the recipient of a 2006 Printz Honor for excellence in young adult literature and was nominated for the Commonwealth Writer's Prize in 2006. He is the author of four books for young adults: The Underdog, Fighting Ruben Wolfe, Getting the Girl, and I Am the Messenger. Since its release in 2005, The Book Thief has been on bestseller lists in Australia, Europe and the US. His new book, Bridge of Clay is due to be released later in 2010. In June we will host our own `author in residence' series of events with Markus. This will be a very special opportunity for members of the College community to meet and participate in writing workshops with Markus. On June 15, Years 10 and Year 11 Extension English will meet with Markus during their English lessons for writing workshops. At lunchtime on the same day, Markus will hold a talk in the Learning Resource Centre, `Bridge of Clay'. This will be open to all members of St Vincent's College and will be a very special opportunity to hear an important Australian author discuss his work in an informal context. Markus will discuss the composition process of The Book Thief as well as his soon to be released novel Bridge of Clay, and there will be an opportunity for him to sign copies of The Book Thief. Places for this literary event will be limited. Further information about these events in Term 2 will be given to your daughter in her English class, or will be available from the Learning Resource Centre. We look forward to this wonderful series of workshops and discussions. If you would like to attend the lunchtime event on June 15 please fill in and return the slip below to the LRC by 7 June. Elizabeth McCabe Head of Information Services Deborah Quigley Head of English

..................................................................................................................................................... THIS REPLY SLIP IS TO BE RETURNED TO THE SR MARION CORLESS RSC LEARNING RESOURCE (1 slip per student OR family) CENTRE BY MONDAY 7 JUNE 2010 I / We wish to attend the lunchtime event with Markus Zusak in the Sr Marion Corless rsc Learning Resource Centre on Tuesday 15 June. Name(s) of those attending (please print) Affiliation with the College (eg student, parent, staff member Board member etc.)

I / We wish to purchase ____ copies of `The Book Thief" at $19.95 / copy.

Total amount $__________

Payment by cash, cheque or credit card. (Cheques to St Vincent's College) Paying by Credit Card: Visa MasterCard American Express Card Number: __________________________ _______________________________

Name on card: ______________________________ Expiry date: ______/______/______


Amount to be debited: $__________


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