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1 Down 9 to go!

The first month of school started and all of our students across the country were excited to come back to school. Our average daily attendance for the first month was around 88%. All of our campuses, from Richmond to Pittsburgh, implemented sound plans to ensure that the first few weeks of school started successfully. Great Job to our Directors and Principals!

MY STORY By: Paris Hall

When I first came to PATH academy I wasn't good at all. I was late all the time and wasn't accepting redirections or following classroom norms. I wasn't listening to my peers or staff. I also wasn't doing work and I was always giving feedback. After coming to PATH, I began to make progress. I was starting to be more consistent. I was also improving my grades and attendance. My status started to go up and I just was becoming a better person. I still have some slip ups because no one is perfect, but I think I have really improved. I went from an attendance concern to a `Lion'. continued on page 2

Kwesi Solomon with Donte Angus an Olney High School Football Player

Success Schools staff member Kwesi Soloman, a Team Leader at Olney High School, recently decided to join the coaching ranks of the Trojan Football Team. Kwesi is the offensive and defensive line coach and is also the 9th and 10th grade Team Leader for Success Academy. Kwesi is a long time resident of the Olney community and played football for George Washington High School. He then went on to play football for Villanova University, where he majored in History and Communications, and minored in Japanese. Mr. Solomon is excited to give back to his community as a leader on the football field.

Students at Clayton Academy show their school pride by drawing a wolf paw print. Together, Ms. Praskovich's art class used doodles to create their mural. It is proudly displayed in the high school hall.

You can reach us at [email protected] if you would like to find out information about us. You can also visit: WWW.SUCCESSSCHOOLS.COM

This is the new logo for Success Academy at Olney High School. Olney is the `Home of the Trojans', where Program Director Michael Esposito heads up our Academy.


iPads in the Classroom

Name: Vie'Lynn Williams Age: 6 School: PATH Academy Location: Washington, DC Favorite Teacher: Mr. Gillerman Favorite Class: Her favorite class is math Why Success Schools?: Her family was excited about PATH Academy because it promotes positive and prosocial behavior.

iPADS Hit John B. Stetson's Success Academy

In June of 2011, Success School's Success Academy received a grant from the state of Pennsylvania for the implementation of technology in the classroom. The Academy purchased 50 student iPADs and cases to enhance the instruction and curriculum. This is one of the recent technology boosts in the Academy. Students will have 1 mandatory hour a day, with the technology as well as daily lesson plans designed to integrate the use of iPADS. For the students at Success Academy it's an opportunity to use a device that they may never experience. The applications purchased will correlate directly with state standards as well as the existing curriculum. The students will also be trained on the use of email and skills to strengthen their research. "They [iPADS] are excellent and fun to use," claimed Alex Morales, a 6th grade student. "The iPADS make it fun to learn," said Yadeliz Ponce DeLeon, a 6th grade student as he was scrolling through the new apps. The addition of this technology will allow teachers to extend the creativity of their lesson plans. "I can design a lesson that I know will engage my students right off the bat," reported Dave Pope, Science teacher. All in all, these devices are not just novelty items or "gadgets" for the technology savvy, they are the future of education.

My Story continued... The Academy has helped me become a better leader with better social skills. Now, I am in a position to help other students reach student government. I show more leadership and social skills because I redirect my peers when they need it and talk to people with more respect. PATH Academy has helped me become a better leader by using positive social skills. I am better at helping others. I am proud to be a PATH Academy student...It is home of the LIONS!

Success Schools

Prog rams Stetson Middle School, Phila PA Fred erick Do ug la ss K- 8, Phila PA Clayton Academy, PI tt PA Stanton Elementary , DC

Capital City Prog ra m, Rich VA Olney High School, Phila PA


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