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Important Parent Information Letter

Congratulations on having a child in the Sullivan Band Program! The Sullivan Band Program carries a rich and strong tradition of excellence. The students' work hard to maintain this standard year after year, and the boosters work hard to support our children and maintain the budget for this award-winning band. Our job as boosters is to provide the financial, physical and emotional support to the band program. There are a variety of ways in which we can accomplish our goals. The first and foremost is to have an active volunteer force--that means for you to get involved! We are sure to have another successful year if everyone is willing to donate some of your time and resources. Outlined on the following pages is important information regarding required fees, donation requests, booster meetings, fundraising, and other ways we need your participation and volunteer spirit.

Fundraising Account

Each year the Boosters provide financial support to the band by setting a requested fundraising amount. The Fundraising Amount is what we hope each family will contribute to the program to help cover our costs. The requested fundraising amount for the school year 2007/2008 is $390.00 per student. The school district provides $2,000 total for our band per year. However, it costs over $600 per student per year to run the band program. Our budget this year is $61,000. As you can see, we have a lot of fundraising to do to make up the difference. Your fundraising is an important ingredient in our band's success as it helps pay for the following: Sheet music Music stands Chairs used in class Instruments that are owned and repaired by the band and loaned to students at no cost Pageantry ID letters, flags and uniforms Pageantry instructors Drum line instructors Office staff Uniform purchase, cleaning and repair Equipment trucks to transport instruments and equipment to reviews and concerts Truck repairs, maintenance and fuel Entry fees for reviews and festivals Office supplies, computers and printers etc.


To help our band families we will be providing an array of fundraising opportunities that will count toward your child's Fundraising Account. Some of these opportunities are: Bingo Scrip eScrip Cookie Dough Dessert Auction Valentine Drawing Restaurant nights Sponsor Drive Pizza Sales Tax-deductible cash donations Remember what makes this program work are families who value the band experience their children are receiving and understand that a quality program requires the support of everyone involved. While we cannot require donations and all fundraising is voluntary, we sincerely appreciate your assistance, which is vital to the Sullivan music program and keeps it operating at its current level of excellence. Fundraising Incentives and Double Up Club If you have at least $200.00 in your Fundraising Account by November 1, 2007, you will receive preferential seating at the Winter Concert and a cookie and cider reception right before the concert. We have a special incentive for those who contribute $780.00 or more to their Fundraising account during the school year. It is called the Double Up Club. If you reach the double up amount by May 1, 2008 you are given a personalized band keepsake, an appetizer reception directly prior to the spring concert and you will be given preferred seating at the Spring Concert. Achieving this is highly possible if you participate in fundraisers and Bingo! Transportation Fees Transportation fees are charged by the school district. Unfortunately, the transportation fee is separate from any donations made and fundraisers may not be credited toward payment. Lack of payment may result in non-participation. Pageantry and Percussion line participants will be charged an additional fee because of the extra performances during the winter season. All transportation fees are due no later than February 6, 2008. This will ensure that we will be able to secure all of the buses we need before the Winter and Marching seasons begin.


The required transportation fees are as follows: All Marching Band Students: $100.00 Percussion Line Participants an additional $60.00 (for a total of $160.00) Pageantry Participants an additional $60.00 (for a total of $160.00) Additional expenses not included in the Fundraising or Transportation categories Band Book - $10 Marching Band shoes - $25 (optional) Wintergaurd and Winter percussion outfits ­ TBA Jazz Band clothing Any overnight trips ­ jazz band trips (rooms, food, transportation, etc.) Honor Band fees Rifles, poles, silks, and sabers Reeds There may be other items they need to be purchased. We will advise you of the item and cost if applicable.

Booster Meetings:

Booster meetings are held at 7:00pm the first Monday of the month in the band room. The next meeting this year is Monday October 1st. As parents attending booster meetings, you will become informed of upcoming events, fundraisers, activities, and news related to the band program. You will also be entered into a drawing that is held at the end of each meeting for door prizes. At the end of the year, all tickets from each booster meeting are combined for a grand prize drawing.


All of our fundraisers are opportunities for you to earn your Fundraising Account. For example, our first fundraiser this year is the Sponsor Drive. Please look for more information coming home with your student soon. This fundraiser is an excellent way to build up your Fundraising Account and requires very little effort on your part!


For the last few years, Fairfield High School Scarlet Brigade has allowed the Sullivan Band Boosters the opportunity to run the Late Night Bingo games at the Vaca Valley Bingo Hall on Saturday night. The Bingo program is our most profitable fundraiser, accounting for more than half of our annual budget. Because it generates so much of our budget, it is imperative that we have 8 to 10 workers every Saturday night starting NOW! Sullivan Band will credit your Fundraising Account $10.00 for each hour worked at Bingo. This is an excellent way to build up your Fundraising Account and help out the band without opening your checkbook! We are very grateful to Fairfield High for allowing us to work under their license and to share the profits.


Help with Uniforms, Equipment, and Truck Drivers & Chaperones:

Another very important way to become involved with the band is to help with uniform fittings, and uniform care. This job lets you spend behind the scenes time at the band reviews getting to know the students on a one-on-one basis. Chaperones, equipment handlers, and truck drivers are jobs that are great for those who like to attend the reviews and festivals anyway. It is another opportunity to be up close and personal with the band and see first hand just how incredible these musicians are! Please do not wait to become involved. Our marching band has a tradition of excellence, not only because of our students and Director, but also because of the parents who are willing to volunteer their time. I guarantee the time you spend with this group of students (including your child!) will be well worth every minute. This may be one of the most positive experiences your child will have in middle school. Don't miss out on the fun! I look forward to working with each one of you. Please feel free to contact me Mrs. Taylor, or Mrs. Walker in the band room, or any board member if you have any questions. Ray Stuckey 427-BAND (2263) Band Director Donna Taylor 429-8980 President, Sullivan Band Boosters

Carol Webster, Vice President, 422-4979 Sandy Skates, Secretary, 421-9122 Lori Herrera, Treasurer, 429-7010 Suzanne Kino, Member at Large, 434-8932 Janet Parker, Member at Large & Uniforms, 429-0440 Cindy Miles, Uniforms, 429-8033 Sheila Bakke, Bingo, 438-7415


Sign and Return by September 7, 2007

I have read and understand the Parent Information Letter including necessary fees and expenses related to the Band Program. Student Name___________________________________

Parent Signature_________________________________


*It is important that we receive this signed parent form from every band student.



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