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How I Kicked My Sugar Habit and Created A Joyful Sugar Free Life

By Karly Randolph Pitman, Founder of

OvercOming Sugar addictiOn:

How I Kicked My Sugar Habit and Created A Joyful Sugar Free Life

Chapter One


When I began sharing my story of giving up sugar at and other websites, I was flooded with questions from readers: How did you give up sugar? What do you eat? Can you help me give up sugar? These questions made me realize that, while there are many books available on why you should give up sugar, there aren't many books that teach you how to give up sugar. I know, firsthand, how painful sugar addiction can be. I also know how much freedom you gain when you release sugar's hold upon your life. It is with this intention - to help you find that freedom, to release the painful effects of sugar addiction from your life - that I wrote this book. I remember when I was pregnant for the first time, unsure of what the next nine months would bring. I picked up What to Expect When You're Expecting and used it as a guide to navigate the unfamiliar terrain of pregnancy. This book is written in that same spirit: to show you want to expect as you navigate a life without sugar. Unlike pregnancy, giving up sugar is not perceived as a normal, common, everyday event. While more and more people are becoming cognizant of sugar's negative side effects, giving up sugar completely is the exception in our culture. You are a trailblazer, ahead of the curve. When you're at the forefront of a movement, it's greatly beneficial to have a hand to hold onto, someone who's gone before you, to help lead the way. That's what I am offering. I describe the peaks, the valleys, the good things, the bad things, the struggles, and the joys of giving up sugar for good. I'll offer tips to get you through sticky situations, like holidays or eating out in restaurants. I'll help you navigate the emotional terrain - because giving up sugar is about a lot more than just sugar. If you find yourself feeling bogged down by too much information, if all the possible scenarios overwhelm you, remember that I'm sharing my experience. Your experience may be entirely different. As a newly pregnant mother, I found What to Expect When You're Expecting to be overwhelming, at times, because it covered nearly every possible side effect of pregnancy. But, as the months went by, I realized that not everything applied to me.

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OvercOming Sugar addictiOn:

How I Kicked My Sugar Habit and Created A Joyful Sugar Free Life

You'll probably find that to be true with my book, as well. Some of my tips will resonate with you and your experience; some won't. Use what works, and feel free to toss aside what doesn't. I'm sure you'll come up with your own ideas on how to stay sugar free. We have women's forums on First Ourselves and a fan page on Facebook where you can share your story. We have much to learn from each other.


The problem with sugar is not giving it up. I gave up sugar many times, went many days, weeks, and even months without eating sweets. My problem was giving it up for good. Is that your story? Do you go weeks without eating sugar, only to succumb to a plate of brownies, a cookie, a piece of birthday cake, or ice cream? So how do you give up sugar - for good? How do you abstain from sugar for life? How do you find permanent freedom from the painful experience of sugar addiction? That's what I'll show you in this book. I'll share what worked for me, tips and tricks that helped me find peace, and practical knowledge about how I live sugar free in a world that is saturated with sugar. And how I do it joyfully. Before you dive in, I want to share what my book is not. My book is not meant to persuade you to give up your sugar habit. I won't have lists of the health ailments, problems, and negative side effects of eating sugar. My book is not filled with explanations of why, for many of us, sugar is one of the most addictive substances in the world. I don't explain the science of sugar addiction. If you're looking for that information, I offer a reading list. There are several excellent books on the market that already cover this territory. My book is a companion to those guides, a supplement to the literature on sugar addiction. I would sample them all. My book is not a persuasive tome on why you should give up sugar. If you're reading my book, I'm assuming that you're ready for action. You're aware of your sugar habit, you're ready for a change, and yet you're struggling with the follow through. That's how I can help. My book is not a diet book, although kicking my sugar habit was one step in my getting off the diet-binge roller coaster. My book does not offer food lists, but I do share what I, personally, do and, do not, eat. And yet I offer story as an example, and not a requirement.

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OvercOming Sugar addictiOn:

How I Kicked My Sugar Habit and Created A Joyful Sugar Free Life

Each person is different, and each person's sugar addiction is different. I, for example, am extremely "sugar sensitive".1 I also have low blood sugar. This means that in addition to abstaining from sugar in all of its forms, including honey, maple syrup, molasses, fruit sweetener, fructose, and brown rice syrup, I'm careful about monitoring my intake of foods with natural sugars like fruit, and simple carbohydrates that metabolically act like sugar in my body, namely flour and white rice. But this may not be your story. You'll have to figure out for yourself if you need to just cut out sugar, or if popcorn triggers your sugar cravings, as well. As you will see in the following pages, my plan is to encourage you to learn to trust yourself: to listen to your body. To heed your intuition. To be a detective and a scientist: what happens when I eat ketchup? When I eat fruit? When I eat several servings of fruit? With trial and error, you will find which foods trigger your sugar cravings, and which do not. So what can you expect to find in my book? A loving, supportive guide that gives you concrete, practical advice on joyfully navigating holidays, birthdays, and everyday in between sugar free. This book is divided into several sections. In phase one, I'll lay a foundation and prepare you for your first few weeks without sugar, what I call sugar detox. In phase two, I'll help you through the detox phase. In phase three, I'll help you maintain your sugar abstinence for life. I also offer a suggested reading list, a food guide, and tips for holidays and other special occasions. If I can give up sugar for good, anyone can. Take my hand, and dive in. What do you have to lose? Lots and lots of pain. What do you have to gain? Why, your very life.

a Word Of caution

I'm not a nutritionist, doctor, nurse, medical professional, counselor, coach, or psychologist. I'm just a normal mom who kicked her sugar habit. The information I offer is for informational purposes only, and should not substitute for a doctor's care or advice. If you are concerned about the health implications of giving up sugar, or if you need medical advice, please talk to your doctor. My book is meant as a supplement to good medical and mental health care, not as a substitute for it. If you experience any physical health problems, mental health problems, violent thoughts, suicidal thoughts, depression, or other drastic mood changes while eliminating sugar from your life, please see a doctor, a counselor, a psychologist, or a psychiatrist. Never struggle alone.

1 Kathleen Des Maisons, Potatoes Not Prozac (New York: Simon & Schuster, 2008.) Coined the term sugar sensitive.

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OvercOming Sugar addictiOn:

How I Kicked My Sugar Habit and Created A Joyful Sugar Free Life

a dedication to You, dear reader:

And now, before we begin, I would like to offer you my deepest respect and admiration for the journey you are about to undertake. I commend your courage in facing your sugar addiction. I know how scary this is - giving up what feels like an old friend. I know you may be frightened, sad, or ambivalent: can I really do this? I'm here to assure you that you can. I cheer your journey and believe in its fulfillment. You can do this. To your health and wholeness, Karly

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